tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 061

For the Whored Ch. 061


"Is this really the best option?" Tia sighed.

"Well, it's the only way we're going to have a reason to spend time with her." Leslia chided.

"But... my body has never seen by anyone but me and the purification priestess..." Nona sighed.

"We'll just have to make it work." Leslia gripped their hands. She reached out and knocked on Elunara's door.

"Oh, Elunara's not in right now." A man with sandy shaggy hair smiled. "She's down at the pavilion, entertaining some travelers that came in on caravan this morning."

"Thank you..." Leslia bowed.

"Jerry. She's a sight to see, you should go up there."

"I think we will." Leslia smiled.

They followed the sound of singing. Elunara stood on a stage, singing her heart out and dancing around in circles. She managed to both sing and perform the traditional ballads all on her own.

"Look at her glow." Leslia said in awe.

"It's like a miracle of Elune." Tia agreed.

They watched as Elunara switched tone and song and performed a weeping ballad. Those around her seemed to be caught in a trance of her. The one known as Jordan sat by the edge of the stage, his face turned in an awed supplication. The one called Grogek was in the stands, his legs crossed as his head bounced to the tune. It was hypnotic.

"If she does not feel this..."

"I wouldn't know what to do with her." Nona nodded.

All three were well acquainted with Tulani who climbed up on stage and began to sing with Elunara. It was an obviously old routine, as Tulani picked up the female verses and Elunara went with male. The normally timid Tulani lit up with a festival tree as she performed the flawless duet. After a dip and a kiss, Tulani laughed as she made her way off stage. Elunara switched tones again and went for a war ballad. Even the most downtrodden of the refugees stood up and at the call to arms. Roaring and cheering, they asked for more, even as she slid off the stage.

She kissed Tulani. "Thank you, my little lovely. Even if you do hate the stage."

"That was amazing." Leslia clasped her hands together in front of her.

Elunara looked over at the three priestesses. "Uh, yeah. Glad you could make it."

"Do you do that often?"

Elunara scratched the back of her head. "Whenever there's a caravan mostly. It helps the refugees with their misery." She gestured to the now cheerful crowd.

Tulani smiled and cuddled against Elunara. "This is one of the reasons I fell in love with her." Elunara and Tulani kissed again in a soft and slow passionate way that made the three priestesses largely uncomfortable. Elunara ran her fingertips on Tulani's jaw, and then traced her lips.

Leslia cleared her throat. "Forgive me. We were hoping you could do our portraits.

"Oh sure, I can schedule them. Do you want all three at once, or individually?" Elunara dug a small pad of paper out of her pocket. "I assume you'd stick with portraits? I mean, it might be helpful to add your own pictures to Ina's physicals."

They looked at each other. "Yes, I think we should." Leslia finally said.

"You should know." Tulani smiled. "Elunara always tries to be respectful of your wishes, and she's gentle as a lamb."

"Aw, you're ruining my reputation as a big mean ogre." Elunara pouted. She looked over. With a sigh she kissed Tulani again. "Forgive me; I have to go whack Jordan."

Tulani sighed. "That man is forever picking at his face."

"What's it like?" Tia asked.

Tulani blinked.

"Living in that situation, I mean." Tia blushed.

"Well, sometimes, it's a little strange." She shrugged. "You get used to anything when Elunara is involved."

"But, two men?"

"With stamina like Elunara, two men doesn't begin to cover it. Between the three of us, you'd figure she'd drop at some point, but if she didn't have her practice, she's go insane from boredom. She always makes sure each one of us is satisfied. She tries to give each of us a day of the week in which one gets her undivided attention."

"Fascinating." Leslia cocked her head to the side.

"Do you..." Nona trailed off and flushed.

"Elunara tries to keep me out of the male business. I join sometimes because she makes me fun for me too. It's one of Elunara's fantasies, but she won't do anything to upset me. It can be a little frustrating to be thought of as frail, but that's not even why she does it. She just wants the people she loves to be happy."

"Did you... feel it?"

Tulani felt the heat rise in her face. "Feel what?"

"The night that she saved Jordan... did you feel the presence?"

"Oh!" Tulani cleared her throat. "Oh, yes. Yes, I did. I've tried to speak of it to her, but she just laughs or rolls her eyes."

"Have you felt it before?"

"When she enjoys herself." Tulani shrugged. "I can't explain it. When she sings, she turns into this goddess. When she..." Tulani coughed. "Does certain things, her whole body radiates the pleasure." She looked over at Jordan and Elunara. Elunara had wrapped an arm around Jordan's and was speaking low. "When the men see her... orgasm, she changes. Some of the... outsiders who have seen it say the same." Tulani shook her head. "When she dominates in the ring, it comes through. When she's depleted most of her stamina, she changes in a different way. I've been watching it all this time. It's... fascinating."

"What about all of her stamina?"

Tulani shook her head. "No one's found it."

"General Grogek?"

At the training yard, he looked over and spotted the three Night Elf women approaching. "Yes?"

"We'd like to speak with you about Elunara."

He nodded, but didn't change his position. "Tulani figured you'd be along."

"You and Tulani have a good relationship?" Nona cocked her head to the side.

"Tulani is Elunara's, so Tulani is mine. I love her about as well as I could."

"Forgive me; I'm trying to wrap my head around it." Nona nodded.

Grogek grinned. "Give up; you're just going to hurt yourself."

"We wanted to speak with you about Elunara." Leslia repeated herself. "We're trying to understand her extreme stamina."

"Well, Tulani was not there, but I am aware of one time she was fully depleted."

"Please tell us."

"It was back in Grommash's compound. He had lost his mind, and she had decided to try and take advantage of the situation. It did not go to her favor. He went even crazier. He eventually broke every bone in her body. She was a complete mess, and I rescued her body and hid her away. I forced my sister to heal Elunara, and she did not want to. I may not understand shamanism, and I have no idea about this light or Elune of yours, but even with as little as Lama did, Elunara's body began to heal on its own. Lama wanted to let her die, and basically held my axe to her throat and told her to work.

While Elunara was still unconscious, her body began to glow. Lama had no idea what was going on and felt it had been some kind of trick. Her body seemed to absorb Lama's powers. Stuck in a trance and held by whatever force is in Elunara's body, Elunara was saved. I fed her and nursed her and brought her back, but this light of hers did most of the leg work for me. Lama refused to ever touch her again." Grogek shrugged. "Tulani says this Elune of yours worked through her that night to save Jordan. I find that interesting, because I'd never seen her glow so bright as the night Grommash destroyed her; until the night she reached out for Jordan."

"Does that bother you?" Tia asked.

Confusion crossed Grogek's face. "Does what bother me?"

"That the only other time this came out, was reaching for Jordan?"

"Why would that bother me?" He shook his head. "Knowing my Elunara, should the same thing happen to me... Her power would level this whole damned town. That is something I would swear to."

"That's terrifying." Leslia murmured.

"Elunara is terrifying." Grogek shrugged. "Look at me. You've seen these men, you've seen their wounds. You may not have come to see our spars, but I know you've healed her before. She completely exhausts me. There are days that I wonder where the well spring comes from. Maybe now I understand." He shrugged. "If you wish to truly know Elunara, you have to read her books. They're still in shambles from Tim's stupidity, but you should read them."

In her house, she worked. "You three are really making the rounds." Elunara flicked her eyes up and down. "I still don't see why you have this interest in me."

"We're just trying to understand you." Leslia smiled.

"Read my books." Elunara shrugged. "They're almost fixed. I've been going in chronological order, so the early stuff you can start on when you have time." She tapped her pencil on her board. "Of course, I'm surprised Ina has given you three time to investigate me."

"She's... not pleased." Leslia admitted.

"You're not going to find what you're looking for." Elunara shrugged. "I was tested from birth. I have probably been tested more times than the three of you put together. I was the child of Tyrande Whisperwind, I had to be tested. Even if it took awhile for her to come into her own as the leader of the Night Elves, she WAS the best priestess in quite some time. In fact my birth was a direct relation to that title." Elunara sighed. "I always was a disappointment."

"But you're not now." Tia smiled. "She speaks so highly of you."

"Yeah, now." Elunara snorted. "Thirty years I was banished, without as much as a howdy do."

"I'm sorry." Tia's smile fell.

"Why three lovers?" Leslia interrupted.

"One husband, a wife and a lover... That's the best way to explain it." Elunara grinned.

"But, why?"

"Because I can't keep my hands to myself." She shrugged and continued to work.

"So you found a husband, and then decided to find a wife... and the lover is just for kicks?" Leslia pressed.

"You're going a long way for a smart bottom." Elunara glared. "Since you're too dense to just pick up my books and figure it out for yourself... I originally brought back Grogek on a leash. I had no intention of starting a relationship with him. He was to be my toy while we "pumped" him for information. I had no intention of "finding a husband" that was just crass. Grogek found that part of me that had been locked away. Tulani arrived, and the glacier that was my heart began to melt. Between the both of them, I found love. I married them both in the same damned ceremony."

Leslia swallowed the rock in her throat. "I'm sorry, that was hateful of me."

"Jordan was a fluke. I'd spent the last eight years believing he hated me. When Zelinnia pointed out the obvious..." Elunara sighed. "It should have been obvious." She shook her head. "Well, I told him to follow his heart, and he wormed his way right into mine." She tapped her pencil. "Funny how that works."

"What about General Jordan, bought out such emotion?" Leslia cocked her head to the side.

"I... I don't know." She frowned down at her work. "But I knew I cared for him, and that I didn't want him to get hurt over me. When he so stupidly threw himself in harm's way... suddenly I realized that I cared for him a lot more than I thought I did. That maybe, just maybe, he'd wormed his way in there years ago, I'd just never seen it until now. Having him die on me, for nothing, just hurt me so deeply."

"So tell me about that moment..." Leslia prompted.

Elunara shook her head and closed her eyes. "I knew that... Kathleen's shot had gone wide, and there was just so much damage. So much damage..." She swallowed. "How could he be gone? He was right there. He couldn't be gone. Then Tyrande did what she did, and the other healers had come and offered themselves. He was slipping through my fingers. I reached up to grab him back." She shook her head and looked up. "I don't know. After that, I just don't know." She sighed. "It was after that moment that I realized that I loved him, and that I'd find a place to put him in my life, one way or another."

Jordan didn't have it in him to feel guilty that he'd over heard her. He slipped back out of the door and closed it quietly. He laid his forehead against the door and sighed. With a grin, he decided he'd deal with the paperwork in his room another time.

"Perhaps we're looking at this all wrong." Back in the healer building, Nona tapped her chin.

"What do you mean?" Leslia frowned.

"What if Elune is working through this woman in a way we don't understand. Maybe Elunara isn't supposed to be a priestess, but rather her own brand of functioning is the glue that brings this town together. Elune has made this woman into who she is, in order to... I don't know, do something spectacular."

"You know," Tia cocked her head to the side. "I think you're on to something."

Leslia considered. "I... actually agree. Perhaps we've been sent to bring it out of her."

"Help her fulfill her purpose in the light of Elune." Nona nodded.

Leslia nodded. "We will help her. We will be there for her."

"And whatever strangeness is laid out for her." Tia agreed.

"Come girls, there's work to be done." Leslia smiled.

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