tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 081

For the Whored Ch. 081


He took a deep breath and knocked. She yanked open the door and stared at him through one eye. Her shirt was skewed and her hair was everywhere.

"Harvard. I'm sorry, Captain Harvard."

"We both know that rank out here is worthless."

"Yeah, basically. Though it tells Grogek where your experience is. I figured you'd be by. Come on." She yawned and stretched before digging down two cups. "Coffee?"

"Yeah, sure."

She poured them and then flopped down in a chair. She took a big gulp, swallowed and pointed. "Yoona if you go in that damned door again, I will personally yank out every last claw."

The big black tiger wandered over and lay on top of the yowling white tiger cub.

"Good boy." She tossed him a chunk of meat which he swallowed.

"The wild cat is better behaved than the purebred. Isn't that just the way?" She sighed. "Listen, you're here, which means Bradly told you. Bout damned near broke my mind." She laughed and chugged her coffee. "I used to be the most reviled creature in creation. SI:7 loved me. In fact, I was their best operative. I would fuck the target, and slit his throat while he was still sticky." She snorted. I come here and suddenly I have a husband, then a wife, and everyone loves me and I have this kid... gods, where did it all go so wrong?" She sighed.

"I... have no idea what to make of that."

"Nobody ever does." She shrugged and leaned back. "I'm going to be honest with you; I'm not a nice person. I pride myself on that. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that I'm mean as a snake, difficult to handle and impossible to control. Renwa himself calls me a migraine waiting to happen. I LIKE that about myself. But, here's the thing," She pointed at him. "I have a strange view of justice and I'm not afraid to exercise it. That was my only intent yesterday, was to assist a kid who could not help himself.

Why I wasn't expecting that to bite me in the ass, I will never know." She sighed. "But your kid did something for me, without even realizing it." She twisted her cup in her hands. "Ever since I was pregnant, I have desperately worried that Darguni would be ostracized. I was so irritated at your kid for causing him any pain. Then... yesterday, he called Darguni brother, and I freaking broke down in the floor and cried. Because above all, he has a friend and I don't have to worry anymore."

She finished off her cup and leaned back in the chair and snagged the pitcher. "More?"


She chugged directly from the pitcher. "Gods, I hate the taste of it. I try to avoid drinking it, but I have a full day."

"Am... I intruding?"

"Not this early. Gods no. If Grogek hadn't shoved me out of bed, I'd still be asleep." She shrugged. "Besides, you're a man with a shitton on his mind. When you feel like talking, you go at it." She walked into the library grabbed her things, and then sat down and started sketching. "I have to keep my hands busy, and you wouldn't be happy with my usual methods."

He blinked dumbly at her. With a sigh he ran his fingers through his hair. "I had just lost my wife, and then my son walks in and tells me that she never loved him anyway. I... I've lost her so many times in so many ways since I've been on this god forsaken planet, I don't know why I stayed."

"Because the truth is a nasty bitch." Elunara shrugged. "If you HAD gone back with her? She wouldn't have changed, she'd just have a higher sense of superiority, and you'd have the shame of fleeing."

"That... sounds pretty accurate."

"I once had King Varian Wyrnn in my bed... or maybe I was in his, I forget at the moment. Anyway, and he told me, that my best feature was my ability to cut through the bullshit and just say things how they are."

He gave her another stupid look.

"You don't have to believe me, because I really don't care." She shrugged. "Forgive me, I cranky this morning. I got a system overload last night, I don't handle those well."

"I don't know what that means."

"I'll explain later, pardon me for interrupting."

He sighed. "I don't know what to make of you. My son probably harbors a crush of some sort from when you saved his life. That much I understand. I hurt my feelings when it was you he ran to. I just had my eyes opened to the meanness that existed in a woman I thought was just hard due her circumstance in life. When you slapped her, it made me realize how little I had tried to stand up for my own son. It was just another one of her snits, she was his mother, she had every right to keep him, I wasn't worthy... You get the idea."

Elunara shrugged. "I understand your position, but I don't know how it is, because those kinds of thoughts have long been beaten out of me. My own mother banished me from my home. She tried to mold me into something I was not, and when I finally acted out..." She shrugged. "I understand Bradly way more than I understand you."

"That's awful."

"It's ok; I proved myself and got to return home for a short while."

"I'm not going to block him." He shook his head. "I've lost enough of him. I have to cling to what I got. I'm thinking of going to a soldier's room."

"I'll talk to Renwa; get you an officer's quarters, if just for the kid. I think Jordan's old room is free."

"Please explain your relationship... relationships." He corrected.

"I am married to Grogek, and I am married to Tulani, and Jordan is my lover. To explain the set up, I sleep in a bed with Grogek, but Tulani's is near enough that I can slip into hers. Jordan has his own bedroom. This is how we are all comfortable with each other."

"Do you ever..."

"Sometimes we pair, sometimes someone watches, sometimes we trio and still others we have all of us. Just whatever suits at the time."


She grinned. "I'm insatiable."

There was a knock on the door and she sighed. Renwa and a new guy were standing there.

"Hey, sexy."

"Elunara, this is Admiral Duchie. He's been ordered by King Wrynn to start a new town, and to get my inside expertise."

"Sorry, you can't duplicate me." She grinned. "How's Varian these days?"

"King Wyrnn?" Duchie blinked.

"I know the size, shape and taste of his dick, I can call him whatever I damned well feel like."

Renwa smacked his forehead. "Are you drunk?"

"I got overloaded last night."

"Ah." He rolled his eyes. Noticing Harvard he frowned. "Are we interrupting?"

"Nah, we were discussing yesterday."

Darguni and Bradly ran up to the door and she held out a hand. "Why are you here, sugar muffin?"

"I've come to ask you to do a demonstration."

"Ah, damn, I've got a full day and I've been drinking coffee all morning and it's NOT cutting it."

"You and I both know that you'll recharge faster at the demonstration."

"Yes, Momma Elunara! Please?" Bradly clapped his hands together.

Renwa stared at Harvard in shock and the man just lifted his hands in defeat.

"Ugh, Fine. Before you overload me again." She slammed the door on the lot of them. She turned to Harvard. "I'll be back, just... whatever." She sighed.

Harvard scooted out the door and closed it quietly behind him. "What does "overloaded" mean?"

The two boys ran off to go get their friends.

Renwa watched them get out of earshot before turning and walking to the training yard. "Elunara is an amazing creature that absorbs energy from positive feelings directed at her. Things like love and affection fuel her. Sex? Is a massive shot of energy. She has three people that share her bed... what do YOU think that means?"

Harvard's eyes grew wide.

"Before you ask, your boy is in no danger. No one is. She can never take more than is freely given in her direction. She cannot manipulate this energy in any way." He shrugged. "In some ways, it's like being force fed, and she can overload on it, giving her the same symptoms as a drunk person."

"In some ways, it's like being drunk, and the morning after is a disgusting hangover." She grinned.

"Feeling better?"

"Bleh, no. I better have a crowd." She snorted.

"Zelinnia took Abigail to the hill with Tulani."

"Well, there's a plus." She pushed on past them and walked up to Grogek on the side lines. She grabbed him by a fang. "You gave me the hangover, you can start me off." She pressed her mouth to his.

There were several cheers in the crowd. He laughed. "Feeling better?"

"No, but Renwa wants a demonstration. Where's Jordan?"

"Right here, Baby." He grinned.

She grabbed the front of his shirt and kissed him too. "Fight me. Both of you." She shook herself. "Oh that hits the spot." She walked over to the rack and grabbed her staff.

Like a magical tide, the center cleared off. Any straggler was grabbed by a nearby soldier and dragged out of the way.

"Hey lovers, it's time for FUN!" She held her staff aloft. The crowd cheered and she closed her eyes and just absorbed the feel.

Grogek pulled his axe and Jordan pulled his sword. They stood on both side of the ring, with her in the middle. They began.

Admiral Duchie raised his eyebrows. "They start out vicious."

Renwa sighed. "Yeah, I don't think any of them knows the meaning of restraint."

Mark snorted. "Elunara does, but that usually means ropes and leathers."

Renwa raised his eyebrows. "Been on a visit have we?"

"Gods, have I..." He looked up and flushed. "Uh, sorry sir."

"No offense taken, I know how she is."

Mark scooted off anyway.

"I still can't believe you have such a strange person here." Duchie shook his head. "Should she be in Stormwind..."

"She'd still be working for the SI:7. She was their best. No one has a mission success rate that she does, nor gathered as much information as she has. I've literally seen her climb out of bed with a man and slit his throat, wipe off her dagger and say "What's the next assignment?" She once snapped a man's neck while his face was buried in her crotch. She gives vicious a new name."

"Do I really want my son to idolize this woman?" Harvard whimpered.

"She's mean as a snake and a walking migraine, but everyone loves her. She has this... skewed sense of justice and will fight for anyone. I know everyone has seen the man known at the shit cleaner."

Duchie nodded. "Why doesn't he have a real name?"

"Because that man tried to rape Tulani. Elunara embarrassed him in front of the whole town after he did something stupid. Since he could not hope to defeat Elunara, he decided to get his revenge by attacking Tulani. Zelinnia saved her... Her clothes were torn off, and she was covered in blood, cowering when I came to the scene. Zelinnia had fought the man off. Every single scar you see on his body, Elunara put there. What you don't see, is the fact she cut off his balls, and after he blacked out from the pain... she dumped a bucket of ice water on his head."

Both men were staring in horror.

"You sound like you watched." Harvard murmured.

"I did. The entire town watched. No one moved a muscle to stop her. Everyone loves Tulani, she's the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She belongs to Elunara. Elunara rescued her after she was sold into the sex slave trade. You'd figure that a woman, who made her life in sex, would be the worst possible choice for a woman tortured with it. But, they have a love that will damn near break your heart to watch."

Elunara was still going full tilt, but you could tell her combatants were running thin. It was Jordan who dropped to his knees first.

"If you tried to call Elunara sweet or kind, she'd probably punch you in the face out of principle. But it was her that gave clothes to a group of women that had been rescue from slavers. It was her who put her body in front of a mad man to save a random Blood Elf's life. Zelinnia was saved by Elunara. Elunara had already married Grogek in a ceremony, had already given birth to Darguni. But, Elunara had been kidnapped by a lunatic, and during one of her ploys to try to escape, he GAVE Zelinnia to Elunara. When Elunara expressed a desire to release Zelinnia, the maniac pulled his axe to kill her. Elunara jumped in the center and seduced the orc. Instead of trying to find a way to escape on her own, it became Elunara's goal to protect the Blood Elf. And when Elunara tried to wash it off as no big deal, Zelinnia yelled at her. Said that... she had never seen eyes so dead." Renwa sighed. "There are moments when I wonder if my own wife loves that lunatic more than me."

Grogek stumbled and Elunara pressed her advantage. Grogek grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to him, kissing her soundly. He laughed. "Now, you're just cheating."

"Well, I am feeling pretty frisky."

"Yeah, but Renwa might have a shit again."

"Oh, fine." She stepped back. "I CALL THIS A DRAW!" She pointed with her staff. "Jordan totally loses though."

"Bah!" He used his sword to pull himself up. "Doesn't matter, because at the end of the day..." He kissed her. "And the end of the night." He murmured. "I'm still a winner!" He kissed her again, sliding his hand down her back and across her ass.

"My turn." Grogek tugged her to him and devoured her mouth.

She pushed him away with a giggle. "Party's over boys!" Most of the crowd groaned. "I have appointments to get to."

"Hey!" Someone called. "When's the next south orchard?"

"Sorry my lovelies," She bowed. "I'm booked up this week. I'll see how crazy I feel next week."

"What's south orchard?" Duchie frowned.

Renwa shook his head. "You don't want to know."

Harvard shook his head. "I can't believe them. I... I've only seen that kind of lip locking IN PRIVATE with my wife... and here she's in the center of everybody with two of them."

"And this is Elunara's family. If you want to see interesting, wait until Tulani gets involved." He laughed. "Elunara will use her body for pleasure, anyway she wants. As much as she wants, with as many men as she wants."

"That just doesn't seem normal."

Renwa raised an eyebrow. "It's not. It's Elunara."

He stared at the door and frowned. There were do not disturb signs, and one that said "even Grogek" on it. He knocked and waited.

She unlocked the door and yanked it open. She was completely naked. "Can you not read?"


"Go home. I'll talk to you after I'm done." She slammed the door in his face and locked it.

He guessed he'd asked for that one. He made his way home and sat down in a chair. He had been dismissed from duty that day. Bradly wasn't home, as he was too busy running around with his friends. He sat and stared and wished he'd thought to buy some alcohol. The knock on the door had him jolting. He opened the door.

"Now what was so important that you ignored my signs?"

"I... I don't even know. I guess... I wanted to know what you were doing."

"I was fulfilling a couple's fantasy of a threesome."

He stared at her. "Just like that?"

"Just like that. It's what I do. Is that all?"

"I just don't understand you. I spoke with Renwa, he practically repeated you. But he also talked about you and... I don't know. He admires you."

"Meh. Old News."

"I've been trying to decide if I should trust my child with you. I mean, he..." Harvard sighed. "He just likes you so damned much." He put his head in his hands.

"Yeah, that's a weird one." She shrugged. "In the end, I'd rather you liked me enough to make your kid happy. That's about as far as I go with that little nugget. We're going to have to deal with each other. Cause my kid is already annoying me about letting your kid stay over."

"I guess I have to agree."

"You don't have to do shit." She shook her head. "Your kid thinks he loves me, because I've given him something he didn't have. If you want him to think you love him, then you have to do the same thing. Show him what love is; show him what YOUR love is."

"Do you love him?"

She shrugged. "Love and I are strange bedfellows. I don't love easy."

"But... you..." He sputtered.

"Don't take things at face value. My world is not your world. Can I love your child? The possibility is strong, but I'm still trying to figure out how to love my own child. You can't just use the word and not mean it. I refuse to use the word until I am so sure, there's nothing else left. He's a good kid, and he knows his heart, or at least he's trying to. You should learn your heart and share it with your kid. I can love your kid just as I love my own. Can you?"

Grogek marched through the soldiers with a growl. He grabbed Harvard by the shoulder and turned him around. "I don't care about your personal issues. Get your head in the work, or leave. You're going to kill somebody."

"Sorry, Sir."

Grogek took the sword out of his hand. "Head your ass to my wife. Figure out your issue and get the fuck back here."

He found himself knocking on the door.

She opened it and peered at him. "Oh. What now?"

"I've been screwing up in training, Grogek told me to come figure out my issues." He sighed.

"Get in." She jerked her head back. She walked away and headed into the library. She collected her board and papers.

He stood there in the door of the room and marveled at the collection of books. "You must love to read."

"I wrote them." She gestured. "This is basically every moment of my life. Mostly pictures, but you get the idea."

"Holy shit."

She snorted. "Try reading them."

"Um, could I?"

"Knock yourself out. You still have to follow my signs though, or I'll break your face."

"I've seen you fight, I'd rather not risk it."

"Shug, I'm not a hard ass. Well, I am, but if you want to read my books, you can. Lots of people have. Come on; let's get you in the chair."

"The chair?"

She gestured to the chair and sat on the couch. Popping open her board, she began to sketch. "Feel free to talk, or sit there, hell I don't care." She continued with the drawing she'd started the other day.

"What exactly do you do here?"

"Portraits for one. Bodies for Ina's identification books for another, followed by the pornographic set for my own collection. I'm sure you saw the pictures on my walls."

"I can't believe you keep those out with a child."

"He's a boy; he's seen his own penis. I've told you, I don't change. He barely notices them anyhow." She flicked her eyes up and down as she drew. "I'm going to tell you now, that I for one think you should do the picture for Ina's books. Something happens in the long run, we can identify your body."

"Yeah, I... I like that idea."

"If you wish to add yourself to my books, you can. But we'll see how we go. You may have heard other soldiers discuss the full treatment, which basically means, you pose for my books, and I make sure you get off."

He flushed. "Get off?"

"You know, orgasm, come, which ever term you like."

"You would..."

She shrugged. "Only if you want it. Believe me, I'm the best."

"I can't believe I'm even having this conversation." He muttered as he ran his hand across his face.

"You know, I'd go for the full treatment. You're a man who just had a messy divorce and spent the last couple of weeks in a fog. I can show you a fun time, and take your mind off of things."

"But, you're..."

"A lot of things. An expert in sex is one of them. Grogek knows what I do, as does Tulani, and Jordan, and seven tenths of the town. They've all had their time right where you are. But, believe me, I'm clean. I get checked by Ina and the other healers weekly. It turns out, the energy that has given me such massive stamina all these years, also keeps me clean and healthy."

"But..." He said weakly.

"Don't think of me as Elunara, think of me as a means to an end." She nodded at her board. "Now, stand up, and let's begin the body recognition portion of this."

By time she got him to remove his pants, he couldn't decide if this was relaxing or terrifying. She was running her hands all over him, inspecting every inch of his skin. It was near impossible to keep from getting hard, so he finally gave up. When she reached his penis, he found himself holding his breath. He hands continued over his legs, across his feet and finally around his ass. To distract him, he glanced at her board. What he found blew his mind.

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