tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 085

For the Whored Ch. 085


Elunara sat under the tree, drawing the training below. It was one of her favorite times of day. She hummed a jaunty tune as she worked. The crunch in the grass behind her was unfamiliar, but she flexed her hand and readied her dagger just in case. It was always easier to defeat an opponent that felt they had the upper hand.

"So, this is what my goddess does to relax."

Elunara looked up and eyed the large orc, her grip tightened on her dagger. "Hello Charnak. I assume you've returned with my army?"

He got down on one knee and bowed his head. "My Goddess, I have done as you bid. Outside these barriers lays an army of Warsong orcs, five hundred strong who have claimed loyalty to the Goddess."

Grogek's eyes widened at the presence of Charnak. His wife was obviously handling herself, but he was prepared to strike at any time.

She put a hand on his shoulder. "I must see this army for myself. Then you will have proven your worth to me."

He took her hand and kissed the back of it. "Let me show you."

She closed up her board and sat it by the tree, sending subtle signals down below. She dare not check to see if he saw her.

Charnak took her by the hand and led her down through the orchard and towards the barrier.

"Should we go after them?" Jordan swallowed nervously.

"No. She says to stand by, she'll let us know."

He led her through the barrier and she stared at the men, women and wolves lining the hills in front of her. She did a quick scan and believed five hundred was on the money.


The crowd roared in appreciation.

Her face betrayed no emotion. "This is your army?" She considered them. She walked up to a random warrior and ran her fingers on his muscled arm. She turned back to Charnak. "This pleases me." He preened under her praise. "But are they really so loyal?"

"We would like a demonstration of this Goddess." Someone commented.

Charnak growled, but she held out a hand. "This is acceptable. Bring me your five best warriors, and a place to fight."

They hastily scrambled together a ring and five warriors stood in the center. She inspected each one in turn. "They please me." She stood in the center, flexing her hand. "Come at me."

It took nearly twenty minutes, but as she progressed, the waves of appreciation began to pour off the crowd. "MORE!" She cried. "GIVE ME MORE!" Still holding her dagger in her hand, she took down another twenty. She was feeding off of their frenzy, giving her more strength and endurance. "MORE" She felt them come this time, the golden wings of her excess power. "CAN ANY OF YOU BRING ME DOWN?" She roared. She hit seventy five disabled combatants lying on the outer ring by time they started to shrink back in fear of her power.

"MY GODDESS YOU HAVE RETURNED TO ME!" Charnak cried as he leapt into the ring.

She fought him like an angry demon, faster and meaner than she had the others. She had him on the ropes, but she backed down. She did it gradually so that he would feel superior, without alerting him to the trick. When he sliced down into her shoulder, she took the blow and went to her knees.

"YOU, Charnak have proven yourself worthy of me!" She yanked the axe out of her shoulder and flung it at him. He caught it, just barely, in surprise. "Your army has proven satisfactory to my tastes as well. Make your camp outside of my town. I shall bring Charnak to my followers and make him one of my own." She flexed her arms and dismissed the haze.

"She IS a Goddess, just as he said." Some murmured.

"She is a ferocious wolf." Said others.

She ran her fingers under his chin. "Come; join your brother as one of my champions."

He knelt before her and put his fist to his chest. "Yes, my Goddess."

She wrapped her arm around his and led him into the barrier. They entered near the training yard and she strolled past as if this was an everyday occurrence. Grogek and Jordan met her shortly after.

"Elunara? Is everything alright?" Jordan asked.

She waved her hand. "Yes, yes. Charnak has done as I bid him to do. He has brought me an army of Warsong Orcs to command as I will." She gave him a fond gaze. "Wasn't that good of him?"

Grogek's eyes went wide. "How many."

"Five hundred of the strongest men and women I could find for the Goddess." Charnak declared.

"I have tested their mettle, and they please me. I told him that I shall show him his place as my champion. Come my best Champions, let us show the others this great leader." She led him to the platform of the training yard. She released him and walked forward. "Everyone! This is Charnak! He has fulfilled the task I set of him and brought me an ARMY of five hundred Orcs to command as I see fit! He will be in charge of this army and will train them as I deem acceptable. You should know that he is under MY command."

He knelt before her, fist on the ground, fist on his chest. When she touched his shoulder he stood up. "I BOW BEFORE THE GODDESS AND NONE OTHER!"

She made a face at Grogek that made him grin.

"Come. I wish to make your presence known to those who follow my command and command the others. I cannot be everywhere. Though I try." She led the way, taking Grogek's hand to step down. "If you wish to please me, Grogek is first to me, and Jordan is second. This is important. Come, I shall lead you to my third." She led the way through town.

"Momma? Who is that?"

She smiled. "Charnak, these are my children, Darguni and Bradly. If you are less than kind to them, I will slit your throat and find a new champion to lead my army. Do you understand?"

He put his fist to his chest. "Yes, My Goddess. A mother's anger is quick and merciless."

She moved on.

Bradly leaned over to Darguni. "He calls momma a goddess."

"That's seriously cool."

Savage walked along beside her. She gave him an absent scratch.

"That is yours?"

"His name is Savage and he is my companion."

"You've tamed one." His mouth hung open.

"And he will not hesitate to rip you apart if he is unhappy with your attitude towards me." Savage gave a low growl, as if understanding her words.

"You have many powers my Goddess."

"And I will not allow you to forget them." She smiled at him. "You have pleased me much this day." She knocked on the door to Renwa's office. "Continue to please me, and see where it gets you."


Elunara pushed the door open and grinned at Renwa. He stared in complete shock for a moment before he composed himself, remembering his part in the mess.

"Ah, Elunara, I see Charnak has returned. Does that mean he fulfilled his promise?"

"He has brought me an army, five hundred strong. I have seen them, I have tested them. They are to my liking. Charnak has pleased me."

"Very well, but where do you expect me to house them?"

She waved her hand. "Sweetheart, I've already thought of this. They are making camp outside the barrier near the training yard. If they're worth their salt, they'll be able to sustain themselves without harming your little town."

Charnak flexed his muscles.

She turned back to him. "You should know, he is my number three. Should I not be around, you should always follow his order." She put her hand on her hip. "You obey all rules, follow all of my signs, and you'll go far here. Should I send someone else with an order, they will have my seal. I'll give you an example of it later. After that, you may do as you please outside my barrier."

"Yes, my Goddess." He bowed.

"You may return to your camp and see to my soldiers." She laid a hand on his chest. "I will come out to visit you soon." She breathed.

"Yes, my goddess."

"And mind you don't bother anyone on the way. I want to keep some semblance of peace around here."

She leaned by the window and watched him walk away.

"You play a dangerous game, Elunara." Renwa shook his head.

"How the HELL was I supposed to know he'd find FIVE HUNDRED lunatics to champion his goddess?" She ran her hands through her hair. "I figured he'd get twenty tops. Twenty I could work with, but FIVE HUNDRED? Holy fuck balls!"

"You may have over played your hand." Zelinnia shook her head.

"I under estimated his charisma more like."

"I am so confused." Admiral Duchie shook his head.

"Did you actually READ my books, or did you use them for porno?" Elunara sighed. "Charnak attacked the town, and when he killed Grogek, I went into a berserker rage and killed about thirty or forty of his men with my dagger."

"Some of them she managed to decapitate in her rage."

"I disabled Charnak, because I was going to torture him to death, and then I killed another 10 or 15..."

"Twenty three." Renwa shrugged.

"Anyhow, Grogek's death unlocked something inside of me that manifested as these big ass glowing wings and shit and according to on lookers, I rose into the air with Grogek, screamed to the heavens and demanded Grogek back. I kinda don't remember any of this. Long story short, everyone who was there calls me goddess. Most don't to my face. Anyway, Charnak went zealot and swore fealty to me. I released him on the pretense that he go and bring me back an army. I figured he'd get himself killed trying to recruit people to follow outsiders. If anything, my goal was to have another trainer. The idea is to get him to help us train our men. Instead, I got a nutbar who brought me five hundred followers."

"Are you certain he has five hundred?" Renwa frowned.

"I saw them. They demanded an example. I fought seventy five of them into the ground before they started getting terrified, and then I "let" Charnak beat me so that he could save face as the most powerful among them."

"Was that wise?" Duchie stared at her

She sighed. "An Army of five hundred shows up at the doorstep to our town and I have to do a show of power. They lose belief in me and they stomp the town to dust."

"Figure out our options. We're going to have to make the best of this."

"Hey, it's me." She grinned. "Though I wonder if there's a way to get some of them killed. Reduce it to a more manageable number..." She tapped her chin.

"You would kill men and women who have sworn an oath to you?"

"I repeat, did you READ my books? Or just grab them for the pictures?" She shook her head. "I will do anything to protect this town, no matter how insane or cruel you think I might be." She turned and opened the door. "I'll figure it out. Just you wait."

She might not BE a goddess, but it was certainly worth being treated like one. Grogek was massaging her shoulders and Jordan was massaging her legs.

"I ripped myself apart trying to prove a point." She whimpered.

"I left a couple of men on the edge of the barrier, just to be sure." Jordan worked on her feet and she just groaned.

"Far be it for me to question your judgment, but are you sure this is wise?" Grogek frowned.

"Don't really have a choice at the moment. I've bought myself some time to figure it out, but I can't play the game forever."

"Yeah, but are you going to do anything with him sexually?" Jordan frowned. "Seeing as he DID kill your husband."

"If it comes to it, I might have to, just to keep up the ruse. He's not a good person. That much is certain, but this zealotry could go very bad, very fast. On the one hand, I could give into him, and it causes him to lose respect for me, or I could refuse him, and it trigger his anger because he was expecting it. I'm at a loss there. I'll have to feel it out." She laid her head on Grogek's chest. "But I couldn't possibly have genuine affection for the man who almost took away my happiness." She sighed. "No offense, Jordan."

"No, I'm pretty sure that Grogek dying would have taken away all of our happiness. Tulani is right; it would be difficult to rebuild that."

Elunara prepped her board and a small satchel of paper. She had waited a few days, refusing to reschedule her life for Charnak. Grogek reported that Charnak had come into town and just stood there watching the training yard. He had ignored the other Orc as she had instructed. She made her way down and waved at Grogek as she continued out to the encampment.

She stopped and looked around, impressed by their progress.

"My Goddess!" Charnak jogged over. "You've come to see me!"

"I've come to inspect the troops, and document them." She held up her board. "All men under my command must have their picture done, so that on their deaths, I may properly honor them."

"You and wise and noble." He nodded his head. "Please, follow me and I will show them to you."

As they walked, she began to sketch and work from the board she had secured via leather straps. She worked at break neck speed, sacrificing detail for distance. She looked up and raised an eyebrow at their banner, which had been a recreation of the picture she had slipped into his pocket.

"I thought you'd like it." He grinned.

"This pleases me." They passed an Orc holding an axe similar to Grogek's. She held out her hand.

The Orc looked in confusion between both Elunara and Charnak.

"Your axe." Charnak said.

Looking skeptical, he dropped the axe in her hand. She swung it up and inspected the blade before twirling it and checking the other side. She examined the handle and nodded. "Good shape, few nicks, but that's just character." She handed the axe back to the astonished Orc and started sketching again.

Charnak gave him a grin of superiority.

"Yes, I'm very pleased with your progress. I will spend some time learning what you have brought me. I intend to have many sheets prepared before I send you into your first battle. I have much planned for you." She smiled up at him. "Yes, I am very pleased."

He put his fist to his chest. "We are ready now, we await your order."

"Just because YOU are ready, doesn't mean I am. I wish to have all of your troops on my pages before I send them out. This is how I am able to honor the spirits and call on them in battle. I have honored them before their deaths and after their deaths. The spirits think highly of me. I am able to control the endless light and feed off the energy of the nether. This is my little secret." She winked up at him.

"You are telling me..." His eyes grew wide. "You honor me with your secret." He put his hands on either side of her shoulders. "Please." He whispered. "Come to my tent and let me worship you."

She ran her fingers under his chin. "When I give you my orders, you will follow them as I say. Only when I am the most pleased, that we will have this discussion again."

He stepped back and knelt to her. "Your will is my desire."

She brushed back his hair with the lightest brush of her fingers. "Good." She turned and kept walking.

Over the next few weeks, she visited the orc camp about twice a week, spending time have the orcs paraded around her as she drew them and worked. When she was satisfied that she had every last one of them documented, she strolled outside without her board.

Charnak jogged over and knelt in front of her. "My Goddess, you do not bring your sketches."

She brushed his hair away from his face. "My champion, I have come with your orders."

He stood up and stepped forward, his breath hitching in anticipation. "Your will be done."

"To the north is an Iron Horde encampment. Their presence offends me. Be rid of them."

"Of course my Goddess."

She laid a hand on his chest. "Bring me treasures of the dead. Theirs or your own, separate them please. The more spirits that swear to me, the better. But, don't be stupid." She patted his cheek and then turned around, going back to town.

She was sitting under the tree, humming to herself when she heard the footsteps. She sat her board to the side. "I hope you bring me good news?"

He stood there holding his bleeding arm and he grinned. "We slew every last one of them. I have come to tell you it was a success."

She stood up and put a hand to his arm and concentrated her energy on the cut. It healed under her attentions. "Return to your camp, reorganize your troops, and have my presents prepared with a large bon fire."

He bowed. "Your will be done." He turned and left.

It was night before she went out to him, carrying the books she had bound with his troops in them.

He was standing there by the bonfire; hand over the healed cut in his arm. He was staring into the fire and she was curious to know what he was thinking. She held her head high and took long purposeful strides.

"My goddess!" He beamed at her. "I had hoped you would come soon. I have brought you a gift."

He held out a hunk of hair in a braid. "It is from the enemies we have slain. I have done as you asked and separated the remains of our dead from theirs." He gestured behind him.

She circled the two piles of various objects. She stooped down and pulled out a few random objects, tucking them in her bag. She pulled out her books and began searching for the distinct objects in her drawings. As she worked, she would pull a random object; seemingly say a prayer over it, before chucking it into the fire. She sincerely hoped she looked mystical.

"How many of mine died?"

"Thirty five, my goddess."

She nodded and continued her work. When at last the piles were gone, she closed her books and approached him. He held out the braid and she ran it through her fingers and examined the hairs before sniffing it and tossing it in the fire."

"But!" He reached out towards the flame.

"The ritual is complete." She nodded. "You bring me fine tributes and I am most pleased. I have released the spirits from their objects. You have done a superior job." She smiled as she ran her fingers under his chin. "The spirits smile on your efforts."

He put his hand on her arm. "Please." His voice was hoarse. "Please, let me worship you."

She cocked her head to the side, considering. Finally, she nodded. "Very well, I am in a good mood."

He took her arm and wrapped it around his own, his hand over hers. He led the way to his tent an opened the flap for her. She looked around the room, and saw the pictures she had given him, hanging up. He leaned his face into hers.

She put her fingers on his lips. "You cannot kiss me, you haven't earned the right."

He placed his forehead on hers. "You confuse me."

"My body is a vessel, and I feed off of the attention my body receives. Kissing me is an intimate act that you have not earned the right to do."

He ran his thumb over her lips. "Then I will earn the right; just tell me what I should do."

With a shrug, when put a hand on his chest. "That is for another day. For now, I believe you had other intentions."

He guided her back to what she would laughingly call a throne. "I made this for you." He whispered as he tugged her shirt over her head. He kissed her shoulder and ran his hands across her breasts. His hands went down and pulled off her pants. She spread her legs out and leaned back against the soft furs. He made his way down her body and knelt at her feet. Laying his tongue flat, he licked the center of her.

Her hands came down on both sides of his face as she gave a small gasp. Her fingers went back and through his hair as he worked. "Gods, the fangs." She muttered. "The fangs drive me crazy." She whispered.

With a grin he shifted his mouth and tickled the inside of her legs with his fangs. He was pleased with her reactions. He licked those inner folds and felt like he was drinking liquid gold. He slid a finger in and felt the inside of her with a groan. His other hand he used to tug at his pants.

She smacked him. "You have yet to earn the right to enter me. Perhaps another time." She laid her head back and arched against him.

With some disappointment, he flopped his dick out of his pants and used the slickness off of his fingers on himself. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, before wrapping that hand around his dick and stroking himself. His tongue slipped in and out of her, drinking up her pouring juices. Back and forth his hand went, from her glorious wetness, to across his dick. When she grabbed at his hair in her arching orgasm, he ran his fingers across those soft folds, getting every ounce of wetness to use on himself. Shoving two fingers in to catch her as she clamped and bucked, he was able to finish on to the floor.

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