tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 086

For the Whored Ch. 086


Elunara stretched and sighed as she made her way down to the training yard. Last night was fun, but she might have twisted her hip out just a tad too much. It was always difficult to keep one's body shape when a pair of men were trying to shove their fingers in your crotch as the same time. She may have had the most delicious pair of husbands, but they did get a little over exuberant from time to time. She stopped and stared off into the distance. She called Jordan her husband. Yeah, it was mental, but that's where all the secrets hid out.

She was pleased to find both of them standing on the edge of the training ring, in a heated discussion about some of the newer recruits. She stood there for a moment, just watching them.

Grogek noticed her first. "What? What's wrong?"

Jordan spun around and frowned. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing actually." She strolled forward. "I was just thinking to myself that I had the most delicious pair of husbands on or off planet." She kissed Jordan first, since he was closer and then she kissed Grogek.

"Husbands?" Jordan squeaked. "Plural?"

"Well, that's what happens when I have two of them." She grinned. As predicted, it broke Jordan's brain more than it did hers. Grogek just grinned. "Unless you don't want to be." She gave a dramatic sigh.

"No. No, I'm ok with that one." He just continued to blink into space and stare like he got smacked with a hammer.

Grogek snorted a laugh. "You know, it took you longer than I thought it would to come to that decision."

She shrugged. "It is what it is."

"Uhhh, do I have to stand through a ceremony or something?" He winced.

"Gods, no. I'll have Tippy biting at my heels, screaming "I told you so." I just can't handle that kind of grief. A declaration is a declaration. I'm happy enough with that."

He let go of the breath he was holding. "Oh, thank the Gods."

She wrapped her arms around his torso and kissed him soundly.

He ran his hands down her back and across her ass. "So I guess this means I get to call you my wife?"

"Funny how that works." She grinned.

"Yeah, I'm definitely ok with that."

"You two are making me nauseous." Grogek grunted.

"Hah!" She laughed. "We're probably making you horny."

"Some days, I'm not sure there's a difference." He grinned.

She stepped over to him, and grabbing him by the fang, pulled her face to his.

"Hey, Baby, we have a visitor."

Elunara looked back and saw Charnak at the end of the training yard, just standing and watching. "Wonder how long he's been there."

"Don't know, I just looked over, but he might have been standing there for awhile."

"Eh. He hasn't seen anything I wouldn't have already done in front of him."

Charnak started forward and walked past the training soldiers. Many jump out of his way, or scrambled around him. He ignored every one of them, heading for the trio on the edge of the yard.

Elunara straightened up, gave him a cool look and crossed her arms.

He stopped in front of them, got to one knee and put his fist to his chest. "I, Charnak of the Warsong clan have come to declare my loyalty to my Goddess of War and Mercy, Elunara. I swear absolute loyalty to her. I have also come to give my humblest apologies to my brother Grogek for my misplaced judgment and attempt on his life. I swear my loyalty to him as Elunara's mate, and beg of his forgiveness. I realize now that you far superior to me, having earned the loyalty and love of this woman who is a goddess to me." He bowed.

He lowered his voice. "Whatever you have done to deserve her, I will never be able to match. However, I beg of her to reconsider her anger towards me, for I knew not the truth when I committed my heinous crimes. I realize now that I will never be your one or your two, but I request that perhaps I can be your humble pet." He took her hand and laid his forehead against it. "I am your to command, my great and beautiful goddess."

"Rise, Charnak, your words impress me." When he stood up, she ran her fingertips under his chin. "I will give your words the consideration they deserve."

Charnak bowed to Grogek. "Please, forgive me brother. I understand now, that had I faced you in one on one, you would have been superior. My tactics for dealing with you were cowardly."


"Charnak," Elunara put a hand on his arm. "If you are doing this just to gain my favor, I will be supremely pissed." She dug her fingernails into his arm.

He winced. "No, my goddess. Your words to me last night sang true. Your heart was won by this man, and now I must make headway to even get in the same waters as he. I... I laid awake all night thinking and thinking. I can only assume that he has done something miraculous to obtain your affections. Even this little human is more worthy than I, and I am one of the strongest of our kind."

She released the pressure on his arm. "Very well. I have another task of you while I consider your words."

"Yes, my Goddess, anything."

"Near the entrance to Gorgrond, there is a Genesaur blocking trade routes. He is not hard to recognize, for he only has one eye. I am the one who took his other eye when he tried to eat one of my children. I would have felled the beast myself. But, I was burdened by my child. Bring it down, and bring me its skull. If the skull proves to be too burdensome, take a tusk. That bastard angered me when he tried to eat my child. Bring it down and earn more of my favor."

"Yes, my goddess." He lifted her hand to his mouth. "Your will be done." He turned and left.



"The fuck have you done?" Jordan gestured towards Charnak's retreating form.

"I have NO idea." She shook her head. "I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh, cry, or get a migraine from rolling my eyes in my head."

"He had to eat a fair bit of pride to do all of that just now." Grogek frowned. "Even I am often amazed by the effect you have on people, my love."

"I thought he was going to wet himself when you said you took on a genesaur one handed." Jordan snorted.

"Technically, Bradly was tied to my back, so I had both hands free."

Speaking of, she got tackled by the two boys. "Did that Orc just swear to you?" Darguni asked.

"Yeah, he thinks I'm a goddess, don't try to dissuade him."

"Nuh uh, our momma is a goddess!" Bradly bounced.

"We have the coolest Momma ever!" Darguni chimed in.

"Yeah, so now I have an army of Orcs at my disposal, their leader thinks I'm a goddess, and I proved it by beating up seventy five of their best warriors at once." Elunara scrubbed her hands on both boys hair. "Oh, and I've declared Jordan as my second husband, just so we're all clear."

"Does that mean he's our papa too?"

"Eh, he's whatever he'd rather you call him."

"Well, I like Papa Jordan better than Uncle Jordan." Bradly declared.

"Yeah! Papa is my papa, but Jordan can be my other Papa, like Momma Tuly is my other Momma."

"Yeah! Let's go tell everybody!"

"Yeah!" The two boys took off running.

Jordan just sat on the ground and looked shell shocked.

"Oops." Elunara grinned.

He held up a finger. "You did that on purpose!"

"I will freely admit that I had no idea they'd latch on to the papa thing so fast." She giggled. "But I did want someone else's brain to be broken for once." She knelt down and kissed him on the cheek. "It is a little funny that we're a house of two women and two men and you're all married to me." She giggled again.

He tugged her into his lap. "You know I'm going to get you for that..."

"Can you three EVER stop?" Renwa sighed.

"I just declared Jordan as my second husband." She grinned.

"Oh, well, carry on then." He glared at them. "In your own bedroom. Or bedrooms, or however the hell you have it laid out."

"You missed the fun, Renwa." Elunara grinned. "Charnak came and apologized to Grogek and declared himself loyal to my ranking."

"Good GODS woman, how the hell do you keep doing that?"

"Beats me, but it sure is fun." She grinned.

"Probably has to do with how she can make a man rock hard by just yelling at him."

"Why Gerald, I didn't know you cared." She batted her eyelashes as she stood up.

Jordan brushed himself off. "He's not wrong."

Grogek burst into laughter and Elunara grinned at him.

"What?" Jordan and Renwa asked at the same time.

Elunara smiled sweetly. "You'll just tell me to keep it in the bedroom again."

"I'm starting to see why you call her a migraine waiting to happen." Duchie added mildly.

"Come on, Admirals, let's go see my Orc army before they leave on their next mission." She led the way to the barrier and stepped through, putting her hands on her hips. Both men gasped at the scene before them.

Charnak was standing at the head, directing the army into their positions for deployment. He spotted her and yelled out a few more orders before heading over to her. "My Goddess, I did not expect to see you before we left."

She ran her fingers down his arm. "I have already shown you Renwa, this is his... trainee, Duchie."


"Unimportant to you at the moment, I just wanted to show them a demonstration of your usefulness."

"My Goddess, may I ask a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Are these... yours?"

"Oh, goodness no. But they are important to the running of the town, and I just wanted them known to you. Also, should any misfortune befall Renwa, I will personally gut someone like a fish." She growled.

"Understood. We head out in about fifteen minutes. Did you wish to inspect the troops?"

She brushed back some of his hair. "I believe you have it handled." She smiled.

He preened under her gaze.

"I'll leave you to it."

He kissed her hand. "I will bring you pleasure." He purred, before stalking away to scream at his troops.

"Lu, you blow my goddamned mind." Renwa shook his head.

"Isn't it fabulous?" She purred. "My own Orc army."

"Did you have sex with him too?" Duchie wrinkled his nose.

"Lord no. That would actually cause him to lose respect for me. I can't be seen as easy. I'm the benevolent goddess, with a will of iron and the temper of demons. I fight like a right bitch and gain energy from the battle. To give myself to him would make me... paltry and common. No, he has to earn my affections."

"One of the things that made her highly desirable as an SI:7 operative was her ability to assess a situation and know exactly how to play a target." Renwa nodded.

"Eh, I've had a few mistakes. Like Grommash, he just didn't work." She shrugged.

"He broke every bone in your body." Renwa commented.

"Grogek saved me, that's all that matters." She grinned.

"What task are you sending them out on this time?"

"To kill a genesaur." She shrugged. "The one that's terrorizing the trade routes, the one whose eye I gouged out that night..."

"Ah, that beast." Renwa nodded. "Good choice."

"Next, I'll send them after the demons of Shattarath."


"We'll see how many we have left after that."

She had found a secluded spot near the barrier, and lay out in the sun, completely naked. She didn't do it often, as she preferred company when he stripped down. However, it was beautifully sunny and she felt like Savage looked; a cat lain out in a sunny spot. He followed her everywhere, and some days she wondered why. She reached over and scratched his massive head. He wallowed against her and she laughed as she scratched his big furry belly.

"What a beautiful sight to greet me when I return."

She looked down and saw Charnak staring down at her, lust in his eyes. He licked his lips.

She stood up and walked over to him, laying her hands on his injuries. "I see you have returned in one piece, where is my prize?"

"Please let me touch you." He said in a pained whisper.

"A caress or two isn't out of the question." She pressed against him.

He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck. "Gods, I want to slip inside of you, feel you as I drive you up and over." His hands shuddered down her ass.

She ran her hands down his chest. "First, let's see what you've brought me." She pushed away from him and bent down to retrieve her clothes.

When she straightened up, his hands came around her again. "I will earn you, one way or another." His erection pressed against her ass as he kissed her shoulder. "My beautiful goddess."

She lifted her hand back and brushed it down his cheek. "Earn it you shall, but for now..." She stepped out of his range and put her clothes on. "You were supposed to bring me a present." She stepped beside him and took his arm.

He led the way outside the barrier. The skull was bigger than she's realized. Parts of its skin and flesh were still attached the behemoth skull.

"Have it cleaned and painted to look how it did before it died. I wish to place my trophy somewhere appropriate." She looked up at him and smiled. "This pleases me greatly. It has been to great annoyance that I have not had time to deal with it myself. I have entirely too much to do. Take your men and heal them up. I shall return soon." She trailed her fingers on his shoulder, before turning and walking back in the barrier.

Elunara walked down to Grogek. "Uh, where am I going to put a genesaur skull?"

"He did it?"

"Uh, yeah. They're cleaning and painting the skull per my directions."

He shook his head. "Impressive."

"I have the distinct impression that he's gone past hero worship and slipped straight into love." She groaned.

Grogek laughed and patted her shoulder. "That would be your problem."

"But, he killed you." She pouted.

"He also went against his design to apologize and call me superior."

"Ugh, you're so easily impressed."

"Actually, I'm not. If it was any other person in the world, I would have heard falsehoods. But, he is my brother and I grew up with a man who wanted to prove he was bigger, meaner and more powerful than I. When I was chosen as Grommash's second over him, he went ballistic. In the end, it appears as though he took over the clan, but finding me, after all these years? Revenge for his slights. I would have agreed that you should drop this farce and slit his throat." He shrugged. "But you did something to him. I'd give anything to figure out exactly what. To see him bow to me, and say what he said? Completely fascinating. If it were an act, there would have been more aggression in his features. He was never good at hiding his anger."

"GAH!" She banged her head on his arm. "The hell am I supposed to do with this?"

"You always figure it out, my love." He wrapped his arm around her waist. "In the end, it is you that needs to figure it out."

She made her way through the barrier, Savage at her side. Charnak met her at the entrance.

"My goddess, the skull is almost ready for you!" He gestured.

She ran her hand on a tusk. "Very nice."

One of the orc stepped forward. "We made the kill, why does she claim the prize?"

"You question our Goddess?" Charnak growled.

She put her hand on his shoulder. "I think a challenge would satisfy everyone's thirst." She grinned. She flexed her hand and held her dagger. "I will take on all challengers in the ring." She strolled down to the ring and stood in the middle. "YOU DOUBT ME? BRING ME DOWN!"

All of those years spent fighting Grogek and other idiots in the ring were really paying off. She brought down a little over 60 combatants, and she managed to kill seven of them. She had figured out some time ago how to get the glow to come off of her, and with each new combatant, her energy grew. She stood in the center ring, angel wings dwarfing her body. "YOUR ENERGY FEEDS ME! BRING ME MORE OR BOW THE FUCK DOWN!" She mimicked the flag they had made.

All at once, every last Orc dropped to their knee and bowed their head.

"You have pleased me with this battle. Your show of strength is admirable." She dismissed her wings. "I am proud to have this army under my command. Tend to your wounded, while I honor your dead."

She bent down and picked up the first body and carried it over to lay it by the bonfire. She got all of them laid out and began to systematically check them off in her books and add more detail. Charnak brought her belongings from the ones that died to the genesaur.

"How many?"

"Only twelve this time."

"Good, much better than last time." She went through the same ritual as before.

"Forgive them for doubting."

"I was expecting it." She added more detail to her pages.

"I don't know what to say."

She shrugged and snapped her book closed. She looked at him over her shoulder. "I am well aware that they will require a demonstration, especially when they're upset over the death of their family members. I know people. I am prepared to do what it takes to maintain my leadership. THIS is why so many follow me; this is why I inspire such loyalty in my men."

He brushed his fingers across her cheek. "And you're so beautiful." He murmured.

She stood up. "These bodies can be dealt with in your usual way. I have seen to their spirits." He barked orders while she flipped through her book.

He came over to her and brushed a hand down her arm. "What are your plans for tonight?"

"Eventually, I will go home." She looked up and into his eyes.

"Eventually?" He whispered.

"I will not stay overnight with you. We are not far enough along."

"But you will stay for just a little while?"

"I have decided to. I won't lie when I say that... a challenge ring always gets me... excited."

His eyes got just a little bit wider. "Is that so?"

"Goddess of war and sex, remember? I am charged by the fight, I am charged by the enjoyment of my body. The more I fight, the more I fuck, the more powerful and crazed I can become. This is why I have three in my bed every night. They sate me enough to get me through the day. And yet, they are not the only ones I have. The entire town is at my call. I use them all as I see fit. None can resist me." She grinned. "Just how I like it."

"I can see why." He breathed.

She tucked her books back in her satchel. She reached up and put her fingers on his lips. "Before we go anywhere, you should know that you still have yet to earn the right to kiss me."

"Your will be done." He whispered.

She wrapped her arms around one of his and he led her back to his hut. She nodded at the upgrade in buildings. "Your camp is coming along nicely."

"Anything to please you." He led her in and closed the flap.

She rolled her eyes at the cheesy throne. The picture she'd given him was tacked on the wall above it.

His arms came around from behind her and wrapped around her. He rubbed his nose against her neck. "My beautiful goddess; just let me worship you."

"I'm inclined to let you."

His hands went down and slipped under her shirt. He pulled her shirt off and ran his thumbs over her nipples. "You're so beautiful." He murmured as he kissed her shoulder. She leaned her head to the side and ran her hand up the side of his face. On hand went down into her pants and he stroked his fingers through her soft folds. "So soft." He purred as he worked on her shoulder.

She pressed up against him and moaned softly. One hand cupped and caressed her breast and the other buried itself into her slick folds. She dug her fingers into his arms.

"It's so bizarre, that a body this small could hold such power and rage." He whispered. "Yet fit so tightly against my own." He tugged her shirt over her head.

She turned around and ran her hands on his chest. She made it down to his pants and pushed them down. Pressing her body against his, his rock hard dick slipped between her thighs.

"I want, so desperately, to kiss you."

"No." She shook her head. "My decision is final."

"My jealousy of Grogek is at a peak."

"That's not the only thing." She grinned as she shifted her legs.

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