tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 108

For the Whored Ch. 108


She growled at the sunrise. A hand came up and around her waist. Lips pressed against her neck.

"I never thought I would find myself jealous of an orc." Varian pressed against her back.

"Funny how that works." She grinned. She turned over and slid close to him.

With a gentle push, he laid her back against the pillows and slipped himself inside. She groaned and lifted her knees up. One hand slid up her leg, the other cupped her face. Her fingers crushed in his hair as he gently danced his lips with hers.

Both winced at the knocking on the door.

He frowned down at her and she shrugged. "You know me; I don't get embarrassed over such things."


A beleaguered looking man ran in. "Sir! A messenger from the SI:7 is here and he is lo- uh."

"Looking for Elunara?" She asked. "Tell them I'll be out in a moment."

The man turned several interesting shades before running out.

She grinned at him. "If you care to finish, I bought us a moment or two."

Varian chuckled. "Sadly, the moment is lost. Besides, I thought you were eager to get back to your family.

She sat up into his space. "Well, I'm always willing to let an old friend finish." She ran her fingers on his chest.

He kissed her hand. "Some days, I wish..." He shook his head.

Running her fingers under his chin, she grinned. "I wouldn't mind considering you a lover. But, you're not getting added to the family. Sorry."

"I'm ok with that." He laughed. "And here I thought I had to wait until you moved back to Stormwind to get my hands on you again."

"Sweetheart, anytime you want to stop by, you can get your hands wherever you want." She winked as she tugged on her shirt.

He ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know; it just seems a little awkward." He tugged on his armor.

"Why wouldn't it be awkward here? Once the mess of us moves in."

"Because here I'm King?" He shrugged.

She dropped her pants and scrambled to pick them up again. "You're intimidated?"

He laughed. "It's silly, but maybe?"

"Wow." She blinked. "I'll have to think on that one." She tugged her pants on.

He stepped behind her and slipped his hand down the front of her pants and stroked her. "You've always been a little intimidating."

"Mm, you have about two minutes to either take me again, or move forward with the day."

He dipped his hand lower and pressed a finger up into her. Leaning back against him, she groaned as she shifted her leg. Slipping a second finger in, he licked her neck. "I'm just..." He slipped a hand up her shirt and cupped her breast. "Memorizing this moment." He worked his fingers in and out. "To hold me off..." His teeth raked against her neck. "Until next time." She shuddered against him, and he grinned as she clamped down on his hand.

They were sharing a laugh, when they entered the main area. Elunara snapped to attention. "Sir!"

"There is someone in this world that you call "sir"?" Varian raised an eyebrow.

She pointed at him. "Hush, you."

Mathias shook his head. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because you're not an idiot?" Elunara rolled her eyes. "Uh, sir."

Varian laughed. "If you wish, you can blame me. I asked her to."

Mathias rolled his eyes. "In any event, I sent them out again this morning." He tossed a bag to her. "This was fished out of the canal."

She emptied the bag on a nearby table. "Fucking shitfucks." It was nothing but shreds of paper, mostly her tracking runes. There were no signs of images.

"The reason you were getting so many false positives, is whoever did this knew your runeing system. We've had three different operatives, including myself, search every last scrap. It's all runes."

Elunara groaned and flopped in a chair. "Gods fucking damn cock sucker hosebeast assfucker will GODDAMNED PAY FOR THIS SHIT!" She kicked the massive table so hard it flew across the room. Mathias barely dodged out of the way. She flung her arms down and screamed with such anger that her wings popped out of her back without her even realizing it. "Do you have ANY FUCKING CLUE how hard I WORK ON THESE FUCKING BOOKS?" She punched a wall and left cracks up it.

Flopping back into the chair, she put her hands on her face.

Varian slowly reached a hand out. "Elunara?"

She stood up and scooped the tatters back into the bag. Both men watched with some fascination as the wings fluttered back and forth while she picked up every last scrap of paper. She righted the table, dumped them on it, and then scrunched them in a pile. Satisfied with what she had down, she slammed both palms on the table and concentrated all of her energy into the pile.

Varian looked to Mathis and raised a brow, but he just shook his head with a shrug.

She began to shake, and the light began to grow. She screamed in a rage and a shot of energy went out. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she fell down to the floor.

Varian scooped her up into his arms. "Elunara?"

Mathias went to the table and his eyes went large. He held up a packet of paper. "Would you look at that?" He whispered.


Mathias flipped through the pages. "It's her work alright."

Varian stood up, Elunara still in his arms.

Mathias showed him the bundles of paper.

"How the hell did she DO that?"

"I wish I knew. That would be some fascinating information to have."

Elunara groaned and held her head. Frowning down at the comfortable bed, she sighed.

"Good, you're awake." Varian put a hand on her forehead.

"Please tell me I didn't lose any days this time?"

"This time?"

She picked at the cover and sighed. "When I have... an event, and I wake up in bed, I've usually lost several days in recovery from an energy burn."

"Ah. No, you've only been out for a couple of hours."

"What did I do this time?"

"You don't remember?"

"Not usually."

He handed her a pack of papers.

"My books!" She hugged it to her chest. Where did you find them?"

"Uh, actually... you pitched an epic scale temper tantrum, and then gathered all the pieces of paper, screamed at them, and... poof."

She flopped back, grabbed a pillow and them screamed into it.

"I take it she has no idea what she did." Mathias sighed from the door.

"Not a clue."

She flung the pillow across the room. "WHY DOES THIS SHIT KEEP HAPPENING?"

"Have you taken all of these happenings with the same amount of grace and dignity?" Mathias cocked an eyebrow.

She flopped back again. "Oh, fuck off."

Mathias' eyebrows shot up. "Excuse me?"

She flopped up and smashed her hand on the bed. "You're not the one that keeps getting called "Goddess" and having random fucking nitwits bow at you and expect fucking miracles to bloom out of your fucking ass!" She yanked at her hair. "It was FUNNY when some backwater natives thought I was their goddess of war and mercy and willing to do my bidding. It just got STUPID when the people I have to deal with all day long started believing it too! I AM NOT A MIRACLE WORKER!" She flopped back.

"I wasn't aware you could be so childish." Varian commented.

"You can fuck off too." She crossed her arms and glared at the ceiling.

"Wasn't it you who fixed a little girl's legs so she wouldn't be left behind?" Varian said quietly.

"Yeah, but that was a fluke."

"Wasn't it you who returned life to both of your husbands?"

"But I don't even know how I did that."

"You may not like what's going on, but you've been doing some pretty miraculous things." He brushed her hair out of her face.

Mathias stepped forward. "Instead of petty, childish tantrums, own it and do what you do best. Make it yours."

Elunara jerked her finger in the air. "Remember the issues with Kathleen? Uh, sir."

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Kathleen tried to claim, that the report on her family was falsified, because you'd do anything for me because I fucked you."

Mathias just blinked. "Really?"

"I told her, that if you were really so motivated by your dick, I wouldn't trust shit you said."

He smirked. "An accurate assessment."


Elunara smirked at Varian. "Granted, most men motivated by their dick tend to tell the most honest secrets, so... whatever." She sat up and tossed the cover back. "In any event, I'm training John up. I think he'd make a pretty decent agent. He's got the moron shtick going pretty well for him."

"I'll keep that in mind."

She tugged the papers into her lap and began to shuffle though them. "I learned some time ago, that if I actively pour my energy into a person, that I can trick their bodies into healing themselves. Due to the strange nature of my abilities, I have rapid healing." She flexed her hand out and held her dagger. She raked it down her arm.

Both men froze.

She watched as the gash healed itself. "As I use this ability, the faster I heal the next time around. It's getting crazy fast. When I dump this energy into someone else's body, it does the same damned thing to them, but only as long as I channel it. I am not actively healing them; I'm just giving them the ability to heal like I do. Most likely, what was in my head with this, was to force my pages to heal themselves. Which I did."

"Amazing." Varian rubbed her arm.

"So much for learning it..." Mathias frowned.

She sighed. "Exactly." She stretched her back "Well, the end result, is that everything that was missing, is now here. I don't have the original pages, but that doesn't matter. The person who took them doesn't care about what they could learn; they care about what I need to know."

"Which is?"

"Back when I first brought Grogek back to town, I sat, and every single day, drew the scene before me. When I was poisoned and almost died, looking through my drawings gave us our culprit. Zelinnia herself said that my ability to catch things I am not even aware of is pretty scary. She was able to find Kathleen in my work, as far back as six years ago, because Zelinnia is crazy with details too. Between the two of us, we should be able to find out who's trying to kill Renwa, and who accomplished killing me."

They stood by the portal.

"I suppose I can't convince you to stay... just a few more hours?" Varian winked.

"You know why I can't." She ran her fingers under his chin. "Thank you for dinner." She winked.

Mathias nodded. "Send me your report."

She saluted. "As soon as it's wrapped up." Reaching out, she took the portal home. She hit the ground with a splat. She groaned and before she could completely sit up, she was mobbed by the boys.

"Momma! You were gone a whole week!"

She sighed. "I was only there a day and a half."

"Wasn't quite a week." Jordan ran his fingers through his hair. "But yeah, six days without you is uncomfortable."

"At least it wasn't two months." Standing up, she wiped herself off. "Come on, I need to report to Renwa."

The boys wouldn't let go of her hands, so Jordan had to knock for her.


Renwa and Zelinnia stood up at the same time."Elunara!"

"Can we play with the baby?" Darguni ran over.

"Uh, sure." Zelinnia sat the baby down with her toys.

"It took longer than expected. When I tried to use the tracking spell, it spit off hundreds of directions. It took a number of SI:7 operatives, but all that we found were my runes torn off of the pages. However, using my abilities..." She sighed and put the packets of paper on the desk. "I... "healed" them. Somehow, I used my abilities to cause new pages to grow."

"Well, that's bizarre." Zelinnia picked up the papers and flipped through. "They're... perfect." She ran through all of them. "They're perfect recreations."

"Well, you would know."

"Can I unbind these?"

Elunara grinned. "I trust you to get them back in the right order."

Zelinnia kissed Renwa on the cheek. "Sorry, my love, but your paperwork goes on hold for now."

He laughed and ran a hand down her ass. "Of course."

She began to spread the pages out on the conference table.

"Where's Duchie?"

Renwa sat down with a sigh. "Drooling into his oatmeal. Ina believes that once the damage started progressing, it just exploded."

"Damn. I hated the asshole, but no one deserves that."

Renwa nodded.

"I'm going to head down and let Tulani and Grogek know I've returned. I figured it was best to let Zelinnia have my papers first."

Bradly stood up and shuffled his feet.

"What's the matter?"

"Well, it's just that... Mommy Zel is going into one of her trances, and Uncle Renwa is going to be busy, who will watch Abby?"

"First, Uncle Renwa?"

"Well, if mommy Zel is going to be your sister... that makes Admiral Renwa our uncle right?"

"You did say he was family." Called Darguni.

Renwa just stared.

"Only if it's ok with him to be called that."

"Uh, yeah, sure."

Jordan laughed. "Welcome to the family. Anyway, I can carry Abby for a little while, that way you can stay with your Momma, and she can do what need to be done." He looked over. "If that's ok with Zel."

Zel waved her hand. "Sure. I'm ok with that."

The boys grabbed Elunara's hands and Jordan picked up Abigail. They made their way through town. Gerald eyed her. "I see you're back."

"Sorry, Darling. I'm interested in only seeing two people, and you ain't it."

"I'll send Tulani to the training yard, then."

"Thanks, lovely."

Grogek stopped midsentence, turned and walked away. He didn't need to see her to know she was nearby. He met her on the edge of the training yard, plucked her up and devoured her mouth.

The boys stepped back, giggling.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed in. She was mildly shocked when arms came around her middle. Tulani pushed her face into Elunara's back.

"I suddenly regret agreeing to carry Abigail around." Jordan laughed.

"I can hold her!" Darguni held up his arms.

"Or I can do you both a favor, and take her." Jerry held out his arms.

"Don't tell Zelinnia. She'll kill me." Jordan passed the baby over and then joined the hug pile.

With a giggle, the boys wrapped their arms around Elunara's legs.

"Need air!" She gasped. They all let go at once and she fell over backwards. Without warning, Savage sat on her chest. "GODS!" Thinking it was a brilliant idea, Yoona sat on her legs. "THE HELL?"

Grogek barked a laugh. "I take it they missed you too!"

"Help? Anyone?" She whimpered.

Savage moved off and rubbed his head against hers.

"Sorry I couldn't take you this time, boy. Maybe another time."

He grabbed Yoona by the scruff and dragged her off. Elunara brushed herself off.

Mark jogged over. "Elunara! Please, please help Jenny."

She sighed. "Can it wait?"

He shook his head. "Please, I beg of you."

With a sigh, she pressed a quick kiss on everyone. "I'll be back, I swear." Following Mark to his house, she followed him in. "What's wrong with her?"

"I don't even know." He wrung his hands.

Elunara put her hands on Jenny's body. Sending out her energy, she frowned. "Get Ina and Grogek NOW!" When Mark bolted, she climbed in bed with the woman and wrapped her arms and legs around Jenny's body and focused all of her energy. "Come on, darlin' don't give up on me."

Grogek came in first. "What's wrong?"

"Jenny's been hit with the same poison that almost took me out."

"What? How?" He jogged over and laid a hand on Jenny's forehead. "Why?"

"I don't know." Elunara laid her forehead on the back of Jenny's head. "I'm the only thing keeping her alive."

"I'll get the antidote." He left.

Mark came in later. "Grogek said that Jenny had been poisoned and then he grabbed Ina and ran."

"You've got to think. Who has she talked to? Where has she been?"

He raked his fingers through his hair. "Well, she's been feeling better. Your treatments have really helped with the nausea." He dropped to his knees by the bed and ran a hand over Jenny's face. "I can't lose her." He whimpered.

"I'm keeping her alive. It's difficult, but I'm doing it."

"What about the baby?"

"I'm sorry." She shook her head. "It's already too late. Now, think. Walk me through her day, her week... anything."

"Well..." He pressed his forehead to Jenny's. "Terica's been doing most of the chores and things. But, Jenny had been feeling much better. With Terica's help, I've been able to get a day or two of training in. Jenny was up and walking the past few days. She... she was annoyed that you went to Stormwind without giving her a dose of whatever it is you do for her. Then this morning, she was running a fever, and barfing again. Admittedly, she cursed your name a time or two this morning. Then she just collapsed. I went for the healer, but Gerald said you were back and I went for you."

"What has she had to eat?"

"Uh," He raked his hand through his hair. "Terica brought her something from Tippy's I don't know what."

"Go to Tippy's send me John."

"Uh, yeah. Ok." Mark turned and ran.

Grogek and Ina returned first. Grogek helped Elunara sit Jenny up in the bed so they could get the antidote into her. Grogek brushed Elunara's hair out of her face. "You just get back and now you must help her."

"It's going to be a rough few days."

"We'll help you."

"I know."

Mark came back with John. "I don't know why you want him, but here he is."

"I need everyone but John to step out for a minute." Grogek and Ina left without question, but Mark just stood there.


"I'll explain later. Now, get."

With a final frown, he turned and left.

"Get your ass over here."

"What are you doing?"

"Pumping a steady stream of energy into her so she doesn't die. Now, give me anything you have on Terica."

John stepped out of the building. "You can all go in now." He fled.

Elunara sat in the bed, Jenny in her lap. She ran her hands over the other woman's hair. "Sorry, Mark. But it looks like I'm going to have to share your bed for the next few days."

He rubbed his neck. "Not a discussion I expected to have."

Grogek nodded. "I'll be back." He pressed his mouth to Elunara's. "You do what you need to do."

Ina ran her hands over Jenny's body. "I think the antidote is starting to take effect. It's going to be a rough few days. You're lucky Elunara was able to come when she did."

"No one had any idea how long I'd be gone." She murmured.

"But, why my Jenny?" Mark wiped his eyes.

"I'm still trying to figure that one out."

Over the next few days, Elunara's family cycled through visits, but tried to keep them short. They told her that Savage had plopped himself outside the door and refused to move. They brought his meals to him.

On the fifth day, Jenny finally woke for the first time. "Mark?" She was hoarse and tired.

"I'm here." Mark grabbed her hands.

Elunara shifted and yawned. "Oh, good. The fever broke." She mumbled


"She's been keeping you alive the past few days." Mark ran his head over Jenny's forehead.


"Yeah." He sat up in the bed. "Someone poisoned you, and Elunara's been giving you a steady stream of her energy, trying to save you."

"Why...?" She coughed. "So thirsty."

Mark reached over and snagged a cup, helping Jenny drink.

"Why would someone poison me?"

"Don't know yet." He sighed.

Elunara tightened her arm around Jenny's waist. "Will find out." She murmured as she buried her forehead into Jenny's neck.

"This... is a little strange."

"Elunara had to maintain body contact to keep you alive."

"Oh. Is she ok?"

"Just drained." Elunara sighed. "I've been giving out energy all this time, with no input."

"But I thought..."

She didn't open her eyes. "Honey, you've been so focused on and worried about Jenny, that you haven't given me anything. Not even enough to call it a light snack."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Just go get Ina. Once Ina clears her, then you can get me Grogek."

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