tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 113

For the Whored Ch. 113


Just because they were done with this world, didn't mean Grogek was going to stop training. She sat at the top of the hill and sighed down. She had never been so unsure of her footing in her life. Was she really going to do this? In the end, she knew it was the best thing for her family. Grogek would need bodies to train, and the rest of her family wouldn't be happy in a town ran by a skeleton crew. At this point, they were all itching to leave this hellish planet.

When she heard the sound of a pair of feet crushing in the grass, she struggled to bury the nerves, and go into pro mode. Taking a deep breath, she ignored them until they were upon her. She looked up, and years of experience kept her face neutral.

Tylia was heavily pregnant, but both were draped in ceremonial vestments. What almost broke her mind was the fact that her image was plastered across banners on their backs. She carefully closed her board and stood up.

Holding out her arms, she embraced Tylia. "Look at you, my beauty." She splayed her hand on Tylia's belly. "Oh my, twins." She grinned at Charnak. "You did your job well."

"My Goddess," He put his fist to his chest. "I have seen your wisdom over and over again. Your words echo across the land and I have brought you thousands of followers."

Only those who knew her would have seen the dumbfounded shock in her face.

"My bride and my mate, has proven not only worthy, but every bit as amazing as you claimed she was capable of. It has been her quiet mercy that has brought just as many followers..."

"As his ferocious war. He commands them in your name and has them swear fealty to you and you alone. We are merely your harbingers." Tylia smiled.

"We have even taken to bringing the Draenei into our cause, as I know you have a penchant for them." Charnak bowed his head.

"Show me." She whispered.

Tylia took her board from her and Charnak took her hand. He led the way through the barrier and she almost pissed herself.

"Is this all of them?"

"No ma'am. Many have branches off, in all zones of this world, in order to bring more into our fold. All must understand your principles, and always display your banner. I have prepared a detailed map and explanation for you."

"Well done." She nodded. "I am most pleased."

"The forty seven branches are all headed by followers from the original two hundred and fifty you sent us out with." Tylia smiled. "They are well drilled and understand your beliefs completely. We would not send out someone who did not understand both sides of your being."

Elunara smiled. "Did you wipe out that Iron Horde encampment?"

"Of course."

She nodded. "Do you require a demonstration?" She cocked an eyebrow.

"No. Your might and your will have been shown to us over and over since you had us set out." He stroked Elunara's hand. "Those who know where to look, see your work in everything we do. Every win, every loss, every loss of life... Our shamans have taken over your methods. Since we have been honoring our fallen in your way, the spirits themselves have seen to add us in our work."

"The light of our Goddess follows us into every battle, and has often aided in our triumph. Sometimes spiritually, sometimes physically, in one case, we attempted to liberate a Draenei encampment from the ogres, only for your light to appear and attack our enemy directly."

"I am most pleased, and now that you have proven yourself, I must tell you what I have decided."

"Yes, my Goddess?"

She brushed her fingers under his chin. "My Champion." Moving over, she put a hand on Tylia's cheek and a hand on her belly. "My chosen beauty." She sighed. "I have always been heading in this direction, but felt I couldn't trust you... But you have both exceeded my expectations and I have come to let you know that I will be leaving this world soon."

They both grabbed her hands and gasped.

"Do not fear, my chosen, for I do not leave you permanently. I am going where I am needed, to build another great army in my name on another world. You two, my chosen, will stay here and rule this world in my image. Always remember that I am the goddess of two kinds. Your war, and your mercy." Placing her hands on Tylia's belly she smiled. "That you have given me twins just proves this cause. They will need to understand my balance in their lives. I hope to see their births, and start the newest chapter in this world. You two are my harbingers of justice."

"My Goddess..." Charnak frowned.

"You have given me a great gift, my Champion, and I give you one in return. This world is yours. Remember to always protect my people, both of your kind, and of my kind. I will be leaving behind messengers, so that, should you ever need me, you will know where to come. Tonight, I will share your chambers, and tomorrow, I will return to my preparations to leave. Do you remember what I said when I told you to take out those Iron Horde?"

"That you would leave it open for yours to rule."

"It is yours now. Make it your throne from which to rule your armies."

Charnak's eyes filled with hope. "Tonight?"

"Tonight, I am with you. Come, I have plans for both of you this night."

Tylia laid her hands on her large belly. "But, I am in no condition..."

Elunara brushed her lips against Tylia's. "Trust me, my Beauty."

They went to Charnak's hut, since they hadn't been back long enough to upgrade the digs.

Elunara guided Tylia down to the throne. "You will sit here my beauty, while I reward your husband. Then, I have plans to reward you this night as well."

She wrapped her arms around Charnak's neck and brushed her lips against his. Pressing into the kiss, he pressed her lips apart and devoured her mouth with dancing tongues and mating lips. His arms went around her and he slid both his hands up her back and under the shirt. Lifting her arms, she grinned as he slid it over her head. Down he went, after her breasts. He teased and taunted with tongue and teeth, before hooking his hands under the edge of her pants.

"That belt is amazing." He breathed.

"A tribute from one of my faithful."

"The work is miraculous."

"I'll let her know." Elunara shoved her pants down and stood there naked.

Charnak knelt, one knee up. Elunara placed her foot on his knee and he buried his mouth in those warm folds, moving fingers up into her. He worked at a furious pace, pumping his fingers in and out. Even Elunara could be shocked, when Tylia knelt below her and licked, wanting a taste for herself. Charnak backed up a little and let Tylia get her share. Shifting her leg over Charnak's back, she let the both of them press a finger up into her, tangling the fingers together.

There was a heated moment, when in their efforts to get in together, they began dancing mouths with each other. Elunara watched, grinning in fascination.

"This is what I want." She purred. "The two of you working together."

Tylia backed away and Charnak went for Elunara's wetness. He slid his finger out and stood up. Grabbing her by the hips he lifted her up and buried himself deep inside. His hand slicked across her breast, and Tylia made another move, cupping and stroking Elunara's breasts, as her large belly rubbed against the other woman's back. His fingernails buried in her hips, he slid Elunara up and down his dick. She wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Pound me." Elunara rasped. "Give it to me. I command it." Clutching her hips, he slammed her up and down on his dick. With a groan, he released himself. Wrapping his arms tight around her, he buried his face in her neck.

Elunara barely resisted jolting when Tylia's tongue explored her ass, and licked Charnak's seed from around his dick where he filled Elunara. When at last he dislodged her with a groan, Tylia buried her mouth and tongue in Elunara's soft wet folds, slurping up every drop of her husband.

"My, you two have come a long way." Elunara ran her fingers through Tylia's hair. "Especially you, my Beauty, you're so bold now."

Tylia wiped her face and mouth with her fingers. "Was I displeasing?"

"Not a tiny bit." Deciding she would brush the hell out of her teeth later, Elunara kissed Tylia on the mouth and pushed her back on to the bed. "But you... I have plans for." Tugging off Tylia's dress, she adjusted the woman into the makeshift throne and got down on her knees. Running her hands over Tylia's belly, she knew that if she did it just right, the timing of this would seal her reputation.

Once she was confident Tylia was comfortable, Elunara began to lick her way through Tylia's waiting wet folds. In the finger went, pump up and down, sliding through that wet hole. Adding a second, she quickened her pace and sent Tylia over that first ledge of enjoyment. She worked and she worked, sending ripples through Tylia's body.

"Oh no." Tylia whispered.

Elunara jerked back in time to miss getting a face full of a broken water. "Charnak, I want a healer. I do not need them, but you will find me one that will stay with her after I have left." Charnak ran out of the hut and Elunara put her hands on Tylia's belly.

"Is this your will?" Tylia whimpered.

"Yes, my beauty. Now I must tell you a secret."


"While I am here, while I am with you, I will ease your pain. No birth you have after this will be as easy. They will be hardships for you to endure, but only if you wish to do so. Remember my love, you rule here, even above Charnak." Elunara closed her eyes and focused.

That was how Charnak found them. Tylia lying back, peaceful and serene, Elunara softly glowing with a golden aura, both hands on Tylia's belly.

"It's so beautiful." Tylia sighed.

The healer put their hands on Tylia and marveled at what they felt. Tylia's twins were born with calm serenity and little damage to her body.

Charnak ran his hand over the boy's head. "I wish to call him Nara."

Elunara nodded. "I am pleased."

Tylia blushed. "May I call her Luna?"

"This pleases me as well." Elunara bent down and kissed the top of her head. "You did well, my beauty. I leave this world in the best of hands."

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