tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 11

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 11


"Darguni!" Bradly hissed. "Come back! We're going to get in trouble!"

"Nah, we'll be fine. Jon Jon said that, after the riots, there was a little hole that any kid could get into."

"I'd rather live to my tenth birthday. Momma's going to KILL us!"

"She never said we couldn't."

Bradly yanked his hair. "I don't WANT to go into the Stockades!"

Darguni rolled his eyes. "Then say out here, and stop whining." He disappeared into the opening.

Bradly paced back and forth. On the one hand, if he followed Darguni in, he'd be in just as much trouble. On the other hand, if he didn't watch out for his little brother... He whimpered. He didn't want to go in there. He knew what was in there. Biting his lip, he slipped into the crack, and hoped for the best. "Darguni!" He hissed.

"Over here!" Darguni whispered.

"Ok, you've seen it, let's GO!"


Bradly shot straight up and froze.

"Bradly, is that you?"

Stiffly, he turned around, and stared at the ragged woman in a tattered dress.

"It is you! Sweetie! It's me! Your mother!"

"You're not my mother." Bradly stepped back.

"I know I look a mess." She wiped her face. "But it's me, sweetie."

"No. You're not my mother. Elunara is my mother."

The woman shook the bars in frustration. "That whore's perversions have warped your mind."

"No! Elunara is my mother because she WANTS me. She LOVES me. You never did. You never wanted me, and you HATED the fact that you had to DEAL with me while Dad was gone. You hit me for no reason, leave marks and bruises I had to hide! You are NOT my mother!" He pointed at her.

"That woman has warped your mind and made you misremember! Please! Go to the King! Make him see! Get me out of here!" She shook the bars.

Bradly put his hands over his ears. "YOU LIE!"

"The HELL is going on here?" A guard marched forward. "How did you kids get in here?"

"Bradly! Tell them! Tell them I'm your mother!"

"You are NOT my mother! Elunara is my mother! NOT YOU! NEVER YOU!"

The guard grabbed both kids by the arm. "Come on." He dragged them both out.


Tears streamed down Bradly's face, as the guard hauled them both out.

"Where are your parents?" He eyed Darguni. "You're that orc kid. I know where you should go." He eyed Bradly. "What of you?"

"Bradly is my brother." Darguni sighed. "I'm sorry, Bradly. I forgot about her..."

"Whatever." The guard hauled them out.

"The hell?"Another guard stood at the door.

"I don't know. I'm taking them to their parents."

At the training yard, the guard called out. "General Grogek? Are these yours?"

Grogek eyed the man. "Yes?"

"They broke into the Stockades. I have no idea how..."

Grogek frowned. "I think your mother should handle this one."

Darguni groaned. "I am so dead."

Bradly was just shaking, not saying anything.

The guard frowned down at the two. "The wife more terrifying than an orc?" He chuckled.

"By a fair margin." Grogek grinned.

The guard let go of the two. "I'll let you deal with them."

"Come on; let's go to your mother."

"I'm SO DEAD!" Darguni cried.

"Well, you should have thought about that before you did it."

"Well, sneaking in wouldn't have been that bad..." Darguni pouted. "If we hadn't of ran into Bradly's... whatever she is. I think she broke Bradly, now Momma's going to kill me for THAT."

Grogek frowned at the boy. "Now we really need your mother." He scooped up Bradly and started walking.

The stockade guard watched the exchange with some interest.

Grogek frowned at the sign. He lightly knocked.

Elunara stuck her head out. "Oh, hold on. Let me get dressed." She looked back. "Lucy, you might want to make yourself scarce." She closed the door and yanked her clothes on. Lucy grabbed her clothes and ran into her room.

Elunara yanked open the door and put her hand on her hip. "Now, what is going on?"

"The boys broke into the Stockades."

Elunara's eyebrows shot up. "How the...?"

"Apparently they had a run in with Bradly's birth mother as well." Grogek held out the shaking boy. "He's been like this since the guard brought him to me."

"Shit." Elunara reached out and pulled Bradly into her embrace. "It's ok, sweetie. I've got you."

Bradly began to cry onto her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Momma. It's all my fault." Darguni dug his toe in the dirt. "Jon Jon told me of this break in the wall to get in... and Bradly tried to make me stop, but I didn't listen. He came in after me..."

Elunara's gaze sharpened. "You are in some serious shit, mister."

"I forgot about... that woman."

"You will start by taking your ass down to the Stockades and showing them EXACTLY how you got in."

"Yes ma'am."


Darguni jolted and took off running.

Grogek sighed. "Will he be ok?" He put his hand on Bradly's back.

"We'll work on it. Send me Jordan when you see him."

He nodded. "I will." He leaned forward. "We all love you, Bradly. I love you, son." He turned and walked away.

"Come on, Sweetie. Talk to me." She walked to his room and sat down on his bed.

"I ne-never wanted... to see her again." He choked. He tightened his hold on Elunara. "I kn-knew tha-that she would be in there."

"Yeah, Darguni is in serious trouble."

"I couldn't... let him do it alone. What... what if something..."

"When you see Darguni doing something you know is wrong, come get me. If it's dangerous, go get a guard. You should know better."

"She was using that voice..." He cringed.

"What voice?"

"That... sugar sweet voice... the one she used on me in front of people she wanted to keep happy." He wiped his face on Elunara's shirt. "It was always like being forced to eat a candy you thought was gross." He curled up. "She usually used it when I embarrassed her in front of people, and she'd make me pay for it later." He whispered.

She hugged him. "I'm sorry. To be honest, I'm at a loss for how to help you. You see, when my mother banished me from Darnassus, I thought my emotions were dead. I didn't feel pain, I didn't feel anger. I wasn't heartbroken. I can tell you, that I heard those words echoed in my head, over and over and over for years. The reason my SI:7 codename was "the whore", was because that was the last thing she had said to me, and I wanted to take those words, and make them into nothing. The more you hear it, the less power it has, until it's just another word."

"I wish my emotions were dead." He muttered.

"No you don't. Because when I could not feel bad emotions, I could not feel good emotions. While I could not feel pain and anguish, I could not feel love, or happiness, or even simple joy. Everything was about tactile feeling, not emotional bonds. If Grogek had not opened my heart to love, I would not have my family. I never would have bothered to free you from your misery. You wouldn't have a brother... and you would be trapped under that cruel woman and wherever she decided to drag you. Would you prefer that life?"

Bradly shook his head and hugged her tightly. "You're my Momma."

"That's right."

"And I'm your dad." Jordan walked in and sat down. "Our family is what it is, because we have love. Not really something that lunatic understands." He held out his hands. "Come'ere kiddo."

Bradly climbed into Jordan's lap.

"You're ours now. No matter what was said, you're ours. None of us are willing to give you up." Jordan hugged Bradly.

Bradly sniffled and nodded. "I still miss my other dad." He looked up at the picture. "But you're my dad now." He hugged Jordan.

Darguni peeked around the door. "I'm sorry Bradly. I didn't mean to... break you."

Bradly sniffled. "I told you not to go in there."

Darguni winced. "I deserved that. I'm still sorry, though."

Bradly sighed and slid out of Jordan's lap. "I guess I can forgive you."

"You coulda told me..."

Bradly gave a shaky shrug.

"That's why honesty is a big part of this house." Elunara shrugged and stood up. "Be honest with each other, and you'll get in far less trouble." She sighed and put her hands on her hips. "Quite frankly, I'm disappointed in the both of you. Bradly wouldn't have had this shake up, if the both of you weren't where you shouldn't have been. If either ONE of you starts to do something you know is wrong and you can't talk them out of it, get a freaking adult.

You could get hurt, or killed. I'd have NO idea where you went or how to help you. You're supposed to look out for each other, not get each other killed. If you have a question about whether or not you can go somewhere, ASK. Find an adult, or just come to me. Hell, if you wanted to see the inside of Stockades so much, I could have taken you. Bottom line is, don't be stupid. I've raised you both smarter. Now, you will both sit in here until I figure out what to do with the both of you."

Jordan stood up and put his hand on Bradly's head. "It'll be ok. We love you, remember that." He scooted out of the room.

Elunara marched out.

Bradly sighed. "When Momma uses "stupid", you know we're boned."

Elunara sighed. "I'm torn between wanting to comfort my child, and wanting to smack him in the head for being a twit." She paced. "Stockades?! Are they SERIOUS?"

Jordan chuckled. "Boys, always wanting an adventure."

"Oh, don't you start."

He held his hands up. "I agree they should be punished, it was stupidly dangerous."

She sighed. "I have no idea how to punish them in a way that wouldn't hinder my work..."

"Then let me handle it."


He put his hands on her hips. "You forget, Babe, I used to be a mischievous little boy running around Stormwind. I know all of the most annoying punishments."

She tapped her chin. "Fine. The change in leadership might unsettle them." She grinned.

Opening the door to the room, she frowned at them. "I'm just so damned pissed at the both of you; that I'm letting Jordan deal with you. Now get." She pointed.

They scrambled out of the door as if given a last minute reprieve.

"Come on you two, let's see if we can put those itchy feet to work."

She leaned against the door and watched them follow Jordan.

"Your family is adorable."

Elunara looked over her shoulder.

Lucy fidgeted under Elunara's gaze. "I'm sorry, I listened."

With a shrug, Elunara went back to the couch. "Happens." She picked up her board and shuffled papers around. "Sit, I want to draw you."

That night, the boys practically fell through the door. "So tired." Bradly complained.

Jordan grinned. "Just think, you have six more days to go."

Both boys groaned as they went for their room.

Elunara raised an eyebrow.

"Mucking stables."

"Ah. That reminds me, I need to do Tulani's hooves again."

Tulani followed behind Jordan. "Oh, please do... I have a pain in my left one."

"Let me see, my lovely."Elunara examined the hoof. "Yeah, you got a pretty nasty burr in there. I'll get the tools tomorrow."

The next day, Elunara made her way down to the stables. "Hey Jim, I need to borrow some hoof tools."

He eyed her. "Whatever for?"

"I have a Draenei I need to care for. When I get a chance, I'll head out to Exodar and buy my own set. For today, can I borrow a set?"

"Eh, sure. You've earned your way around 'em."

She went for the necessary tools. "How are the boys doing on their chore?"

"Wait, those are yours?"

"Yeah, they're both mine."

"Well, shit. I never thought I'd see the day."

"I know, right?"

He frowned. "Wait... their ages don't add up."

She sighed. "It's is a REALLY long story, but Darguni is only about four. I married an orc from Draenor... the time shift fucked up his growth something strange. So, yeah by all accounts and purposes, Darguni is almost ten, but really..." She shrugged. "One of these days I'll tell you the story over a cold beer."

"I'll hold you to it. What of the other one?"

"Human, adopted. His parents are dead."

Jim's eyebrows shot up. "I wouldn't have pegged you for the type."

"Since when do I have a "type"?"

Jim snorted. "That's for damned sure."

"Oh, and Jim? I'm married to a male orc, a female Draenei and a male human. Putting me at two husbands and a wife."

"I'll be fucking damned."

"I know, right?" She grinned. "I'll bring these back by the end of the day."

Tulani leaned back and sighed. "Oh, the way you do that just feels so nice." They sat outside, so the trimmings wouldn't get on the floor.

"I've got to remember to set up a schedule for this." She scrapped out the compacted junk. "I intend to go to Exodar and get a full set of tools. They make 'em specific out there. Not much call for them outside of Exodar, as most Draenei keep a set in their bank or somewhere."

"You did promise me a shopping trip." Tulani grinned.

Lucy leaned over the banister of the porch. "You're really skilled at that."

"I worked in Stormwind stables for a few years while I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I go back every few years and put in time just to do it. I almost stayed with it, but I found running missions more fun."

"My, wouldn't our lives be so much different if you had." Tulani murmured.

"I can't sit still." Elunara shrugged. "My family burns off so much of my energy, that I finally feel happy with my life." She grinned. "My travelling days are over."

"I highly doubt that." Tulani grinned. "You may not roam very far from home, but you'll still go out and do things."

"Of course." Elunara brushed her fingertips down one of Tulani's horns. "But I'll always include my family first."

Lucy bit her lip.

Elunara eyed her. "What's the matter?"

Lucy sighed and put her chin on the banister. "Just jealous."

Tulani cocked her head to the side. "Of?"

"Everything." Lucy sighed."I'm still trying to figure out what I want. You guys have it all mapped out."

Elunara snorted. "We're flying by the seat of our pants and hoping it sticks."

Tulani giggled. "I love your visuals."

"Alright, next hoof."

Tulani switched legs. Putting a hand on Lucy's arm, she smiled. "You'll figure it out. At the very least, Elunara will help you do so."

"That's me; always helpful."

Tulani winced and jerked her leg.

"Sorry, Sweetness. That burr is deeper than I expected." She frowned at the hoof and worked carefully around the burr. Once it dislodged, she hissed. "Shit. Lucy, so get Ina. Tulani's got an abscess."

"Right." Lucy took off running.

"An abscess?"

"How long have you been walking around on the pain?"

Tulani scratched her head. "A few days."

"And you didn't tell me?" Elunara frowned. "Why didn't you tell me? I could have gotten it cleaned out sooner."

"I thought it'd dislodge itself."

"You really should tell me immediately, so I can get it cleaned out for you."

"Sorry." Tulani sighed. "I really thought it would take care of itself."

Ina showed up with Jim in tow. "This is out of my realm."

Jim raised an eyebrow. "You weren't kidding."

"Do I ever?"

Jim snorted as he stooped down. "I never know any more." He looked at both hooves and frowned. "You still do good work." He lifted the bad one. "Going to have to lance and drain this. It's not bad, but you'll have to let it drain for a couple of days before you can heal it. Don't want to accidentally seal the infection into the foot."

Tulani flinched. "Will it hurt?"

"Might." He pulled a tool out of his belt. "Don't get many Draenei my way."

Elunara held Tulani's hand. "Don't worry, Sweetness. We'll take care of it." She pressed her mouth to Tulani's and ran her fingers through her hair. Tulani sighed and returned the affection.

Jim snorted. "Well, that's one way to do it." He examined his work. "We'll pack it up, and just change it every few hours."

Elunara looked at the foot. "Bleh."

"You've handled one before."

"Yeah, I know. I was just hoping that it'd be a little different."

"Not by much. At least you can explain to your patient what you're doing. Then again, you always could anyway." Jim snorted.

"Night elves..." Elunara said by way of dismissal.

"I'll come by tomorrow, see if it's any better."

"Thanks, Jim." She passed the tools over.

Ina held out a bottle. "Take this; it'll help fight the infection."

Tulani sighed. "Lovely."

Elunara laughed. "First my ankle, then your hoof. We're quite a pair."

Jim eyed Elunara. "What'd you do to your ankle?"

Ina snorted. "She shattered the damned thing. Took a week to heal."

"A week? For a shattered ankle?" Jim blinked.

"Elunara has accelerated healing abilities." Ina grinned.

"Fascinating." He shook his head. "Be back tomorrow."

After they left, Tulani eyed Elunara. "Were you with him?"

"Ew, no. He's more like a dad... eh, it's hard to explain."

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