tagLoving WivesForbidden Ch. 02

Forbidden Ch. 02


First just a quick note: its obvious people feel strongly about the subject of cheating. That is the topic of my story, so if it offends you please go back and choose a different story. Positive, constructive comments are always welcome and desired either on the board or by email. I hope you enjoy.


After getting dressed I walked into the kitchen and made breakfast. Eggs, bacon and toast were on the menu today. It's fortunate that I had made this same meal so often that I could do it in my sleep as my mind refused to focus on the task in front of me. I kept replaying the earlier scene with Wes. My entire body felt sensitized and the more I remembered, the more I wanted to do it again. By the time we were ready to eat I had worked myself into such a state. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my back.

"Damn honey, just reaching for a glass. No more caffeine for you," my husband, Andrew, joked with a wink.

Wes had joined us at the table and the two men kept up the conversation which only gave me more time to ponder. Though Andrew had been my only lover, I had thought myself experienced. Our sex life, while a bit predictable, had always met my needs and I had been satisfied; however I had cause to question that now. The thought of going back to life as it was before without ever getting to experience that magnificent cock again was enough to make me want to cry. I sternly told myself that I was lucky to have what I did and stupid to jeopardize my marriage this way. "You ok honey?" Andrew asked, "You seem to be a thousand miles away."

"Yeah I'm fine, just got my mind on overdrive," I said, forcing a smile to my face.

"Ok, well I'm going to get ready for work then." I fixed a lunch for him and when he was ready to go I sent him off with a kiss. Wes had originally been a coworker of Andrew's which led to their friendship. Since then Wes had moved a good distance away and just popped into town to visit occasionally. This visit had been somewhat spontaneous so Andrew hadn't been able to take time off of work. I was a "domestic engineer," or whatever other PC term you want to assign. I took care of the house and errands and such but I did not have a wage-earning job.

Part of my duties was to entertain any houseguests we had while my husband was away. This part of it was rather difficult since I had made a promise to myself to be good. I wasn't sure how well I'd be able to keep that promise being alone with Wes. After Andrew left, Wes didn't say anything about what had happened that morning so I thought it was done. We had a tacit agreement to avoid the topic. I cleaned up in the kitchen and set myself to taking care of the laundry and other chores that needed to be done. I managed to avoid my guest like the plague until guilt started to set in. Regardless of my own inner struggle, neglecting him went against good manners.

I wandered into the living room where Wes was watching TV. I paused in the doorway at the back of the room, running my eyes over him, secure in the knowledge that I remained unobserved. His appearance was nothing new to me. Brown eyes and hair, just enough taller than I was that I didn't have to crane my neck to look up at him; he was handsome if somewhat nondescript. So why was it that my eyes stayed glued to him? The incredible sex we had earlier must have been the reason. At the thought, my nipples tightened and pussy throbbed as if begging me to reconsider my earlier vow. I tightened my resolve, straightened my back and marched over to him. "Can I get you anything?" I inquired.

Wes looked up at me with an intriguing little smile and said, "Some company would be nice."

"What's on?" I asked as I plopped onto the opposite end of the couch

"Absolutely nothing," he replied with a laugh.

"Let me see. Hand me the remote."

"Absolutely not. Don't you know that's breaking the sacred man code?" came the haughty reply.

"Man code? What man code? Like you apes have enough higher brain function to come up with a code anyway," I laughed back at him, relaxing at the casual banter. I leaned across the middle cushion to reach for the remote.

"Madam, I will have you know that not only do we 'apes' have enough higher brain function to come up with a code but said code prevents us from allowing any and all remote control devices to land in the hands of the dreaded female species. It further goes to state that coffee is the water of life, beer the ultimate drink of seduction and that poodles are evil. Not really sure why but that's the code and so shall all men uphold it!"

"Are you high?! Give me that remote."

By this point I was on all fours on the couch with one arm reaching across his body in an attempt to recover the remote while he was holding it as far away from me as possible without actually getting up. The klutzy streak I was known for came shining through as I lost my balance and ended up sprawled across his lap laughing my head off. "Oh fine then, be that way," I said with a smile to show I was just teasing him.

He responded with a confident, "I will, thank you!" The remote landed on the floor as he cupped my chin in his hands and drew my face up to his. I knew I should stop him, my mind screaming in the background, "What are you doing?! You KNOW what's going to happen!" My body betrayed me; my eyes closed, lips slightly parted I prepared to be kissed.

When a moment passed without a touch I opened my eyes, a quizzical expression on my visage. His face was there, mere inches from mine, his eyes drinking me in. Finally he kissed me, so light I almost couldn't be sure we had touched. He progressed from my lips to my chin, to blaze a trail down my neck.

"Wes, I... we really shouldn't... I mean, what happened this morning was wrong. I love my husband."


"But...um... Oh god, yes, do that again." It was suddenly hard to breathe. I threw my resolve to the wind and let myself be shamelessly seduced. From my neck, his mouth traveled down my right shoulder, then my arm to nibble at the inside of my elbow. A sigh escaped my mouth; my nipples were hard enough to slice through my clothing. When he tugged on the bottom of my shirt I grabbed with both hands and pulled it up over my head. I was reaching back to unhook the white lace bra I was wearing when he stopped me. "But... " I protested.

"Patience is a virtue, my dear," he murmured.

"Not one of mine!" Laughter burst from him but I managed to compose myself. His hands caressed my exposed skin, running over my collarbone and down each side of my torso leaving a trail of goose bumps. When he reached my soft belly I gasped. When had my skin become so sensitive? He pressed me back to lie on the couch, my jean clad legs spread. His lips pressed tiny kisses all over my stomach. Soon his teeth joined the game and before long my momentary spurt of patience eroded.

I grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my breast, hoping it would encourage him to remove the offending article of clothing and move on. He took the not-so-subtle hint.... almost. He took one large breast in each hand, cupping them, his thumbs rubbing the undersides through the lacy fabric. He touched, caressed, rubbed and stroked but would not touch my aching nipples. After endless moments of torture he reached underneath my back and unhooked the bra. I lifted my arms to allow him to pull it off at which point he tossed it to the floor to join my forgotten shirt.

Once again he cupped my breasts, giving them each a slight squeeze before resuming his earlier torment. An endless stream of whimpers and wordless pleading fell from my lips. My entire being seemed focused on the one part of my chest he would not touch. When finally he touched them, he took each nipple between forefinger and thumb and pinched. The feeling was so intense my back bowed up and I cried out in pleasure. He went on to roll them between his fingers, pulling them up, always keeping a tight pressure on them. He may as well have been touching my pussy because every tug, every pinch, everything seemed to have a direct connection.

My breasts had always been sensitive but without him even touching me below my waist I was on the verge of orgasm. I was so lost in the sensations that I didn't see his mouth descending towards my chest. He wrapped his lips around my left nipple and proceeded to suck and nibble. The bite of his teeth on me was all that was needed to push me screaming over the edge. The rush of feeling left me shaking; my hands wrapped in his hair keeping him pressed against me. My chest bowed up against his body, "Yes, yes yes yes..." it was all I could say, my thoughts incoherent. As my body hummed and my mind cleared I turned to him with a glimmer in my eye. "My turn."

I tugged him on to the floor to give me more room to explore. "Strip," I ordered. I removed the last bit of my own clothing and we were both soon nude on the floor. A brief thought of Andrew brought a twinge of guilt that nearly had me stopping. However the sight of his body, mostly hard, soft in just the right places had my mouth watering and all thoughts of my husband soon vanished.

"Mmm... a feast fit for a queen." I trailed just one finger from his neck, down the middle of his chest, a quick swirl around his belly button before moving past his groin to end at his toes.

"Well, my Queen, are you going to just look or are you going to taste?"

"Insolent knave, do not presume to question the Queen! Shut your delectable mouth before I have to gag you."

Laughter shook his stomach at my command. "Yes, ma'am, I am at your disposal."

Beginning at his toes where I had left off, I explored his body with my mouth, kissing, licking, sucking my way from ankle to knee, hip to chest, once again skirting the one part of Wes's body that wept for my attention. As I crept up, my body aligned with his, my nipples brushed by chest hair, my soft middle caressed his cock. "Hmm... it seems I do find your taste agreeable, knave. However, just to be sure, I have one area left to sample."

"As you wish, my Queen, I live only to serve."

"Yeah, right, I had better enjoy this while it lasts," I snorted in amusement. Slithering my way down his body, I paused a beat, trapping his rigid cock between my breasts.

"Now that makes for a beautiful sight," remarked Wes, running a hand over my hair.

At last I knelt between his legs, a mouthwatering cock inches from my lips; once again pausing, savoring the anticipation. He flexed his muscles, causing his cock to jump and move before me; I couldn't help but giggle at the sight which only seemed to encourage him to continue.

I steadied him with my hand and ran my tongue from base to tip. Wrapping my lips around the head I licked and sucked, delighting in the unique flavor that was his alone. "Oh yes, I was right. This is the best thing I've had in ages, an excellent feast for a queen."

"I'm so... glad it meets with your... approval," he gasped.

I spent a great deal of my time showing Wes how very much I approved. My hands wrapped around his legs as I took every inch of him into my mouth. I alternated deep throating his cock with sucking his balls, reveling in the musky scent of him. The moans coming from him encouraged me to continue with my ministrations. I could tell by the quivering in his thighs and the way his hips began to match the bobbing of my mouth that he was approaching the edge. He placed one hand on my head and so I let him guide my pace. I was so focused on the reward I would soon earn for my efforts that all exterior stimuli may as well have been white noise.

All of a sudden Wes's body stiffened and my mouth flooded with cum; the salty sweet taste coated my throat and tongue. I milked every drop of my prize out of him, almost sad when he was spent. On all fours I moved up alongside him, sharing a kiss before relaxing against his body with a sigh. The rest of the world came back to life around us just in time for me to hear keys jiggling in the front door not 10 feet away.

"Oh, shit!" was all I could say, Wes echoed my sentiments heartily. I was frozen to the spot, staring at the door. It was too late to do anything.

Andrew was home early.

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