tagSci-Fi & FantasyForbidden Love Ch. 04

Forbidden Love Ch. 04


Chapter 4: The Pleasure Nymph

He kissed her on the forehead before leaving for the afternoon, curled up on her bed with a book of ancient magick's she sighed contentedly as his lips brushed over her skin. Her mind briefly remembered their passionate love making from the previous hours as he disappeared from the bedroom to leave. An ache of yearning for another hour or more of that struck her as she heard his horse neigh from below, she started to rise up from the bed to stop him, but decided in a quick instant to let him depart. After all he had promised to return early in the eve with a surprise. Who am I, she pondered, to stop her lover from bringing her a gift. Laughing a bit at herself, the beautiful witch opened her book and immersed herself into her reading.

The evening soon was upon the household and it was nearly too dark to read from the natural light, deciding upon some dinner, she went to the cabinet in the kitchen and took out some bread and wine, just something to nibble on before her lover returned. Her appetite for his hard cock was greater then her hunger for food. Drinking a second glass of the wine, she let her mind wander again back to the afternoon. His hands had plied her body to his wanton desires, rubbing a hand over her leg she thought of how his hands had touched her, smiling at the memory of how her leg looked pressed against his shoulder as he had thrust his cock into her. His lips kissing the side of her calf, before pushing it off of him and pressing her bent legs up and sliding his cock into her deeper. Her fingers had found her sore clit without her realizing it, and she began to fondle herself, remembering the details of how his lips bit and sucked on her breasts. Without even looking she knew that he had left marks, his marks on her, claiming his property with them. It did not take the beauty long to gasp out her own orgasm from the thoughts of the afternoon. Smiling in satisfaction of her masturbation, she arose from the settee and poured another glass of wine, enjoying the warmth from her pussy and the warmth to her insides from the wine.

Back up in the bedroom she lit a few candles and sunk back onto the bed and opened up the tome where she had left off, however her mind was not on the reading but again on her lover. So closing her eyes she drifted off into a light sleep, to await his homecoming.

The sound of the teleporter brought her from her sleep, the candles had long since succumb to a pool of candle wax, so the only light in the room was from the half moon that hung low in the sky. His figure was silhouetted in the arch of the door, but she knew that he wore a delicious smile. The beauty sat up slightly in the bed as he came towards her, his well-formed body moved with a masculine grace. "Hello there sexy". She looked up at him smiling, "Hello Lover", she purred back as he leaned over and nipped at her lips. The sound of his voice was dark and husky, the perfect blend of plainsman and years of Drowish influence.

"Would you like your surprise now?" he asked his voice holding back his amusement at her quick nodding of her head. She sat up to light a candle anew, but he stayed her hand. "No need for that, what I have for you do not need to see.'

"Oh?" she asked a slight smile curling on her lips, her curiosity running wild, wondering what it could be. "What is it lover?"

"Tsk tsk, you will soon see, but it is something we talked of recently, and I have found the perfect one. You will enjoy it, that I promise."

She brought her lips to his and kissed him, talking through their kiss, "I am sure I will find pleasure in anything you give to me.." Laughing he pushed her back upon the bed and straddled her, pushing up her shirt and kissing her pert breasts. Rolling the nipple with his tongue before sending a sharp pain into her flesh with a bite. Their bodies began the familiar dance of love, their clothes coming off and falling to the floor. Pulling up from her, he gazed down upon her curvaceous body and at his own swollen cock.

"Now for your pleasure my lover," walking to the outer room he spoke in a quiet tone to someone. Returning to the bedroom with a woman whose hair was cropped short so her pointed ears were very visible. The two women studied each other in silent contemplation, as Riverwind walked back to his lover's side. Looking from the small woman to her lover, questioning him with her gaze. The nymph unabashed by their nudity, or her own, slipped from her filmy dress and stood naked before them both. A wide and delighted smile grew on the witch's face knowing exactly what her surprise was now, and remembering how excited the conversation had made them both. Bella nodding her approval, "Damia, come pleasure your Mistress", Riverwind commanded to the Nymph, who complied with a smile.

The nymph's small fingers began their play of her body; energy seemed to pulsate from her fingertips as she stroked Bella's body. Riverwind stood near the bed, watching the two women, licking his lips, he reach down and stroked the nymphs back with his hand, pressing her lower on Bella's body, urging her to lick and suck on her wet pussy. Eagerly Damia complied, Bella moaned her pleasure, and looking into her lover's eyes, he knew she was pleased with her surprise. She had brought him much pleasure in the lovemaking recently and he wanted her to be satisfied with all there was to be satisfied with. Bella reached out for him and took his cock in her hand, stroking him as he watched the nymph pleasure his lover. He ran his hand up and down the nymphs back and stroked her like a pet. "That's right slave, make the Mistress moan." He slipped a finger into the Damia pussy to encourage her more. Pulling away from Bella's hand, he positioned himself behind the nymph and began rubbing her ass and with his hand and his fingers played in her wetness.

"Yes River, feel her", Bella encouraged. That was all Riverwind needed to slide his cock into the Nymph, and began to fuck her. Each of his thrusts, brought a gasp of pleasure from her as she sucked on her Mistress's wet pussy more. Her fingers sliding in and out of Bella's pussy in the same rhythm as the her Master's cock within her. Roughly he pulled the slave off Bella, a moan of protest coming from both women. He slapped Damia's ass sharply, and then caressed the red hand print. Moving forward to his lover, he leaned down and kissed her passionately. Bella eagerly kissed him back, her hands seeking his body, her excitement tingling through her body.

"Damia," Bella spoke, "pleasure your Master," pointing to his hard twitching cock, "But you had better not make him cum, or you will regret it," giving a smirking glance at Riverwind. The nymph immediately went to begin his pleasure. Bella came to her knees and began kissing his neck, nibbling his earlobes, his breath was heavy on her shoulder. His eager hands sliding down her side and moving between her legs, fingering her wetness. He massaging her swollen clit flicking his finger back or forth over it, making her moan. Pulling away from him Bella sat back on her knees and watched her lover receiving pleasure. She ran her hand over the nymph's ass and stroked it as Riverwind had done earlier. She ran her fingers down her ass crack and lightly touched the young nymphs wanting pussy. Sliding a finger slightly into her and teasing her lips, her play making the girl suck her lover's cock harder and faster. Teasing her more by never pushing a finger into her.

Riverwind pushed the Nymph from his cock and climbed into the bed with the women, pulling Bella to him and kissing her with crushing lips, both of their excitement was riding high. Meanwhile the nymph stroked both their bodes with her magical fingers, sending shocks of pleasure up their bodies.

Commanding Damia again, he told her to lay face up on the bed, she complied smiling her want to pleasure them both evident in her eyes. He continued positioning the two women to his needs, by pulling Bella to her knees and her legs spread above the Nymph's head. Riverwind put Bella's hands on the headboard and smiled at her. She knew what that smile meant, and knew not to move them until he told her to do so. His hand slid down her body, stopping to massage her breasts. Bella felt a tongue licking her from below and her body reacted with goose bumps to the enjoyment. His lips on her neck kissing her and brushing his lips down her back. His hands and lips left her body, and she moaned in the displeasure of not having his touch. Looking behind her she saw him kissing down the slaves body and tasting her sex. Pressing her legs wider and pushing down on top of the nymph's mouth, the sound of two pussies being sucked on filled the room.

Again, Bella felt her lover's hands on her body and it felt like she would burst from his slight touch. Lightly he ran his fingers over back, and just as suddenly pushed her back forward on the bed, causing the nymph to stop her licking. Roughly grabbing her hips and mounting her from behind, Bella cried out her pleasure. His thrusts jarring her body back and forth, as she tried to leverage herself to press back into his cock. Again she felt the slaves tongue on her clit. Riverwind too felt her tongue licking his cock as he stroked out of his lover's hot pussy. Slowing so that he could feel that unique pleasure. Her mouth taking his balls and sucking them, her felt her fingers stroking both him and Bella as his cock throbbed inside her, pleasure overcoming them both at the same time. Bella crying out, as he grunted his own, her body shook and convulsed on his cock as he rammed into her bringing his orgasm on.

Pushing the nymph from beneath them he pulled Bella on top of him to stroke her hair in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Damia curled up, at the end of the bed satisfied that she had pleasured them both. But she was oblivious to the two lovers and they murmured their pleasures to each other in a loving embrace.

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