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Force or Fantasy


Susan was a very young looking 18 and she would soon be 19. She was very hot her hair was long and blonde her eyes were bright blue she was 5ft 2 and about 90 pounds soaking wet. She was very young and very innocent about how the world really was but all of that would change soon as her history was about to take a turn no one could of expected.

It was a Friday and Susan’s parents were going out of town for the weekend. Friends had invited them to a ski resort. So Susan thought maybe she could catch up on watching videos and have time for some friends since her mom and dad was going to be gone.

They left and she went out and got herself some great romance movies. It was around 1:00 am when she finally went to bed with just a tee shirt on since she was the only one in the house and it was more comfortable to not wear panties.

Late that night when she was in a deep sleep she started having these wild dreams. In the dreams people were touching her all over her body. And the dreams were so vivid she could actually feel something between her legs.

It was so intense as it was grinding her little love bump making her hips rock back and forth. She was getting very hot and wet when all at once she woke up. When her eyes popped open she was horrified to find 4 men were holding her down while 1 was between her legs.

He was licking her clit as he had his face buried in her young virgin mound. Another man had his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. There was one on each arm and leg so that she couldn’t move.

The one between her legs was darting his tongue over her little love bump. He was grinding it with his tongue making her mind race and her body react. She seemed to have no control over the lust she was feeling.

But with knowing what was going to happen next made her cry and try to get words out to plead. But the hand was firm over her mouth not letting even one word slip past. A voice said your ours now you little fuckin tease.

She had never had sex before and this was not how she wanted the first time to be. But she could not stop them from taking her and doing as they please with her. She could hear herself moan as the man between her legs kept licking her.

He tortured the little sweet button nestled between the velvet lips of her mound. She couldn’t help that her body was starting to react to the grinding tongue on her hot love button.

Just then she started to buck her hips and cum for the first time. It was like fireworks were going off in her brain and it felt so good. It was so intense as he kept sucking and licking the little nub even after she was done cumming until she went into a fog of ecstasy.

Then as the man got up another got between her legs. But she was totally unaware of his presence at that moment. She was still reeling from the intense orgasm she had just experienced.

Then as her senses were coming back she was starting to notice him. He was a tall man with a very athletic build he appeared to be a black man. As her eyes wandered down at his v shaped chest and his marvelous abs. He had shapely strong arms then her eyes stopped at his huge throbbing member.

It must have been at least 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. The veins were popping out all over it as it pulsed and throbbed. Just then she snapped out of the fog and fear raced through her mind and body.

As he placed his massive throbbing cock at the opening of her sweet wet virgin mound. He laughed and said this is going to be a tight fit baby. He taunted her with his huge manhood rubbing it up and down between the lips of her mound.

Then without any warning and with one hard stabbing thrust forward. He pushed his monster deep into her tight hole. She let out a shrill scream of horror and pain. She was being stretched as his massive member went in the first 3 inches.

Blood began to trickle as he broke through her hymen. Then he pulled back out and thrust forward again. It felt like someone was driving a metal steak deep into her womb stretching and throbbing with each driving force.

Now he was about 6 inches inside of her and it felt like she was going to be split open. She kept screaming and crying for him to stop. But he just laughed and told her she was a very tight little hoe and showed her no mercy.

He pulled back again and thrust forward several more times. But after he was lodged all the way inside of her stretching her as far as she would stretch. He began driving his 10 inch cock in and out at full force.

He was working her at a fast hard rhythm and without any compassion. He loved watching as his huge cock disappeared into this young girl. Her pussy clung to his thick throbbing shaft. As he was driving into her freshly broken hole over and over.

Finally the hand came off of her mouth as she was crying in pain. A voice said baby your gonna get fucked like you never been fucked tonight. We been watchin you for awhile bitch and we gonna make you the mascot hoe of the football team.

He sounded like a black man as well but it was dark so she didn’t really see him that well. All she knew is she was in so much pain. Because of the man deep inside of her little stretched love mound.

And he kept a steady hard fast paced rhythm pounding himself in and out of her hot tight hole. Her pussy kept clinging to the huge member inside of her. The man between her legs started pounding harder and faster.

Then she felt his already huge cock growing and expanding his back stiffened. Then with a hammering force she felt something hot spray deep inside of her. His cock seemed to throb and spray fire deep inside of her over and over. It felt like she was being filled with a water hose.

He moaned and pressed into her hard until every drop was deep inside of her womb. Then he laughed and said little white girl you gonna have a black baby. I just planted that seed good and deep. Hope he can be a runnin back like me.

She was shattered and still crying when he left and the next guy got between her legs. Maybe this one wouldn’t be so bad he was a little shorter. But as her eyes moved down his cock was bigger and wider. She could not believe her eyes this just couldn’t possibly fit inside her body.

He must have been 13 inches long and 4 inches wide. He smiled and said my turn bitch as he put his monster cock up to the sore torn freshly broken opening. Then he started pumping his massive cock into her tight young pussy.

He thrust some quick hard stabs until he was in about 10 inches. Then he started pounding it fast steady and hard. He was able to stretch it that extra 3 inches. It felt like her guts were ripping as he was getting into a rhythm and filling her to the limits.

But then he slowed down and rolled her over on top of him. Then he started driving it into her again like he was trying to break through her womb. She was hurting so badly and they were still holding her down so she couldn’t fight.

She thought about how she wished she had gone with her parents. But now it was too late for that. Then while her attention was on the monster buried deep in her womb. She felt someone behind her spreading her ass cheeks.

She screamed no god please no but it was useless as the cock was entering her rear in a vicious rapid manner. And the man just laughed as he buried his cock deep in her ass. It felt like fire deep in her bowels way up inside of her guts.

She just shook as her body was being pounded by guys she never met before. They just took her and without her permission were fucking her in both holes. Her bottom was in pain but her sweet mound started getting use to the invader inside of her.

She was feeling sick because her body was betraying her. She was starting to like what was happening to her. She could not control her hips as they started to buck back and forth. She had men in both front and back ramming and thrusting.

She was in a state of bliss and denial as her body started to react. She was thrusting back to meet with the guy in her bottom and forward thrust for the man in her mound. She seemed to moan uncontrollably wanting more and screaming fuck me god fuck me.

Both men were picking up their pace. Then she felt the gush of hot spray as they came at the same time filling her holes with hot sticky jism. Then they pulled out and two new guys took their place filling her holes with new long black hard throbbing cocks.

She saw another man waving his cock in her face he said open up bitch or I'm gonna knock out your teeth and fuck your face anyway. So she opened her mouth and he started pumping his cock into her mouth.

She gagged and choked as his cock started to get hard. Then he pushed his entire 9 inches down her throat and back out. Her mouth and throat were getting use to his huge cock as he rammed it in and out of her mouth.

Then his back started to stiffen and his cock throbbed and exploded. She couldn’t believe it when he shot his salty hot load down her throat. She liked it so she sucked until every drop was gone.

She had given up she was now their whore and she wanted to fuck them she wanted to suck them. She craved being full of hard long black cock in every hole. She was full of lust and cock and her body wanted more.

So this went on all night and into the next morning until she went unconscious. When the next day came she woke in the afternoon. She was very sore and scared and she wanted to call the police,

But she found a note and a videotape showing she had enjoyed it with close ups of her orgasms. So she never called the police and never told anyone. But about nine months later she had her new baby and never knew who the daddy was.

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