tagIncest/TabooForced Ch. 01

Forced Ch. 01


Readers, a note of warning. This story features violence and non-consent/reluctance. Also, an instance of the word 'faggot.' This isn't reflective of my views on homosexuality, just an asshole character saying an asshole thing. I welcome your thoughts and feedback! There is more to come for this story.


Jennifer was terrified. Tears streamed continuously down her face, absorbed by the handkerchief tied around her head to gag her. She was vaguely aware of the unpleasant feel of the wet fabric against her skin. How funny, she thought, to notice such a minor discomfort given all the other pain visited upon her tonight. Not to mention the potential of her impending death. Her arms were bound behind her back with duct tape, too tight, and the back of her skull was throbbing where she had been pistol-whipped. She was bruised and sore from being thrown around the house violently as the intruders who were robbing them corralled Jennifer and her brother into the guest bedroom.

More than she was terrified for her own life, Jennifer was terrified at the thought of losing her brother, her sole remaining family member after their mom had succumbed to a degenerative brain disease and their dad had fled when Jennifer was young. At 24, Victor had been Jennifer's legal guardian for seven years. Now a senior in high school, a few months past her 18th birthday and weeks from graduation, Jennifer still felt very much like a child. At the very least, she certainly didn't feel like an adult, even if the law said she was, and she didn't feel prepared to cut ties with her brother, especially not via his death.

They were sitting back to back, both bound and gagged. Victor grasped Jennifer's fingers in his own, alternating between squeezing tightly and caressing them. It was the only thing keeping her from having a full-fledged panic attack and hyperventilating. It also reassured her that Victor was okay, a considerable relief after watching the ruthlessness with which the intruders subdued him. He was unconscious for several minutes, incapable of putting up much of a fight as they restrained him and moved him to the bedroom.

One of their assailants kept watch over them. He was pacing anxiously, muttering to himself and responding to things neither Jennifer nor Victor could hear or see. He seemed to be high on something. Jennifer could smell him; it was a strange, acrid, distinctly organic odor that seemed to get worse the more he sweated. He was tall and lanky, kind of gaunt in the way drug addicts tend to be, and hid his face with a ski mask. He reminded her of Lurch, but on fast-forward. He had brought a crow bar with him, and it was against the wall by the door. They were bound to be disappointed; despite the nice house they lived in, Jennifer and Victor didn't have much in the way of valuables. They inherited the house from their mother, but Victor's salary as an assistant manager at a retail store didn't produce enough money to buy things like plasma televisions and the newest technology.

The assailant's compatriot stormed into the room. Despite also wearing a ski mask, Jennifer could tell he was pissed. And from his body language and red eyes open wide, she would guess that he was also high.

"There's nothing here!" he said angrily. "All I found was this fucking iPod!" He threw it at them, hitting Jennifer on her right temple. She let out a muffled cry at the sharp pain. Victor squeezed her fingers. She could tell it was killing him that he couldn't protect her.

"What the fuck? You've got to be fucking kidding me," said Lurch. He picked up the iPod. "It's a fucking Nano! This isn't worth shit!" He threw it against the wall and pounded both of his fists repeatedly on the bed, letting out a frustrated scream. Jennifer shrank away from him as best she could, avoiding his face for fear of meeting his eyes. It didn't work. She could feel him looking at her. "Hey sweetie, it's all right."

He sat down next to her and caressed her thick, light brown hair, pulling her waves between his fingers, breathing heavily. He turned away from her, to his cohort. "This bitch is hot. This night doesn't have to be a total loss."

Jennifer moaned in terror. She was so scared she felt like she might wet herself. Victor was squeezing her fingers hard enough that it was starting to hurt.

The one with red eyes shifted his gaze to her and stepped closer. Reaching out, he roughly groped her breast through her thin t-shirt, finding her nipple and pinching it painfully. Jennifer tried not to respond, but she couldn't help whimpering in pain. "Yeah. I see what you mean. C'mere." He gripped her bicep and jerked her to her feet, pulling her fingers out of Victor's reach. She almost lost her balance with her feet tied together. "Joe, keep your eye on the boyfriend here."

Joe, formerly Lurch, stood and moved to the headboard, next to Victor, pulling a gun out of the waistband of his pants and holding it against his thigh.

Red eyes turned to Jennifer. "I'm going to free your hands. You try anything, and I'll have Joe shoot your little boyfriend. You understand?"

Jennifer nodded, a resurgence of tears overflowing her eyes. He pulled a Swiss army knife out of his pocket and flipped the blade out, using his grip on her bicep to turn her around. He pushed her face down to the bed. Jennifer was now in a defenseless position, bent at the waist and still bound. She felt his hands on her ass, squeezing and pushing against it, and then the heavier pressure of his hips thrusting against her. Victor couldn't look at her.

"Hey. HEY. Boyfriend. Want to see me fuck your girlfriend? I bet she's got a tight little pussy. I bet it gets really fucking wet for you, doesn't it?" red eyes said, sneering, as he ground against her. "Look at me when I'm talking to you. Watch me."

Victor still wouldn't look. Jennifer felt her attacker grab her hair and yank her head back, reaching under her with the other hand and pinching her nipple again, twisting it. She screamed around her gag. "Yeah, you're watching now. You watch, or I hurt her." He cut the duct tape with his Swiss army knife and stepped back. "Turn around, sit on the bed, and take the tape off your feet."

Jennifer did as she was told, sitting on the bed and struggling with the duct tape. When she had freed her legs, he stepped towards her, standing over her with the knife still in one hand. He grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it off. She was humiliated, to be almost naked in front of her brother, and exposed to her attackers. She was not wearing a bra as they had been roused in the middle of the night, her only other clothing her white bikini underwear. He reached out and palmed her breast, squeezing it painfully. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Red eyes began rubbing his dick through his black jeans. He smelled as bad as his partner, and since he was so close, Jennifer could also smell body odor, and something musty. "You're a hot little bitch. You like it when your boyfriend fucks you? You like making him come? I bet you like sucking dick." He started to unbutton his spants.

"Hey, Saul, uh...look, man, what about DNA? You can't leave anything here. They'll find you. They'll find us," said Joe. "You gotta use a condom or something."

Saul stared at Jennifer, his anger and disdain burning into her. He looked over at Joe. "Did you bring any fucking condoms to this robbery, dipshit?"

"No, man, no...I don't know, maybe they have some, but you can't raw dog it."

Saul grabbed Jennifer's chin with his free hand and bent so his face was directly in front of her. "You got any condoms? Don't fucking lie to me, bitch. If you say no and we find some, we'll really make it hurt."

Jennifer didn't have any, but she had no idea whether Victor did. She looked to her right, barely able to see that Victor was shaking his head no in her peripheral vision. She shook her head as well.

"No? You guys trying to get pregnant or what?" He pushed her chin back, hard, forcing her onto her back on the bed. She sat back up. Saul turned away, clearly aggravated and still sporting an erection. "Fine. Fine. We'll just watch the two of you fuck, then."

Jennifer felt her stomach drop. She and Victor simultaneously let out wordless noises of protest, her tears starting anew. Saul reached toward her face, stained fingers tugging the handkerchief out of her mouth. Before he could say anything, Jennifer started babbling hysterically, her speech punctuated with sobs. "Please, no, please don't, please, we can't have sex, he's not my boyfriend, he's my brother, oh god, please don't make us." Overwhelmed, she could no longer speak and could only cry.

Saul was staring at her, still sneering at her contemptuously. She saw his chest rising and falling heavily and his free hand move back to his dick. He looked over at Joe. "You want to watch a brother and sister fuck?" Joe grinned. "Tell me where you keep your driver's licenses. Remember what happens if you lie."

Jennifer was almost hyperventilating, fear making her keen before bursting into chest-heaving sobs. Saul gripped her chin again, forcing her to look at him, and then slapped her hard across the face. "Tell me where they are!"

Victor shouted around his gag, unintelligible. Saul motioned to Joe, who moved forward and tugged the gag out of Victor's mouth. "Please, stop, don't hurt her. Please. She's just a kid. My wallet is in my nightstand drawer, my driver's license is in there," Victor pleaded.

"What about hers?" Saul asked, grabbing Jennifer's hair and yanking her head back.

"I don't know, her purse, I guess, it's probably in the kitchen by the door. Please, take my money and credit cards, take our cars, and just go. You can just have those things."

"What the fuck good is $40 and canceled cards gonna do me? And stolen cars? Fuck no." Saul was grinning with naked malice. "I want to see some fucking. Joe. Watch them. If she moves, shoot him."

Saul left the room. Victor and Jennifer remained motionless under the baleful glare of Joe and his gun. Saul returned a few minutes later with their licenses. "They got the same last name. I think they're telling the truth, Joe. What do you think? They married, or brother and sister?"

Joe studied them, a look of serious deliberation on his face. "Yeah, yeah. I can see it. They have the same eyes. I think it's legit."

Saul moved to Victor and pulled him to his feet. He quickly cut the duct tape from his wrists. "Take the duct tape off your feet and take the gag out of your mouth. Try anything, and I'll use this knife on your sister." Victor did as he was told, the duct tape pulling his leg hair out as he freed his feet. "Now take off those boxers. You've got to be naked to fuck, big brother." Victor just stood there, looking at the floor.

Saul moved back to Jennifer and grabbed her hair again, pulling it to expose her neck. He put the tip of the blade of his Swiss army knife to her throat and pushed, just barely puncturing her pale skin. Jennifer let out a cry, and Victor's head jerked up at the sound of his sister's distress, his mouth set in a tight line. He watched as a bright red trickle of blood slid down her throat, over her collar bone and just inside her left breast. "You think I'm joking? You want to play with your sister's life? This is a warning. I'm not going to be this nice next time. Take. Your boxers. Off."

Victor, feeling completely powerless and thoroughly shamed, pushed his boxers down over his hips. His hours playing rugby gave him incredible strength and agility, and all of it was muzzled by a two inch blade and his little sister's life. He had never felt so impotent, making the prospect of having to fuck anyone, let alone his sister, a sick joke. He had no control and couldn't do anything without putting his sister at risk, and he could hardly bear it.

"Go to your sister. Take off her underwear." Saul was unbuttoning his pants, reaching in for his dick. "Joe. Keep your gun on them."

Victor dutifully went and stood in front of his sister, but again refused to comply. Jennifer felt in a daze, her eyes dry now, and watched as if hypnotized as Saul reached for the crowbar by the door. When she realized what was happening, she started to cry out and reach for her brother but it was too late. Saul brought the crowbar down on Victor, in between his neck and shoulder.

Victor let out an anguished cry and dropped to his knees, head falling forward.

"Get up, you fucking pussy. Take off her underwear."

Victor stayed kneeling, looking at the ground. From her vantage point Jennifer could see his lips white with pressure and tension, and tears beginning to fall from his eyes. He would not move. She reached for his face as Saul hit him again with the crowbar, this time across the back, causing Victor to arch in pain and scream through clenched teeth.

Jennifer found herself suddenly crying again, tears spilling uncontrollably down her face. "Victor, please, please, just do it," she begged. "Please, it's fine, don't let them hurt you. Here, I'll do it." She began reaching for the waistband of her underwear.

"NO!" Saul shouted angrily. "NO. You both do as I say. Whatever I say. And you don't do anything unless I say so. So, Victor, take off your sister's underwear. And you may as well stay down there, I think you should eat your sister's pretty little pussy."

Jennifer covered her face with her hands, hiding and sobbing into them. "Please, Victor. I'm so scared. Please do it," she said softly.

Slowly, still looking at the floor, Victor reached up, his hands first landing on her thighs, sliding up to her underwear. He hooked his fingertips over the top and began tugging them down. Jennifer leaned on one hand and lifted her hips to help them slide off. He pulled them down, over her knees, and the slipped down her calves and off her feet. Task complete, he sat mutely, motionless.

"What are you waiting for? You heard me. Put your mouth on your sister's pussy. Go on. Put her legs over your shoulders and tongue your little sister's cunt," Saul growled, his right hand now in his pants, rubbing his dick.

Victor couldn't make himself do it. He had been responsible for her since she was 11, responsible for keeping her safe and healthy, and now he was being ordered to molest her. He would have preferred to die before doing that to Jennifer, but not if it meant leaving her alone in the world with no family. Still, he could not will his arms to hold her calves and put her legs over his shoulders.

Jennifer, face still obscured by one hand, saw Saul reaching for the crowbar and quickly put her legs on her brother's shoulders. She waited for a rebuke for disobeying, but none came. She turned her head to the side, humiliated at being open and exposed in front of her brother.

"Go on. Get on this shit. I'm not going to tell you again."

Victor sat silently, conflicted into paralysis. He did not want to do this to her, but he knew the resistance was pointless. Saul would just hurt him or his sister systematically until they did whatever he wanted. At the same time, doing what they asked felt like a willingness to molest her and it went against every fiber of his being as an older brother. Jennifer began whimpering, and it seized his heart and made him want to vomit.

"Victor, please, he's going to get the crowbar. Please, I can't lose you. Please, do it. Do it for me, not them. Please don't leave me alone," Jennifer pleaded, panicking. "It's okay. I'm okay. But I can't lose you."

Victor swallowed, a hard lump in his throat. He felt as though the only thing that would be of any comfort to Jennifer right now would be to do what they wanted, to avoid being injured any further. The thought of violating her disgusted him and made his stomach turn, but he could see no other way of getting out of this. With a deep breath, he wrapped his hands around the top of her thighs and pulled her hips closer to him. He refused to look at her; at the very least, he could try to respect her privacy, if only visually. However asinine that seemed to him, it felt better than seeing his little sister's vagina. Leaning forward, pressing his lips together tightly, he could not help but smell her essence as he inhaled through his nose. She was not aroused, but still had that ineffable, womanly aroma, and, sister or no, it smelled as wonderful as ever. This thought that passed through his mind, before he even realized he was having it, made him hate himself. He pressed his mouth against her vulva, feeling her pubic hair against his nose. He waited there, hoping it would be sufficient and they would believe he was performing oral sex on his sister.

Saul wasn't buying it. "What do you think I am, an idiot? I know you're not doing shit. Pull her pussy apart with your hands and get your tongue in there. You a faggot or something?"

Victor, resigned now, took a deep breath. A few tears fell from his eyes as he moved his hands under her legs, pushing them back gently. He still refused to look at her, and relied on touch to guide him. He slid his hands up the soft, delicate skin of her inner thighs until they reached the warm juncture at her pelvis. As tenderly as he could, he place his fingers on her vulva and pulled his hands apart slightly.

His biology was betraying him. Despite the utter terror of the situation, Victor was becoming overwhelmed by the adrenalin coursing through him and the scent of a woman's pussy. He felt the vaguest stirrings of arousal; his self-loathing and humiliation was almost complete. He couldn't believe he was enjoying this at all, but found it equally difficult to believe it would be possible to get hard in the midst of a home robbery and under the malignant gaze of two strung-out intruders.

Jennifer felt Victor spreading her legs, and then her labia, and something like relief flooded through her. She didn't even care what they had to do, as long as they were safe. She was embarrassed, but attempted to disconnect from the situation and wait for it to be over. Victor's warm breath was strangely comforting, even on the most intimate part of her body. He was safe. She felt his lips touch her, his tongue tentatively licking into her. His lips closed around her clitoris, his muscle memory taking over. As detached as he tried to be, the mildly sweet taste of his sister did not escape his notice. She tasted clean, healthy -- the pleasantness of her one of the only things in which he took any solace. Her vulva was soft and plump and slick, warm against his lips.

"Yeah, that's more like it," Saul said. Jennifer could hear him breathing heavily through his nose, and the distinct sound of hand masturbating dick. She tried to tune him out and focus only on everything she could feel from her brother, the sole reassurance that, at least for now, they were safe. As odd as it sounded to her, she felt protected by him. "You like that pussy? You like that sweet peaches and cream pussy? Stick your finger in her. Finger fuck her while you lick that clit."

Victor pulled back briefly, his right hand moving from her labia over her whole vulva, gently caressing it, spreading around his saliva to make penetration easier on her. Victor knew she wasn't a virgin, a cold comfort, but a comfort nonetheless that her first sexual experience wasn't this. He put his finger in his mouth, wetting it thoroughly, and brought it to her moist entrance. He nestled his fingertip in her folds, and rested his cheek against her thigh. She was so warm inside. "I'm so sorry, Jennifer," he whispered.

Jennifer reached down to his left hand, still on her pussy, and put her hand over his, squeezing gently. Anything to comfort him. His strong grip on her hip was reassuring.

Victor's breath caught in his throat when Jennifer took hold of his hand. He felt his eyes fill with tears again as he pushed his finger into her gently. Saul had come up next to the bed, standing over them, rubbing his dick. Victor closed his eyes, trying to shut him out, and put his mouth back on his sister. He began slowly thrusting his finger into her as he sucked on her clit, her pubic hair tickling his nose. Almost subconsciously, he turned his hand palm-side up and stroked inside of her, hitting her g-spot. He circled his clit with his tongue as he continued to caress her g-spot rhythmically.

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