tagSci-Fi & FantasyForced Changes Ch. 04

Forced Changes Ch. 04


Preview/Spoiler Tags: Futanari, Transgender, Femdom, Reluctance, Transformation, Succubus, Dickgirl, Groping, Teasing, Games

Big shoutout to AaronSatie for helping edit this into some semblance of coherency.


I stood there stunned, my mouth slightly agape as Lexi pulled me to her chest and started counting down. "Three, two, one. Your six hours are up honey. You're all mine now," she finished with a throaty growl.

Uh oh.

I giggled as she swept me up into her embrace, burying my face in her shoulder as she carried me to the bed. Wrapping my legs around her like it was the most natural thing in the world, I kissed her cheek. I expected her to be all over me devouring me with kisses and touches. Instead, she laid me softly on the bed and stood over me quietly.

"Would it be okay if I controlled the pace?" she asked, with barely concealed excitement.

I hesitated a little before replying. "Sure. Whatever you want. I am but clay to be sculpted to your hands." My thighs got dampened in anticipation. "Your very talented hands." Rubbing my thighs together brought little relief to my building excitement.

She moved to her bedstand and pulled out a sleep mask.

"Here," she said, tossing me the mask.

My eyes danced between Lexi and the mask as I began to understand Lexi's plans. Slipping the mask on, the world was swallowed in darkness. Quivering slightly, I fought to keep from moving around as I tried to anticipate her touch. I slowly calmed as she moved about the room, abstaining from touching me, seemingly delighting in her friendly torment.

"Ssshhh. Easy there stallion. Let's ease into this," she said in a soothing voice.

My quivering stopped under her gentle caress as her hands embraced my hips and gently turned me onto my stomach. Folding my hands under my chin I relaxed into the pillow top mattress. Her hands stayed at my hips as she started smooth little circles that slowly moved towards my back. A shuddery breath rattled out of me as the tension fled my body under her deft fingers. She released my back for a moment and the sharp spice of her scent wafted over me. A moment later her hands were back, this time on my shoulders, slippery with lotion. The lotion seemed special as it warmed and worked its way into my muscles relaxing them further. The tingly heat ran it's way down my body as it pooled in my pelvis. Lexi kept up her tender caresses as she worked her way from my shoulders down my back, thighs, and finished with my first foot massage.

Definitely not the last if I have my way.

She gently set my foot down on the bed.

I wonder what she's going to do...


My thoughts were interrupted by a stinging smack on my right butt cheek. My initial reaction was outrage. I pushed myself off the bed with my elbows ready to yell at Lexi.

"Shhhhh..." Lexi shushed me tenderly.

She encouraged me back down to the bed with one hand between my shoulder blades as her other soothed the irritated area with gentle massages. Her strokes eased me down slowly to the bed, almost apologizing with their gentleness. As my shock faded I noticed that the stinging burn transformed into a pleasurable warmth that sunk even deeper into my body.

Okay. Maybe she does know what she's doing.

The sharp dip into pain made the return to pleasure all the sweeter. I groaned as Lexi kneaded my ass like a particularly troublesome bit of bread dough. After I was softened to her satisfaction she pulled away and gently urged me to roll over. Flopping like a gelatinous mass I was eased onto my stomach. Laying my arm against my forehead, I sighed as my desire continued to rise. Desperately wanting to remove the blindfold and stare into her bright blue eyes I curled my toes impotently. I focused my senses on her hands as they pushed their way from my ribs to my belly button. She was still using the warm lotion and, laying on my stomach, the scent was so much stronger.

How the hell did she get a lotion that smelled just like her?

The answer struck me like a bag of bricks to the head.

"So Lexi, what exactly are you using as a lotion?"

"Ummm... do you really want to know?" she said hesitantly.

"Does it come out your ass?"

"Ewwww. No, of course not."

"Then, yes, I do want to know. I'm more curious than anything else," I said, slightly surprised to find it true.

Shouldn't I be grossed out by this? Oh well, who's going to judge.

"It's milk. Well, not really milk, but it comes out my nipples."

"Oh okay." I started squirming again as the heat settled into my stomach. It's the heat, definitely not that the idea of her rubbing something from her breasts all over my body turns me on.

Evidently my restlessness did not go unnoticed and she stopped her finger that was circling around my bellybutton.

"Does that turn you on?" she asked.

"...Maybe a little." I whispered, a little ashamed of it. She must have heard something in my voice cause she leaned in close and whispered, "Good. It turns me on too. The thought of you covered in a thin layer of me is just... MMmmmm," she let out a wavering moan. I tucked some hair that was tickling my cheek back behind my ear.

She gave my neck a quick kiss before returning to her massage. My thighs were the next item on her agenda and I felt a dollop of the "lotion" applied skin to skin directly from the source. The maneuver sent a little thrill running through my body and a shiver built at the center of my lower back and shot across my body like a ripple in a pond. Lexi decided to up the ante by sliding her tail between my labia and butt cheeks. It didn't press very hard, but it provided some very enjoyable friction. She matched the rhythm of her hands with the rhythm of her tail and I quickly found myself involuntarily thrusting to deepen the contact, my back arching off the bed as my hips pushed forward.

Lexi kept up her relentless touching that paradoxically caused me to both clench and relax my muscles. She finished at my ankles and my muscles quaked as there was only one place left to touch. The anticipation was so much that I could feel myself approaching the peak, her tail had finally provided just enough pressure to push me over the edge...

Until she yanked me back by pinching and twisting my nipples hard. I gasped at the sudden onslaught of pain. Soon I was gasping for another reason as she palmed one of the throbbing pink nubs while she laved the other with her tongue. Her tempo increased and orgasm came rushing back twice as strong to flood the bed with my pleasure. Jerking around like a possession victim I lost control of my limbs for a couple of moments, Lexi continuing her passionate work with her mouth and fingers. Eventually, the paroxysms left me and, as I settled, so too did Lexi, easing her pressure as the pleasure ebbed from my body.

I laid there for a bit, breathing harshly in a pool of my own juices, shivering a little as my heartbeat slowed. Lexi had stopped her ministrations and slowly peeled back the blindfold. The soft light of the room felt blinding to my eyes as I squinted against it. My moist skin cooled under the room's airflow and my shivering intensified. Lexi beamed down at me like she had just won the lottery. She clambered onto the bed herself and laid her body over mine, banishing the cold as she laid her ear over my breasts. Pondering the weird comfort of the fact that the expected strangeness of my feminine form never formed, I looked down to see Lexi smiling up at me.

"Why do you look so happy? You didn't give me a chance to satisfy you, to return the favor?" I asked as I ran my fingers through her silken hair.

"Trust me, I was plenty satisfied. You, helpless under my hands like that, quivering..." she sighed longingly. "I wish I could replay that moment over and over." She inhaled sharply.

"You know if we had a video camera..." she said suggestively.

"No," I said sharply.

"Awwwww. Please. I promise I'd behave. It would be very tasteful."

"No, just no. It doesn't matter how beautiful you think I am or how much I enjoyed it. I'm not going to let you record me at my most vulnerable. I've always been a little self-conscious of my looks. Heck, my mom had to beg, bribe or threaten me to get me to take family photos during the holidays."

"Fine. No video cameras," then she smiled slyly. "You said you enjoyed it. Does my honey like a little punishment to go with her pleasure?"

"...I'm not going to answer that," I said with as much dignity I could muster.

"I think you just did. Also, I don't just think you are beautiful, you are beautiful and I will eventually get you to believe that too." She said this while nailing me to the bed with a challenging stare. "That's something for later because you know what we need now..." she said while walking her fingers up my ribs.

"Not round two," I said huffing. "Round one really wore me out."

"Nope. Water," she wrinkled her nose at the state of the bed. "And new sheets." She leaned in further and gave my pussy a nudge with her hand, " and a towel." She leaned in even further and her tongue darted out and gave my puddle a lick. "Correction: make that towels, plural." She flashed me a beaming smile before hopping off the bed, heading toward the bathroom.

"You're gross and your attempt to embarrass me is not going to work," I called after her as my face flushed despite my words. She returned bearing a couple of large plush towels and tossed me one.

"Really? Cause your cherry red makeup says otherwise." She surreptitiously wiped her own thighs off and set the towel down before heading to the kitchen. Shaking my head I pulled the towel to my chest and set about cleaning myself off. Lexi returned shortly with a large glass of water that I gulped down thirstily.

She gently brushed my sweaty locks behind my ear and cupped my cheek possessively.

"So, now that I've gotten to do what I want, what do you want to do?" She asked, teasing a little.

"You have successfully drained me of all my energy and desire to do things."

"So popcorn and a movie?"

"Exactly. I'll even let you pick because it's your house."

"Our house now," she said as I followed her into the living room area.

I thought about that for a second before replying. "Yeah, we need to discuss that because my rent is going to be due in a couple of days and if I'm moving out I need to let my landlady know." I sprawled out across the couch as she picked a movie from the shelves and threw it onto the tv.

"What'd you pick?" I asked as she returned to the couch. I grinned up at her as I refused to move to give her space.

"What?" I asked with a smile, wiggling my feet and stretching out comfortably.

She poked me hard in the stomach causing me to instinctively curl up to protect my squishy bits. As I imitated a hedgehog, Lexi took the opportunity to slide under my head.

"Well played," I said with a laugh. She bounced her thighs, jiggling my head around.

"Now ssshhhh, the movie's starting." The Bourne Identity started up and I looked up at her.

"Solid choice. I would have expected you to go for something with a bit of spice, though."

"I'm not just about sex. I have other stuff I'm interested in," she huffed. "Although when the sex is that good it's hard to think of other things.

"What else do you enjoy? Nefting was okay, not really my thing so I'm probably not going to join you too much. At least we share some movies together, Star Wars and now Bourne Identity is a good start. What do you do with friends?" I snickered a little. "Besides doing friends of course." A rosy tinge spread across her cheeks at that.

Ha. Finally got one over on her.

"Hey, that was before I even met you. There's nothing wrong with a little fun between friends."

"I know. I'm just teasing you. Seriously, though. Personally, I enjoy reading books and playing video games. I also enjoy having some fun with you." I pulled her into a quick kiss as the Universal music played in the background.

"Sometimes we get together on Sunday for some pickup football. The games can get pretty competitive but it's fun."

"You play pickup football?" I asked in surprise. She nodded.

"I used to enjoy backyard football with some friends back in high school. Do you play two hand touch or tackle?" She looked very confused for a second before she started laughing. Confused, I got a little embarrassed and then a little angry for getting embarrassed.

"I'm sorry I'm so amusing for you. Will you explain what I did so I don't do it again?" I huffed.

"I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at the miscommunication. Football, as it's called in most parts of the world not named the United States, generally does not have two hand touch or tackle variants. The game I was talking about is soccer. That's why I was laughing, I was imagining a soccer game that involved tackling people." Unbidden, the image of a soccer player lining up a shot before getting plastered by a linebacker. Giggling a little, my anger evaporated like dust in a breeze.

"That still sounds like fun. Although I'll probably be pretty garbage at it because I haven't played in...shit, has it really been seven years? Fuck. Okay, I will be terrible, am I allowed to come?" I stared blankly and then giggled at the same time she did.

"Of course. We'll take it easy on you. You can come with me anytime. Quiet, the movie is starting," she said as she laced her fingers in mine.

About halfway through the movie, my head was bobbing and my eyelids pesky little sleep gnomes began dragging them closed. Next thing I knew, Lexi was carrying me and I laced my hands around her neck as she gently tucked me into bed. Drifting again I woke slightly with her easing herself beside me, I reached out and pulled her to my chest and let her warmth settle me in for the night.

My sleep was troubled with a vague dream/nightmare of this dude I knew from high school. He wasn't a jock or anything cliche like that, he was just this guy who was kind of a dick to everyone. One of those people that are tolerated because you don't want to be mean but never really fits in. There was only one seat at one table open and in common dream logic, I sat down and started eating. I tried to ignore Kevin, the dick, and eat my lunch in peace. As I stared around the lunchroom I noticed a strange succubi sitting in the corner. She had full flowing horns and soft pink skin with magenta patterns inked onto her flesh, and she looked dangerous but that wasn't the vibe I was feeling from her. She gave me a pseudo wave before picking up a corndog and dipping it in ketchup, sniffing it questioningly before taking a bite.

Kevin caught my attention and started to say something about how I needed to "stop making eyes at his girl," and how it "creeps her out." Of course, I know exactly who he means as Lexi walks by me to sit in his lap. She quickly wraps her arms around his head and starts giving Kevin the most sensual kiss I had ever seen. She breaks the embrace only to give me a scathing look and says in the most condescending tone I'd ever heard, "In your dreams. Loser."

Jerking awake my heart is hammering and I quickly sat up from the pillow top bed. For a few seconds, I was disoriented and heartbroken that everything, Lexi, her world, and her touch, had been a dream.

"You okay honey?" I heard a sleepy question thrown from beside me. Relief rushed through me. Her voice had caught me just before the sadness had sunk its icy talons in my chest.

"Yeah. I just had a bad dream. Go back to sleep."

"Fine, but only if you join me," She grumbled as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself tight to my back, giving me little choice but to accept my fate as the little spoon. I wiggled a little to get comfortable, giving an indulgent smile as I slipped a little deeper into her den of warmth, before slipping back into a more restful sleep.

I woke up earlier than Lexi and I gently eased myself out of the bed to take a shower. I chuckled at having to pry her hands and feet off of me like little cephalopods holding onto their prey.

This shower is awesome. I wish I had one like it in my apartment. Maybe Mrs. Henderson would pay for some renovations if I asked really nicely.

I let the water wash over me and I did something that I believe ninety percent of male bachelors do without a second thought; I peed in the shower. Only I no longer had a natural drain spout to direct the flow away from my body. Instead, it splashed down my leg. Feeling gross, I forcibly cut the flow, wincing a little at the burn of cutting off midstream.

No wonder women think this is disgusting. Although, I wonder...

Thoughts of Lexi swirled in my mind, but this time, I was tormenting her with pleasure...

"Please." She begged me. "I need you inside me right now." She panted as she wiggled her ass invitingly. Reaching back to peel away her flesh, she kneeled fully exposed, her arousal weeping down her leg...

The pinching sensation right above my pussy showed it worked as my penis eased out of me. I squeezed my abdomen and piss flowed out of me again, this time directed away from my body to swirl down the drain.

I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that the tubing doesn't really work like that between men and women. Oh, well as long as I'm not peeing blood I think I'll be okay.

Then another thought popped into my head, one of Lexi's standing over me, eyes smouldering with barely constrained lust. Her head dipped and I followed her gaze as she looked between us at her throbbing erection. She leaned forward a little to tease the head of her penis across my slit, sliding it up and down as I braced for her imminent penetration...

I gasped as my penis slickered inside me, so fast it made me jump a little. Chuckling a little at my strange antics I continued washing my body.

Humming to myself I finished the shower and grabbed a towel. I tried to do the thing that all women seem to know instinctively with the towel and wrapping it around the head. It seemed that that instinct wasn't included in the base female package and I had to settle for ruffling the towel through my hair to get it at least a little bit dry. I was very glad of the supernatural aspects of my hair that let me get away with the mistreatment I was undoubtedly committing on my innocent hair. My damp locks lightly kissed my skin as my loose curls bounced as I got dressed. I took a moment to gaze at my rack in amazement before I hid it away under a tight t-shirt. Lexi was finally stirring as I mosied into the kitchen to cook some breakfast. Opening up the fridge I was amazed at how well it was stocked. Lexi didn't strike me as a very big cooker. Shrugging, I grabbed the eggs and milk setting them on the counter. A couple of minutes rummaging around the cabinets netted me some measuring cups, vegetable oil, and some flour. I cracked four of the eggs over a mixing bowl before adding three cups of milk and a third cup of oil.

Damn. I always forget to add the sugar first so that I can use the same measuring cup for the oil.

After washing out the cup and adding the sugar I realized I was still missing the vanilla. Another short foraging and I stood up holding the vanilla aloft in a pseudo touchdown celebration

Two teaspoons then whisk. Slowly add two cups flour while whisking and it's ready to be cooked. Thanks, mom, I've always enjoyed our family breakfasts and now I can share it with a new person in my life.

I started cooking the pancakes on medium-high setting on the tiny griddle I found under the sink. I was bending over the cupboards, which I had fairly well mapped out by this point when Lexi finished stumbling out of the bedroom giving me a wolf whistle at my presented posterior.

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