tagErotic HorrorForced to Fuck Cerberus

Forced to Fuck Cerberus


I felt the ground shake as the enormous demon stepped towards me. Flames shot through crevices with each step. Massive plumes of fire arced into the dark cavern. Intense heat bit into my skin and curled the hairs on my arms.

The large creature stood there on its four legs watching me. Peering into my very soul. This gatekeeper was called Cerberus. The keeper of the underworld.

Being a Greek mythology major had few upsides. This was the first time I could use it in the real world. If you even call the place I was at the real world.

As Cerberus spoke in a deep and guttural tone, it almost felt as if it was pure bass. "You have been chosen to answer three questions to gain entry into the underworld. Choose your answers wisely as these will only be asked once, and you will only answer once."

I nodded as I watched the creature begin to pace around me. His massive cock was proportionate to his body. Absolutely enormous.

Three demons stood behind Cerberus. They guarded the gates into the underworld. Each had large full body black metal armor suited on. It was void of light or reflection. Large two handed swords were slung across their back at the ready. Surely this was the end of all joy and happiness. Sorrow, death and destruction began at these gates.

"Woman. Are you paying attention?"

Cerberus growled at me. My eyes jerked back towards the demon as he spoke.

"Yes. I am ready. What are the questions?"

I had always been bold. Women needed to know their place in the world. There was never a glass ceiling for me. I broke through that glass for other women.

This demon couldn't intimidate me even if it tried. I was steel.

Dust fell from the ceiling as he spoke, "A man comes to you and asks forgiveness for an unforgivable crime. What is your response?"

My mouth opened without thinking, "I forgive him and move on."

Cerberus bent over and looked at me. His eyes flared with fire.

"You have contradicted yourself. You have failed this question."

I felt my heart beat faster and my adrenaline kick up.

"The next question. Are you ready?"

I nodded.

"Suppose you are in a building and it's on fire. You see a woman and child. You can only save one person. Who do you save?"

I thought about the question for a moment before replying this time.

"The child."

The child has a longer lifespan, surely that would be the correct answer.

"You have chosen poorly. You have failed this question."

I furrowed my brow at the massive demon, "How the fuck did I get that answer wrong?"

Cerberus looked down at me. "If the woman can give birth, she can do it again. She has a family to support. The child does not."

I nodded. Surely I would get the third question right.

"Are you ready for the final question?"

Pacing in front of the massive creature with my hand on my chin, I nodded one last time.

"Is it wrong to love another of the same gender?"

I immediately knew this question.

"No. It is not wrong."

Cerberus grinned at me. His long white teeth dripped with saliva as I smelled the burning brimstone on his breath.

"You have chosen the right answer."

I looked at the demon, waiting for whatever happened next.

Cerberus paced around me, staring at my body.

"Now you shall receive your reward."

I felt the ground shake as the two demons next to the gate ran over towards me. It must have been an optical illusion before, but now they were much larger than they appeared.

Both of the demons towered over me as they each grabbed one of my arms.

"...but the reward?" I whispered.

Cerberus laughed. "This is hell bitch. There is no reward in hell. For each of your failed answers, you shall receive a curse."

I gulped.

"The first curse is a curse of sensitivity. Your body will forever feel ten times the amount of pain... or pleasure it once felt before you came here."

Given the fact this is hell. That fucking sucks.

"The second curse is a curse of blocking. Your orgasm is forever lost to eternity until a being much stronger than yourself demands it of you."

I felt a bead of sweat run down my forehead.

Unless I was going to somehow try to get myself off in the underworld, that curse didn't make much sense. But what did I know?

The smaller demon went down to all fours and walked over to me. His nose went between my nightgown and ran his tongue up my still-wet pussy.

What the hell.

I felt a tongue slide up my slit.

Grabbing the demon and pushing him back off of me out of instinct, I could still feel the wetness of his tongue on my slit. Ok, so these demons want to fuck. At least they don't want to kill me I guess. Step in the right direction.

The large demon looked at me with a grin and stepped forward with his cock pointing at my pussy. My back was still on the bed with my legs open and hanging off the side. I have been wanting to feel what a cock would be like... fuck it. These demons don't have strings attached to them like guys do. I can fuck 'em then leave 'em. Whatever. This is hell.

I opened my legs even further and welcomed the demon to my pussy. He seemed to understand as he walked towards me. The small creature sniffed at my slit and went back to his licking. His tongue slid up and down my area, further making me even more wet.

The larger demon kneeled on the bed and grabbed my head, pushing my mouth onto his cock. The tip nearly filled my mouth as I ran it in circles around its ridges.

Cerberus sat back against the wall and watched as the demons took over. His thick cock stuck straight out as he muttered words under his breath.

I saw a vibrator appear out of nowhere.

I grabbed the vibrator and slid it around my anus as the tongue ran up and down on my pussy. Already able to feel myself ready to cum, I spoke softly, "Fuck me - I want to feel you inside me as I cum."

The smaller demon pulled its tongue from my slit and kneeled between my open legs.

His hard cock slowly started to fill my pussy as it went deeper. My wells constricted.

Fuck. God damn fucking hell - this hurts like a bitch!

I could tell my tight little pussy was having trouble taking the whole cock, so I pushed the vibrator deeper into my anus and let go. Grabbing the demon's hips, I slowly pulled him into me. I needed the whole dick - I had to have it.

The large demon straddled my chest and grabbed my breasts, pushing them together and sliding his thick shaft between them. This demon's cock is even larger. I don't know how I will be able to take him. It's almost the size of my fucking arm!

Cerberus laughed as he watched my body flail about while the demons went to work.

I watched as fire licked up the walls and the intense heat bit into my skin. Sure enough. I was in hell, or at least about to be.

My leg hand grabbed my breast as my right went to work on his shaft. Sliding up and down while I was sucking, I felt the demon shudder on the hot ground. Good. I'm glad he likes it.

Grabbing tighter onto the demon, I reached down with my other hand and felt its sack. The large balls inside were throbbing as my hand massaged the demon.

Its breath quickened even faster as my hand movements picked up speed underneath the creature. Looking down at me, our eyes met. I could sense the demon was truly enjoying my mouth.

The musky smell of the creature filled the air around me as I wrapped my arms around its muscular legs and ran my tongue in circles around the tip.

Continuing my hand movements while sucking on the shaft, I felt one of the other demon pull out and start to lick my wet slit again. Its tongue twirled around my clit. Somehow the demon could sense what I liked. My back arching in pleasure, I felt the tongue slip inside my hole. Damn - that monstrous demon sure does like tasting me.

Moaning, my body moved with the tongue as it slid in and out of me. My mouth, still filled with the larger demon's cock, I continued to stroke faster and faster.

Looking up at the demon on top of me, I felt him slide his cock down my chest to my slit.

The smaller demon backed away and watched as I looked down at him.

I heard the demon grunt as I felt his hips press downwards. The tip of his shaft started to penetrate my pussy. With this cock being even bigger, I could feel my pussy widen and grasp onto his thick dick.

Grunting again, the shaft went deeper inside me as it tightened within my slit. The demon immediately went into a wild sex rage as it dug its claws into the bed and started pumping my pussy for all it was worth. My body slid up and down on the bed with each thrust from its powerful hips.

I tried to keep mouth closed, but I couldn't. It just wasn't possible.

Cerberus bellowed out, "Fuck them like you mean it bitch!"

Moaning for the demon with each thrust, I moved my hips in motion with each of its thrusts. The cock tightened inside my pussy as I felt my walls massage and grasp onto the creature, not wanting it to leave my insides.

Heat flared against my skin from the floor as I watched my hairs curl in the soaring temperatures.

Finally, my walls started to loosen up for the creature as he dug himself into me. The pain subsided, but was quickly replaced with intense pleasure.

The large demon pushed its cock deeper into me as I felt the other smaller demon's tongue flit around the vibrator and my anus. Thank god Cerberus gave me that vibrator. I don't know how the hell I would get through this without one.

Groaning, the demon pulled its dick out and thrusted back inside. My body jerked forward as it did so. Pain and pleasure rippled through my pussy as my walls clenched on the cock, holding it tightly. "Take me," I whispered as I reached up and put my hands around the demon's throat.

I felt the demon pull its cock out and shove it back in, faster this time. His hips slammed against mine as pain jolted through my body and escaped through groans out of my mouth.

The smaller demon pulled out the vibrator and rolled it around on its cock as it watched the large demon fuck my pussy.

Grunting, the large demon pulled back out then slowly pushed its cock into my anus. I watched as the demon's eyes rolled back in its head. The smaller demon pushed the vibrator into my pussy, and ran its fingers in circles around my clit.

I guess it would feel good for them, but damn it hurts.

The demon on top of me thrusted again, harder this time. My body jerked forward on the hot ground. Moaning to myself, I felt my pussy ready to cum again. Juices dripped down to the bed as sweat dripped down onto my chest. My walls tightened as I came. Massaging the demon's cock in my anus and the vibrator going wild in my pussy, the orgasmic pleasure took over my entire body.

Shaking violently, my legs wrapped around the large demon and held him inside. "Fuck..." I barely managed to mutter as the demon slowly started to pull out. I could feel his cock sticking to my wet pussy as he did so. My opening didn't want him to leave. I didn't either.

My pussy and anus tightened over and over with each thrust as I felt the pleasure within my body build up with such intense force. I felt my body go numb for a moment as little black stars appeared in my vision. Unable to control my body any longer, begged Cerberus to allow me to cum.

Cerberus stared at me, stroking his massive cock with his hand. "You may cum. Just this once. You aren't in hell yet slut."

My body shook with orgasm again, even more violently than before as I felt myself squirt on the cock.

The demon didn't stop as I felt myself cum over and over onto him.

Unable to move, my body was paralyzed in orgasm. I felt like the demon was piercing my insides with every thrust as it pumped me over and over. "Cum for me..." I whispered, "Please fill me up... I want to feel you... From here on out I'll be in hell and certainly no pleasure will be there. Take me like you mean it."

The demon grinned wickedly showing me its long white teeth. He pulled out of my anus and slid inside my tight little pussy once again. I felt the cock tighten within my pussy as it thrusted deeply and held it inside me. Suddenly he started pumping me full of cum. Looking down at my pussy, I saw thick white cum squirting out as he thrusted inside me again.

The smaller demon walked around behind me while he was still stroking himself his massive hand. Grabbing the back of my head, I felt him run his cock into my mouth.

I threw my head back on the ground as he filled me up, "Fuck yes! I want to feel you!" I screamed as the cock in my mouth tightened and began shooting hot cum in my mouth. Sucking hard, I swallowed over and over with each pump of its cock. Licking the tip of the shaft, I stroked it for every last drop.

Letting out a deep breath, I felt the demon withdraw his cock from my pussy. Swallowing the last bit of cum in my mouth, the demon pulled out and laid on the ground next to me breathing heavily.

"Wow... you two... fuck," was all I was able to say as I stared at the ceiling, completely spent.

Cerberus's cock was sticking straight out as he walked over towards me. "Now you shall take the grand finale."

I felt the ground shake from each foot as he stepped towards me. One more. All I have to take is just one more.

Smirking, I spread my pussy lips for the massive beast.

"Fuck me," I said bluntly.

Cerberus laughed, "You will be fucked you little slut."

I nodded as I felt the massive cock press against my pussy.

It didn't fit.

His cock slowly widened my pussy until it was gaping for the demon. "Yes... use my opening for your every desire."

It went deeper and deeper until I could hardly take it.

Pain and pleasure mixed together into a perfect substance I felt throughout my entire body as I felt his cock tense and release within me.

Cum filled every crevice of my being. I could feel every shoot, every shot of his cum hitting the very depth of my walls inside my pussy.

I arched my back in pleasure as I writhed on the warm floor.

Sweat dripped down my face. I wanted to cum once more. My body needed it.

Cerberus pulled his massive cock out of my dripping pussy.

"Please... I want just one more," I begged to the demon.

The beast looked at me then looked at the gates of hell.

I knew it was time.

I dreaded it, but I knew the pleasure was over.

The gates swung open and I felt a force press against my back sliding my body through the gates and off a cliff into darkness.

I felt my body falling. Adrenaline surged within me as the cum from my pussy sprayed out into the wind up my chest.

Below me I saw a line. A long line.

It was a line into fire.

The underworld.

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by Anonymous01/07/19

It's good

It's an awesome concept, but I think it needed more editing.

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by Anonymous12/02/18


You have fantastic descriptive language! However I couldn't quite place where the character was and the story seemed jumbled up. She came before being told to....?

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by Anonymous11/30/18

Hurray for first person accounts from inaccessible places!
How am I reading this?
Did the character write it before being sucked into hell? Just finishing off that last bit before disappearing?
Am I inmore...

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