tagMatureMrs. Smith Ch. 05

Mrs. Smith Ch. 05


Mrs. Smith Ch. 05 -- Foreplay

An afternoon of foreplay on the couch.

Mrs Smith started to talk as soon as we were sitting down for lunch. She had on a black skirt and, rare event, a white shirt leveled at the bottom barely reaching the skirt. The top two buttons were opened which was letting me see her upper chest and guess the start of her cleavage. We were at the round table with me sitting on her right not close to each other but not very far.

- Mitch, you have woken up a sleeping beast.

I couldn't prevent myself from smiling.

- I'm very attracted to you also; since day one I've been attracted to you, but I was in denial of it. I realize now that the way I was touching you, hugging you and kissing you was also fueling my dream for you. But you see, I was a little bit scared! Since five years, I have buried this side of me along with my husband, and it's coming back full force so strong that I have a hard time not standing up and jumping on you!

Again I smiled and she smiled too.

- I was also scared that you were going to realize that I'm an old fat lady; and I'm afraid of the end. For various reasons you may decide to stop having anything to do with me. I accept that you may stop what we haven't even started yet; but I just hope you won't stop seeing me altogether and that it will be possible to remain friends.

- I understand. I promise that I will not stop seeing you.

She seemed happy to believe me.

At his point I stood up and came to her. I put my lips on hers and gave her a long wet kiss. I had noticed an expense of white fat skin on her lower back in between her black skirt and her white shirt. I stroked this naked flesh while kissing her, feeling the hole formed by the triangle of flesh above her hips. She seemed to love it.

- Mitch let's clean first; you know me, I won't be able to relax if things are not put away.

Yes I had noticed that, and I was happy to help, especially as it meant getting ready for action.

Once the kitchen was clean, we returned to the couch together. She lied down in the same position from the previous Sunday, half lying down on one side of the angled couch with her bare legs resting on the opposite part, and she said...

- So where were we last week?

I took this as my clue to action and I resumed my own position, lying in between her right side and the side of the couch with my left arm underneath her back. This time I started by kissing her and she replied with a passionate full tongue kiss. I immediately went for her left boob, that I had been dreaming about all week and before. Oh how full it was! I could only hold a portion of it in my hand. I opened the next buttons of her shirt and admired the top of those beautiful and heavy breasts. I put my face in the cleavage, licked the skin, and picked some of the white flesh in my mouth.

She asked me to move so she could take her shirt and bra off. I took my own shirt off also. We were now ready for a full upper body naked hug.

What a sight! Her skin was going from tan on the throat to lighter color; obviously she was doing some pretty open tanning. Her majestic tits were resting on her upper belly, sagging yes but still very full of life and volume. The dark "areolas" against her white skin where the size of small saucers; the nipples were rosy, protruded about an inch when erect, with a third of an inch in diameter.

I took the left breast in my hand and brought it back up. I could feel its heavy weight; the nipple was rising. I took the right boob in my mouth, sucking on it as if I was to inhale it. I grabbed the nipple with my teeth.

- I'm not hurting you?

- No go ahead, it feels good. Just go slowly; if it hurts I will tell you.

I sucked and bit on this nipple, then bringing the full right mammary in my mouth to the point of almost chocking on it and cupping the nipple with my tongue. Meanwhile I was handling her left breast with my hand, feeling its size and volume. With the little finger side of my hand touching its base underneath, I could barely support half of it lengthwise and circle only half of it volume wise.

She was kissing my hair and stroking my back and shoulders, when she was not just relaxed, arching her body and breathing hard. I was also stroking her belly, her sides of flesh in her back, her love handles... actually more tire handles. I flirted with the top of her skirt, and brought my hand down her underwear, reaching her pubic hairs and the beginning of the crevasse. She started to moan slightly and push her mound forward as I was tickling her. But she asked me to stop.

- It feels great and I want it badly but it's going too fast. Can we keep kissing and hugging?

I was very happy to keep kissing and hugging.

She kissed and sucked my forehead and cheeks where she could reach. She pulled me up to reach further down on the top of my chest. I abandoned her breasts and helped her with her quest by coming up while holding on to her lovely round and soft shoulders. Eventually I was standing up on my knees bringing my right leg around her. Given her width I was resting on her upper belly. Her tits were tickling my own belly while she was kissing my nipples and stroking my lower back. Eventually as I went up further, her boobs where leveled with my cock; she arranged them so they were hugging it.

With my wonderful and enormous Mrs Smith in between my legs underneath me, licking my belly and putting her tongue in my belly button while I pressed her head towards me; her big heavy boobs pushing on my balls and engulfing my penis, I finally... came into my pants.

My reasonable endowed member was not quite picking out of my tight jeans; but not very far, so some cum came out. I started to feel very embarrassed but she immediately diffused the situation by saying:

- Oh thank you!


- I knew you were attracted to me and I have felt it with great pleasure on my hips, belly and thighs but it's so nice to see you coming to an orgasm just by us doing some foreplay.

She blushed a little bit as she was looking at me, but she seemed confident with herself and our common lust. She kept kissing me, and I suspect, catching a little bit of what had come out on her lips; and kept caressing me gently; doing some little back hand strokes on my penis while giggling.

Finally we parted. As I was going to the bathroom to wash myself she said with more giggles.

- Feel free to use one of my underwear to wash yourself.

I laughed.

- I certainly intended to so, but I'm very glad I have your permission.

When I got out I told her:

- I guess I better go now.

- Do you want me to bring you back home?

- I don't want to disturb you

- Oh that's OK, I'll love to finish this lovely afternoon in the car with you.

- I'm also afraid I won't get a serious hug as it will be difficult to do that right in front of my campus building.

- So first I give you a good bye hug, and then I take you back, does it work for you?

Happy smile from me.

So I got ready to go. We didn't put our coats on yet and she hugged me passionately, kissing me full mouth as if it was the last thing she was doing on this earth, pushing her belly, breasts and crotch towards me, as if was trying to get me to have a second orgasm! I pushed back as much as I could and held her tight on her lower back, feeling this enormous mass of flesh in my embrace. I put my hand underneath her skirt, underneath her underwear and put my fingers in the crack of her ass. I started to explore while we were still kissing. I was getting more and more adventurous and I was using all my fingers to separate these buttocks in search for the little hole. She didn't' seem to mind at all now. Actually she was reacting with little moans with each further advance. My middle finger finally reached its destination, but it was as far as it could go, my arm not being long enough having first to travel through her wide mid section. So I finally stopped trying to go any further, happy to move my finger around the entrance of the hole. We were both panting, drawling, heaving with very happy faces.

- Give me a minute now, there is something I need to do before we go.

While she was up, I smelled my fingers and leaked my middle one with delight. She went up the stairs and 10 minutes later was back down with a little package gift.

- Here this is to thank you for what you were doing for me. Make sure you are alone in your room before opening it.

And she emphasized "alone"... My mind started to wonder. But the gift package was not giving any clue. It could have been a book but it was square which is usually not the book format especially back then. When I took it, I could feel a thin plastic case; it could have been anything. Well I'll wait till I open it.

We went to the garage from the kitchen, and got into the car. During the trip I kept touching Mrs. Smith with my right hand. She giggled.

- Stop we're going to have an accident.

But the traffic was very slow, she was driving slowly, and she didn't seem to mean it, so I kept going... Touching her shoulders, her breasts, her legs, pressing my face on her upper arm and shoulder. Through her open coat, I raised her dress. I put my hand on her knees and kept trying to go up. At first she pressed her legs together as a reflex, but then she opened her thighs as wide as she could giving me all liberty and a strong signal to keep going. I massaged her right thigh feeling the soft fat flesh in my cupped hand; and stroked her left one with the back of my hand, going further and further where the skin is so soft and gets warmer and warmer until finally I reached... her pubic hair. I was expecting to find an underwear and she registered my surprise.

She gave me a mischievous smile

- Where did... the underwear go?

- Well you'll find out soon enough

I think I was getting the picture, and I gave her a side hug with my arm on her belly.

- THANK YOU Mrs. Smith

I kept stroking her pubic hair, with my fingers gently going through the entrance of her crevasse.

We did a quick discreet hug to say good bye with a last touch of her crotch; and I rushed to my room to open my present. And there it was the underwear, all wet from our afternoon together. I went to bed and put it on my face while touching myself, sucking on it and sucking on it until all flavors were gone and I was relieved.

To be continued in a "Literotica" near you...

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