tagMatureMrs. Smith Ch. 04

Mrs. Smith Ch. 04


- So now come sit here Mitch and tell me what's going on!

Mrs. Smith was sitting on the couch in the living room; and she tapped on the cushion close to her to indicate where I should sit. She had on a nice dark blue dress coming to her neck, made of a satin like material. Its dark color didn't let you guess lot of form but she really looked good and the dress material made you want to touch it in case you didn't want to do it already.

We had a nice lunch, had pretended that nothing special was happening. The conversation was a little bit strained but it was still pleasant and as always, the food was excellent.

After we had cleaned the kitchen I went to the bathroom; and didn't touch any underwear. The week before I had gone back to the bathroom after our conversation, to return the one I had just taken.

When I got out she was ready. I said.

- I think it would be better if I sat in front of you, you'll understand quickly after I say a few words.

I sat on the edge of the armchair opposite the couch took a deep breath and started...

- I'm attracted to you Mrs. Smith, I'm actually very attracted to you, physically attracted to you, as in, you know, ...

- Yes Mitch I understand.

She didn't seem awfully surprised and did not seem angry at all. Actually she was generally difficult to read.

- I have been attracted to you since day one.

- Is it bad?

- Well and that's the part which is the most embarrassing, I fantasize about you, I dream about you back in my room. I ... t.. touch myself thinking of you. And with this lust, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of anything else when I'm around you... I'm afraid that you are going to catch my changes of volume.

...Smile from Mrs. Smith

- And worse I'm afraid I'm going to misbehave...

- Like what kind of misbehavior?

- Like touching you in parts which are not appropriate.

... Stupid smile from me

- Well I can understand that it could be awkward!

- ...

- Is there anything else?

- Well...

- Go ahead Mitch, you have come this far, you can go all the way. I can take it.

- OK... so this is very embarrassing, I have been smelling your clothes in the bathroom. I even took an underwear with me every week to help me remember you during my fantasies

- I had a feeling I had less underwear than usual! Is that it now?

- That was it, I didn't really tell her about wearing her underwear but I didn't think it was necessary.

- Yes that's it. Actually there are other things, details but they are all in the same vein. And I doubt that you want to know.

- Don't make any guesses about what I want to know Mitch

She said with her unreadable face.

- Well for example I was very jealous of your grandchildren who get to put their head on your chest.

She seemed to be really relaxed now, and to almost enjoy this, but she didn't say anything. I continued:

- So do you want me to leave now?

- Certainly not... Mitch first I really appreciate that you told me what you just told me. I realize it must have been very difficult for you. Second I don't see any major problem with it. I'm actually flattered that a handsome young man like you would be attracted to an old fat lady like me. And third I'm wondering if I didn't do my part by constantly touching you myself!?...

- You're not that old, and not that ...

This was difficult to say as she was indeed very fat!

- Look I'm around 340lbs and I'm 56 years old; that probably makes me about twice your weight and more than triple your age, close to 40 years older than you.

She had her Maths right.

- I could be your grand-mother, and I could be... I don't know,... let's say that I could crush you with my weight.

... I'd love to be crushed by your weight Mrs. Smith, but don't say that now as I can't be aroused while we're having this serious conversation.

- So yes for you I am a fat and old lady, no matter how you slice it. Oh and by the way that's the first time I ever tell my weight to anybody! That's one thing I can thank you for. But please don't tell anybody.

- I promise, I won't tell a soul.

- I'm a little bit surprised by the underwear story, but eh this seems like a benign perversion even if it is one. Look Mitch I'm a big girl "no pun intended" and I can defend myself. If you ever do something that I find inappropriate I will let you know. Now come sit close to me ... and put your head on my bosom.

I came, sat close to her, leaned against her and put my head on her bosom which was as soft and wonderful as I had imagined. I laid there not sure what to do next, afraid that if I moved or said anything, Mrs. Smith was going to disappear like in my dreams.

Mrs. Smith broke the silence and said. -

- Why don't you move and let me get more comfortable.

I stood up and she turned around, put her legs on the couch where I was and rested down on the other side of the wide and angled couch, with a pillow underneath her lower back.

- And now why don't you come and lie down close to me?

I crawled my way through on her side and got my face leveled to her neck, tucking my arm underneath her back at the break between the pillow and the couch, right above her hips. The said hips were so wide I could barely reach the other side.

- Now that's good.

She said as she was putting her arm around my neck and bringing me closer. At this point it was magical, I had Mrs. Smith, the real Mrs. Smith in my arms. But I was tense and my throat dry; I almost couldn't breath.

- Just relax

She said it in my ears and she kissed me on the forehead and took a-hold of my right hand, moving it on her left side to close the circle of my embrace.

As I was relaxing I was getting a serious hard-on. I started to move away from her but she brought me back moving her right hand down to my side and saying

- It's OK... Now I know of your desire for me; I might as well feel it.

- Yes and thank you... but just let me arrange "things".

She smiled

- Go ahead and arrange "things".

I just straightened my dick so it would feel free to expand. I pressed on her side again, timidly at first and then frankly, pushing it on her wide hip without restraint. I loved the feeling of being against her even with the layers of clothes in between.

She then took my head and brought her closer to hers, giving me a big close mouth kiss on the lips, adding to the tightness of our bodies by pressing me against her with her fat right arm on my back. She proceeded to give me pecks on the forehead, on the eyes, on the cheeks, on the ears... And then she took my hand again and guided me to do more visit of her body. I sensed the unspoken command to just go gently. She moved my hand on her belly, on her hip, all around her crotch, underneath her breasts, and finally on her breasts. How hard it was not to press my hand on this big boob and at the same time how arousing it was. I kept bringing pre-cums, and I could feel my underwear being all wet.

Finally we parted. After a last stolen kiss on her thick lips, I moved away from her the same way I came; and helped her get out of the coach.

I got ready to go. At the door we had a last hug. She tightened the hug with forceful passion, pushing her wide heavy tits and belly against my belly and crotch, and put her lips on mine again. First we kept this same close mouth kiss, and then we opened our mouths and let out tongues touch. Then it turned into a passionate kiss with full open mouth and our tongues mixing and turning, while we both were trying to penetrate each other through our clothes. Finally it calmed down and we just held the embrace for a while. I sensed that she was getting emotional, she was breathing hard; I could feel her bosom raising and going down. When we finally parted, I could see that she had red eyes. She didn't look at me and demanded.

- Go, go...

As I was closing the door I heard her say

- See you on Sunday...

Back in my room I locked my door and proceeded to relive the sensual events of the afternoon I had almost ran the all way in the cold January night to start this as soon as I could.

I quickly came as soon as I touched myself. And then I took time to remember all the details, all the sensations, the touches, the kisses, the pressures. Without the rift between us, with her huge body so fresh in my mind, it was easy to call her in my dreams, and press on these big boobs, lift her dress up to her underwear, put my hand underneath the underwear, and go down the opening of her pussy; turn her around, feel the flesh of her buttocks, open her ass for sex and tongue penetration; bury my face inside her big thighs.

After quite a while I was finally relieved a second time and started to think of these tears. I was selfishly afraid that she would put an end to our beginning affair. But at the same time I was hoping that it was not too painful for her, whatever "it" was. I tried to forget about my own selfish agenda and think of her and her possible pain.

The day after I called her

- Hello Mrs Smith, Mitch speaking

- Hi Mitch how are you

- Fine Mrs. Smith... What about you? Are you doing OK?

- Yes Mitch, are you referring to my tears yesterday.

- Yes I was a little bit worried about you

- You're a nice young man Mitch... no I'm OK... We're OK, I'll try to explain it to you, I have my own baggage and sometimes it makes things a little bit emotional. Thank you for calling me and see you on... on Sunday!

- Let me know if I can do anything.

- Thank you Mitch, I will be fine; yet I will remember your offer.

- See you on Sunday.

Sounded like every thing was well and the "We're OK" seemed to tell me that none of the unspoken promises felt on the couch on Sunday had been canceled by this access of sadness...

To be continued in a "Literotica" near you...

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