tagMind ControlForever Again Ch. 07

Forever Again Ch. 07


Author's Note: This story depicts graphic lesbian sex, female masturbation, lactation, vampirism and mind control. If these topics do not interest you or are prohibited in your area please back out now.

This is the seventh installment of a long story. Those that have read my other stories will know that I tend to have some story behind the sex so if you're looking for a quickie this story may not be to your liking.

For those of you that haven't backed out, I hope you will enjoy my words.


Chapter Seven

The Mistress

Vala moaned loudly as Inga thrust her pelvis against her. The petite gypsy's sex, slippery with her arousal, glided easily against Vala sending waves of hot pleasure rolling through both of them. They were sex to sex, legs interlaced, both holding themselves up with their hands so they could look into each other's eyes as their passions built.

The dark haired gypsy girl's dusky skin gleamed with sweat from her exertions and the heat pouring of the blazing fire in the hearth only a few feet away. Through a haze of bliss Vala admired the girl's strong, slender body and pretty face. Vala loved the way Inga's dark complexion contrasted her own pale skin. By the expert was Inga moved her lithe young body, Vala found it amazing to think that only a few short weeks ago the young woman had never had a sexual relationship with anyone.

"You're such a fast learner." Vala said between moans. ""Before me, you... you were a virgin."

Inga smiled wickedly without losing her rhythm. "You gave me a reason..." she sucked in a breath and closed her eyes for a moment as she fought to reign in her rising passions, wishing to prolong their pleasure, "... a reason to learn fast." She reached down and caressed one of Vala's breasts for a minute, giving her nipple a tweak. "Now come for me Vala. Please... I want... to watch."

"Yes, we both want to watch." Said another voice behind Vala, startling her. She thought the two of them were alone. Before she could even turn around she felt strong hand slip around her to fondle her full breasts.

She turned her head to see Else's mousy brown curls looking down at her from only a handbreadth way. "You're lovely when you're in rapture." Else smirked playfully. Her fingers gripped Vala's nipples and gave them a firm rolling twist that made Vala cry out. Else leaned in and gave Vala a long, sucking kiss on the side of her neck.

"I want Inga to... to go with... me." Vala panted to them both.

"Oh no, Vala." Else chided her. "I think you should give Inga and me a show." She sidled around Vala, moving to the side and letting her hand roam over Vala's breasts some more. "Doesn't that sound lovely Inga?"

Vala let out a little cry of frustration as she felt Inga pull back and sit up. Her need was raging and she was so close to her release. "Don't stop. I need it! I'm... I'm so close." She gasped.

"She's quite demanding, isn't she?" Else teased as she moved over to Inga, giving her a playful kiss on the neck that quickly turned into a passionate embrace as the petite gypsy moved to return the kiss.

Vala's need for release was only driven higher by the sight of her lovers locked in a passionate embrace. The slim, dark Inga in stark contrast to the pale, heavily breasted, voluptuous figure of Else.

Dimly Vala recognized that there was something wrong about what was happening before her eyes. Something about Else and Inga being together didn't seem right somehow but she couldn't seem to put her thoughts together in any kind of order that made sense. Her head was too fogged with lust to concentrate on anything except the heat between her legs. Her hand wandered to her own breast, toying with her nipple and the thought slipped away.

"Please..." Vala moaned. "I need you."

Inga and Else stopped their kissing and looked over at her, both smiling wickedly.

"Look how desperate she looks." Inga teased.

"Perhaps she should just finish herself if she needs it so badly." Else snickered.

Vala's need was now turning into irritation. She knew how to solve this little teasing game they were playing once and for all. She put all her will into her voice and commanded them. "Come to me." She said, her voice thick with her enchanted power.

They laughed at her.

Vala stared, thunderstruck. Why didn't that work?

"Look at her!" Else laughed. "Poor Vala can't command us anymore. Her magic is gone."

Gone? Vala thought, panic rising in her chest. Was it really gone?

Inga leaned in close to Vala and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear. "Well, not really gone." She said as if reading Vala's thoughts. "We have your power now."

A ripple of shock went through Vala. No, it couldn't be. They couldn't just take her power, that wasn't possible. They were wrong. She just had to try harder, to put more power into her command. She concentrated and then opened her eyes, ready to command them. Her eyes fell on Else, the young mother and her heavy, milk filled breasts. Vala almost moaned as she recalled how wonderful Else's milk tasted on that day by the pond. She said the first thing that came to her mind. "Come over her Else, I want to taste your milk again."

After a moment of hesitation, Else moved slowly over to Vala and as if in a trance, cupped her huge breasts and lifted them to Vala's face. "You want to drink my milk?" She whispered seductively.

"Yes." Vala leaned in a wrapped her lips around Else's large, pale pink nipple. She sucked and felt the hot, sweet liquid flood into her mouth. She moaned with both pleasure and relief knowing that her power hadn't deserted her.

"Do you like that Vala?" Inga asked, coming in close as if to watch. She placed her hand at the nape of Vala's neck, holding her to Else's breast, encouraging her to drink more.

Vala could only moan.

"Well, if you like breast milk so much, maybe you should be making your own." Inga whispered in her ear.

Vala's heart almost froze as Inga's words registered. It wasn't just her words that made Vala stop. It was the quality of the words. It was the same enchanted power that she had used on them. She let go of Else's nipple with a wet pop as she turned and looked into Inga's dark, glittering eyes.

"No." She breathed.

Inga's smile was the triumphant look of a predator that had just cornered its prey and was about to start toying with it. "Yes."

Vala turned and looked up at Else and saw the same predatory look in her large, brown eyes. "Do you like milk, my Pet?"

The question was thick with power and Vala felt herself answering without thinking. "Yes."

Else smiled broadly, "Well them perhaps you should try it out yourself. You should start to milk, my Pet."

"Milk?" Vala whispered.

"Yes, start milking my Pet. Just like I do. Start now." Else hissed, her voice thick with power.

"Noooo..." Vala moaned as she felt heat bloom in her chest. She fell back to the floor and groaned as searing rapture built quickly in her nipples and started spreading down to the rest of her breasts in little waves.

"Yes my Pet. Soon you'll be just like me." Else crouched down next to Vala and whispered in her ear, giving her a lick. "I know how much you enjoyed my milk that day by the pond. I know when you touch yourself you think of me and how much you want to taste me again. Now, you'll be able to see how wonderful it felt for me as well." She lowered her own breast to Vala's lips. "Now drink from me, my Pet."

Without thought, Vala's lips wrapped around Else's large nipple and she started to suckle, eagerly drinking in the sweet, hot milk. Her pleasure only increased as the silky liquid flowed over her tongue and heat burned through her chest. She felt as if her skin on her chest was becoming tight while her nipples felt puffy and swollen.

"Touch yourself, my Love." Inga said softly in her other ear. Her words were thick and sweet, just like Else's. Just like hers used to be. Vala's hands obeyed even without her thought, her fingers dipping eagerly into her hot, needy sex. She cried out.

"Give yourself to the feelings." Else cooed. "Give yourself freely to us. You are ours now, my Pet. You can't resist us and we will remake you however we want. Just like you did to us. Give yourself over to your new Mistresses."

Mistresses? Vala thought in a haze. Yes, they are my Mistresses now and I am their Pet. Their obedient little Pet. She moaned.

Heat continued to burn in Vala's chest and she moaned louder. With every breath she took her breasts felt heavier and fuller. She looked down and gasped. Her breasts had swelled dramatically in the last few minutes. They were now nearly as large as Else's massive mounts. Her nipples had also gotten larger and much darker. Her areolas were nearly the size of her palm now and her nipples were as large as the tip of her thumb.

"How do you like them now, my Pet?" Else asked wickedly. Not waiting for an answer, she pinched one of Vala's huge nipples at it's base and pulled outward.

Vala cried out as rapture flowed through her mind while hot, creamy milk, her milk, spurted from her nipple in a long white streams. On the other side, Inga's fingers found her other nipple now and together they started pulling rhythmically on her, drawing her milk and making her cry out with rapture. Vala had never imagined how wonderful the sensation of having her nipples used in this way could be. Her breasts had a tingling tightness that seemed to start at their base and radiate upwards towards her nipples with each pull. Hot streams of sweet milk spurted at every pull from Else and Inga, arching into the air to rain back onto her and her new Mistresses.

Rapture coursed through her body as her own fingers continued to work in her sex. First one finger, then two now three fingers pumped quickly in and out of her needy center. Her thumb found her clit and she shrieked. The jolt of pleasure making her milk flow even more freely.

She felt Else and Inga release her nipples and she looked at them, whimpering with need. They were both covered with a fine spray of her milk. It ran down their faces and bodies in dozens of small white rivulets. Vala watched enraptured as they leaned over her and started licking the milk of each other's faces and bodies.

Vala could feel her own climax approaching quickly and she suddenly felt a desperate need to have them suckle her nipples. More than anything she wanted to feel their lips wrapped around her big nipples, sucking her into their hot, wet mouths, drawing out her milk as she climaxed. "Drink from me." She gasped. "Please!"

As one they turned and stared down at her. She was shocked to see that their eyes were now glowing a dull, blood red. In unison they smiled, their lips pulling back to reveal a pair of long, cruel, gleaming white fangs in each beautiful mouth.

"She wants us to drink form her." Inga hissed.

A part of Vala knew she should have felt fear at the sight of the monstrous fangs and glowing eyes of her Mistresses but oddly she didn't. The only thing she felt beyond the surprise was the incredible need for release between her legs and in her chest. Her climax was now so close her mind simply couldn't think of anything else. She could only moan and whimper incoherently. Her fingers were a blur in her sex and the milk was now flowing freely from her nipples like twin fountains.

Her new Mistresses leaned in and wrapped their lips slowly, ever so slowly around her aching nipples and started to suckle. Pleasure exploded in Vala's body seemingly everywhere at once. A shriek was ripped from her throat as her body bucked and writhed under the relentless onslaught of rapture. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed through her as she climaxed over and over again until she thought she would lose her mind. Time lost all meaning as her entire world became centered on her nipples and her sex.

She felt the lips pull back from her breasts and managed to open her eyes, looking up just in time to see Else and Inga kissing their way up her breasts towards her neck. Each small kiss sent a tingling rush through Vala and she thrust her huge breasts out, offering them to her Mistresses. One at a time they each kissed her deeply on the lips. Vala could taste her milk on their tongues and she moaned into their open mouths.

"Are you ready, my Pet?" Else hissed as Inga continued to kiss her.

"Yes." Vala mumbled through the kiss and her haze or rapture. She didn't know what they were planning but she didn't care. They were her Mistresses now and she would do whatever they wanted. She belonged to them.

As one they smiled, their gleaming white fangs bared, lust burning in their glowing red eyes.

Vala's sex contracted again as another climax started. She felt lips, cool and soft pressing against her neck as they kissed her, one on each side. Ecstasy burned through her veins as an incredible orgasm raged inside her, she opened her mouth to cry out again. As she did she felt the soft kisses turn instantly to unimaginable pain as both women sank their long, cruel fangs deep into her neck.

Vala screamed.

* * *

Vala sat bolt upright in bed, the scream still on her lips, ringing through her small chamber. She looked around wildly but Else and Inga were nowhere to be seen. Rather, Branwen and Greta were looking at her with wide, terrified eyes.

"What is wrong Mistress?" They both asked in unison.

"Are you alright? Are you ill?" Branwen said, coming closer and looking into Vala's eyes. Her hands, soft and warm, came up and cupped Vala's cheeks, forcing Vala to look into her brilliant green eyes. "Mistress?" Her voice and her hands were shaking.

Vala took a long, shuddering breath and slowly let it out. A dream, it had only been a dream. She looked down at her body and with relief saw that her breasts looked as they always did. There was no milk and her nipples were still small and pink. She sighed. Just a dream.

Taking another deep breath to calm her racing heart, she realized that her sex was dripping wet and as her panic continued to subside she became aware of the warm, heady pulse of an afterglow seeping through her veins. Her eyes slid closed and she sighed with pleasure. After a minute the glow started to fade and she opened her eyes again and forced a small smile for the twins benefit. "I'm ok." She said, her voice sounded horse and her throat felt tight.

Branwen settled back a little but didn't release Vala. "You're sure?'

Vala kissed her on the forehead tenderly. "Yes, yes, I'm fine now. It was just a dream. That's all." She leaned over and kissed the frightened Greta as well. "I'm ok."

Her mind started to come fully back to reality and Vala now became aware that both twins were before her completely nude, their slim bodies less than an arm's length away.

With a supreme force of will she pushed the thought of the pleasures they could give her out of her mind and turned, getting out of bed. "Come my lovelies. It's a busy day today and we all have duties to attend to."

* * *

Exactly at sundown a bell sounded three times. With a resounding boom, the two door wardens pulled open the huge ornate double door to the grand banquet hall. Slowly the hundreds of guests dressed in all their finery entered the room and began milling around. The musicians stared playing and the servants started preparations for dinner.

From a balcony overlooking the main floor, Vala stood with the Steward and surveyed the scene.

"You've done very well Vala, exceptionally well really. The Baroness and I are quite impressed with you." The Steward said as she placed a hand on the railing.

"Thank you Milady." Vala said with a small curtsey. Somehow she managed to suppress a girlish grin.

The Steward looked over at her and smiled knowingly. "It's alright if you smile. It was a compliment, it's alright if you're happy about it."

Vala beamed. "Yes Milady."

The Steward turned back to the crowd. "Everything has been planned out and everyone knows their duties. Your job is completed. Now why don't you go enjoy yourself."

Eyes widening, Vala stepped back. "Me? Oh, no Milady, I couldn't. Those are Lords and Ladies down there." Vala looked down at the floor. "I'm not... I just couldn't..."

"Nonsense." The Steward interrupted her. "If you're going to have my job someday you will need to learn to deal with the pompous fools down there." She gestured at the dance floor with a dismissive gesture.

"I... Milady?" Vala was a bit shocked by her attitude towards the gentry.

The Steward gave Vala a sidelong glance then looked back to the main floor. The barest hint of a derisive smile played at the corners of her mouth as she surveyed the gentry milling about below them. "Surprised by my lack of deference? Well you will find out on your own soon enough what they are all really like." She made another dismissive gesture. "Self important fools, the lot of them. More concerned with what wine they will be having with dinner and whether or not someone else has more expensive jewelry on than them than they are with managing the welfare of the peoples have been entrusted to watch over. There are only a handful, a small handful mind you, that have any real skill for leadership. They only have their positions because they were born into it." The Steward straightened and face Vala, looking her directly in the eye. "It is people like you and I Vala, people like us that make this all possible. We make it happen." She pointed down at the floor again. "You're a very remarkable young woman Vala. Not a single Lord or Lady down on the floor can hold a candle to your talents. Remember that."

Vala studied the milling throng for a few moments in silence before asking, "What of the Baroness?"

The Steward raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Yes, the Baroness von Wolffe. I think that you'll find her to be something a bit different from that lot. She is a very astute woman in her way. She alone of all the people in this room has my complete respect." The Steward smiled, "And perhaps you as well."

Vala blushed, "Thank you Milady." She took a deep breath trying in vain to calm her nerves. "Well then, I suppose I should go make myself known."

With a grimace the Steward sighed. "Yes, I suppose we both should. Come, I won't make you face the wolves alone on your first time out."

* * *

The next few hours passed in a blur for Vala. She met dozens of Lords and Ladies dressed in the very finest of gowns. Vala had never imagined that so much gold and so many gems even existed in the world, let alone had been fashioned into jewelry.

Some of the Lords and Ladies were cool to her, most were at least civil and a few were actually genuinely pleasant. Vala was mildly amused to find that the Lords that were the most agreeable to her spent the majority of their time addressing her breasts and not her face.

Several times during the course of the evening some Lord or Nobleman would find a place to quietly give her what a few months ago Vala would have considered a scandalous proposal. Vala now found that while the implied sexual innuendo no longer bothered her, in fact it somewhat amused her, the thought of being with a man now had no appeal for her at all. If fact the very idea of it repulsed her but she thought she managed to control her reactions and politely demurred.

However, when one of the fine Ladies made a similar, perhaps if anything even more explicit proposal to Vala she found it much harder to demurely decline. Vala was sure that the older but still quite beautiful woman saw the flush of heat in her cheeks at the suggestion of what she would do to Vala if she were to join her in her chambers after the banquet was concluded. Vala only hoped the woman took the reddening of her cheeks as embarrassment and not the flush of hot desire that it really was.

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