tagMatureForever Came Early

Forever Came Early


It happened one chilly October night. I always liked the company of my dads friends. They had a sense of comfort and caring to them I liked. There was one that I partially favored more than the others. He was medium height maybe two inches taller than my 5'8. He had black soft hair that every time I saw him his hair was that wind blown way I found attractive.

Jake was his name. He was happily married or so he appeared to be. When we would get time alone to talk he would tell me his feelings about his wife. He thought she was cheating and using him just for the great paying job he got her. He explained over time his love for his wife Alana was fading away. He didn't want a lot of people to know but he trusted me. Why? I truly don't know.

Well this October night we were having a small birthday party for me. I turned 21 today. Jake was their with some of his friends and they were drinking happily while sharing their recent encounters with some hot women at the club in town. Jake didn't seem very interested but he kept his best guest face on. When he finally broke away he walked over towards me and worked up a conversation.

"Jesse! Hey happy birthday! 21 feels different doesn't it?" Jake said with a smile while offering me a Shocktop beer.

"Yeah, doesn't seem very different. Only I'm able to drink and go on to bigger and better things. Thanks for the beer." I said as I took the Shocktop tasting the apple in the beer.

"Sometimes its like that. My wife Alana and me we finally got the divorce I was hoping for. She wasn't sad. She admitted to cheating on me with several guys. But I'm not going to ruin your fun Jesse!"

"No its ok Jake. Your not ruining my fun. I'm always here if you want to talk. You know that."

I loved how Jake gave me the short nickname Jesse for Jessica. Let me tell you a bit about my self. For 21 I wasn't what I called 'model perfection' but I had a nice rack that attracted guys. I was a runner slim with flat stomach. Long legs for a runner gave me my height. I had a couple of boyfriends but I never really settled down with one. They all seemed to want sex and just sex. I wanted a relationship with a real man. Not a boy. I had told Jake about my feelings about my failed relationships he seemed to understand very well what I meant.

After a few hours the party was over and my family left and so did Jakes friends. Jake and I were the only ones left in the big open barn. Jake smiled and turned on the radio to a soft loving music.

"Jesse I must say you have grown into a beautiful young lady. Might I have this dance?"

"Yes." I replied back. I looked into Jakes eyes. He had light blue eyes that matched his personality. His strong clenched into a grin as I took his hand.

The music played as Jake slowly moved his hand to rest of my lower back. He put his head on my shoulder and sang along softly to the song. He smelled wonderful. Manly, yet with a hint of sophistication to him.

"Jake? Is it wrong that I don't want to go to college?" I asked.

"No not at all sweety. College is a game. Barely anybody makes it. Plus who will I talk to or go to a bar with every friday night? Nobody." He said as he looked me in the eyes and moved a piece of hair back behind my ear. I loved how he stared at me but I really wanted to know did he even like me as a sexual partner. He was the only guy I wanted to make love to and actually stay with. I needed the courage to ask.

The song ended and he went and sat down on the bench and slowly put his head into his hands and closed his eyes. He was praying. This shocked me because of such a tough guy he looked like he had a soft side. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his broad shoulder. I desired to see him naked. Just once with me.

"Jesse..I must admit something. I'm attracted to you. Your the most gorgeous woman I've ever meant. You've got everything. I know your faithful. You want a serious relationship and your more mature than any other 21 year old girls I know. I'm 34 younger than your dad but older than any guy you've ever dated. Now that I've said this...what do you think?"

"Jake I must say I've felt the same about you. I always wanted to be with you. When you were talking about your wife and how wrong she treated you it hurt me to see you in that much pain. To be honest when we got on the topic of sex half of the time my fantasy's were about you. You don't know how many times I've went home and just by your touch I've masturbating as if you were touching me." I said shyly and felt my cheeks heat up and I'm pretty sure they were red.

"Jesse I've went home and rubbed one off because of the time when we were in the ocean and your bikini top came off and you ran into my arms and I felt your tits against my chest. God that felt good. When I gave you my shirt to wear I could tell your nipples were hard. You wanted me badly at that time." Jake dropped his hand onto my lower back and put the other in my lap slowly moving his hand to the bottom of my red cocktail dress.

"Jake not here. Let's go inside. To finish this."

We walked inside with Jake pulling my tightly to his body. I could feel the heat coming off of him. We finally reached my house and walked inside to the master bedroom. I sat back on the bed and pulled Jake towards me and in between my legs.

"Oh Jesse...you don't know how bad I've wanted this..stand up."

I did as he told me. I pulled his head and knotted my hand in his soft black hair. His lips crashed into my mine. His lips were so soft. His tongue gently parted my lips and moved in to meet my tongue. His tongue darted around in my mouth attacking me. He broke the kiss and took off his jacket and shirt. His chest was full and strong. He had some hair on his chest. Black like his hair. He had a line of going straight into his pants. He watched as my eyes traveled back up to his eyes.

He smiled. "In a hurry to get into my pants Jesse? Haha take it easy we got all night." He slowly unzipped the back of my dress and grabbed my waist from behind and kissed my neck. My dress fell to the floor. He grabbed my breasts and nibbled on my ear lobe. He pressed his hips harder into my ass. I could feel his erection. If he was as big as he felt I knew we would have fun.

"Jake..oh yeah oh, oh,..." He undid my red bra and laid me gently onto the bed. He laid on top of me. Staring into my eyes and nuzzling his face in my neck and kissing slowly. I put my hands on his back and gently drug my fingers up his back. Him kissing my neck and sucking was driving me wild. He cock pressed more and more directly over my covered wet pussy. He pushed harder and grunted "Fuck yeah. Your making me hard. Reach down and grab me." He demanded. Still sucking on my neck.

I reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants and felt him. He was long and thick. I could tell that. His cock was pushing hard through his pants. I rubbed him back forth feeling his length. I pushed my hips up to me his erection. Jake sat up and almost out of breath "Jesse take off my pants and your underwear." I slipped off my silky red underwear. I unbuckled his pants and slid them off him and next his boxers. His cock was at the waistband waiting to be freed. I pulled down his boxers and freed his pulsing cock inches from my mouth.

"Jesse...oh suck me like I know you always wanted to."

I didn't need anymore encouragement than that. I fondled his balls and licked around his base driving him crazy. The tip of his cock was red and already wet with precum. I flicked my tongue around the head and sucked hard. "Oh god damn that feels good.." He moaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair as I sucked him off. He had his balls on one hand massaging them and I sucked his cock. His cock was hot and his balls grew tight and I felt some spurts of cum hit the back of my throat. He was bigger than any guy I've ever seen. "Fuck Jesse I'm going to cum." And he came into my mouth. His cum was sticky and salty.

"Jake I need you." I said softly as if I didn't want anybody to hear.

"Jesse lay on the bed." He replied and fininshed it with kiss and sucking on my bottom lip. I laid back on the master bed and waited for whatever he was going to do. He got on his knees started licking his way to my sopping wet pussy. He licked the inside of my calf and up to the inside of my thigh. Then his lips barely touched my pussy and he stopped. He breathed out hot hair onto my pussy and it drove me crazy. He licked me fast and grabbed my ass with both hands. He pushed his tongue into my hole and moved his tongue around. He backed off and sucked gently at my outer pussy lips. I was completely shaven like I liked.

"Jesse I've never ate anybody like that. Your pussy is wonderful. I want to fuck you all night." I couldn't believe I was actually having sex with Jake. This hot 34 year old was recently divorced and admitted to not having sex for over 6 months. He knew how to treat lady I'll tell you. "Jake. Fuck me all night please fuck me good and hard." "Jesse I changed my mind....I'm not going to fuck you. I'm going to make love to you."

With those words just said he pushed his middle finger in me then another finger. I rocked my hips back to match his fast pace. I could feel his fingers inside me moving fast. Then I shuddered and felt weak and I came right on his fingers. My pussy juice ran down his fingers as he pulled them out of me. He stuck them in his mouth and sucked and replied "Damn. You taste great." He stood up and laid on me again. My tits touching his chest, his mouth inches from mine. His hand reached down and he moved his cock right into my pussy.

He went in slow and then moved fast. He grabbed my tits as he fucked me. He squeezed my tits harder as he moved faster. His hips on the inside of my legs moving fast I saw sweat fall down his face. I brought my hand up to his flat stomach and tried to say "J-Jake d-d-dont stop. Ughh!" he threw his head back and surpised me with a yell and said "I'm gonna cum!" I felt his semen hit my insides with so much force it kinda hurt. I came shortly after he did.

He laid on the bed beside me and reached over and pulled my face close. I kissed those lips again and almost passed out because of the pleasure I just had. Instead I rolled over and sat on his lap. I rocked back and forth on his already semi hard cock. Before he could get fully hard I stuck his cock in my pussy and moved my hips in small circles and felt his cock grow. He sat up and while I was riding his cock he kissed me. I moved my hands through his chest hair. I rocked faster and harder hearing the clapping noise our bodies made when we clashed together. I came again on his lap and slowed my pace.

I climbed off his cock and gave him a handjob as we talked.

"Jake that was amazing. Thank you." "Jesse I just don't wanna be fuck buddies..." He said looking at me with lust left in his eyes. His rugged face looked soft and caring at this moment. "Jake what do you mean?" I questioned him.

"Jesse you want somebody to settle down with. Not just a quick relationship...I've been thinking about that ever since you told me months ago. Jesse..why not settle down with me. I do love you."

I couldn't believe Jake wanted me to be with him. Like married. I mean I love him. But being married at such a young age. He's a great lover. An even more amazing guy...maybe. "Jake..are you asking me to marry you?"

"Jesse I've know you for years. We've had our moments when we wanted to fuck each others brains out. We did tonight. With that being said Jesse will you marry me?"

"Jake I love you. I'll marry you as long as you promise we'll fuck like this plenty more times." He attacked my hungry mouth with a smile...

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