tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFound In the Woods

Found In the Woods


I guess we should start with introductions. My name is Jonathan, and my life is very dull. I'm your average white guy in his twenties. 5'8, 210 pounds, and everything but my skin is brown. As average as they come. So much so that I just turn out being another face in the crowd, entirely forgettable. If you can't figure it out on your own, I don't have much in the way of luck with women. I go to work, I go home and watch Netflix, and that's about it. Like I said, dull.

In an attempt to quell the noise of the void that is my life, I decided to take a walk. Not far from my house is a beautiful stretch of woods. Quiet, peaceful, and earthy smells. I was tempted to bring my headphones, but I figured that would defeat the whole purpose of the walk. I can listen to music sitting at home. The stress of life melted away as I walked, even the crunch of my foot falls resonated through my soul.

During one of these serene moments, I heard a strange sound. Coming to a stop, I held my breath and closed my eyes, searching for the sound. There it was again, a soft sound. Kind of a cross between a moan and a squeak. Maybe a creepy forest sound, possibly a dying animal. Being the "bored with life" type, I decided to investigate. It took me a few minutes to locate the source of the sound, but when I did . . . I wasn't sure how to continue.

Across from me, strung up between two trees, was a beautiful . . . naked woman. Multi-colored rope tied her wrists to the two adjacent trees, almost too high up for her delicate feet to touch the ground. I was behind her at first, the moon light giving her skin a radiant glow. You could see the touch of the light tracing down the lines of her bare skin from neck to ankle. I decided to circle around before making any decisions of what to do next.

I knew what I should do, any decent person knew what should happen when coming across a naked woman tied up in the woods. Those thoughts vanished as I came around a tree and saw what a beautiful creature was before me. The light behind her, deep shadows fell over her front, along with most of her dark hair. Still, these did nothing to hide her beauty. Dark strands of thick hair feel away from her large breasts, exposing dime sized areolas and nipples hardened by the chill in the air. Ends of her hair brushed the skin just above her belly button, only inches above a trimmed patch of dark hair.

The whole picture was too much for me and I was frozen, watching her weakly struggle against her bindings. My thoughts cleared and in the back of my mind, I wondered if maybe she was from the nearby college, some kind of hazing thing. This seemed unlikely, as alone as she was, but I didn't see myself asking too many questions.

It was difficult, being quiet as I approached, given all the dead leaves and twigs underfoot. Still, I made it fairly close without drawing her attention. I was only a few feet away when she heard me for the first time and lifted her head. Over her mouth, silver duck tape kept her from calling out. Even being disfigured by the tape, she was breath-taking. Under a sheet of black hair were the most brilliant blue eyes. Soft, pale skin with a touch of rose from the cold. At first, her eyes seemed confused, lost. That slowly gave way to panic when she realized it was a strange man standing in front of her.

A smile crept over my face as I realized that not only was she well secured, but the tape kept her from calling out for help. With a gentle touch, I moved the hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. Absolutely gorgeous, a beauty that made my heart beat like wild fire. I gently trailed the back of my fingers down her face, her thin neck, and over her pronounced collar bone. She was so beautiful it was almost painful to look at her.

The noises she made were dulled by the roaring in my chest, lost in the background of my own desires. The tips of my fingers danced along the curve of her breast, large enough to fill the palm of my hand. Her body jerked, but the bindings kept her from moving too much, her swollen nipple rubbing against my fingers. Unable to resist, I leaned down and took her perfect nipple into my mouth, gently using my tongue to tease it. I was unsure if it was my moan or hers, but the sound drove me on. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, gently brushing her nipple with my teeth. Her body jerked, surprisingly not away from me.

Her skin was so soft, tingling my senses as my hands drifted across her skin, coming to a rest on her lower back. My knees settled on the ground, as I left a trail of soft kisses down her soft skin. Weird sounds muffled by the tape came from her mouth, as mine found her thighs. She tried to kick at me, but I corralled her legs, resting her thighs on my shoulders. Even naked, in the woods, she smelled like paradise. My fingers gently dug into her soft skin as my tongue slid along her sweet lips.

Mind-blowing was the only words that came to mind when I tasted her. I lost myself in her, tasting every bit of her, inside and out. Her struggling and groaning turned into moans, her thighs pressing into my ears. As I explored her soft lips, her smell grew in intensity and it made me dizzy. I felt her body arch, her legs tighten, and I was blessed by a sudden gush of her fluids. I drank her in but didn't stop my attack on her trembling pussy. Her cries of ecstasy grew louder, her heels banging against my back. Another gush hit me in the face and I swear I was being straddled by a possessed woman, lost in the throes of orgasm.

Just before standing, I undid my pants, releasing my moderately sized cock. I stood up, and as I came up, my hands fell to her ass, pulling her up. I took the weight off of her wrists and her strong legs wrapped around my waist as if she wanted more. In a daring moment, I reached up and gently peeled the tape from her mouth. Gazing into my eyes, she licked her full lips, pausing in indecision.

Not waiting for her thoughts to flow, I shifted my hips and slid myself into her. Still trembling from my earlier actions, I felt her inner walls clamp down on my hard shaft. A loud moan left her lips and she pressed her body into my chest. Her lips were soft when I leaned in and kissed her, her tongue meeting mine in a desperate moment of passion. Driven by this, my fingers dug into her ass, giving me leverage as I thrust myself into her. Her moans filled my lungs as I filled her depths, enjoying every sensation her perfect body provided.

Time passed me like a speeding train, rushing by me as I lost myself in the glory of the moment. My grip on her round ass tightened as my orgasm neared, each thrust drawing me closer to the heights some men only dreamt of. I felt the fruit of her orgasms dripping from my balls, every one causing her to tighten around me. It was eventually too much and my eyes danced with lights as I burst inside her. She was too lost in pleasure to complain about being filled with my cum, each powerful thrust pumping more into her.

My lips pressed into hers one last time as I slid myself out of her. Smiling, I picked up the discarded tape and pressed it back over her mouth, ignoring her sounds of complaint. I gently kissed her forehead and then untied her from the tree. Her tired arms dropped to her sides. DNA not being an issue after cumming inside her, I wrapped her in my jacket. She pulled it tight around her and used a free hand to reach for the tape. Catching her hand, I gently kissed the tape over her lips.

I turned her toward the college and pointed, showing her the way home. I sniffed her hair before turning and walking home myself, grinning from ear to ear. My life was dull. I watched Netflix in my free time and worked myself to the bone to pay my bills. I was average in every way, very forgettable. My life was boring, but now I knew a place I could go. A place I could go to find something to play with. I couldn't wait for the next rush week.

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