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Four Across the Road


My wife and I haven't been seeing eye to eye for a while now. We aren't really living as man and wife but more cohabiting the same house. We don't do the little things for each other any more. Our sex life is at its lowest ebb. She says she can't physically love me until I fulfill her emotional needs. I cannot fulfill her emotional needs until we can physically love me. It is a catch 22 and I seem to be the loser.

Our sex life was never great. She was always worried about falling pregnant so she never really seemed to enjoy the act of lovemaking (She fell pregnant easily, 4 times). It was always me on top and her underneath. Sometimes she got on top. I would occasionally perform oral sex on her but she never sucked my dick. She said that I could do anything but she would never take my dick in her mouth. I once pushed a finger into her arse but she said that I didn't need to do that. She then asked me what I'd like to do. I said I'd like to try anal sex but she refused.

We live in a town that has an Air Force Base nearby. It is great because the town thrives. They take up almost all of the private rental market and there is talk of expansion. They also occasionally have pilots from other Air Forces posted there for specialised training. It is when a house across the road from us was rented by some visiting US pilots that my story really begins.

As I said our sex life was not very adventurous but it seems my wife was just waiting for the right opportunity. The visiting pilots just happened to be black. This didn't concern me greatly except that we had never met any black Americans before. My wife decided to do the neighbourly thing and welcome them to our street. She came back a short while later looking wide-eyed and breathless.

When I asked her about this she said that there were four of them and that they were the biggest men she had ever seen, standing about 6-4 with huge muscles. She also said they weren't pilots but ground crew there for some joint training with our guys. I thought that she looked quite anxious to see them again.

Later that evening she was dressed in a low cut knit top and short skirt with high heels. She had also put on some make up. She rarely dresses like that and never just for me. I asked her what was going on and she said that some friends had invited her out and off she went. What really roused my suspicions was that she did not take her car and I didn't hear any cars in the street.

I looked out our front window and sure enough she went across to where the Air Force guys were living. I got a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. I followed her and because I had been friends with the previous tenants knew that I could sit safely outside the living room window and see in without being seen.

What I saw shocked me. My wife was sitting on the couch in between two huge black guys and her hands were on their cocks.

They were both wearing shorts and I heard one say, "Yeah, that's it sweetheart, take them out and feel them."

She did that and said, "I've never seen cocks this big before. They're huge. And they're beautiful. I love how they feel."

One of the guys said, "Well, why don't you give them a kiss?"

She needed no further invitation and she leant over and kissed both of them, saying, "They feel great to kiss."

She then proceeded to lick them, one at a time, along the whole length from tip to base and back again. She then put the head of one in her mouth and started sucking. She could hardly get the head into her mouth it was so big. It looked like the cock was at least a foot long and she couldn't get one hand around it, it was so thick. She pumped it with her hands while she licked and sucked the head. The guy must have been really horny because it wasn't long before he arched his back, pumped his hips and came in torrents. My wife tried to swallow it all but a lot spilled out over her hands.

She sucked him dry and then proceeded to lick the cum off her hands. She looked up and said, "You taste good. Can I have some more?"

"Maybe later sweetheart," he said.

The other guy then lifted the top over her head, undid her bra and sighed. He said, "Just look at those beauties. They're sensational."

He was right, my wife does have sensational tits. They are not huge, about a C cup, but they hardly sag at all, even after 4 kids, and have huge, dark brown nipples.

While he was admiring her tits the other two guys arrived in the room. Very quickly my wife lost her skirt and knickers. One guy lay on the floor and his cock must have been a foot long. He pulled my wife down and impaled her on his monster. She let out a sigh of pleasure as she took about half of him up her cunt in one go. She paused, then dropped down until his whole cock was inside her. She rested a moment then started to rise and drop on this huge cock, all the while mumbling, "This is fantastic, God this feels good, oh, God, I love this, don't stop."

A second guy stuck his cock into her waiting mouth. She sucked him in and looked like she was born to suck cock. She was making a meal of this cock. The third guy went behind my wife and played with her arsehole. He slowly stuck a finger in up to the first knuckle. She sighed with contentment around the cock in her mouth. He pushed his finger further and she seemed to grind her arse on to it.

He took his finger out, spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva onto his cockhead and put it against her arse. I thought she would protest but she just leant back and spread her arse cheeks to give him easier access.

She took the cock out of her mouth and said, "Go slow, I've never done this before."

He did just that. He pushed the cockhead in slowly, paused, then pushed some more. Slowly, oh so slowly, my wife took his cock up her arse. She now had a cock in her cunt, one up her arse and one in her mouth, with one having just cum in her mouth. She had a look of sheer ecstasy on her face as she and her three lovers worked up a good rhythm.

Suddenly the guy in her mouth tensed up and came in buckets. He pulled out of her mouth and pointed his cock at her tits. He coated her tits with his thick cum. She licked him clean once he had stopped and then she did something I never thought I'd ever see her do. She bent down, lifted a tit to her mouth and licked it clean. She licked and sucked her own nipple and then did the same with the other one. She was making love to her own tits.

Within minutes both guys fucking her also came. The guy in her cunt came first. When he had finished he pulled out of her and thrust his cock into her mouth so she could clean him off. To my knowledge it was her first taste of her own juices.

"I taste pretty damn good mixed with your cum," she said.

Then the guy up her arse tensed and blew his load too. I thought I could not be surprised any more until he too shoved his cock straight from her arse into her mouth to clean up.

When she had finished she said, "You guys make me want to do the most amazing things. Let's get down and dirty. What have you guys got for me now?"

With that one of them said, "Let's see you make yourself cum."

So she lay back, spread her legs and began to play with herself in front of these four guys. She rolled her clit between two fingers and stuck two fingers from her other hand inside her cunt. When she pulled them out they were covered in cum. She brought them to her mouth and cleaned them off. She did this again and again until there was no more cum coming out on her fingers.

All the while she was getting closer and closer to cumming. Her breathing got faster and faster, shallower and shallower. All of a sudden she let out a mighty roar of ecstasy and collapsed, trembling, onto her back.

"Fuck, that felt good," she said. "I think I need your cocks again, though. Who's ready to go again?"

All four were willing to try again so they moved positions. I left my vantage point with her getting a cock shoved up her arse, one shoved in her cunt and the other two being licked and sucked in turn.

I had seen enough. I felt that our marriage was probably over at that point so I went home to pack. I left her a note telling her that I had gone and that if she wanted to talk I had my mobile phone with me. I didn't mention what I had seen but fully expected her to know that I suspected something. I am writing this waiting for her to call as I head off to the capital city where I intend to begin my new life.

I'm not upset, just a little sad that it had to end this way.

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