tagGroup SexFour for the Handyman Ch. 08

Four for the Handyman Ch. 08


*** What follows was being written as feedback came in, thus there is a change of tone and direction as the chapter progresses. The latter half should be better than the first.***

Despite any number of facts that would seem to contradict this, the girls were not too eager to traipse naked, or half naked, across the front lawn to the house. The private back yard? No problem. In the house, windows open or not? No problem. A nude beach with very public sex? No problem... front yard? Problem. Still, I had the bag with their bottoms, or in Tati's case everything, and I went inside. Marie followed without a peep, though a little extra pep in her step to hurry it up... standing in the corner of the doorway, as much out of sight as possible, while I unlocked the front door.

Tati, I was glad to see, made it into the house under her own power, though without her customary grace. I suggested Susan make dinner for us all, and led my pet out back to where her soiled shoes were sitting on the back patio, it was her potty time, and despite being barefoot, and dried out by fun in the sun, she managed without incident.

I left her hands cuffed in front of her from the beach and had her wash up in the pool. I also carried the wrung out dancer out, dumping her in unceremoniously, with instructions for Marie to wash her.

The smell of cooking coming from the kitchen was delightful, a distraction from the two nude beauties in the pool, the one I'd just fucked and the one I desperately wanted to.

Letting Marie clean Tatiyana appeared to be an excellent idea. Third bath as a pet, and each one handled differently... cleaning the other woman, who only struggled feebly against it in the beginning, seemed to give her some notion of what I was looking at when I had her clean herself.

Tati floated lazily in the soapy water as Marie finished cleaning herself, another change, this time I rinsed the residual soap off with the hose, the girls jumping and squealing at the shockingly cold water, hands held up protectively, nipples tight from the cold.

I tossed them a towel to share, keeping both of them on the patio, awaiting my pleasure.

"My Pet, you are aware of The Deal you Owner made." I began, she nodded silently, "So any act of resentment over the results of that Deal will be dealt with harshly. Every four days Tatiyana requires my attentions, and so, every four days you will have another Pet undergoing training with you. You are to learn from her, and if necessary you are to train her as you have been trained." I turned to Tati, shivering still, invigorated slightly by the bathing and the restful car ride home.

"You can not be a Pet. First I refuse to allow for the confusion of two responding to the same endearment. Second, I refuse to invest the time and energy in what is merely a momentary fancy. But as you seem to require a firm hand, a firm hand I will give you. You are not mine, I will not claim you. You are a bitch in heat, just as I called you before, a fuck slut. You will respond to those names just as My Pet responds to hers. I expect a great deal more obedience from you, an example for my Pet, as you asked... no... demanded this. I will be harsh with you on your days, because you have no excuse for lax discipline and misbehavior. You will call me Master, not Owner." I told her.

"Yes Master" she replied easily, smiling at a joke. I let the smile go, a happy slut was fine by me, even if the source of her amusement was off base. " But if its just as well, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, with work and school and all, I'd like to take a pass on tonight." She told me. I slapped her breast, causing her to leap back in shock.

"My Pet?" I turned slightly. She frowned slightly, but folded to her knees quickly.

"Owner, your pet begs forgiveness on behalf of the Slut. A deal goes both ways, the Owner has the right of the Slut's Bed every four nights, no matter what else, just as the Slut can demand the Owner's attention those nights, though He has other wishes. A Slut, like a Pet can not accept her position in one breath then deny it with the other." Tati looked at us in shock.

"In other words... your insistence of being treated as My Pet is as complete as the Deal, and can only be changed by breaking the Deal, or by a Unanimous decision that makes a provision for it. I remind you that every time you try to change the Deal, I change it as well." I raised an eyebrow, gambling... bluffing really.

She thought about it, holding her abused tit. I waited. Dinner was ready, Karen and Susan watching us from their stools by the counter. I felt like I lived in a fishbowl sometimes, a byproduct of shaking out a complex dynamic... maybe once things had gotten settled down they'd be less concerned with what I did, or didn't do with their roommates. Of course, Karen was squirming, her ass had to be burning from the butt plug, especially given all the play time it had gotten at the beach.

Tati gave in. I wasn't sure she would. Honestly, I half hoped she didn't, and if she meant it about wanting a rest tonight she made the wrong call. I really didn't want to train two, even if one was part time. I was still learning with Marie as it was, and Tati's little mind game fetish, not to mention her utter self-possession about her lusts and lovers made her exceptionally unreliable. I could tame her, easily, and watch her walk away just as easily. It was a game to her, just a game with a particular lover. Not like Marie, who was focused entirely on the underbelly of her own personality, impaled if you will on a part of her she hadn't really explored. That was what made it so delicious, flipping her like that. As a Dominant, she'd breezed through her sex life, getting by on looks and teasing, fun but unsatisfying. What she was undergoing now wasn't fun, but I knew it was more satisfying than anything in her young life... and as she relaxed she enjoyed it more... it became fun. She'd never be the same even if it ended tonight, she'd never be able to go all the way back now that I'd unlocked the beast within.

Tati's surrender was wordless, of course. She dropped to her knees, miming Marie's posture, then lowered herself onto her belly, abasing herself utterly, hands behind her back, face pushed into the rough patio surface.

"Master, you should punish the Slut, she should know better." She said softly, not entirely insincerely, though I could hear the 'act' in her words. She was imitating what she thought Marie said and did. I knelt down, putting my shoe by her face, but not under it.

"And what does a fuck slut think punishment is? Does a slut think she'll get off during her punishment?" I asked softly. She turned her face and kissed my shoe.

"Master, please." She begged a little more honestly, "I'm an untrained bitch, a slave to my lust... I... I mean... um..."

"Exactly. You don't know. I ask one thing of you, to be an example of eager obedience for my pet. As a slut you are good for one thing, to get fucked." She shivered, memories from the beach I thought. "I will punish you, forgive you, or fuck you as I please. You will enjoy whatever I chose, because that is what a slut does." I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, lifting her up a bit, enough so she could get her hands under her before I let go. "Get up. Both of you." I snarled, turning away. I let them stand there meekly, watching my back as I stood there for a long moment.

"I have half a mind to put both of you to bed." Not that Marie had done anything, but the idea was that the actions of one reflected in the treatment of both of them. Effective, if unfair. "But I would be a poor Owner or Master if I didn't see to the health and welfare of my charges." I stalked to the bag I had set by the back door, the one I'd prepared before going to the beach. I didn't have the right gear for two... damn Tati's confession.

I tossed a bottle of skin lotion at their feet. "Go ahead, the sun and sand are harsh, and I want your skins soft. Pay particular care to knees, hands and ankles." Areas where they were crawling or had hard straps from shoes. I watched as they had a moment of trying to work out who got the bottle first. I sighed. "Each should do the other." I left them to it, sprawling into the lounge chair on the patio, I was getting a headache.

"Um..." came a call from inside, Karen waving her hand. Of the four girls in the house she, above all others, should have been the one I was training. She seemed the most natural. Case in point. "Uh.. I've had this plug in my ass all day. I... kinda have to.. you know." She blushed, waving upstairs. "And... my rear sort of aches."

"So? Go upstairs and do your business." I suggested. "I, personally, would appreciate it if you'd consider wearing the plug until your turn." I added. She scurried off without telling me either way, but I suspected she'd have it in when she came back down. Given her love for anal play I'd have to introduce her to enemas... which would also suggest a route out of having to deal with my Pet's unfortunate biological need to crap... and the awkwardness of training around it. No pun intended, but you could whitewash enemas, same dirty function, less ick factor. This led me to ponder why a woman's urine, or a mans I supposed, could be erotic under the right circumstances, but shit was just nasty except to hardcore fetishists... I had to admit, making Marie piss as I did had a certain quality to it, though I didn't want to actually deal with the stuff itself.

Luckily the duo were done with the lotion, and a little gratuitous petting, nothing worth describing in detail... just a simple fact of life that all actions around the house had to involve some sexual aspect. Tati was too tired to want to get too involved, and Marie was either afraid of transgressing, eager to move onto dinner, or not really as into girl sex as she pretended. It is just possible she realized I was rather impatient, the sun was falling, I was hungry and had a headache from the sun, the exertions of the day, and the mess I'd just been handed. Keeping Marie in the right mindset was a difficult balancing act as it was without worrying about jealousy. I already knew she had some unspoken regrets about having to share me as it was, having to share the unique relationship we had could be a step too far. Only Marie was being trained, only Marie was 'My Pet'... and Tati had barged right into that like an enraged bull in a china shop. Of course, Marie had missed just when that had happened... in retrospect, a mistake. Hindsight never needs glasses, sadly.

As I looked at the two of them standing there, skin gleaming from the lotion, awkwardly holding it, uncertain what to do with it, I realized I needed to set up protocols for shit like this. Ugh...

"Just drop it, Pet. This time anyway." She released it as if it had grown hot. An ill-tempered bastard with near total control over her... yeah, that's what she needed right now, just when things were going so well, too. I sighed and rubbed a hand over my face. I was still dressed, the only one actually, though baggy cargo shorts hanging loose over my hips and sand filled shoes hardly counted as dressed. I looked at them and waved them to come closer, stopping them a foot or two from the chair. I stood, pulled an ugly little wooden bench to me, leaving it beside the chair for now, and sat again, looking right at the two pretty pussies at my eye level, looking up, past pretty breasts to pretty pretty eyes, large and slightly fearful. I reached into the bag and pulled out the new chastity belt and handed it to the taller girl. She glanced at it and, after a moment put it on Marie, a perfect fit... as it had been tailored for the smaller girl.

"I can't have a heated bitch running around inviting everyone to fuck her. There is another belt laying on the cot in the garage. Bring everything from the cot, and a pair of your work shoes." I told her when it was done, dismissing her. I'd planned on giving it back to her, obviously I wasn't going to do it quite how I'd planned.

Marie glanced at the clear plastic, slightly scuffed and soiled, high heels sitting by the kitchen door, then looked back at me. I shook my head.

"A poorly trained Pet soiled those. To keep her from repeating that mistake, I have new shoes for my pet." I reached into the bag. In some ways the new shoes were a kindness. In others, they were abominably cruel. I was lucky to have found them on hand at the store, in her size.

Normal 'stripper shoes', the massive high heels seen predominantly in clubs and on prostitutes have seven or eight inch heels, typically eight. This sounds really brutal, but they also have four inches of 'stack' under the toes, meaning that while the girl stands eight inches taller, she really is only wearing three or four inch heels. I've seen some that only had two and a half inches of lift, though those were more 'fashionably chunky' than 'stripperiffic'.

The shoes I pulled out, in absolutely divine black leather and scarlet satin lining, had eight inch heels... the resemblance ended there. There was no 'stack', the lift so extreme, vertical really, that the heel itself was 90% of the sole of the shoe, curving outward for strength. The more common extreme heels were 'point toes', ballet shoes with 7 to 7 ½ inch heels. They didn't really look much like shoes to me, though there were certain advantages to them, I supposed. These shoes looked like the first part of a 'horseplay' costume... incidentally matching the slightly bedraggled ponytail plug Marie had in her ass earlier today. I held the shoes up for her inspection. They weighed less than half what the other shoes did, all that plastic added up quickly. She stared at them, breath catching, eyes wide. I glanced at the bench I'd pulled over a moment ago, she sat, quickly, without argument. I was still the ogre, I sighed to myself.

"Do you know what this shoe represents, pet?" I asked. She shook her head, then guessed.

"Another lesson, Owner?"

"No, or rather, not quite. There is a lesson in there, certainly. More importantly, they represent progress, they represent trust. They represent a chance for a Pet to move beyond..." I waved vaguely, not caring to find the right words, not against the headache.

"A pet rarely gets a choice. The only thing a pet can really decide for herself is how fast she progresses." I held up the shoes, then looked at the soiled cheap plastic just in her reach. She chewed her lip, then... quickly, before she could change her mind... reached for the proffered heels. She slipped them on her feet, strapping them around her ankles. Seated they weren't too bad, pushing her knees up into 'pinup pose' posture almost by accident. She stood, tottering, muscles of her calves straining visibly against the new posture. She'd have a tendency to lean forward, or cock her knees; it would take time to learn grace in those shoes. She managed to make it back to her place in front of me, barely set before Tati came rushing back out with an armload of stuff, her stuff. She noticed the change almost instantly, looking with a curious mix of envy and relief at Marie's new heels.

"Where does Master want..." she half asked. I patted my lap, letting her set it down to take her place. I held up the wide chastity belt, still smelling of Marie's stale sex, soaked into the leather, Marie took it from me and put it on Tati with a the eagerness of revenge... she'd worn the poorly fitted thing overnight, was probably still sore from chafing, and now it was the Russian's chance to suffer for a bit. Not that Marie was exactly comfortable, but her custom fitted belt was meant for full time wear, and despite the thrusting dildos when she moved or sat, it was miles more comfortable.

Of course, I was reasonably certain that Tati had worn her own belt at least once before... it was just a feeling, though. She did glance enviously at the smaller, lighter belt, but envy was a sin she seemed well practiced at... right behind lust.

I waved her to the bench and put the heels she provided on her deftly. They were of higher quality than the pair by the door, but still essentially cheap, uncomfortable crap that worked because of what it represented, rather than what it was. I noticed my pet's legs had started shaking. She had a long way to go but I was sure she could hold a while longer. I had Marie cuff Tati with the cheap cuffs, and applied the ones I'd bought for her myself. Marie squirmed, not just the shoes than.

"Owner... you... left the eggs inside your pet." She managed. I blinked. I'd forgotten indeed. And now there was a small, tiny really, dildo up inside with them.

"Are you being hurt?" I asked. She frowned, thinking.

"The Pet doesn't think so, Owner." She admitted slowly. "There is some discomfort, and she is very full..." she pointed out.

"Then why is the Pet wasting her Owner's time?" I asked sharper than I'd intended, covering my mistake. She opened her mouth and shut it again just as quickly, but didn't drop to her knees, thankfully. That one bit of improv on her part tended to slow things down now that it had become standard. I looked at the bound and strapped, and heeled, girls and nodded. I had more in the bag, but it was late and I really didn't want to start a whole new training cycle just yet.

I prepared two bowls, one in the proper pet bowl I'd bought for Marie, the second in a regular dinner bowl. I put a measure of water out for each, leaving only the decision of where to set the bowls. I had an idea for the future, so I put Marie's next to a counter where I could watch her ass bobbing as she ate from the living room, though that meant my back was to her at the moment. I put the slut's bowl on the counter, forcing her to endure the same awkward meal Marie had the first time she'd had to eat like an animal. She had one advantage, she lacked the reserved pride and grunted and groaned through her dinner as sloppily as she liked. I knew she was probably working the prongs in her belt for her own pleasure, but I couldn't bring myself to care.

Karen announced that she'd gone ahead and 'replugged', in case I missed her ginger perch. I gave her a kiss as a reward. Secretly I shuddered at the thought of three 'pets', and had to ask myself if it was just Karen's nature or if I was subconsciously trying to bring her over. If it was her nature, then we could keep this up indefinitely.

I shook my head to clear it, turning to watch Marie eat, so quickly had she not only grown used to it, but actually proficient at it, though I knew she got tired holding her face up out of the food by main strength alone. The bronzed globe of her ass bisected by the black leather strap was enticing, though I wanted to just see her sex uncovered... ah well.

It was still a few hours until any reasonable person could call it 'bed time'. A few hours until I put my pet to bed for the night, a few hours until I had to do anything with... or rather too, Tati. There were a few tasks I could do around the house that weren't too involving.

Suzy took care of the dishes, Karen headed upstairs to fetch her homework, planning to work in the living room, leaving two pairs of eyes watching me like a hawk. I headed into the garage and back out again. I set up the canopied 'pet tent' in a corner of the living room, not that this was a particularly difficult job, the hardest part was picking the location. Marie had seen me buy it, obviously, but hadn't thought anything of it.

"This, my Pet, is where you can rest when I am not training you. You do not need permission to use this bed." I told her. It would be a moderately tight fit, particularly with shoes, but it was big enough for a Great Dane, I knew it wouldn't be a problem for her. She guessed correctly that I meant for her to try it out, but discovered that getting to her feet in the new shoes was much harder than before, thought the shoes themselves were easier to maneuver. She managed to avoid scuffing them, but she'd had practice with the heavier old shoes. She had to crawl in, working to turn around and lie on her side so could face out. I petted her face gently, reassuring her and returning to other business.

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