tagGroup SexFour People Three Firsts

Four People Three Firsts


This 4th of July was the greatest ever. It started out a slow day with the usual cookouts, but I had nothing planned for the evening. The cookouts were very uneventful so I decided to head to New York City and find something to get into. I live outside of New York City, about 10 minutes away in a neighboring state. I was already high from the marijuana and mixed drinks I had been sampling throughout the day. I went home and showered, put on some casual linen pants, shirt, and light summer shoes and headed out to the city. I decided on public transportation, I figured I’d rather avoid possible arrest at one of the routine road blocks set up for the holiday weekend.

I felt good about the evening. I had no plans. I called no one to join me, I just figured I’d walk around and find a happening bar and go with the flow. I did just that. The street was filled with people. Someone handed me a flyer to a local bar that had 2 for 1, drinks all night. I decided to go and check it out. It was a nice place. It was not packed with people. I had gotten there right before the crowd filled in. The music was rocking!!! They were playing a Bob Marley set, and the air was just filled with adventure.

I was lucky enough to find a seat at one of the tables along the wall. I lit a cigar, and ordered my favorite; vodka with cranberry. A group of people sat next to me, 2 young men and a pretty young lady. I am bisexual, and although I am more attracted to women, I equally looked over the men and the young lady over. They were all attractive. The men were tall and clean shaven, they favored each other. Both had short blonde hair, blue eyes, they were toned, and looked eager to party. The young lady with them was HOT. She too was tall, 5’8, she looked like she weighted 125 lbs, she was a brunette with hazel eyes, and the best smile. Because of the crowd coming in, we ended up sharing my table while waiting for the live band. I bought the first round of drinks. Everyone introduced themselves. There was Amber, Chris (her boyfriend) and Ricky (Chris’ cousin). They were visiting from Alberta, Canada. They asked me about some other bars or parties going on in the area, I suggested that we listen to the band, and then go and find another Hot spot. They all agreed.

We took turns buying rounds of drinks. I was feeling great! Amber was flirting with me but Chris did not seem to mind. By the 4th song, we decided to leave and grab something to eat. Everyone wanted Italian. I took them to a delicious quiet Italian restaurant that I frequent often. We sat at a candlelit table and ordered wine. The conversation was very easy flowing. It easily graduated to sexual topics.

Everyone commented on the fact that they had noticed so many homosexual people walking about openly and they found it so unusual, yet so sexy. They found it exotic that the people in the “village” (the area we were in) were so open minded on sexuality. I had admitted to them that I had had sexual experiences with men, and with transsexuals. They were amazed. Chris was a little uncomfortable with the thought of 2 men. He expressed that he would never go that way. Ricky however, had admitted to getting a blowjob from a guy at his college. Amber simply said that she was bi curious, but said that the thought of seeing two men together was such a turn on. Chris was taken aback by her revelation.

Chris and Ricky had gone to the bathroom at the same time leaving Amber and I at the table. Amber asked if I would want to hang out with them at the hotel. They had a 2 bedroom suite, with a Jacuzzi, plenty of drinks, movies. She said she the late night heat was a little too much for her and she wanted to retire to the air conditioned suite. She also mentioned very flirtatiously that she thought Ricky was curious about me, and she didn’t know what she would do if she could witness something sexual between the two of us. I told Amber that I was actually much more attracted to her. She replied that she too was very much intrigued by me and that I should definitely come back to the suite with them and see what we could entice the men into.

Chris and Ricky came back to the table to Amber and my laughter. She told them that she had invited me back to the room to watch some movies and relax in the Jacuzzi. To my surprise Chris was up for it. Ricky seemed more like te type that went along with everything so I didn’t expect him to object.

We picked up some ice cream and fruit before reaching the hotel. Once upstairs, Ricky decided to shower before getting into the Jacuzzi. Amber and Chris went in their bedroom for a quickie. I could hear them moaning. Once Ricky got out I asked him for a towel and robe so I could shower also. I was thinking about how to get things started, my thoughts were on Amber.

I came out of the bathroom with just a robe on. I was totally naked underneath. Ricky was already in the hot tub, he had swim trunks on. Amber was in a thong bikini. She has the best ass, and her tits looked to be a 36d. She had a slight waist and long legs. Chris also had just come out of a shower also, he was wrapped waist down with a towel.

Chris had the best abs. His toned body was nice to look at. Amber turned on the giant screen television and the stereo; she fixed more drinks, ice cream and the fruit on a big tray and was the first to join Ricky in the hot tub. I disrobed. Amber and Ricky looked me up and down, appreciating my toned physique. Chris was not there yet; I quickly jumped before he saw me get in naked. At seeing me naked, Amber tossed out her bikini. Ricky kept his shorts on.

At remembering what Amber had said so I purposely sat next to Ricky. I whispered in his ear that he should take his shorts off but he refused. At his refusal I grabbed his already hard dick within the bubbles. He looked embarrassed; his hard on was for me. I was turning him on. He didn’t want me to know, but it was too late. I told him to stand up and slowly pulled his shorts down. His dick popped out right in my face. He wasn’t too big, maybe 6 inches. He had a nice sized head. His balls hung low. He flinched when I grabbed them, and spread his legs a little. I rubbed his balls and cock. Amber had sat up on the edge of the hot tub and started playing with her clit. I had not yet noticed that Chris was taping us in the back round. I took Ricky's nice cock in my mouth slowly, while still rolling his balls in my hands. His legs began to tremble. I easily took him deep in my mouth. I could feel him already about cum…

I let him cum on my chest. I stood up and grabbed him by the back of his head. I guided his lips to my neck and down my chest until he started licking his own cum off my chest. I could see Amber cumming at the sight of it. She was so HOT. I walked over to her and placed my dick on her lips. She began kissing my 8.5 inch dick at the head. As I stood in front of her I raised my leg on the edge of the tub. I signaled Ricky to come over to me. He walked over and started kissing my neck again. Again I guided his mouth down my body. He was helping amber suck me off. I could feel her taking all of me in as he licked my balls. I was in heaven. I guided Ricky’s tongue towards my ass hole. He following my every instruction.

Ricky was probing my ass hole with his tongue as Amber was professionally deep throating me. She massaged her clit as she sucked me of. The combination of Ricky's tongue and Amber's expert suck drove me up the wall. I quickly shot a heavy thick white load down Amber's throat. She let it drip out of her mouth ad shared it with an eagerly waiting Ricky.

Amber had me spent, I needed a break. Chris was setting up the video camera on a tripod next to his bed. We ended up leaving the hot tub and joining Chris in the master bedroom of the suite. When we walked in I could see Chris' dick poking out of his towel. his dick looked to be about the same size as mine. Same girth also. I was the first to lay on the bed, and Amber crawled atop of me until she was sitting on my face. Her pussy smelled so sweet. It was completely shaven. I began to suck her clit and finger her ass hole. My other hand was pinching her nipples. I was wondering if Chris was capturing all of this. Amber came very fast. her pussy juices taste so sweet, leaving me with an after taste of honey. After she camei flip her over so that her ass hole was facing me and started probing at her hole with my tongue and fingers. It drove her nuts.

By this time Chris was fully naked watching the action. Ricky was sitting in a chair jerking off. Amber crawled away from me and wrapped her nice lips around Chris's dick. At that point I positioned myself behind her and started to ram her doggy style. I took no mercy on her. I just rammed my dick in her, and she responded by fucking me back with equal intensity. We were fucking so hard that it ruined Chris' blow job. Amber could not handle doing both. I could feel her cumming, juices dripping to my balls every minute, like clockwork. God this girl was something else. While fucking Amber I cold see Ricky from a mirror across the room. I watched him jerk off to orgasm and bring himself hard again. I thought to myself.. wow. This guy has some stamina. I was no where near the state of orgasm but Amber was getting tired. I began to feel her slowing down. I slowed my pace with her. This was good because up until then Chris had seen very little action, and I had plans for him also.

I pulled out of Amber and let her take care of Chris while I got myself some water. That 20 minute fast fuck had gotten me a little thirsty.

I sat next to Ricky while I drank my water. I whispered my plan to him as we watched Chris fuck Amber.

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