tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFour Views of Little Miss Slippery

Four Views of Little Miss Slippery


If you viewed one of those satellite shots of Sugardrop Bend in one of the towns along the outline of the Great Lakes, you would see what could be described as an inverted cul-de-sac. Four houses whose backyards were arrayed around one larger property with a long rectangular backyard, the centerpiece of which was a large in-ground swimming pool and patio area. That would be the Martin place, the house and property belonging to Ed Martin, the successful - and very wealthy - car dealer in town. It is also the home of his daughter, Kristi Martin, about whom you will learn more as the story circumnavigates the backyard views on Sugadrop Bend.


Jack Harrigan is a retired career Navy man. What the movies once called Chief Petty Officers but now the titles are all different. Jack was fifty-four and a confirmed bachelor, barrel chested as befits the stereotype of a career noncom but now his belly was competing for space with his chest beneath his stretched t-shirts. Jack still worked down at the Great Lake Marina to stay close to boats as much as possible. That's where he first met Ed Martin, who kept a big cruiser docked there during the season. It's also where he first met Kristi who was a bashful grade school girl when Jack took the marina job after his Navy retirement. But that was several years ago. Kristi was down at the marina a week or two ago and, boy, thought Jack, has she grown up.

Ed Martin had come walking down the dock and hailed Jack with one of those greetings that splits the difference between true friendship and somebody who works for you. A few steps behind her father, Kristi ambled down the gently swaying dock in a midriff top, cutoff jean shorts, flip flops, and oversized aviator sunglasses. Her hair, usually a deep chestnut brown, was streaked with sun highlights. Jack had to concentrate to keep his eyes from running up and down and back again over the Martin girl's stunning transformation from the adolescent he had seen around the docks previously. Although her clothes were not blatantly sexy, it was easy to discern that she had a perfect hourglass figure and slender waistline in her summery attire.

"She's graduated from Mount Saint Helen's Academy." Ed said by way of explanation for Kristi's appearance back in town. No one had seen her for a long time since the Martins shipped her off to the boarding school somewhere out west. All the neighbors on Sugardrop Bend had seen and heard the big homecoming and eighteenth birthday party celebration her parents had thrown in late-May: live music, lots of young adults, and screaming into the wee hours.

"Hmm, Mount Saint Helen's." Thought Jack. "Sounds fitting, since she certainly erupted into adulthood." He finished his thought.

Kristi, of course, was polite but dismissive in her greeting to Jack. As she and her father walked down the dock towards their cruiser, Jack watched Kristi from behind with her undulating backside and envied whoever would get that thoroughbred in the sack.

It was a few days later when Jack saw Kristi on the patio surrounding the Martins' large pool. His kitchen window afforded an excellent view towards the Martins' backyard. Jack smirked to himself. It was a Saturday, so Ed and Mrs. Martin would be down at one of his dealerships in town. It seemed that Kristi was planning to take advantage of an absent father to get as close to an all-over tan as possible without actually being bare-ass naked. She was wearing a very small orange bikini whose top barely contained her fulsome natural breasts and whose thin strips of material masquerading as a bikini bottom cleaved her derriere to expose her athletically muscled gluteus maximus. Jack pulled one of his kitchen counter stools over and perched where he had an unobstructed view outside but where the screen and indoor shadow would leave him invisible from without.

Kristi stood near an assemblage of chaise lounges and began applying suntan lotion to her arms and easy to reach parts of her limbs and torso. Jack watched from his vantage point and began to feel the stirrings of manly excitement when Kristi began twisting her body to get the lotion onto her back and shoulder blades. The girl was limber, Jack thought, as he watched her apply lotion in a ballet of twists, stretches, bends, and extensions. After she seemed to have herself covered in the lotion, Jack was surprised to see her start the process all over again. Kristi squirted generous handfuls of the lotion onto her palms and slathered the second coat atop her now glistening golden skin.

"Fuck, yes." Jack grunted to himself as he watched Kristi handpaint herself with the creamy lotion. His cock which had been slowly stirring to tumescence was now standing upright in his boxers beneath his summer plaid shorts.

Across the yard and over the fence, to the groaning appreciation of her vigilant neighbor, Kristi Martin covered her body with more lotion. The sun was getting hot on her nearly naked skin. The lotion gleamed along her limbs and she spread another handful of goop into the soft ripples of her abdomen and then glided the excess along her upper hips. The air was scented by the essential fruity oils in the lotion. Kristi had a hard time picking up the lotion bottle from all the oil on her fingers and the plastic bottle itself. She had to jump to catch the airborne bottle when it popped right out her hands. She squeezed out another handful and rubbed her palms together. She arched her back and reached her hands backward to massage the lotion onto the soft globes of her derriere.

"Oh, you little cock-teaser." Jack whispered to himself as he quickly unzipped his shorts, pulled his cock out of his boxer's front opening, and began wanking while staring trance-like at the neighbor's goddess-daughter. He watched and wanked as she rubbed the second, then third handful of lotion on her ass. The sun was literally glinting off her now and Jack saw Kristi run her long fingers into the crack of her ass where the tiny strip of bikini material was wedged deep within.

Jack was fixated on Kristi and jerking off in a measured steady stroke. He realized that he wasn't imagining fucking the oil-coated fleshpot. He was imagining sliding his rigid cock between her slickly lubricated ass cheeks and the soft mounds of her glistening boobs. He got enough straight sex from the Asian massage girls he visited and the occasional lay that Nina, the waitress at the Pub-N-Grub, would throw him. No, all he wanted to do with Kristi Martin was slide his cock around on that over-lotioned body of this eighteen year old animated wet dream.

Jack feared he might be hallucinating when he thought Kristi rubbed her hand over her bikini front and squirm at her own touch. When she very definitely made the same move seconds later, and again moments after that, he knew that he wasn't imagining things. The Martin dreamgirl was touching herself and turning herself on just as he was.

As he felt his rapid heartbeats and shallow short breathing, and the high-pitched humming in his head, Jack knew he was going to have a paralyzing orgasm. "This one's for you Little Miss Slippery!" Jack thought to himself as his first spurts of jizm went flying.


Ronnie Sheldon was sitting in his room at his parents house on Sugardrop Bend hoping for a glimpse of Kristi Martin by her pool. He had come to expect seeing her in her vast collection of bikinis and thongs as the summer days passed by. The Sheldon place was on the other end of Sugardrop from Jack Harrigan's place, so the view of the Martin pool and patio was a mirror image of Jack's. Ronnie's room was on the second floor, so he had more of an aerial vantage point from which to spy upon Kristi's poolside activities.

Ronnie was a collegiate football player at a large out-of-state university. He was taking some remedial online courses during the summer to maintain his shaky scholarship so he spent a lot of time in his room, at his computer, often with his head turned to keep an eye on Kristi sunbathing across the fifty or so yards where she lounged. When Ronnie was a star of his high school football team, Kristi seemed to have a crush on him but she was a few years younger and he hardly paid her any attention back then. Watching her now, slicked up in all that lotion she used, possessing the body of a porn starlet, it was hard to remember her as the average middle school girl who always smiled and waved hello when he drove by with his friends.

He sat back in his chair to relax from his online course and his head naturally swiveled left to look for Kristi. Yes, there she was, as usual, applying the lotion he had watched her do so many times before. He leaned closer to the window when he saw Kristi carefully uncover one of her boobs and rub lotion onto the soft mound of her breast. Kristi repeated the move with the other breast. She was quick and deft in her motion so she never actually exposed her nipples so that Ronnie - or anyone else - could see them.

"Goddammit!" Ronnie whispered the oath and sat back in exasperation. After watching the Martin girl for the better part of a month after her homecoming, he had seen some incredible poses and suggestions by Kristi but she never actually exposed herself. The funny thing to Ronnie was that he often felt he had seen something when his rational brain told him he had not, really, seen anything at all.

He glanced at his computer and his heart sank at the thought of doing any more coursework. He slowly lowered the lid of his laptop, sighed, unzipped his shorts, fumbled inside his underpants to grab his cock and brought it out. Kristi was still doing her elaborate lotioning routine. Ronnie's cock grew thick in his hand as he watched Kristi spread a smear of creamy lotion up the length of her thigh from her knee to the inside of her crotch where the shard of bikini material barely covered her pussy.

"Fuckin' fuck, girl." Ronnie may have said it aloud, he may have said it only to himself, he couldn't tell, so engrossed was he already in full-on masturbation. He watched Kristi writhe around as she wiped lotion on, around, and between various body parts. Ronnie had a sudden flash mental image of his teammate Je-Shawn Coddington fucking Kristi Martin. "Where did that come from?" He wondered. Je-Shawn was a tall, muscular, African-American defensive end on the football team. Ronnie had never thought of him outside of team activities before. He remembered seeing Je-Shawn's cock in the team showers and locker rooms. His teammate's tool had hung thick and dark, dark brown, with the shiny head pointed down to the floor as it swung while he walked. Jeezus, that thing must be a foot long and as thick as a baby's arm when it's engorged, Ronnie thought.

Now, his actual visual sight of Kristi was clouded by a mental image of Je-Shawn fucking the hell out of the neighbor girl. And as that mental image played out, it included the Martin girl's enthusiastic participation in the fucking. Ronnie stared out the window and jerked himself off as his mind simultaneously played a porn movie of Je-Shawn Coddington's muscular black body and gigantic cock pounding the bejesus out of a screaming, shiny, leg-wrapping, Kristi Martin. Ronnie's brain played the action forward as Je-Shawn had bent Kristi's legs back and was piledriving her with that huge black member. Kristi was holding on with her arms around the stud's broad back and shaking her head back and forth while yelling, "Yes, fuck me like that, Je-Shawn, fuck me like that!"

"Yeah, fuck that slippery white girl, Je-Shawn." Ronnie thought to himself as he imagined the action as it was unfolding behind his eyes. Ronnie was sweating now as the sun beat through his bedroom window and his hand flew up and down the shaft of his less-than-Je-Shawn-sized cock. Ronnie's piston strokes on his member matched the imagined piston strokes of Je-Shawn's giant tool as he laid into the fantasy Kristi. He kept his eyes locked on Kristi's body as she lay sunbathing in her oil-slathered state but his mind's eye played out the scene with Je-Shawn and the neighbor girl.

Now, Ronnie could see Je-Shawn pulling his enormous black cock out of Kristi's gaping pussy and quickly moving to position himself above her torso. With a loud, heavy grunt, Je-Shawn spurted a stream of thick white cum that hit Kristi full on the face.

"Ooohwee!" Kristi yelped in Ronnie's fantasy, the black footballer's cum covering her pretty face and laying atop her sun-streaked hair as she licked some off her lips.

And that is when the fantasy brought home the reality as Ronnie Sheldon leaned back in his chair, legs straight out in front of him, left hand wrapped around his cock and sent gobfuls of jizm into the air. "Fuck, man. Fuck, man." He whispered to himself as he took one last look at Kristi Martin as she wiped some more lotion across her tummy.


On a sunny August afternoon at the far end of Sugardrop Bend, in an upstairs bedroom, Tracy Foster had her husband's cock in her mouth. Her husband, Wayne Foster, was reclining on their king sized bed and enjoying his wife's liquid mouth moving up, down, up, down on his cock. He was also enjoying watching a 55" television screen that showed Kristi Martin slathering handfuls of suntan lotion on her golden brown limbs.

After a couple months of sequestering themselves behind upstairs window curtains, the Fosters decided to let technology enhance their voyeurism. Wayne had always been a gadget guy so he found a small but powerful video camera that would carry a clear image the 50 or so yards from the Martins' patio to the Fosters' bedroom. Hooked up to a new Samsung HD television, it provided a brilliant picture of Kristi Martin's oil-soaked sun worshipping.

So the Fosters are not your normal suburban empty-nesters. Or maybe they are. In any event, after their kids got married and left them alone again at the still-tender ages of 47 and 46, Wayne and Tracy experienced a sexual re-awakening. Tracy had kept most of her figure and good looks and Wayne had grown into his middle-aged affluence with salt and pepper hair, only a slightly spreading waistline, and seemingly all of his youthful randiness still on call. They watched the occasional porn DVD, Tracy played dress-up in lingerie and heels, they considered and discarded the idea of swinging, and they spoke openly about any new kinks they found interesting. The appearance of the Martin girl exhibiting her incredible body coated with gleaming lotion right outside their bedroom window became a focus of their fantasies and playtime. Now, Wayne had hooked up the camera and TV so they could both watch Kristi display herself while they fucked each other.

Tracy glanced up at the TV and saw Kristi smearing another gob of suntan lotion along her calf. She took Wayne's cock out of her mouth. "I bet you'd like to put this into her slippery pussy." She said as she waggled Wayne's thick cock in her hand and then resumed sucking it.

"I'd like her to suck me off as good as you do, baby." Wayne sighed as he enjoyed the sensation of Tracy's blowjob and the mental stimulation of watching Kristi turn herself into a human oil slick. The best part of Wayne and Tracy's sexplay was that she had developed a very dirty mind and mouth to keep her husband's motor running at full power.

"I bet she couldn't do this." Tracy said slyly as she swallowed Wayne's cock down to his pubic hair and the beginning of his ballsac. Tracy liked sucking cock and Wayne's was thick if only average length. The fullness of its circumference made her really work on getting it down deep. And she knew he liked it too. "Unngghhh," Tracy made a guttural noise as Wayne's cock nearly made her gag when she had it in deep and tickled the roof her mouth.

"Know what I'd like to do to her - and you?" Wayne asked as he intently watched Kristi smear lotion on her asscheeks.

Tracy came up for air, still holding her husband's cock in her left hand. "No, what?" She said as she went back down on his cock.

"Fuck her ass." Wayne growled as he watched the neighbor sexpot's ass on the big screen. Tracy looked at the flatscreen and saw why Wayne was thinking of ass-fucking. The Martin girl was smearing a handful of lotion into the crevice between her golden asscheeks.

"Yeah, baby, put it in my ass and we can watch her together while you pound me." Tracy said as she scrambled onto the bed to get her ass in high position so they could both face the television screen.

Wayne rubbed his precum-my cock head against Tracy's tight asshole. He gently pushed forward and Tracy's ass gave way as his cockhead disappeared into his wife's bottom.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, give that to me, Daddy." Tracy whispered throatily.

They watched the television as Wayne slow-stroked Tracy's asshole. Kristi Martin had climbed onto her chaise on her knees with her ass in the air behind her. She squirted out another large handful of suntan lotion and began running her fingers deep between her asscheeks. Suddenly, they both made exclamatory noises. The Martin girl seemed to be running her slender middle finger under her thong to probe her asshole.

"If I had a cock, I'd fuck that ass." Tracy said in low tones as Wayne's piston began giving her an insistent stroking.

When Wayne heard his wife say that - she always said just the right thing - he couldn't hold back any longer. He threw himself against her and pushed his cock as deep in her ass as he could get it. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna come in your ass, honey!"

"Deep and hard, fucker." Tracy said aloud as she pushed her haunches back against her husband's buried cock. They had never ass-fucked in their early married years but since their sexual renaissance Tracy loved the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her asshole.

Wayne grunted and pulsed his semen to into his wife's tight ass. Tracy made a silent scream as her husband's cock throbbed inside her tightest spot.

The three of them - Wayne, Tracy and Kristi on the television screen - rolled sideways in spent pleasure, almost simultaneously, Wayne was panting hard from his workout in Tracy's ass. Tracy was jilling her clit with tears in her eyes close to climax. Across the expanse of yard but only a few feet away on the screen, Kristi was tousling her hair and smiling as she rolled her slippery body about on the chaise.

Had she really fingered her ass? Or had they only imagined it? Only the mysterious Martin girl could say - but her silent smile said much.


Vivian Cartwright lived in the house next to the Fosters at the bottom of Sugardrop Bend. Her vantage point to the Martin patio was just to the left of her married neighbors. Unlike the other voyeurs on Sugardrop Bend, Vivian was the only person to have actually spoken to Kristi Martin while she was out sunbathing. Vivian's interest in the newly arrived neighbor girl was different from the other interested parties on Sugardrop Bend because Vivian was a confirmed lesbian.

Vivian bought her house on the Bend a few years ago after she had made a small pile of cash in stock options as a middle manager at a large corporation in town. Accustomed to high rise apartments in big metropolitan areas, she thought she would settle into suburban middle age with a big empty house when she moved out here to the exurbs. Instead, she had fallen into a circle of mostly closeted suburban lesbians and her house proved to be their meeting place for get-togethers both innocent and, well, orgiastic.

A month or so ago, Vivian was feeding the rosebushes along the back end of her yard. Kristi Martin had just appeared on her patio. "Hello." Vivian said with a cheerful smile as the bikini'd Kristi spread her towel on a chaise near the Martin's pool.

"Oh, hello." Kristi said with a returning smile.

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