Fourth Slave


I had been to this particular establishment before. I knew very well what they did and the women here were nearly all abducted. I knew that. What had brought me here today or rather on this night, was the loss of my slave. I had sold her when I got bored with her. I had a particular taste in women that required them to be both submissive and very slight in build. This last one who I had named Samantha, was both in spades. Slender and almost titless, she had kept me enthralled for nearly two years with a diet of sexual submission, a taste for abject humiliation and a way of winkling out and satisfying my deepest sexual desires.

Samantha had even once got me cross dressing and had even indulged my taste for WAM. I still remember the session we had, both in lingerie with two dozen raw eggs smeared all over us. As always though, the first session was the best and repeats were not as good. I could sense towards the end that she was struggling to keep my interest and she was not terribly good as a maid or housekeeper.

Anyway, I put her up for auction one night and she fetched a good enough price. I last saw her being fucked by two men neither of whom were her purchaser so it looked as though she was off to a life as a sex slave. She would probably enjoy that although she certainly didn't have sex with anyone else while I owned her. I would have known and I kept her padlocked up and sometimes caged when I was not there, just to make sure. Like most slaves, she was a bit inclined to go with the flow. I obviously knew nothing of her previous life before me and cared even less. She appealed to me as a sex slave and she talked her way into my life from a Slaveria interview when she had been all over me in a sexual way, dressed in a see through nightie and peignoir.

I suppose I should explain. This establishment was called Slaveria and specialised in displaying women and very rarely, men for buyers to take on board as slaves. These slaves could be used purely for domestic duties or for sex or both. They had no choice. Most of them were abducted after due research. They had to be alone with no close family, down on their luck and not likely to be missed. They didn't have to be pretty, very few were, but they did have to be in goodish shape and still making an effort. There were some volunteers among them but you didn't normally know which were abducted and which weren't. The research was that comprehensive that the abduction was almost saving them from a fate that was unacceptable to them and worse than what they were going through in Slaveria.

All responsibility for rent, bills, food and making a living were taken away from them and for the first week or so they were very pampered and looked after. All will tell you that, once the shock of the change had worn off and the pampering made them feel wanted and very aware of themselves, they tended to allow it to happen to them. What was on offer was a life without responsibility in return for devotion to a Master or Mistress who would treat them as a valuable asset that could make them money. They all signed a contarct agreeing to these terms so they were not really illegal. I don't know what would happen if the slave refused to sign or was insistent that they would no allow the sale to proceed.

Slaveria sold all its slaves to clients such as me. Each slave came at a price that seemed based on the time they had been there. The longer they had been there, the more they cost up to a peak and after that, the price would decline. Nobody knew what happened to those that didn't sell and the shelf life was about one month and based on activity with buyer interest and / or interviews. The slaves knew about this but had little idea of time passing.

Each slave could use whatever charms they had to attract buyer's interest and most succeeded in having some sort of gimmick that they used to attract the buyers. Obviously, they had to socialise at mealtimes so they became aware of how the system worked from earlier inductees and within a week newbies could see people disappearing either to a buyer or to Lord knows where. They just knew that they had a finite life with Slaveria. This focussed them enormously and most of them started researching all the ways that they could attract a buyer. Slaveria helped them in this by allowing them to have counselling on how best to present themselves and Slaveria would ensure that all the slaves were regularly updated on what was hot and selling. Those close to their shelf life were obviously given first choice of the hottest sales technique and replacing those who had been sold using such techniques.

Thus Slaveria controlled to a great extent what the slaves were offering to the buyers. Slaveria charged fixed prices which were not aimed purely at the rich and they did ( and still do ) have a strict entry system for buyers to make sure that they understood that they were now responsible for another human being. They don't offer trade ins so if the slave proves unsatisfactory then they are either released ( very rare ) or sold at auction and the buyer returns to Slaveria. I suppose it is possible that slaves could be killed by owners by a combination of abuse and neglect but such a reputation would disbar you from buying again anywhere so was not advised.

I myself was a respected buyer with Slaveria and had purchased three slaves over a ten year period and sold all three at auction. Slaveria did check all this and had to be convinced that you had done just that and not just killed them. The system seemed to work quite well but had its ups and downs and peaks and troughs.

At any one time, Slaveria had a maximum of ten slaves for sale. When I arrived that night I was told they had seven in stock and two of those were Transvestites. I had bought a TV once and she was a good slave but the sex had never gelled for either of us and I sold her on after six months.

So with Samantha at two years and the TV at 6 months you can see that to make ten years, one of the slaves lasted seven and a half years. This was Doreen who was so competent in the household department that the sex just got forgotten. It was almost like being married except that she always put in an effort to make sure I was looked after, meeting me at the door, taking my coat and boots, running a shower for me, making sure that I was warm, fed and comfy. She was always demurely dressed but always wore suspenders, stockings and good underwear. If I wanted sex, she was there but to be honest I just liked having her around as she looked after me so well. The sex was pretty average anyway and me being over 60 now, the sex had become less important.

Doreen had looked after my visitors so well that eventually, one of them asked if I would sell her. The price he offered was so high that I couldn't really turn it down so Doreen went off to her new owner and seems quite happy when I visit. I only invested a part of what I got for Doreen in Samantha but that paid off in raunchy sex. What I really needed was a mixture of Doreen and Samantha but I was getting to the point where I truly believed that this was not possible. I still went to Slaveria that night though. It is strange how even now after all these years of unrestricted sex, when you have it on tap you get bored with it but take the opportunity away and the sap rises again even when older.

Slaveria has ten booths that are like a small room and each and every occupant had a chance to display what she wanted to show you. I am fairly sure that Slaveria told each girl which buyers were expected and what they liked but in this case I had arrived almost unannounced and only been let in due to my long standing good reputation. All three of my slaves had spoken highly of me when asked. As I say, only seven rooms were in use and two transvestites so for me as I spoke, only five to look at.

The booths are all along a corridor and each booth is glass fronted with a door into it. Each occupant had another access door at the back and I now knew that both the dormitory and the eating area were communal. The occupants were all expected to be in the display room for most of the night when most of the business was transacted. They could sleep and attend to other needs during the day and anything they needed such as cosmetics or clothing were brought in for them or ordered on the Internet.

All of the slaves were quickly attuned to what was needed in order to be sold and very few dragged their feet. I am sure that they must have been fed happy pills of some sort as they all quickly fell into line and started displaying themselves with some verve.

None of my previous three slaves were very forthcoming about their abduction or sales processing indoctrination but all were glad to have been sold to me from there. All three were well trained and good slaves straight from the box and consistent with it. In particular, Doreen and Samantha had been very happy to be slaves and were very willing to please me without ever once suggesting that they were unwilling in any way. In Doreen's case she had maintained her slave attitude for over seven years without once ever revealing anything about her real feelings on the matter.

Even the TV was a good slave but it was me that decided that another man was not what I wanted as both the sex and the housekeeping would be strange to a TV or so I thought at the time. The TV was my first slave and I was younger then. I always kept an open mind about these things.

This was a major benefit of Slaveria; you were not just looking at them or reading a CV, you were actively encouraged to speak to each slave and private rooms with all facilities are available for you to do that. Of course, it is the visual side that attracts you in the first place and it was bad etiquette to go and speak to a slave that was already engaged with another buyer. This could mean, on a busy night, all the slaves could be busy being interviewed and you almost had to form a queue with other buyers to speak to or interview a slave. It was this element of one on one competition that gave Slaveria the edge and allowed very average looking slaves a fair chance of being bought. If the slave presented to you well and was willing to converse with you and sell themselves as well as their body, one got a better idea of what they were about and whether they would suit you. This was making a 24/7 commitment on both sides and with no refunds or returns, it could prove expensive as an unloved and recently acquired slave always fetches less in auction.

I was advised by the Slaveria receptionist that there was only one other buyer in tonight, that they were interviewing one girl as I arrived and that all six others were not engaged at all and no other buyers were expected that night.

So with this in mind and not really that desperate to replace Samantha, I started along the corridor with a view to browsing rather than selecting. I must admit that my mind was wandering by Room 2 as Rooms 1 & 2 were empty. I looked at my information sheet given to me in reception and saw that Room 1 should have a female slave in it so that must be the one being interviewed. I was rarely interested in interviewees on the night as I always felt that I was not interested in some one else's cast off but due to Slaveria's strict code of ethics, you never knew if a slave had failed multiple times or not at all. You had no idea from the information sheet whether a slave was new or close to shelf date. Slaveria also discouraged visits by buyers more than once a month. Subtle pressure was there all the time but I didn't mind. This was my first visit in two years and it was obviously a quiet night anyway plus I was really browsing wasn't I?

I was obviously musing all this as I wandered idly down the corridor so I have no idea what room number I was at but my attention was seriously grabbed by what I saw.

This particular slave was spread-eagled on a St Andrew's cross which was tilted towards the window. The slave was wearing a full black rubber hood with no eye holes and only a large grommeted aperture over the mouth. Even so, one could see that this slave's breathing was somewhat restricted as the hood was rising and falling with each breath. I could see that the hood was fastened round the neck with a posture collar, also black and shiny and I am fairly sure that the band of leather buckled across the forehead was also fastened to an extension of the cross under the head.

Both hands were in balled fists in bondage gloves and fastened tightly around the wrists and to the cross. I could see how tight they were and suspected that both hands were probably numb. I could see the slight movements made to try to relieve the discomfort. The slave was wearing a rubber bra and I could see that the naked skin around it and up the bare arms was glistening with either sweat or oil. My eyes tracked down to the midriff and the shiny corset that was obviously done up very tight indeed as I could see a ridge of flesh at the top of the underbust and you could almost hear the tension on the front busk. The slave was wearing a knee length transparent latex skirt that was elasticated around the corseted waist. This was stretched tightly across the splayed legs which were encased in transparent rubber stockings and I could see six black strap suspenders under the skirt and a black pair of knickers. The legs were so tightly strapped to the cross that you could see the straps biting in. High heels on the feet which had small padlocks on them. This slave was plainly very uncomfortable and was constantly squirming to relieve aches and pains.

I looked at the sheet. Unusually there was some detail on there in that this slave offering was a transvestite and a volunteer. I was curious and really wanted to relieve this slave's discomfort. I also knew that it would be cruel to release her unless I meant to interview her so I walked on. I wasn't really looking at the others. I was filled with the image of this TV in deep rubber bondage and was curious as to how they would volunteer for this sort of thing. I had not seen this particular display or anything remotely like it when I had visited Slaveria before. Indeed, I got the impression that this sort of blatant exhibitionism was actively discouraged at Slaveria on the basis that such display was inappropriate to the idea of the slavery that Slaveria offered.

There was nothing to stop you turning your slave into a rubber doll but that was your business after you had purchased the slave and was not relevant to whether you purchased a slave or not. Most of the slaves were female and dressed slightly provocatively and the occasional male tended to be a bit hunky with lots of six pack and muscle. The one or two wimps that I had seen on my other visits had not sold I think, as I had not seen one since or heard of any being sold at auction.

I had always been intrigued by rubber clothing and I was attracted by what I had seen. My footsteps led me back to the room. Nothing had changed. A glistening transvestite in deep and tight bondage. Probably very hot under that hood and I wondered if she was wearing a wig. I checked the bra and could not see that the breasts were false. A really convincing turn out. No bulge in the panties either. I felt my heart skip. I felt the same about the first TV I had but the display back then was nowhere near as convincing as this one and it was the nudity that killed the passion. This TV was displaying a lot of skin already and was very feminine in stature and the tits were very real I could even see nipples outlined in the rubber bra which was quite a bit skimpier than others I had seen. I was curious and wanted a closer inspection. I didn't have to untie her and she was blind in that hood. I could ask her questions without untying her, couldn't I?

I gingerly tried the handle and the door opened. All Slaveria's doors were silent normally but this one gave a muffled squeak. The slave stopped moving instantly and the hooded head cocked in my direction. She even stopped breathing for a moment, trying no doubt to listen and sense who had come in. Was it a buyer or just a Slaveria staff member? I heard her exhale as I closed the door. Again it squeaked but the slave was back to squirming again, trying to get comfortable but not succeeding judging by the soft grunts and moans that I heard. I also was surprised by the timbre of these noises. Not deep like a man but soft and high like a females but perhaps without that musical quality that most women develop during puberty.

I felt quite highly charged and quite erotic if not blatantly turned on. This was a different experience for me. I was wary of TV's as the first one had been both a disappointment and expensive. TV's were in a minority and were not highly rated at slave auctions so any investment was either long term or speculative. I had had good if somewhat boring experience with Doreen and good if ultimately disappointing experience with Samantha. I truly felt that Samantha was not really a true submissive and was really just playing the part as it was easier than trying to go it alone. Bit of a bimbo as it turned out. I only made a modest return on Samantha whereas Doreen was a money spinner. Doreen always promised a lot of sex, sort of keeping you interested but not really delivering whereas Samantha delivered too much but tended to be a bit seedy. It was like living with an unsuccessful prostitute, always looking for the next john but settling for the easy life as a slave.

Anyway, here I was standing next to this person, dressed in this curious material, stretched out on a St Andrew's cross with tight uncomfortable bondage and blind to any lookers or visitors. I wanted to reassure her that I was sympathetic to her plight and was impressed with her fortitude as I knew that she had to be put into this bondage by Slaveria staff and she would have a lot of say in how tight or uncomfortable she was and I guessed that, as a volunteer, she brought all this clothing with her. So to make her aware of me, I put my hand lightly on her rubber clad leg and ran it up over her skirt, listening to the rustle and faint squeak. I rested my hand on her thigh and squeezed gently then patted her and withdrew my hand. The effect was immediate. A soft sigh and a shudder and the squirming stopped.

She whispered something so I said loudly, "What did you say?" and put my ear next to her mouth hole.

"Thank you", she said quietly. Again that soft feminine voice with hints of bass. Very pleasant.

Without further ado, I started running my hands over her body, as much to feel the rubber as to caress her and was rewarded with the same soft sighs and an absence of squirming. She shuddered as I caressed her thighs. Out of curiosity, I brushed her crotch and was surprised to find no trace of a bulge. I also caressed her breasts and, apart from them being cool to the touch, they too were very realistic to look at and in terms of fluidity to touch. They moved just like real breasts in their rubber prison. Indeed her bare skin was slightly oily to the touch but the aroma of hot rubber was there and assailed my nostrils. I also caressed her head and was sure that I felt a mass of hair under the rubber. Throughout this she sighed and when I touched anything sensitive, she shuddered and her breath came in short gasps as the rubber hood and mouthpiece rose and fell to her gasping. In the end it was obvious that she was really enjoying my touch but no bulge appeared at her crotch.

"Look", I said,"if I release you it is because I feel bad about your discomfort and not because I wish to formally interview you or buy you. Is that clear?"

She said 'yes' and a very slight nod accompanied this whisper muffled by the hood. I released the multiple straps holding her to the cross and, as she rose stiffly, I saw a rubber pump fall between her legs and saw an electric wire from the same region. So she was wearing some form of inflatable, vibrating dildo. I released her bondage gloves and watched as she spent the next few minutes attempting to regain circulation. Her hands were blue and quite cold and I could sense that certain parts of her body were in pain with returning circulation. I am fairly sure that Slaveria staff would be unhappy with the tightness of this bondage particularly as it would have to last all night. It was approaching midnight now and I knew she must have been in this bondage for at least two hours.

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