tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFragrance of an Angel

Fragrance of an Angel


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Mike's eyes flew open as the lovely strawberry scent exotically danced across his nostrils. For as long as he could remember, the alluring fragrance of his sister's best friend Mariah's showers was his favourite alarm clock. Not only was it enough to wake him from his sleep, but the seductive scents flowing from the bathroom were enough to wake every organ in his body, making him more and more aware of Mariah's femininity which seemed to be creating a magnetic force between them.

Mike rolled over to his side and quickly pulled the covers over his head, surrendering to the sequence of enticing images and thoughts which daily flooded his brain. Groaning slightly, his hands automatically reached for the growing bulge in his boxer shorts. Images of Mariah's naked, perfectly shaped D-cupped breast glided into his mind. Stroking his hardened cock, he pictured her in the shower with her wet shoulder-length blond hair lovingly clinging to and caressing her face and neck as she gently laddered her skin. Mike's breath quickened and he increased the pumping speed of his cock as the vision of his sister's best friend switched to her slightly arching her back to spread the jell on her thighs and legs. He imagined the foam gently caressing her female mound and her strong, sexy thighs, playing pic-a-boo with her most gentle feminine areas as it did so.

"Mariah," he moaned as he envisioned himself slowly approaching her from behind and gently tracing the path of the soap suds behind her ears and down the curve of her neck. Feeling encouraged by the sounds of her tiny moans, Mike gently replaced his finger with his tongue, allowing himself to enjoy the seductive taste of her natural flavour as it mingled with the alluring fragrance of her strawberry bath jell, all the while becoming increasingly familiar with every inch of her stomach, sides and back as the tip of his fingers made love to the softness of her skin. Reaching up, He took one voluptuous breast in his hand, needing it for just a bit before introducing a ripe and erect nipple to his fingers which embraced it softly before twisting and squeezing it gently. Taking her by the waist, he imagined spreading her legs a little to welcome his entry before quickly filling her with his long thick cock and stroking her slowly. She begs for more and he increases the speed encouraged by her loud gasps and moans as she reached her orgasm. Mike exploded his semen under his sheets as his vision ended with him coming all over Mariah's back and behind. He sighed contentedly dwelling in his sister's friend's Heavenly scent as he hurriedly switched his agenda to the cleaning of his sheets and himself.

He had just finished and had climbed back into bed with the intentions of playing a video game or two before officially starting his day when the beautiful whistling of Mariah reached his ears. He smiled to himself. She was so perfect in so many ways and she was so oblivious to it. He wish he could just wrap her in his arms and tell her how wonderful she was in as many ways as possible. Ever since Mariah had moved in with Mike and his sister Michelle two years prior upon Michelle and her friend's graduation from university, Mariah had become the centre of Mike's fantasies. He had not been so captivated by any female since high school as he had securely surrounded by a ring of females in college who ensured he never lacked sexually; however, everything changed abruptly two years ago when he was informed that Mariah was moving in with them instead of moving back home with his family who lived at least four hours away.

"Come on Mikey," Michelle strolled into Mike's room and tugged playfully on his ears; a cute habit the siblings had developed since childhood. "Breakfast is finished, aren't you going to eat with us?"

"I'd be there shortly." Mike stretched lazily and pulled on a jeans over his boxer before following his sister into the kitchen.

By now he should have grown accustom to the enticing beauty that greeted him unexpectedly at various places throughout the house and demanded his attention by tantalizing his brain and tugging at his masculinity and awaken his sexuality, but as he turned and entered the kitchen, it all happened again. His vision welcomingly embraced the vanilla figure wrapped in a bathrobe and standing by the stove tenderly scooping breakfast onto a plate. Upon hearing the entrance of Mike, Mariah turned and handed him the plate, obliviously becoming his centre of praise. Mike's eyes scanned the lose edges of the robe carelessly draped over her full round breast, slightly concealing, but still hinting at her ripe and hardened nipples. Stubborn drops of liquid lingered on her cleavage and appeared to be calling Mike's name. Beaconing him to them, begging him to seductively lick them off and trail his tongue to the partial hiding place of her pink berries. Like always, he forced himself to look away and take the plate from her angelic hands and take a seat, all the while struggling to ignore the resurrected bulge in his jeans.

"Mike, please, and I repeat please..." Michelle's voice interrupted. "Please don't forget to pick us up from work at 5:00."

"Umm, what? What happened to Mariah's car?"

"Mike," Michelle sighed. "I told you just now that her car is at the mechanic, do you listen to anything I say?"

"Yes Michelle, whatever," he knew arguing with his sister is a battle already lost. "I'd be there."

"Hmmm, somebody seems a bit excited today." Mike's sister Michelle intercepted his path to his seat and grabbed his swollen cock playfully.

"Uhh, what?" Unable to completely wrap his head around what his sister had just said and done, Mike quickly took a seat, clothed in embarrassment.

"What, is it Mariah again?" Michelle's voice was teasing as she stood directly in front of her brother and stared into his eyes. I hear you in there moaning her name sometimes you know."

"Michelle!" Mariah yelped and spun around in an attempt to silence her friend, causing the cup of orange juice she was holding to slip out of her hand, splashing all over her and the surrounding areas.

"What, the cat got your tongue?" Michelle ignored and continued to press. "Not her cat though, because that is all mine."

Michael was glued to his seat by shock as his sister laughed before turning away. What happened next left his swollen cock fighting to escape the fabric in which it was held captured. Michelle, upon getting to her knees, began to slowly lick Mariah's left leg where some juice was still present.

Michael's eyes turned their attention to Mariah's face where embarrassment was quickly replaced by shock, and then pleasure as one hand sub-consciously reached for Michelle's hair, gently tugging her head upward. Politely resisting Mariah's attempts, Michelle took her time familiarising herself with the taste and texture of every inch of Mariah's left leg before moving to the right one.

"Oooohhhh," Mariah cooed as Michelle's tongue edged up her thigh and the grip on Michelle's hair visibly became tighter.

With her legs becoming increasingly weaker with every advancement of the magic tongue, Michelle pressed Mariah against the sink before allowing her head to disappear under Mariah's robe.

At that, Michael freed his throbbing cock from its denning prison and began to pump it with his hand rhythmically as he continued to watch. He watched as his sister's head re-appear, carrying Mariah's pink thong between her teeth before dumping it on the floor and hoisting up her skirt.

The moment which had repeatedly flowed through his mind had finally arrived and it brought with it more glory than he had ever imagined. Mike gaped at the perfect smooth and sexy curves of Mariah's thighs and the wonderful perfection of her feminine core which housed the pink, swollen, bud-like key to Heaven which his sister was now taking between her lips. The moans that he had so many times imagined now filled the kitchen as his sister sucked on the sweet fruit that was so long forbidden to him.

Feeling the last ounce of control escape his body, Michael quickly made his way over to the angelic couple, wanting nothing more to have a taste of the forbidden fruit, but before he could even touch, he was quickly slapped away by his sister, who gestured for him to retake his seat. He returned to the pumping of his cock as two of his sister's fingers disappeared into the newly formed waterfall. Mariah's moans became louder and more laboured as Michelle picked up the pace, fingering Mariah's beautiful cunt as her tongue continued to hungrily suck and eat from the sweetest fruit, selfishly keeping all the flavour and juice for herself. Her fingers changed the pace, slightly altering the path as they appeared to have found Mariah's G-spot. Grabbing Michelle's hair with both hands, Mariah's hips began to gyrate rapidly, grinding onto Michelle's tongue and fingers, before her knees began to give away with the force of her orgasm, and the only thing keeping her up was Michelle's slender hands hooked around her waist, still holding up her skirt.

Michael's hands began to pump even faster as he too reached his peek, spilling his seed all over himself and the table in front of him.

Michelle got to her feet and flashed her brother an evil smile with her face still covered with her lover's juices:

You had your show and now its time to clean up." Come baby," she turned to Mariah and helped her to her feet, "It's time to get ready for work. We'll finish this later."

Michael watched as the two women left the kitchen with satisfaction clearly printed on their faces.

"Don't forget to pick us up this evening," Michelle said before entering her room. "If you do, who knows, we may have another surprise waiting for you.

To be continued.

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