tagGroup SexOne Hot Snow Storm

One Hot Snow Storm


Brent darted a fast glance at the clock in his car. Just after ten. Even if he hadn't made that wrong turn when he stopped for gas, it was a little late for showing up for a party now. But with the crowd his cousin had invited, he didn't imagine he'd be missed.

And if only the damn snow would let up, maybe he could figure out where the hell he was. But from what they were saying on the radio, the blizzard could go on for days. Judging from the depth of the snow on the road, even the snowplows weren't venturing out anymore. It was such a wicked night to be out driving, he just wished he could he could find somewhere to pull off.

But seeing as he couldn't make out the side of the road anymore, trying to turn around and go back the way he came wasn't really an option. So all he needed was somewhere to pull over, anywhere, even just a house or a farm till the damn storm blew over.

Clutching the steering wheel in a death grip, his face inches from the windshield he couldn't believe how hard it was coming down. He'd never seen anything like it. It was just so blinding, he could barely see a foot in front of his car, and his headlights sure as hell weren't helping. Could be he was driving right by a house and wouldn't even know it.

Then just up ahead, he could barely believe his eyes, when he thought he saw a figure, maybe someone out with a snow blower. And trying to pull over to the side of the road, his last words were, "Oh, shit no," as he lost control and slid into a ditch.

And that was all he remembered.

Kaylee was just about to turn the snow blower around at the end of her driveway, when she noticed a set of headlights shining through the heavy falling snow that seemed to be coming right for her. Then she gasped watching it swerve, lose control, and then slide straight into the ditch.

Trudging through the heavy snow as fast as her heavy booted feet would allow, once she got to the car, she slid down the small embankment on her backside, glad now she'd worn a ski suit, so she had some protection.

After she managed to tug open the door, she let out a gasp, seeing a man slumped over the steering wheel knocked out cold. And since the air bag hadn't deployed, she imagined he probably hit his head, but had no way of knowing how badly he was hurt. But at least she couldn't see any blood, which was a good sign.

Trying to decide how she'd ever get him out of his car and then back to her house, she thought of how she always used an old wooden toboggan to haul anything she needed along the driveway on snowy days like this, and just hoped it would work with him. All she knew was, with how bad the roads were there was no way an ambulance would be able to get to him, at least not tonight.

So, after tugging off one of her gloves, she cupped his cheek and promised, "I'll be back as fast as I can. You just hang on, okay?"

And although he didn't answer, thankfully she could tell he was still breathing since his breath was visible in the cold air.

Once she managed to wade her way through the heavy snow back to her house, she found her identical twin sister Kim, right where she'd left her, still in her boy shorts and tank top on the couch watching a movie, and munching popcorn. Kim looked up surprised when her sister said, "Quick get dressed. Someone ditched their car by the house, and we've got to go get him and bring inside."

Kim's eyes shot open. "Oh, god, that's awful. But shouldn't we be calling an ambulance for him if he's hurt?"

"Not with the way the roads are, they'll never get out here. I'm betting its how he would up in the ditch, probably lost control trying to pull over. And I can't even imagine why he'd be out on a night like this. It's really bad out there, the worst than I've ever seen it."

And soon the pair of them were gingerly working him out of his car and strapping him onto the toboggan with some rope and a few belts they'd found, wrapping him on as best they could for the trek through the storm to the house.

Not surprisingly the two of them were sweating bullets by the time they got him safely inside. And after being dragged through the snow, he was wet too, everything he wore covered in slushy snow. So, deciding to put him in Kaylee's bed, once they got him safely on his back on the mattress, they worked together to strip him out of his wet clothes to try and determine if he had any obvious injuries.

But thankfully, from what they could tell, nothing appeared to be broken, and he didn't seem to have any cuts. Still, Kaylee elbowed her sister when she began to tug down his damp boxers, whispering, "Whoa, check that out. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

Both their eyes went big as they took in the size of him. Without even thinking Kaylee wrapped her hand around his big long cock and said, "I don't think I've ever seen one this big, have you? Look, it's so thick I can barely get my hand around it."

Kim, shaking her head, eyes wide, agreed,"No, you're right. This is a first for me, too." Then she frowned at her sister. "But do you really think you should be handling him like that?"

Giving him a few strokes, Kaylee grinned. "Just checking for damage and it looks like everything's A-Okay, at least in the dick department." Then with a regretful sigh, she let go of him, and reaching up brushed back a lock of damp hair from his forehead, saying to her sister, "He really is a good looking guy though, huh?"

Kim nodded, gently smoothing her hand over his cheek. "That he is. Now, I just I hope he's okay. We should probably call the hospital and ask what we should be doing for him until they can send an ambulance."

"Good idea. Why don't you do that while I give him a little sponge bath to clean him up, before I put some dry clothes on him."

Kim cocked a sceptical eyebrow. "Really? You worked as a candy striper for one summer at the hospital when you were seventeen and you think you're qualified to give the poor guy a sponge bath?"

Kaylee wrinkled her nose at her sister. "Well, at least I know how to give one. So, you go ahead and call the hospital and don't worry about me, I know what I'm doing."

"It's not you I'm worried about, it's him. I just better not come back and find his dick in your mouth, that's all I've got to say."

Kaylee actually licked her lips, once her sister said that, eyeing his astonishing length hanging down one leg, almost like an extra limb. "You know if he was awake and conscious I sure as hell wouldn't hesitate."

"Well, seeing as he's not. Try and control yourself, okay?" Then Kim left them, muttering, "Now where the heck did I put my darn cell phone?"

"Beats me," Kaylee, muttered as she brushed a soft kiss to his forehead.

Returning a few minutes later with a basin of warm water, wash cloth, soap and towel, she gently washed his face, looking over her shoulder to be sure her sister wasn't around Kaylee pressed a lingering kiss to his mouth, murmuring, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you, big guy," before she proceeded to run the wash cloth over his neck, chest, nicely chiselled abs, and finally along the length of all that long luscious man meat. And once she had it nice and clean, she took one last quick look over her shoulder for her sister, then bent over his groin and ran her tongue over him, licking him from root to tip. And watching it beginning to thicken and grow hard right before her eyes, pleased at his reaction, she took him in her mouth and began to suck him back as far as she could take him. And damn he tasted good, so delectably hot and smooth, with a surprising drop of pre-cum sitting on the tip, that she wasted no time licking off.

And when she stood, half expecting to see him awake, since his cock was fully erect and now pointing at his face, she felt a little disappointed that he looked as out of it as he did when she'd first found him. Deciding to see if he might react to more, she took him in her hand and began to give him a few strokes, lapping at the tip every now again for a little extra stimulation.

But wouldn't you know Kim chose the exact moment she had his fat knob between her lips to wander back in, her eyes flying open wide at the sight of her sister with the stranger's cock in her mouth. "Holy, shit, Kaylee. I was only joking about sucking him off, but never thought you'd do it."

Instantly letting go of him, she said, "Relax. I was just checking to see how far under he is. Seems even an unconscious man can get hard, which I guess is why so many of them wake up with boners in the morning. But even after I sucked him off a little, nothing happened and he's still out cold."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Please tell me that wasn't something they taught you to do that summer you worked at the hospital."

Kaylee giggled at the idea. "No, just thought it might be a way to check his reaction. If it was going to make him smile or moan or something, then I think he would have done it by now."

Eyeing his thick hard cock, Kim said, "Well, it looks like his dick's the only thing still working on him. But that still doesn't mean you get to play with it whenever you want."

Heaving a sigh, Kaylee went back to wiping him down, running the wash cloth down along his legs to his feet, muttering, "I know. It's probably not a good idea to get him aroused when he's so out of it, but Jeez, can you believe how big this guy is when he's hard?"

Kim swallowed, staring at the size of his impossibly large erection. "To tell you the truth, I can't. I thought he was huge when he was soft, but now he's even more of an eyeful."

"Mmmm, and you should taste him. All hot and hard and smooth, he just felt so good in my mouth, I hated to let go of him."

Vehemently shaking her head, her long dark pony tail, swishing down her back, she said, "I am not about to suck off an unconscious man, no matter how long it's been since I've had any."

"Fine, Miss Goody Two Shoes then you don't have to touch it. You want to help me get him on his side, so I can wash his back, then?"

Kneeling up on the bed, Kim took hold of him around his waist and shoulders, her eyes flying open wide when his rigid cock slapped down and struck her on the thigh. Then tipping her head and seeing that he was still out cold, while Kaylee worked at washing his neck and back, unable to resist, she took hold of him and ran her hand along his length, surprised at how good it felt to hold a cock again, trying hard to remember the last time she'd held one.

Having moved back to their childhood home in the country from the city together a year before, after their parents had retired to the warmth of Arizona, both Kaylee and Kim had noticed that their social lives had all but dried up. With the only places to hook up well over an hour's drive away, they were both feeling pretty deprived.

So, if his cock hovered on her thigh, so what? It wasn't like she'd been trying to suck him off like her sister had been doing. Still... she did begin to wonder what all that long hard man would feel like in her mouth.

Both girls had enjoyed, probably what would be considered, more than healthy sex lives when they'd shared an apartment in the city, but now that they'd moved back to the desolation of what was basically Nowheresville, U.S.A., they'd been trying to decide if it had been worth it to be left their childhood home or not. Their only neighbors old married couples, so old that even their kids were all married off with kids of their own. For two young healthy women in their prime there was just no one around to help satisfy their needs. And now out of the blue, this handsome stranger is literally dropped right into her lap, long hard and pretty damn nice to look at, too. So, what's a girl to do? Especially a desperate girl who hadn't seen any action in damn near a year.

So, keeping hold of his shoulder, Kim began to run her hand along his cock, tentatively at first, but then, wrapping her hand around him, she began to rub him along her bare thigh, loving the smooth feel of him on her skin. Having changed out her wet clothes and back into her boy shorts and tank top, she normally slept in, it would be so easy to slip him up into her pussy, just to try and take the edge off. But then wincing, she let go of him. Seeing as she'd just lectured her sister on what she'd been doing to him when she'd caught her with his cock buried in her mouth, she could hardly use him to satisfy her needs with sister still on the bed. Then she grinned. But maybe later, when Kaylee was asleep...

Kaylee had just finished wiping down his night tight ass and was busy running the wash cloth over the back of his hard thighs, when glancing up she noticed the weird, kind of guilty look on her sister's face. Being identical twins they'd always been able to read each like books, so she knew something was up whenever she looked like that. Finally she asked, "What's that look for?"

Biting down on her lip, Kim said, "Do you think he knows what's happening to him, even though he's knocked out?"

"What? You mean that we stripped him off and that I'm washing him now?"

"Yeah, but do you think he also knows he's aroused, and that you tried to suck him off?"

Looking thoughtful, Kim tossed the wash cloth back in the basin and reached for the towel and began to dry him off, enjoying the feeling of rubbing the terrycloth up and down his toned back and ass. "I don't think so. I watched his face when I had him in my mouth, and he didn't move a muscle. Why? You think he might be upset if he knew what we were doing to him?"

Kim smiled coyly. "Either that or he'd be happy to discover he had two women feeling him up."

Kaylee laughed. "Oh, so now you're into him too, huh?"

"Well, he is pretty hot. And it doesn't hurt that he's hung like a damn horse. I just wondered if he'd know if I tried to uh..."

"So you're saying you want a taste of him, too?"

Slowly shaking her head, a devilish look in her eye, Kim leaned close and whispered, "No, I was wondering what it would feel like to give that big boy of his a ride."

Now it was Kaylee's turn to look shocked. "You scolded me for handling him and giving him a little lick, and now you want to try fucking the poor guy when he's out cold?"

"Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that."

Kaylee rolled her eyes. "Oh, excuse me, you're right. All you want to do is give that big cock of his a ride. Put like that it sounds so much better doesn't it?"

Kim shrugged. "Well, considering he is passed out, I doubt he'd even know. And god, it's just been so long for both of us. So, how about we take turns? I'll try him out first and see if it can work, and then we can switch and then you can have a turn on him."

Kaylee having finished drying off his back gently rolled him till he was facing up again. And eyeing his still surprisingly erect cock, hungry for another taste of him, she licked her lips and said, "Ah, what the hell, let's give it a whirl, and maybe we'll do him a favor and it'll cause him to wake up."

Both of them shrugged out of their boy shorts and tops, and then naked, Kim carefully got back on the bed and spread his legs. Sliding her body between his thighs, taking hold of him, she sank his cock into her mouth and instantly moaned. He was so damn big, and smooth and hard, just like Kaylee had said, but as she felt him getting even thicker as she really began to work him in her mouth, drawing him in deep, she stopped sucking on him, afraid he'd shoot his load before she'd gotten a chance to ride him.

Sliding up his body, she pressed her lips to his mouth, even parting his lips, so she could touch her tongue to his, but he still didn't move or make a sound. So, taking hold of his erection, straddling his hips, she parted her thighs, poised him at the opening of her pussy and began to push his big fat cock head right inside. And as she pushed down, and every big long inch of him began to fill her, she really began to moan, probably because she knew what she was doing was border line illegal, or maybe not so border line, in addition to being straight up wrong, but no matter, she'd never felt more aroused or so good, as she worked him in and out of her. And fuck was he ever thick, and so incredibly long. Every inch of him seemed to stretch her insides to fit, and the slight stinging sensation as he stretched her to the max only made it feel that much more naughty, like she was paying the price for taking the poor guy without him knowing.

Kaylee, no stranger to sex parties living with her equally kinky sister was sitting on the edge of the bed, breathlessly watching her sister fuck their unconscious stranger, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, the clacking sounds her eager pussy was making, telling her when her turn came she'd be more than ready to ride all that luscious man meat. And realizing he was tensing, even with his eyes still closed, she reached out and smacked her sister's ass, telling her, "Hey, don't you dare let him come before I get my turn. And from that blissed-out look on your face, I'd say you've had your fun, and it's my turn now."

Reluctantly, after a few more good hard thrusts, they switched places and then it was Kaylee's turn to sit on his hips and press all that long hard cock into her cunt. Rolling her eyes and contentedly sighing, damn did it ever feel good to be so full. No one had ever filled her up like this before - ever. And to think that he didn't even know he was doing it, only made it that much hotter. But at least it wasn't like they'd slipped him anything since he was like this when they found him. Okay, maybe not hard as a brick, and begging to be fucked, but at least they'd had no part in his accident. And if what they were doing did cause him to wake up, then she figured they were doing him a favor.

Sitting up high on him, she groaned throwing back her head, her long hair tickling her back, marvelling at how perfectly he hit her inside, sliding right over her G-spot and crushing the top of her womb with his big, thick crown as she rode him just as hard as she dared. Pinching and tugging her erect nipples between her fingers as she flexed her hips sliding him in and out of her over and over, she couldn't remember doing anything more kinky or illicit than fucking a stranger who was too out of it to even know he was being used to get her off...

Feeling foggy and numb, Brent's head hurt like an absolute mother fucker. But aside from that, he wondered why he was having all these crazy fucking sex dreams that just seemed too real to be imagined. Like the one he was having right now, where he could swear his cock was sliding in and out of one nice tight pussy, making his balls feel ready to freaking explode. And somewhere in the back of his cloudy head, he knew if he could just open his eyes, he'd either be wildly disappointed or the happiest bastard on earth, if what he was dreaming could somehow actually be happening and he was actually having the ride of his life.

Doing his best to flex his uncooperative hips, his breath coming hard and fast, he couldn't believe how insanely vivid the dream felt. He swore he could even smell the scent of arousal filling the air, and hear the slapping of flesh on flesh and he could damn sure feel the tightness of the pussy wrapped around his cock, and knew whether the dream was real or not, he was about to lose his load like he'd never lost it before.

Trying with all his might to reach out and grab the phantom ass that kept slapping down on his thighs, he wanted so much for it to be real, to be fucking whoever it was slamming his cock. But as powerless as he was, real or not, he was happy just to take whatever she was willing to give him as she rode him till he blew his wad.

Then, holy shit, he felt a mouth descend on his chest, and the sensation of a tongue twirling and nipping at his nipples had him ready to lose his fucking mind. If he'd died and this really was heaven, then everything he'd heard about the place was true, and he must have done something right in his lifetime to be rewarded like this. Then he heard a woman's moan, as she muttered, "Oh, fuck, yeah," as she began to ride him so much harder than he'd ever been ridden before, pounding the hell out of his happy cock.

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