tagMind ControlFran in Service Ch. 01-02

Fran in Service Ch. 01-02


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Fran in Service - The Beginning

Part 1

Fran is an attractive 45 year old mother of three. Her children have left home for college and she and her husband had recently moved into a new neighborhood. America's war on terrorism had taken her husband away the week after the move and placed him on an aircraft carrier on the other side of the planet. She attempted to keep herself busy with her part time job and the rigors of establishing her new home but felt that it was not fair for her to be without her family and alone. One afternoon, her new neighbor Jane rang the doorbell and asked Fran if she would like to get together the next morning with some of her friends for a glass of wine. Fran was very excited! She had always been a social animal and wanted, no needed some new friends to fill the void in her life.

The next morning, Fran woke early, had coffee, and read the paper. Jane said she would pick her up around 11:00, so Fran hurried to the gym for a long workout. Completing her workout she drove home, showered, and fixed herself up. By the time she finished it was almost 1100. She was hungry but hadn't time to eat and figured her new friend would serve some food. Moments later the doorbell rang and Fran met Jane at the door. Jane was a skinny blond who was into tennis. She must had been on her way back from a game because she was dressed in a white tennis dress. They crossed the street to Pat's house and entered the house without ringing the bell. In side they found Pat and Laura, the next door neighbor. Pat was short muscular blond and Fran guessed she must had been a cheerleader as a young girl. Laura was a very tall and thin redhead that was strikingly attractive. Both women were dressed in causal clothes, had an almost empty wine glass in their hands, and were laughing as Jane and Fran entered. The women exchanged greetings. Glasses were refilled and Fran was politely questioned by her new friends. She told them about her husband, children, job, and some things she enjoyed. Fran was not a drinker and actually rarely drank. She was having trouble finishing the first glass and her new friends teased her that she needed to catch up as they were on their third glass. The women kept topping off Fran's glass as they filled theirs. The more Fran drank the easier it was to drink more, especially on her empty stomach. Her new friends were talking about a women's club they belonged. From what Fran could gather, through the alcohol haze that was developing, this was a very exclusive club with a restrictive membership. Jane had been a member for almost eight years, Pat a member for four, and Laura only one year. They discussed some of the activities and the senior members and mentioned several times that the club although exclusive was always seeking the "right" women to join them. Fran wanted to ask about the club and the details of becoming a member but was having trouble composing her thoughts.

After a couple more glasses, Fran realized that the three women were directing more questions to her and that she was answering them without thinking. They talked about her family and what she did to occupy her time now that her husband was gone. Some time during the conversation, the discussion shifted to fun and games, the men in the neighborhood, and eventually to sex. Her new friends, led by Jane were very curious about her sex life, its frequency, her desires, and even her fantasies. With the wine suppressing her inhibitions, she spoke freely about her sex life from her loss of virginity at fifteen, the couple of lesbian experiments in college, her husband, and toys. Pat and Laura shared some of their experiences as Jane sat back and made mental notes of everything Fran said. If Fran had been more alert, she might have noticed that Jane was spending a lot of time staring at her. Fran was having a wonderful time and did not realize how much wine she had consumed or what she was talking about, which did not really bother her as she usually spoke her mind. After an hour of sharing stories, the women had some lunch. When lunch was over Jane walked Fran back to her house. Jane helped Fran inside and told her she would call her the next day. Giving Fran a hug and kiss Jane left.

Part 2

Almost five days had past and Fran had not heard from any of the women. The first couple of days she convinced herself that her new friends were busy and hoped they would call her soon. She was hoping that they might extend an invitation to join them at the women's club allowing her to expand her circle of friends. Her hope faded after the sixth day and she began to worry that she had said something, under the influence of the wine that offended her neighbors. She tried to reconstruct the conversation but could not remember the details. She did remember they discussed sex and Fran kind of remembered discussing her college experiences and unfilled desires. Just when she was about to give up hope, the doorbell rang. Upon opening the door, she discovered Jane in her tennis dress holding a bag. Jane entered Fran's home and apologized for not calling or visiting her sooner and indicated that it had been a busy week. Jane removed a bottle of wine from the bag and offered it as a gift and suggested they toast their new friendship.

Fran was reluctant remembering the last get together but when Jane said she had exciting news about the women's club she could not resist. They opened the bottle and poured two large glasses and went to sit in the den. Jane proceeded to tell Fran that she had described her to the members of the club and indicated that she thought Fran would make an excellent candidate for membership. This made Fran very excited as she asked a number of questions. The women talked about the club over a second glass and Jane described some of the senior members and their social standing. Fran began to notice that Jane was moving about in her chair and eventually settled into a position with her short tennis skirt pushed up. Fran caught herself looking between Jane's legs and noticed that her panties were very shear and she could see the impression of Jane's pubic hairs pressing into the thin fabric. Fran wondered to herself if Jane played tennis in these and was startled as she realized that Jane caught her staring.

Abruptly, Jane got up and said she had to leave. She headed for the front door as an embarrassed Fran followed close behind. As Jane was leaving she turned around and asked Fran if she would get rid of the contents of the bag she brought and said it was some stuff that she had found and had to get out of her house. Of course Fran agreed and Jane left stating she would call her in a day or two. Fran was deeply worried. Instead of being a good hostess, she had embarrassed both her new friend and herself and potentially isolated herself. She picked up the two glasses and took them into the kitchen. She washed the glasses and corked the wine and place the bottle in the fridge. The bag was sitting on the counter and Fran first picked it up and headed for the trash can. Something made her open the bag and see what Jane needed to get rid of. Inside Fran found laser printed sheets stapled together. Looking over the first pack of papers, she discovered a porn story about a housewife that seduced the teen aged boy doing her yard work. The next story was about a woman that was gangbanged by several men on the pool table of a bar. There were two other stories in the bag. Fran scanned the first, a story about lesbian love, and the second about a women abducted and raped by a gang of men and women.

Sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter, Fran read the last story. It began with the description of a housewife (who was remarkably similar to her) that had become lost while driving in an unfamiliar part of an inner city. While trying to find her way back to a highway the woman's car rear ended another car. When she got out of the car to check the damage, she was grabbed by several gang members from the other auto. They forced her inside the car and drove away, taking her to an old warehouse. Once in the warehouse, she was surrounded by a dozen gang members both male and female and told that she had to pay for the damage she had caused. Crying the woman said she would pay for the damage but did not have her purse. Laughing the leader held up her empty purse and told her there was no money or credit cards. The woman broke into sobs as the gang circled and laughed at her. The leader told her she would have to figure out another way to pay or else. The crying woman feared that the gang would kill her, when the leader suggested that she provide them with some entertainment. The gang then forced the woman to undress for them. The story described the still crying woman being stripped naked and forced to fondle herself for the pleasure of the gang while begging them not to hurt her.

Perhaps it was the wine, or getting caught peeking at Jane's panties, or maybe it was her similarity to the character in the story, but as she read she began to feel herself become very excited. Her skin became hot and her breathing was shallow and quick! As she read, her hand automatically began to play with her breasts through her blouse. In the story, the woman was moved to an old mattress and it described in detail how the helpless woman was forced to lewdly spread her legs and display her shaved pubis. She was then forced to fondle herself and execute the directions of the leader while the gang shouted obscenities about her body. The story was making Fran more excited as she touch her pussy through her shorts. She had always had a dark fantasy about being forced to perform for a group of people and the idea that men and women would "talk dirty" about her was a turn on. Fran read on, removing her blouse as she read and thinking it has been way to long since she had sex. In the story, the leader instructed the three female gang members to have some fun with the captive. The girls stripped to their underwear and proceeded to the mattress where their captive was finger fucking herself. They placed themselves strategically around the woman - one between her legs, one at her breasts, and one at her head and began to assail the woman. At this point, it occurred to the woman in the story and to Fran reading it that the only thing that was important was her sexual pleasure. Fran had already removed her top and was pulling on her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her breathing was rapid as she slid off the stool and unfastened her shorts allowing them to drop to the floor. Stepping out of her shorts, she spread her legs allowing her free hand to wander to her crotch. Her panties were wet and she could feel the heat of her pussy through them. She imagined that she was the woman in the story who at this time was being raped by several of the male gang members. The woman was being forced to suck off two of the gang member's dicks and masturbate two others, while being fucked and eaten alternately by male and female gang members.

She would have been glad to exchange places with the woman and had pushed her panties to the floor and was now standing naked in her kitchen with all the blinds open. Fingers on her right hand were massaging her clitoris while those on the other were working in and out of her pussy. Anyone in her backyard could have had quite a show. She knew she was on the verge of cumming and hurried to the bedroom. Her hands were trembling as she pulled a vibrator from the bedside table. She sprawled on the bed, spread herself as wide as she could, and attacked herself. She worked the vibrator around the outside of her pubis as she imagined herself on the dirty mattress being assaulted by the gang members. She could clearly hear members of the gang encouraging her attackers and became more stimulated as she imagined them calling her a whore for responding to their onslaught. Her desires were guiding the vibrating dildo as it slowly circled and toyed with her clitoris. Given the "foreplay" and her transposition with the woman in the story it took her less than a minute to bring herself to an orgasm that started in her toes and shook her to the tip of her head. She was glad no one was there to hear her cries of bliss as the waves sweep over her.

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