tagIncest/TabooFrancine and Her New Neighbors Ch. 02

Francine and Her New Neighbors Ch. 02


Things went back to normal for Francine and Kevin for a week. She waved at him while he was mowing the lawn, and she also was making plans to further humiliate her boy toy, and make his aunt more open sexually.

Kevin kept jerking off at night thinking of his next door neighbor and all the humiliating things she made him do.

Francine phoned Kate and asked her to come over for dinner the next day. She instructed her on what to wear, the white shorts jumper Francine had seen hanging on her bedroom door, and what she was to do to prepare Kevin.

Later that night, she saw Kevin on the couch playing a video game. She was wearing and oversized T-shirt and her pussy was wet and full as Francine had told her to cum hard before talking to Kevin.

She hoped he would ask what the odor was around her, and he did.

"Francine told me we are to go to her house for dinner tomorrow," Kate said as Kevin groaned.

"She told me to cum before talking with you, and asking if you want to watch me do it again as I have to."

"Yeah, that would be OK," he said.

Kate removed her shirt and was naked, and started rubbing herself and stopped, and told Kevin, "You have to get naked also and jerk off, too."

Kevin thought for a minute. He had enjoyed everything Francine had done to him, and figured this could lead to more attention.

He got naked and started stroking himself off.

The phone rang, and Kate saw who it was and answered, "Hi, yeah, we're doing it right now."

"Ok, bye."

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Kate told Kevin to keep stroking himself as she left.

She returned with Francine walking next to her, and rubbing her pussy,

"Why hello Kevin, seems like you enjoy stroking yourself. Keep doing it and you will ask me if you can cum."

Kevin kept going and Francine kept fingering Kate, who held onto Francine as her knees buckled.

"May I cum Francine?" she asked in a little voice.

"You may my sweet thing," Francine said, with her hand stroking Kate's chin.

Francine stood in front of Kevin and undressed.

"I like you Kevin. Keep going. I'll offer you a treat for behaving well," she said.

Kevin was close to releasing and he asked for permission and was denied.

Francine whispered something in Kate's ear, which both startled her and excited her.

Kevin asked for permission again, and Francine told him he could if he would do so on Kate's face.

He wanted to cum so bad, and with Kate looking up at him, he let go and blasted his white cum load all over her face, forehead and hair.

Kate left to clean herself, removing most of the cum with her fingers and licking it off.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Francine asked Kevin "Because you were so good, you will get a big surprise tomorrow. But to get it you cannot cum until I tell you."

Kate returned nude with a clean face and no trace of cum in her hair, and told Francine she would bring Kevin over tomorrow.

Francine got dressed and left.

Kate told Kevin to work hard tomorrow, do as many lawns as he could by 4 pm. She wanted him out so he couldn't see anything happening.

While away the next day, Francine welcomed her daughter, Jamie, who was visiting for a week. She was 30 and a younger image of her mom, with red hair and a nice small figure.

She filled her in on the plans and Jamie was all for it.

Just as was planned, Kevin got home at 4:30 pm, an exhausted, tired and sweaty mess.

He went to his room and found a note from his aunt to come over to Francine's home when he was cleaned up and to wear the clothes on his bed.

Later he arrived at Francine's in a white T-shirt, white shorts, shoes, flip flops, with no socks or underwear.

His aunt opened the door, in her bra and panties, and she grabbed his hand and led him inside. His heart was beating rapidly and he took a deep breath.

Francine was dressed causally in a summer top and skirt, and was sipping a glass of wine.

Kate set the dinner table and Francine sat down with Kevin to her left again. Kevin feared he would be humiliated again, as Francine started dry rubbing him.

He started to zone out when a new woman entered the room.

"Let me introduce you to my daughter, Jamie, she is going to join our fun," Francine said. Jamie sat down next to Kate, as Francine whispered in Kevin's ear, "Give me all your cum and I'll make it a fun evening for you."

Francine used a new technique in forcing Kevin to cum. She went fast and slow, hard and soft, and kept up conversations at the table. She unzipped his pants and his hard cock popped out. She started pumping him fast.

Kevin was sweating and his aunt asked if he was alright. He looked at her, and couldn't hold back any longer and shot off a large amount of cum, some which landed on top of the dinner table, and rest on his shorts.

Francine looked at Kevin and told him to stand up.

He did, with his cock hanging down.

"Mom, did that guy just jerk off at the dinner table?" Jamie said.

"Yes, he must like you, don't you, Kevin?"

Kevin nodded.

"Take off your shorts off right now!" Francine said.

He was standing up nude below, and all the women laughed and giggled.

"Kevin dear, we are going to have to spank you for messing your pants, so you have to agree with this," Francine said, as she pulled Kevin's shirt off.

He bent over the table, and his hands were on the table.

Kate, Francine and Jamie all took turns spanking, using a wooden spoon and a ping pong paddle.

Kevin was told to keep the noise down. His ass started to be pink, then a deep red.

Francine told him to step back, and he saw all three women were naked, and Jamie approached him, sat on the table And Francine pushed him towards her and angled his cock so it easily slid into her daughter's pussy.

He struggled to push in and out, while Jamie pressed into him and held onto his neck.

Francine spoke to Kevin so everyone heard.

"You are going to cum when I let you, and if not, we will beat your ass again."

Kevin used her words as an ability to keep pressing into Jamie and hold off his orgasm,

Sensing he was holding back enough, Francine gave the order and he blasted off, causing some of his cum to spill out of Jamie's pussy.

Exhausted he pulled out, and was shoved aside by Kate, who knelt down in front of Jamie and started tonguing her pussy and tasting Kevin's and Jamie's cum.

"You like this Kevin, don't you," said Francine, as she stroked his cock back to life.

She kept rubbing him and when Kate was done with Jamie, she positioned her in front of Kevin and he blasted another load of cum into her mouth and on her face. Jamie licked his cum off her.

"You think you can do it again?" Francine asked, as she was massaging his soft cock.

She knelt down and started sucking his cock, slurping on it. Once it was hard, she forced him to fuck her.

"You have been a good boy and provided us with a lot of cum. Give me a large blast so Kate can eat it. I'm making her love the taste of your sperm."

With that Kevin used all in him to cum extra hard. Francine gave him a wet kiss, and told him to follow her to the table. Kate instinctively licked Francine's wet pussy to get to Kevin's cum, and Jamie licked Kevin's cock clean of all cum.

"See Kevin, it's fun being humiliated in front of women who like you," Francine said. Jamie left and got some ointment she rubbed into Kevin's multicolored ass, kissed Kevin deeply, then spanked his raw ass hard for fun.

She then pressed him down on the table, and she put two ointment lubed fingers into his anus.

"Relax right now my good boy," she said.

As that was said, he felt something stab him in the ass. He looked around and saw Jamie had a strap on pink cock moving in and out of him.

Kevin wanted to protest, but knew not to in front of Francine. He grimaced and with every push into his ass, his own cock was getting hard again. Francine saw this and wondered what to do.

Jamie stopped pushing and soon his ass was getting pounded again. He looked up and saw Jamie in front of the table. He turned around and saw his aunt strapped in and smiling as she fucked Kevin. He almost came, but waited to be told.

The pounding stopped again and soon started, and this time he was pulled back and before he knew it he was fucking his aunt.

"What are doing?" he whispered to Kate.

"Just fuck my pussy, Kevin. Make me cum," she said.

"Isn't this great!" Francine shouted behind him. "All three of us have fucked your ass tonight."

He looked at Francine and she knew his look, and told him to cum. He blasted off into Kate, who with all the fucking, had built up her own orgasm.

Jamie got in front of Kate and licked her pussy clean, and once Francine stopped fucking his ass, Jamie used her tongue and mouth to clean his cock.

Kate and Kevin slept over at Francine's house that night. Kate slept with Jamie and Francine with Kevin.

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