tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrancis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 06

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 06


Sorry it has been so long since I wrote, but things are as they are. For any new readers, you may want to back up a bit as this begins exactly where part 5 left off, otherwise the start may be a bit fuzzy. Happy reading! Kisses, Francis

We turned left a few miles past the campground; drove across a cattle guard and to a high place in the middle of this really large pasture. Those ugly fuckers turned in behind us. There was nothing between us and the road except a barbwire fence and anyone passing could see us back here. Since we were at least a half a mile from the road, I was sure that no one that saw us would have any idea what we were doing but I was concerned that the landowner would see us and come to investigate.

I cautiously slid out of the truck after Daddy. He grabbed my ass and pushed into the arms of one of those ugly black dudes. He grabbed me and pulled me close and placed my hand on his swollen cock, fuck it felt like it went half way to his knee. I had to pull myself away a little bit at the hips so that he wouldn't feel that chastity contraption underneath my skirt. The other guy came up from behind and staring rubbing my ass. I reached back and felt for his cock too. God I was in heaven and I quickly didn't give a fuck about any landowner and was ready to do anything Daddy told me to. But I was quickly snapped out of this euphoria by Daddy yelling at the guy grabbing my ass; "remember what I said about her being on her period? If you're not careful you may find something you don't want."

I giggled at this and he added, "Give her just a minute to relax while I get the cameras ready." I was disappointed when they both let me go, but I moved to the side of the first guy and he hugged me with one arm while I stroked his cock though his jeans. I reached up with one hand and turned his face to me and gave a kiss, this may not have been my first kiss, but it was the first time I had kissed a man, it was a long kiss and it made me feel sexy, it made me feel like a woman!

Daddy got the cameras ready set up and then he told to come on over. I grabbed those ugly fuckers by the arm and marched right in front of the camera to where Daddy had pointed. I looked right into the camera and said. My name is Francis and I have an insatiable desire for black cock. The problem is that I am in Kansas and there are not a lot of black guys around. I was lucky enough to find these two motherfuckers drinking beer outside of a convenience store in Wichita and they are willing to give me what I crave. With that I slid to my knees sliding my hands down their bodies and then rubbing their cocks through their jeans. I then said; Give them to me!

The one I had kissed had his out first; it was as big as it had felt through his jeans. I began kissing and loving on and then I began sucking it as if were the only thing in the world. It was about then that I felt the other guy rubbing his big black cock on my ear and cheek. I let the first cock slip out of my mouth and without missing a beat I had that other cocks balls deep in my mouth.

I was getting very caught up in what I was doing, but the thought of the land owner showing kept popping into my mind, but every time I would concentrate more on the task at hand. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute, yet my little restraint device kept my ability to release in check. This just made me hotter and hotter. It was about this time that I felt them moving above me and I noticed their shirts dropping to the ground. I guess they were getting hot too. I had a cock in each hand and always had one in my mouth, it was amazing.

At some point one of the guys kind of pulled away from me, but not so far as I had to take my hand off his beautiful black cock. I kind of looked that way to see what he was doing and saw that he was removing the rest of his clothes. The other guy then pulled away from me so he could do the same thing. It was then that I noticed their bodies, whereas these were some ugly motherfuckers, they were cut. I went into some strange euphoric trance and kind of stood up and touched his pecks with one hand and held his cock with the other. I leaned in and began sucking his nipples and slowly made my way back down to his wonderful cock.

When I was back on my knees the other guy started rubbing my temple with his cock and I reached and touched it again. Wow! This so had me turned on, I was in the middle of a pasture fully dressed on my knees in front of 2 cut black fuckers sucking cock like the slut I had become... like the cumslut I had become in less just 3 days.

At that moment I just couldn't take my mouth off of the guys cock. That guy turned to Daddy and asked, "Does she do anal?"

Daddy responded yes, but that in her condition it was all up to her. With the guys cock in my mouth I looked up at the other guy and shook my head up and down. Damn I needed to be fucked. I didn't want that other cock to leave my mouth so I awkwardly got up into a leaning over position, this also gave the chance to adjust my restrained dick where it nothing would be exposed from the rear.

He lubed up his cock with some lube Daddy gave him he began to tease my asshole with gorgeous black cock. He then began to slowly ease it in, when the head popped all the way in I reached around and grabbed the guys ass and pulled him all the way into my face until his balls were on my chin and held it there as long as I could as the guy kept pushing his cock deeper into my ass. He finally got it all the way and feels his balls touching me. I had to release the other guy cock for a moment and breath. He began pumping in an out of me slowly as I caught my breath; I began sucking his friend again in the same kind of rhythm that I was being fucked.

After few minutes of this the guy fucking me grabbed my hips are started slamming my ass against his cock burying in all the way with each thrust. The other guy grabbed a hand full of hair and held my head in a way where my mouth was just aimed at his cock. With the guy in back pushing my hips back and forth I no control how I was sucking this guys cock, just like the pounding in my ass, my body moving back and forth way I was also getting my face pounded by a big black cock.

I was in some kind of sexual trance from all this stimulation and somewhere way off in the distance I heard Daddy say, Remember guys, you paid to cum on her face and that's what I want to see on this video.

It was about a second later that the guy in my ass pulled out and pushed me to the ground, I was back on my knees and looked up at him. He was jacking his big beautiful black cock furiously and I stared it for a moment as if in a trance. I snapped out of it and began licking his balls and whispering "give it to, give it to me". About this time I heard the other guy shout "Here it cums!" and I turned to him and opened my mouth. His first shot went across my face in big thick string of cum. The rest came out in a couple of spurts that oozed straight into my mouth. He then ran his finger along the bottom and made a last big glob appear, I leaned up and kissed the end of his cock and sucked his cum into my mouth. It was a big, load, this guy must have been saving up, but I kept it all in mouth and didn't swallow just like Daddy had told me.

With his cum in my mouth I carefully thanked him for his wonderful sperm and then took a big swallow, then turned to the other guy and said. "May I please have some more, I really need your cum." But before I could finish his first shot hit me in the face and then another. I held my mouth open and tried to catch the rest. He kept on loading my mouth with his glorious seed. When he finished cumming I thank him too, but it was much harder to speak this time with so much cum in my mouth. He then squeezed the last of his cum from his cock and as I went up to kiss it into my mouth, he grabbed me by my hair with one hand and used his cock to rub his cum onto my forehead. I then looked directly into the camera and showed the cum in my mouth and swallowed and then showed my empty mouth. The camera kept rolling and began pushing the cum from my face into my mouth and licking my fingers.

Daddy turned off the camera and told those guys to haul ass and that they had got what they wanted it was time to go. He then threw me a towel and get in the truck and sit your nasty ass on this. I got in and wanted to snuggle up close to Daddy, but was afraid he would not want me touching with those ugly fuckers cum drying on me.

The drive back to the campground was quiet. I was having all kinds of conflicting feelings about what I had done and I still needed to get this thing off of me so that I could cum. When we got back, he pulled up to his camper and we got out. The then said, go get your slutty ass cleaned up and come back over here in a skirt and bra. I quickly went to my camper, got a clean towel and toiletries and headed to the women's bathhouse. I just knew that Daddy was going to finally let me cum and my feet could not carry me fast enough.

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