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Frasier - Daphne's Next Step


Daphne Moon lifted her head off the hotel room pillow and looked at the digital clock on the bedside table – its large green numerals flashed 6 am. "4 hours to go" Daphne whispered to herself. The past couple of weeks for Daphne had flashed past in a blur and had also been the most eventful and life changing of her whole life. She had posed for her first naked men's magazine pictorial, a photo shoot in which had exceeded her expectations and desires and had given her whole a new outlook on life. In fact she had agreed to pose for a second photo shoot only a week later, this time as a naughty secretary who gets pounded by her boss over her own desk. Daphne had enjoyed the second photo shoot, a fact that greatly surprised her - if three weeks ago someone had told her that she would enjoy taking off her clothes, have sex with a man and get photographed at the same time she would have told they were insane or crazy.

Now her life was about to change again. It was a week ago when she received the call on her cell phone from Diane, the photographer. She had shown the photographs of the photo shoot to a friend of hers – that friend just happened to be in the adult movie business and here she was in Los Angeles about to film her first scene in a adult movie. She thought it was a crazy idea to begin with, but the more she thought about it, the more appealing the idea had become to her. Her mind had mused over the offer for a couple of days, and finally during a session of physical therapy with Mr Crane she made up her mind, blurting out loud "Why not!" startling Mr Crane. Daphne arranged to take a weeks outstanding leave and flew out to LA the next day.

Daphne looked up at the clock again, 6:30am – she had to be at the film studio at 10am and she had slept on and off during the whole night. "Might as well get up" she said to herself and she pulled back the covers of the bed, slipping out of the bed naked. She had been sleeping naked ever since the first photo shoot, as she found it more liberating and sensual slipping between the sheets nude. She found herself standing naked before a full length hotel window, watching the sun rise in the sky and wondering what the day would bring.


Daphne arrived at the studio shortly before ten o'clock – from the outside the studio looked like a run down warehouse and it was almost derelict in some places. Some of the windows were broken and graffiti was plastered on some of the brick walls. Daphne was pleasantly surprised however when she entered the studio, that the interior had been refurbished into a modern well lit office – told by the receptionist on duty that someone will be out to see her shortly, she sat waiting on one of the seats in the lobby, her foot tapping nervously.

It was around five to ten minutes later that she noticed the figure of a man approaching – as he got got closer she noticed that he was short in stature and was rather youthful in appearance almost as if he was still in high school. His long black hair was tied in a ponytail and he wore a pair of headphones around his neck.

"Daphne Moon?" he asked as he approached.

She stood up and shook his outstretched hand. "Yes" she replied.

"My name is Vince Wotaswki. I'm the director of this little feature" he replied. "Follow me and I'll get you set up and introduce you to your fellow cast mates". He turned around on the spot and started walking.

Daphne followed him through a maze of corridors and he continued talking as he walked "Saw your photo shoots – quality stuff" he said.

"Thank you" Daphne replied as she followed.

"You sure you haven't posed professionally before? – you have a real natural beauty that comes out in photos. You'll make a great adult film star" he said as he turned a corner.

Daphne's face broke out in a smile "No no it was my first time posing naked" she replied.

He stopped at a red coloured door. "Really!" he exclaimed and he looked at her, his head moving from her feet to her head as if he was scanning her to see if she was lying. He opened the door and they both stepped inside.

"Daphne Moon I want you to meet Darlene and Leroy, you co-stars for the day" he said as soon as he closed the door behind them.

Daphne noticed a man and a woman seated nearby – Leroy was black and very well built and his eyes stared at her as she walked towards him. Darlene had shoulder length blonde hair and looked no more than 21 in age – her well apportioned legs were crossed and she wore an extremely short mini skirt. As Daphne sat down next to them she could plainly see the Darlene was not wearing any panties.

They all exchanged pleasantries - Daphne guessed that from Darlene's accent that she was from Texas or Louisiana or a similar southern state. Vince sat just in front of them and opened a folder which he lay on his lap.

"Ok. Today's scene is a variation of the old classic porno favourite slash fantasy – where a stewardess catches two passengers having sex on a flight. At first the stewardess threatens to report them but the two passengers convince her to join them in their sexual escapades". He stopped momentarily to study the folder on his lap. "Leroy and Darlene will play the passengers and Daphne" - he turned his head to look at directly at her adding "will play the stewardess".

He continued "If you don't already know my style of directing is radically different from other directors – once I call 'action' I usually let the sex flow. I won't call 'cut' unless something goes horribly wrong or if I'm not happy with something, but I usually wait until the scene plays out". His eyes turned to the folder again.

"Ah yes" he continued "anything goes in the sex – face fuck, anal, girl on girl – anything that's not too nasty, we still have the censors to think about! Is that OK with you Daphne?" he asked looking in her direction.

Daphne Moon surveyed each of their faces before she replied "Yes, that's fine by me"

"Good". His eyes scanned each of them individually before he spoke "I want some hot, sweaty and nasty fucking guys - no half hearted efforts, I want the men or women who watch this film in future to cum so hard it will take them a week for them to recover – got it??". Vince waited a moment before adding "and guys look after Daphne, she is a 'virgin' so to speak, this is her very first adult film scene".

Darlene placed her hand on Daphne's knee and with a smile on her face replied "Don't worry Vince I'll look after Daphne".

"Ok then, lets get the ball rolling!" he said as he rose from his chair and began walking to the door.

Daphne walked into the dressing room to change her clothes for the scene and found a topless Darlene sitting in a chair, applying her own make up. She settled herself in the chair next to her and looked across, studying Darlene as she applied lipstick to her lips – she had well apportioned breasts much bigger than Daphne's and she was quite attractive with shoulder length blonde hair.

"Darlene can I ask you a question?" Daphne asked.

"Sure sweetie" Darlene replied in her southern accent as she continued to put on her make up.

"How did you get into the business" Daphne asked

"The business?" Darlene queried.

"You know the adult movie business" Daphne clarified herself.

"Oh " she replied. Only then did she stop applying her make up, putting down her mascara brush and she turned to face Daphne. "Well I grew up down south in a very strict family, my parents did not let me do anything and I mean anything. They were real church going folk you know – I couldn't go to any parties, wasn't even allowed to date any boys. They always said to me "If you don't like playing by our rules then leave", but I couldn't – I didn't have any money, nothing in my bank account. Well to rebel against them they only way I could I started sleeping around with every boy in town, all secretly of course. They would have kicked up hell if they found out – especially if the knew I had grown to love having sex – I mean I became addicted to it and I gained quite a reputation with the boys around town, let me tell you"

She stopped briefly, a smile appearing on her face before she continued "Well one night I met this guy in a hotel bar and he took me up to his room and he pounded me silly – I mean my ass and pussy were sore for days afterwards!"

She stopped again, staring in space almost as if she was in a world of her own. Daphne guessed that she must be reliving her sexual encounter and was about to prompt her again, when she continued.

"Well two days later the guy rings me and tells me it was the best sex he had ever had. Quite a compliment let me tell you – it turned out he was a producer of adult films and he arranged my first role in the business"- she made quotation signs with her hands as she spoke the word business.

"How many films have you made?" Daphne asked hopeful she did not appear too nosy.

"Five or six – I don't really know, I've lost count" she replied.

"Were you scared? What type of stuff have you done" Daphne asked partly because she was curious, partly to calm her own nerves.

Darlene picked up a hair brush and ran it through her blonde a few times before she replied. "I was at first but once I got my first scene out of the way all my nerves disappeared – I mean if you are good at something it helps a lot, you know. I started off doing one on one scenes, you know man and woman having sex that sort of thing. My last film I had my first gangbang, that was one hell of a ride, there's nothing like five well hung men trying to stick their cocks in your holes all at the same time!" She played with hair before continuing "Look don't worry – you will be nervous but look at you – you have an incredible body, you are beautiful and don't get me started on that sexy British accent – you'll be fine!" and with that she rose from her chair and started to get dressed.

Daphne leant back into her chair wondering what she had gotten herself into.


Daphne Moon stood at the top of the fake airline aisle, her hands holding a tray of coffee cups. She wore a white blouse, knee length skirt, black stockings and wore a pair of black high heel shoes. Her eyes scanned the set around her which was made up to look like the inside of an airline cabin – there were seven rows of seats and a few "fake' passengers were seated ad hoc around the set. Leroy and Darlene, her co-stars, were seated in the row farthest away from her.

Daphne waited nervously for Vince to call action – ever since she had decided to do this adult movie, all her thoughts and energy had gone into preparing herself for this moment. "I can do this" she whispered quietly to herself - after all she loved having sex and she had no problem stripping off her clothes for the two photo shoots, so I can do this she thought to herself. The thought flashed through her mind of the men and women who would get themselves off while watching her naked, having sex on film. Her mind tried to imagine the number – it could be hundreds, possibly thousands of people who would watch her having sex and this helped her get into the mood, turning her on.

Daphne watched as Vince walked onto the set and sat in the directors chair. His eyes scanned the folder on his lap, before raising his head and placing the headphones onto his ears. "Ok everyone ready" he asked. "Daph" he shouted towards Daphne "don't stop in every aisle, do every second one OK?"

Daphne nodded that she understood. Vince looked around the set to see if everyone was ready before shouting out "Action!!!".

Daphne calmly walked down the fake airline aisle carrying the tray of coffees, stopping at every second seat as requested, asking each passenger if they would like a coffee. Her high heels made no sound on the carpeted floor as she continued to the seat where Darlene and Leroy were sitting.

"Would you like a coffee sir?" Daphne asked turning her body to face them. An "Oh My!" escaped from her lips as she feigned surprise when she saw Darlene's head bobbing on Leroy's cock, his eyes closed, his head leaning back against the seat obviously enjoying Darlene's handiwork.

Darlene and Leroy played their part magnificently, mocking complete surprise and embarrassment in getting caught. Darlene quickly slid her mouth from the cock leaving it fully exposed for the first time and Daphne had to suppress a gasp when she caught a glimpse, before Leroy zipped up his trousers in his mock embarrassment. Leroy's cock looked much bigger than Peter's and Daphne guessed from what she had seen that it was more than ten inches long.

"I sorry you will have stop that – that is not allowed here" Daphne said, playing her part, a stern expression on her face, holding the tray with one hand, the other hand with her index finger extended waving up and down in the air.

A mischievous smile broke on the face of Darlene and she looked up at Daphne "Maybe you will like to join us??" she asked.

"What! No, no, no I can't – you will have to stop or else I will have to report you to the Captain" Daphne exclaimed hurriedly, the words shooting from her mouth. In fact she wanted nothing more the wrap her mouth around Leroy's member, letting it slide down her throat.

By this time the face of Leroy had also broken out in a smile and he unzipped his trousers, re-releasing his member from it's prison. Daphne stared at it as it stood proudly to attention, all ten inches of it, as it glistened in the studio lights from Darlene's saliva. Leroy flashed his toothy grin at Daphne and he gestured with his head, motioning for her to join them.

Darlene, a cheeky smile on her lips looked up again at Daphne "Come you know you want to, there's plenty for both of us!" she said, her southern accent making the words come slowly from her lips.

"No no I can't" Daphne repeated her tone of voice less sure this time - Darlene rose slightly from her seat, her hand tugging lightly at the sleeve of Daphne's white blouse, slightly pulling her down.

Daphne's face broke out in a smile and she quickly scanned the adjacent aisles – each of the other 'passengers' were playing their part, pretending to be asleep or with their eyes closed listening to music with headphones glued to their ears.

Daphne placed the tray in an empty seat opposite them and then carefully bent down in front of Leroy. "It's time for my break anyway" she said as she lowered herself onto her knees. Now that his cock was level with her eye line, it looked even more impressive towering up like a mini skyscraper. Her hand wrapped itself around the base of the massive cock and she slowly began jacking his cock, eliciting soft groans from Leroy.

"Now this what I call first class service" Leroy exclaimed, his mouth displaying the same toothy grin. Daphne had a small laugh as her hand travelled faster and faster up the shaft of his cock, her fingers squeezing the head of his cock each time it reached the top.

"Oh baby jack my cock that's it, faster, faster" Leroy exclaimed his head resting on the back of the seat. Daphne's hand moved faster and faster, her hand feeling the roughness of his skin as it travelled up and down his massive shaft.

Daphne could not believe he she was here jacking a black man's cock – she had never had sex with a black man before. She was not a racist, but she had always felt intimidated, even scared by black men. Now she was about to find out what she had missed out on all these years.

Daphne opened her mouth wide, and let part of his shaft slide into her mouth - slowly but surely she let her head bob up and down on his cock, letting more and more of his cock into her mouth each time. Her fingers worked his shaft in conjunction with her lips and tongue, massaging his ten inch shaft at the same time – soon her head was bobbing up and down on his member at speed, every movement of her head making a 'slurp' sound.

Leroy could only lay back in the seat as Daphne sucked on his cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body. "Girl can you suck cock!!" he managed to say between groans.

Daphne let his cock slip from her mouth, peering up at him with a smile on her face "You like that do you?" she said before once again letting his member slide into her waiting mouth again.

Darlene stood, slowly slipping off her tee shirt, revealing her breasts before slipping off her shorts, leaving her dressed only in a black lace thong and her high heel wedge sandals. Planting her hands on his chest, she leant over and planted a passionate kiss on Leroy's lips before she squatting down on her knees next to Daphne.

Darlene pulled Leroy's cock from Daphne's mouth, her hand quickly jacking his member before letting it slide into her own mouth. Her head bobbed up and down at a frenetic pace, looking and sounding like she wanted to devour his member whole. Saliva sprayed from Darlene's mouth as her mouth worked overtime, sending Leroy into a frenzy before she let his throbbing member slip from her mouth. Daphne grabbed his cock, now thickly coated in saliva and resumed her attack on his manhood, letting the full force of her mouth and tongue work their wonders, almost as if she was in a competition with Darlene for the best cock sucking skills.

Leroy's hands tightly gripped the armrests of the seat as Darlene & Daphne shared his cock, passing it from one mouth to another, as if they were sharing an ice cream. "I feel like I'm in heaven.....damn that feels so good" he exclaimed his face now almost always in the same toothy grin. Daphne let her hands work in conjunction with her mouth, rubbing his shaft and squeezing his balls as his cock slid down her throat and she was able to get most it down her throat each time. She now decided it was time, her desire had grown so strong that she want his manhood in her pussy now. Daphne let the cock slide from her mouth, letting Darlene take over the cock sucking duties.

Daphne stood, her hands reaching down to unzip her skirt and with a wiggle of her hips it dropped to floor. Leroy watched her entranced, his eyes never leaving her as he enjoyed her little strip show as if they were the only two people in the room. Daphne teased him by undoing each of the buttons of her blouse very slowly, almost in slow motion – as she undid the last button of her blouse, she let it slip down leaving her shoulders bare and giving Leroy a peak at her bra before she let it drop to the floor. Daphne stood still for a moment letting Leroy take in the view of her before him, in her bra, panties and black stockings, before she reached behind undoing the clasp of her bra, letting to drop softly to the floor.

Leroy watched as Daphne slid one hand into her black lace panties, her fingers rubbing her wet pussy. "Damn" he exclaimed his eyes never leaving Daphne "I wish all airlines had this kind of show, I'll be flying non stop" and he let out a small laugh.

Daphne hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties and slid them down her long stocking covered legs, raising each of her feet in turn, so that she could slip them off her high heel shoes. She stood naked before him not needing to say a word, as Leroy smiled, his tongue licking his lips before he said "Do you want to fuck?".

Daphne Moon simply nodded, her face displaying a seductive smile as Darlene let his saliva coated cock slide from her mouth. Daphne watched as Darlene stood, peeling her lace thong off her ass and down her legs, before settling in the seat near Leroy, her hand vigorously playing with her wet pussy.

Leroy grabbed Daphne by her hips, his hands slipping down caressing her ass cheeks. "Did I strike it lucky tonight or what!" he exclaimed as he turned Daphne, so that her back was facing him. She let out squeal of delight as he pulled her body onto his lap, his ten inch cock rubbing against her wet throbbing pussy. Leroy let his hands roam Daphne's naked body, every touch of his fingers sending electric shocks through her body as his hand slipped in between her legs. Daphne spread her legs open wide and she leant back onto him as his fingers pumped in and out of her wet hole.

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