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Frasier - Daphne's Night of Passion


Daphne Moon stared at the blinking, multi coloured lights of the Seattle night time cityscape from the balcony of Frasier's nineteenth floor apartment. She shivered slightly from the cold air as it whistled past her bare shoulders and arms but it did not matter to her. Life for Daphne Moon was just about perfect -- she had a dream job with the Crane family and the last couple months had far exceeded her expectations, desires and hopes. She had discovered another side to her personality, one that was unknown to her, one that was buried deep within her and one that exploded into a life of constant uninhibited sexual discovery and pleasure -- her wild naughty erotic side.

Daphne's face broke out in a smile as she reflected on her adventures over the past three months. She had posed nude for a men's magazine and had 'acted' in two adult movie scenes, not to mention her wild sexual escapades with Leroy, Lisa and countless total strangers -- in fact she thought to herself the last couple of months she had discovered a new Daphne, one better and more exciting than the old one.

"Here's to the new Daphne!" she said as she lifted the glass of wine in her hand into the air as if she was given someone a toast, before she raised it to her lips and sipped some of the red wine it contained.

Roz, her best and closest friend, was the only person she had confided in about her double life -- she had successfully kept her secret from the Crane family. Daphne did not know what she would do if they ever found out -- she would probably have to leave the best job and the closest family she had ever had. Her sexual addiction had taken a hold and control of her life and at times Daphne had thought Mr and Dr Crane were bound to find out about her latest naked exploits, but so far it appeared they had no knowledge.

Daphne took another sip from her glass of wine and looked out again at the Seattle night scape. She was all alone in the apartment -- Mr Crane was away on week long fishing trip and Dr Crane was in Paris at a psychiatry conference. She was waiting for Roz and Leroy to arrive -- Roz had pestered her to meet Leroy after Daphne had told her about all her sexual escapades with the ten inch endowed black man. Now all three were to meet here at Frasier's apartment for dinner. "Roz, Leroy and myself all alone here in a big apartment" Daphne thought to herself . "Whatever are we to do?"

Daphne smiled as she started to raise the glass to her lips again, but before she could the door bell rang. She walked back into the apartment, closing the glass door of the balcony behind her, placing the glass of wine on the table by the kitchen as she walked past. Daphne had barely made it past the couch when the door bell rang again.

"I'm coming!" shouted Daphne as the door bell rang for a third time.

Daphne opened the front door to find a pensive looking Roz Doyle standing there - her eyes darted about never seeming to look in the same place twice and her hands nervously fidgeted with the strap of her handbag. To Daphne she looked like a drug addict who had given up cold turkey and was going through severe withdrawal symptoms -- she had on a black skirt that was only just longer than a mini and a black sleeveless top the hugged the contours of her body, showing off her ample bosom very well. To finish off her outfit she wore a pair of black boots that almost reached up to her knee. Daphne watched as Roz nervously peered over her shoulder trying to look into the apartment, before she brushed past her, almost storming into the apartment.

"Hello to you too -- he is not here yet!" Daphne said as she closed the front door and watched Roz make herself comfortable on the couch.

"Who? Oh sorry Daph I'm just a little nervous" Roz replied.

""You nervous?" Daphne queried as she stood next to her. "Do you want some wine?".

"Yeah sure" Roz replied her eyes still darting about.

Daphne walked over to the kitchen area, where she poured a glass of red wine. She returned giving it to Roz who swallowed the whole glass in one long gulp.

Daphne studied her as she sat on the couch, her hands moving about as if she did not know what to do with them.

"What's wrong? -- you look like you have just given up smoking or something" Daphne asked.

"Listen Daph -- I'm horny and I haven't got laid in over a month. It seems that I have gone through all the available men in Seattle and no one wants to try for seconds. I need it -- I need it bad!". Her voice seem to rise in volume the longer she spoke.

"We don't even know if anything will happen tonight" Daphne replied as she refilled Roz's glass.

"Something will happen!" - her voice put the emphasis on the word will. "I need it bad -- I can't sleep at night, I have trouble concentrating during the day -- it's affecting my whole life! I am so desperate for sex I am even finding Noel Shempsky at the station attractive!".

Daphne face broke out in a smile -- she had never seen this side of Roz before and she took a sip of her wine before she replied. "If something -" Roz glared at her. "Sorry when something happens, what about ......you know". It was Daphne's turn to be nervous.

"What?" Roz asked.

"You know....us. It will be first time we will ever do it together, you know naked and all that".

"Oh" Roz replied. She downed the rest of her glass before she continued. "I don' t really see a problem -- when something happens, we just go with the flow -- let anything that happens, happen naturally".

"Just go with the flow" Daphne repeated before she gulped down the contents of her glass.

Leroy arrived around ten minutes later and Daphne noticed that Roz gushed like a little schoolgirl meeting her favourite pop star when she introduced Leroy to her -- after a few drinks they all sat down to eat.

"Tell me Leroy, how did you get into the business?" Roz asked. She took a sip of her wine before adding "You know the adult movie business".

Leroy swallowed the food in his mouth before replying. "Well it all started in college" his face displaying a broad smile. "I tried out for a number of teams -- baseball, running that sort of thing and was never good enough to make any team. I always just missed out". He took a sip of his wine before continuing. "But the one thing I did noticed I was rather well endowed, more than any of my fellow class mates, you know I had a bigger cock".

Roz gave out a little laugh when he said the word cock, before he continued. "I mean I didn't go around and spy on the other guys in the change room, I just found that mine was bigger, much bigger. Pretty soon that was all I was known for and I had to fend the girls off with a stick. I mean I had them chasing me all over college -- that was fun!. I didn't have time to study, I was with a different girl each night. That's probably why I failed and got booted from college after two years -- after leaving I had no money, no home. I was desperate -- so I answered an ad in the paper for models and to cut a long story short, here I am!"

Leroy took another sip of his wine before he leant over and gave Daphne a peck on the cheek. "That's how I met this English fox -- I think she will be the next star in porn baby!". The word baby came out almost as a shout from his lips.

Roz sat through the rest of the dinner on the edge of her seat, her desire rising with each passing minute -- at times she had to almost physically hold herself back to jumping on Leroy and tearing his clothes off with her bar hands. She just had to wait for the perfect moment.

Daphne did not how or when it started -- it appeared to her that it happened in slow motion almost as if she was watching a film played at the wrong speed. At first Daphne was a bystander watching the events play out before her eyes.

Roz could not wait any longer -- it was as if her mind had no control of her desire ravaged body. She calmly place the glass of wine onto the table and leaning gently over locked lips with Leroy. Her soft lips fused together with Leroy's lips creating an almost air tight seal, her hand resting at the back of his head pushing it gently onto her lips. Her head moved about as the kiss continued, her tongue delving into his gaping mouth, exploring every inch of his mouth and sliding like a lizards tongue down throat.

Leroy's surprise soon dissipated and he responded in kind -- his tongue slid into her mouth, feeling, touching and circling her tongue with his. His hand slid onto her leg, slowly and gently rubbing the inside of her thigh.

"Damn" he exclaimed as their lips parted, his hand still rubbing her thigh. "Is this part of dinner?" he asked, a broad smile on his lips.

Daphne watched as Roz turned towards her, a mischievous smile on her face. "No it may be dessert though!" and her hand began moving up and down his leg, moving closer to his groin area each time.

"Damn" Leroy replied as he watched Roz's hand move along his leg. "Two hot bitches and dinner too, this must be my lucky night!".

Daphne sipped at her glass of wine as she watched Roz's body shake with anticipation -- she had never seen this side of Roz before, the horny side, looking desperate enough to tear a man's clothes off with her teeth if she had to. The two women glanced at each other, smiles on their faces, both of them noticing the lust and desire in each others eyes.

"If you're a good boy you might get to taste both of us tonight!" Daphne offered suggestively, getting up from her seat. She extended her hand which Leroy accepted, wrapping his huge hand around Daphne's -- she gently eased him off his chair and led him around to Frasier's suede couch. Roz followed her body literally shaking with a combination of nervousness, desire and anticipation -- she had never felt like this before, usually devouring men one after another in her sexual escapades. However this time was different - she was about to have sex with her closest friend and a complete stranger.

"Are you ready?" Daphne asked as she gave Roz a wink of her eye -- it was more a statement than a question and before he could answer, she gave him a push making land on his backside on the couch.

Leroy bounced once or twice on the suede couch before his body came to a complete stop. He peered up at the two women before him, both faces displaying cheeky smiles, both sets of eyes filled with lust.

"Damn I'm read-" his answer was cut off as Roz slid her body next to his, her lips meeting his, her hands aggressively roaming his body feeling every contour and ripple of his well muscled chest. Roz hungrily kissed him, her lips joining onto his as if they were glued together, their tongues performing their own dance routine in each other mouths. His hand travelled down her stomach, massaging her thigh before sliding up her leg under her skirt, moving slowly towards her sensitive private area. Her body squirmed against the couch as Leroy's hand slid upwards very slowly towards her panty covered pussy, as if her was teasing her. She wanted him to move faster, to feel his fingers slide into her wet area, to feel them pump in and out of her pussy -- they felt cold against her skin as they slid in her panties, rubbing very slowly at first, gradually picking up speed. Her body vibrated with pleasure as the pace increased and her lips parted from his lips, her mouth spewed words and moans at will, having temporarily lost the ability to speak in coherent sentences.

"Oh fuck........yes.......please" Roz moaned as Leroy's finger continued to assault her wet hole, her body lying now almost on her back against the suede couch.

"You like that babe, huh?" Leroy asked his face displaying his toothy smile.

Roz at first could only smile, her body shaking from his brutal attack on her pussy -- finally her mouth opened and then seconds later the words dribbled out. "Fuck......yes....please....don't.....stop".

Roz could not describe how her body was feeling, ever inch of her seemed alive, pulsing with most intense waves of pleasure that at times made it a struggle for her to breathe normally. Sure she had been pleasured by a man before but never like this - his fingers, abnormally large for a man, were pumping in out of her pussy at a speed and power she had never before experienced, giving him almost total control of her shaking, pleasure ravaged body.

Daphne Moon looked in amazement as here normally sexually assertive and dominant best friend was reduced to quivering mess by Leroy's brutal finger fuck of her pussy. Her body was now almost lying on her back on the couch, her legs spread open with her skirt bunched up around her waist and her face was displaying a look of pure sexual pleasure in-between frequent screams of "Oh my god". His free hand had slid under her top and was massaging Roz's ample breasts, each stroke of his hand pushing the hem of her top up until her breasts were fully exposed.

Daphne's eyes met with Roz's, her eyes ablaze and twinkling with passion and desire."You can't have all the fun!" Daphne said as she dropped to her knees, her tone with just a hint of jealously. Her hands ran up his legs and massaged the bulge of his trousers where his ten inch black snake was waiting to be set free from its prison. Daphne's fingers gently squeezed and pinched his cock through the material of his trousers before she slowly drew the tab of his zip down -- slipping her hand inside his briefs his cock felt hot as her hand ran along his shaft, eliciting several loud groans from his smiling mouth.

"That's it babe play with it, Leroy loves when you play with it" he exclaimed as his hands and fingers continued their assault on Roz's body.

Daphne smiled as she peered up at him, her fingers wrapping around his huge shaft pulling it free from his briefs. His ten inch black cock sprung free from his briefs like a jack in a box, bouncing up and down a few times, before stopping, standing fully erect.

"Like this?" Daphne asked her hands running up and down his shaft at a frenetic pace.

Leroy's mouth formed an O shape before he replied. "Ooh yeah baby, that's it".

Daphne's hand slid up and down his black shaft, her fingers tightly gripping his cock as if she was afraid she might let it drop to the floor where it would smash in a million pieces. The moans from Roz egged and spurred her on, her hand moving in a ever increasing pace.

Leroy watched as Daphne's hand jacked his cock, a look of utter pleasure plastered on his face -- he had come to the apartment expecting only dinner, yet he he was about to taste the bounty of two gorgeous willing women. He bent his head, using his mouth and teeth to suckle, bite and tease Roz's huge nipples as his hand pulsed in and out of her wet hole -- it must be his lucky night he though to himself.

'Fuck yeah!" Leroy loudly exclaimed as Daphne took his ten inch black cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down slowly at first.

Roz lay on her back on Frasier's beloved suede couch, her body at the mercy of Leroy's fingers pumping in her pussy. This was a totally new experience for her -- usually she was the one who dominated, called the shots so to speak, controlling the man like a puppet on a string. However she was totally at the mercy of Leroy, his powerful fingers still pumping in her wet hole, her body feeling like it was about to explode, waves of intense pleasure emanating from her pussy.

Leroy smiled at Roz looking directly in her eyes. "You like that huh?" he asked before his mouth once again descended on her inflamed nipples, biting and sucking in the one motion.

Roz could only open her mouth and let out a loud "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god" as Leroy's let his fingers slide from her pussy, letting the rub softly against her the soft skin of her wet hole, before raising them to her lips. She opened her mouth, wrapping them around his fingers as if she was sucking on her first drops of water for weeks.

Leroy let his fingers slid in and out of her mouth, as she sucked on them eagerly. "You dirty little slut" he exclaimed as he pulled his fingers from her mouth, sliding out with a 'pop' sound.

Roz lay against the couch trying to catch her breath -- her body was at such a high state of arousal she was literally shaking. She slowly and carefully got to her feet, her state of balance effected to the point it took a while to find her bearings. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her top had been pushed up, together with her bra, leaving her ample breasts exposed.

Leroy watched as she undid the zip of her skirt, letting it drop to floor -- Roz smiled as their eyes met, her fingers hooking into the elastic of her drenched panties, sliding them down her legs and then off each of her boots. She crossed her arms, lifting her top off over head, together with her bra throwing them behind her -- the thought then occurred to her that here she was, standing naked except for her boots, in the middle of Frasier Crane's apartment - an event that she thought would not occur in a million years. Roz let her hand slide down her stomach to rub her wet pussy while Leroy watched, his eyes wide, his face displaying his toothy smile as if they were the only two people in the room -- she could hear Daphne as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, but her eyes fixated on Leroy, her fingers sliding into her wet hole as if she was putting on a show just for him.

"Damn you're fine babe!" Leroy exclaimed his voice sounding a little out of breath, his hands outstretched holding onto to the cushions either side of him as Daphne's head slid up and down his massive cock. "Why don't you join your friend". Leroy knew that he almost held absolute power over them, that would do almost anything he requested, his hold on them was that strong.

Roz obligingly dropped to her knees next to Daphne, her eyes watching her friend as his massive black cock disappeared repeatedly down her throat, saliva spraying from her mouth. It was only when Daphne let his cock slide from her mouth, that she first glimpsed the sheer size of his manhood.

Roz suppressed a gasp, the words "My god it's fucking huge!" escaping from her mouth before she realised what she was saying. She watched as Daphne traced up a path up his shaft with her tongue before closing her mouth around only the head of his cock, eliciting groans of satisfaction from Leroy.

"Oh yeah baby, that's it, let my black cock slide into your pretty little mouth!" he exclaimed as lay back on the couch.

Daphne almost had to suppress a laugh as she watched Roz, her eyes wide open as if she had just seen a ghost, studying Leroy's ten inch black monster as it glistened in the light.

"Just let it slide in Roz, nice and slow" Daphne offered advice as Roz' s hand tentatively reached out, wrapping around its base.

"Its huge" Roz repeated her hand slowly moving up and down the length of his shaft.

Daphne watched as Roz's tongue ran along side the length of her lips before she opened her mouth wide, sliding his member down into her throat. Slowly but surely she increased her speed, letting more of his shaft into her mouth each time.

"That's it Roz, nice and slow" Daphne said as she rose to her feet -- for a moment she watched Roz as her head bobbed up and down on Leroy's massive black cock, her body trembling with desire almost as if she was giving head in a freezer. She let her fingers run along the length of Roz's back thinking how incredibly beautiful her best friend was naked, her fingertips feeling smoothness of her skin before she kicked off her high heels of each of her feet. Her fingers pulled the tab of the zip of her slacks down, before slowly peeling them down her long legs. She hooked her fingers under the hem of her top lifting it of her head, letting it drop softly to the floor.

Leroy watched entranced as Daphne slowly stripped in front of him, until she was standing before him wearing only a black lace bra and panties. His eyes took every square inch of her body as she stood suggestively before him her hand inside her panties, slowly rubbing her pussy.

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