tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 5

Frat Boy Games Ch. 5


Anna lay curled on the shower flower, letting the scalding water pour over her. She was crying, waiting for the next man to come and take her. She didn't wait long.

The door was thrown open and the water turned to ice cold. Anna jumped at the change, but only heard a chuckle. The water was turned off and she was pulled out of the tub by her hair.

She cried out in pain and was then set on her feet in front of Number 3. Trembling, she looked up and up, until she finally saw the black mask covering his face. His mouth was in a cruel grin and his eyes were a cold brown. He was covered in muscles.

"Don't fight and I won't hurt. Fight and I'll make you wish you were a boy."

Anna just nodded. She was shivering now, her nipples standing out with the cold. The big man saw and chuckled again.

"Get onto the bed, face down and stick your ass in the air."

Anna moved to comply, her feet dragging. She headed the air whistle and then felt the heat in her ass as he smacked her hard.


In a frantic scramble, Anna moved to do as she was told. The tears started as soon as she was in position. This was so humiliating! Her ass in the air, he face buried in the bed. She felt the bed shift as his weight settled behind her.

"Spread your legs."

Her legs shifted a little, then more as she felt the smack on her ass again. The hand fell again, this time right across her pussy lips.


"That's right, slut. It feels good, doesn't it?"

The smack fell in the same place when she didn't answer.

"I said it feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes, it feels good."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, being caught in the comforter. Her ass and pussy were on fire. She squirmed when his fingers shoved roughly into her cunt.

"You're so tight. This will feel good."

His tongue replaced his fingers as he started to lick her. Pushing his tongue in and out of her, he felt her ass tighten and release, fighting the natural reactions. He finally felt her own moisture begin to build as his tongue flicked her clit every so often. One hand moved to her clit to play while his cock slammed into her.

Anna was pushed forward on the bed, his hand the only thing holding her up. Unforgiving, his fingers pulled and flicked her clit, making her gasp and cry at the sensations. The cock was removed from her pussy as his hand moved away.

"No, please."

"What, you want it back? Do you want to cum?"

"Yes, please."

"Say it."

Anna shook her head, trying to fight it. She felt another slap on her clit and cried out in pleasure/ecstasy.

"Please, make me cum. Please."

"Tell me you want my big hard dick in you."

"Please, I want your big, hard dick in me."

She heard another chuckle as he slammed home into her ass, tearing he apart. She screamed and began bucking, trying to dislodge him, get away, anything but this pain!

He continued to chuckle, holding her still with his hand on her mound and her breast. Pressing her back against him, he felt the spasms in her ass trying desperately to expel him. It only excited him more.

Fingers began to move idly, then with more urgency over her clit. Anan trembled and bucked and soon the pain once again became pleasurable. He started to move in her ass, making her gasp and squirm more. Her tortured clit took control and she began to orgasm, flooding him with fluids.

He pounded harder into her ass, delighted in her cries and moans. His hand continued on her clit. When he felt her erupt again, he poured his spunk into her, filling her to over flowing.

Anna collapsed face down on the bed as he pulled out. One last smack landed on her ass, surprising her.

"Thanks Bitch. I'll see you tomorrow."

Then he was gone, walking through the door. Anna lay on the bed, degraded and crying. Her Captor came through the door again, chuckling.

"Nice performance. I loved the part where you begged. Well, how do you feel now? Your virginity has been taken by four men. you have been given your first orgasms, taken in the pussy and the ass."

Anna just lay on the bed, unmoving, waiting for him to take her, expecting it. Because of this, she didn't even flinch when his hand wove into her hair.

"You're a mess. You're covered with bruises. You have cum seeping out of your ass. Your hair is a mess."

"If you're trying to make me feel like shit, you don't have to worry, I'm already there."

"Hmm, you still have some spirit left. We'll break you tomorrow. Maybe I'll take a turn myself. Someone will be in to change the sheets and bring you your food. I would get some rest if I were you."

The Captor then left, humming to himself. As soon as he was gone, Anna began to cry. Tomorrow would be here soon.

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