tagIncest/TabooFraternal Twins Pt. 03

Fraternal Twins Pt. 03


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Fraternal Twins - Part 03

Karen and Slater walked down to the lake hand in hand. When they were standing ankle deep in the water, Slater took the bag from his sister and continue out into the cool lake water. Karen was right beside him. When they were shoulder deep they started to swim. Both were doing the breaststroke. It was easy and didn't disturb the water too much. Reaching the raft, Slater let Karen climb up first. He gave her a helpful boost, placing his large hand on her small ass, his thumb pressing into her pussy. She sighed as she heaved herself up onto the raft. Turning she smiled down at her brother as he climbed up. She took the bag from his mouth before he was completely up and pulled the blanket from inside.

Slater helped her spread it out on the top of the raft. Both sat down. Karen pulled the sunscreen out of the bag and handed it to Slater. Smiling at her he opened the bottle and watched his sister remove her bikini top.

"Front first, please?" Karen asked smiling back at him.

"Sure, sis," he replied.

Squirting a dollop of lotion in his hand, Slater started to apply the sunscreen to his sister's soft skin, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples. Karen sighed each time Slater's fingers or thumb slid past a nipple. She loved him to touch her, but she really wanted him to fuck her...hard, coming deep in her pussy.

"Okay, I think that's enough," Karen said lying down on her front. "Now my back."

"Then you'll do me?" Slater asked squeezing another dollop of sunscreen in his hand.

"Of course, dear," Karen replied, sighing at the thought of running her hands all over her brother's hot body.

Shivering, Karen sighed as Slater started to massage the lotion into her skin. It felt wonderful. She was so aroused by his strong hands rubbing the knots out of her muscles, she moaned every time she exhaled. Slater smiled at his sister as he worked to relax any tension she had in her muscles. His cock was super hard as he straddled her legs. He moved up until his hard cock was pressed into her ass crack. Karen groaned at the feeling of his hard cock against her body.

"When we get back in the house, I want you to fuck my ass. Fuck it as long as you want or as long as you can. Then I want you to fill me with your cum," Karen said softly.

Slater moaned at her words and pressed his cock into her ass flesh harder. Turning around he started to work on her beautiful legs. She had their mom's legs and he relished touching them, all the time thinking about his mother. When he got to Karen's pussy, he cupped it.

"I love you, sis," he said.

"I love you too big brother," she said.

Slater sighed at her description of him as her big brother. He was, her big brother even if he was only a minute and twenty-two second older than her. He finished her legs and kiss the back of her neck. Sighing Karen rolled to her side looking at him.

"Suck my nipples...I'm going crazy with lust for you, dear," Karen demanded.

"Lotion on me first dear. Then I'll give you, your reward."


Karen got to her knees as Slater lay on his back. He smiled up at her as she started to rub the lotion into his skin. She took her time, running her hands over his hard muscles. She watched as goose bumps covered her skin from touching him so intimately. Then she was rubbing his stomach just above the top of his trunks. She slipped her hand under the waistband and stroked his cock.

"I want to suck you so bad," she whispered as she squeezed his manhood.

Slater just groaned. Finishing his muscular legs, she had Slater flip over. She did his back, then slowly did his legs. When she reached the leg hole on his suit, she pushed her hand up and cupped his balls. She gave them a gentle squeeze. Her brother groaned, spreading his legs apart. Karen caressed and played with his balls for some time.

"Okay, you're done, sweetheart," she said laying down on her back.

Slater looked over at her. Her tits were on display for him. He stared at them. She smiled at him.

"Take your cock out, so I can see it," Karen ordered.

Nodding Slater pushed his trunks down.

"Now I need some sunscreen on my privates," he said, smiling at Karen.

Climbing to her knees, Karen looked around, then bent over her brother's crotch and took him in her mouth. Slater sighed, then groaned as she sucked him. Taking the lotion she squirted a little on his balls and rubbed it in as she continued to suck him. Pulling her mouth from his sweet tasting cock, she stroked him applying the lotion. She rubbed it on the head. Slater shivered.

"You liked that huh?" Karen asked.

"I did."

Smiling, Karen lay back admiring her brother's manhood as it pulsed with his heartbeat. Watching him close his eye, she saw his cock start to bounce even quicker.

"Who are you think about?" she asked softly.

"You, Mom, all of us together," he said.

"That sounds hot. Who are you fucking?"

"Mom. You are sitting on her face." Slater groaned.

"God yes," Karen growled.

Then she watched as her brother's cock started to squirt his cum all over his stomach. She giggled, rolling toward him to watch closely as he came. When he finished she sighed.

"Lick it up," he ordered her.

She was going to anyway but pretended like she really didn't want to so he would force her to. His hand went to the top of her head and pushed her mouth to his hard, washboard stomach. She licked him tentatively. He pushed her face into his cum. She giggled and started to lick him up. When she finished she moved up and kissed him, his cum still on her lips. He didn't pull back. He kissed her hard, slipping his lips all over her face, smearing his cum. She groaned at the thought of wearing his cum all day.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you," he replied.

"I need to cum now," she said.

"You have fingers."

Karen growled at him. He just chuckled rolling on his side. He reached over and slipped her bikini leg hole to the side and slipped two fingers inside of her. Karen cried out with pleasure as the fingers slipped easily into her very slick pussy.

"Oh god, that feels so good Slater. So good," Karen growled.

Slater kept up his pace of finger fucking while he watched the surrounding waters. Karen was moaning softly watching her brothers fingers being jammed in and out of her pussy. Her hips started to buck up and down all by themselves. Karen watched in wonder as she gushed, her orgasm shooting through her mind and body all at once. When her orgasm subsided, she just collapsed onto her back, staring up at the bright blue sky overhead.

Slater smiled at his sister. Slipping his fingers from her body, he placed them on her lips. Karen opened her mouth mechanically, allowing Slater's fingers to slip into her mouth.

"Suck them clean," Slater ordered.

Karen moaned as she closed her mouth and sucked her juice off her brother's fingers. She smiles. She tasted pretty good. Of course, she knew she did, she had tasted herself many times. When she was done, she opened her mouth and Slater pulled his fingers out.

"I enjoyed that," Karen said a smile on her face. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, sis. I love you."

"I love you too, Slater."

Slater pulled her bikini bottom back into position and adjusted his trucks so his cock kind of peeked out the leg hole. He lay on his side so Karen could look at his cock anytime she felt like it, once she recovered from her orgasm. The rest of the of the day the two just lay there in a glow of post-orgasmic euphoria. Every few minutes, Karen or Slater would roll over to the other and kiss.

At lunchtime, they swam ashore and fixed themselves something to eat. After lunch, they swam back out to the raft, made out for a while, then just lay back and enjoyed each other's company. Slater sat up. He could have sworn he hear his name being called. Turning toward the house, he saw the sheriff standing on shore waving his arms at them. Slater waved back, dove into the water and swam to shore.

"What's wrong Sheriff?" Slater asked as he walked out of the water.

"I just stopped by to tell you, those two bikers you and Karen took care of? Well, they are out of jail and looking for you and Karen. You might want to stick close to her."

"What the...okay sheriff, thanks for letting us know."

"I just stopped by...I'll be over on the other side of the county. There's been a big pileup on Route 6, so until that's cleared up, I'll be too far to be any use to you. Sorry."

"No problem Sheriff. I'm sure I can take care of them," Slater said as his sister walk up out of the water.

"Hello, Karen," the sheriff said smiling at her.

"Hi, Sheriff," Karen replied smiling broadly. "Well, I have to go, you two be careful."

"Sure Sheriff," Slater said as the Sheriff turned and walked away.

"What's that about?" Karen asked.

"Those two idiots we beat up, they got out of jail."

"I didn't know they were in jail."

"Neither did I," Slater said. "Did you leave the blanket and towels out there?" Slater asked peering out at the raft.

"I did. The stuff is in the bag and I shoved the bag up under the raft, up out of the water."

"Oh. Good." Slater put his arm around Karen as they walked to the porch.

The twins went in the house, locked the doors and pulled the curtains and just sat on the couch watching TV for the rest of the afternoon. Several times they heard motorcycles roar by. After dark they kept all the lights off, to make it look like there was no one in the house. The roar of motorcycles coming up the road alerted them. Slater sat there holding Karen's hand. He listened. As the pitch of the motors changed, he sat up straight.

"They tuned in the driveway. Go call the Sheriff," Slater said, pushing Karen toward the back of the house.

"What are you going to do?" she asked her brother.

"Listen, they stopped about a hundred yards up the driveway. Now go," he growled pushing Karen toward the back of the house.

Karen grabbed her cell phone and headed to the master bedroom. Slater went to the front hall closet, opened the door and pushed a panel in. It moved up and out of the way. Inside was the hunting equipment. Slater pulled his 12 gauge shotgun from the rack, along with a box of shells. He pulled the panel down and closed the closet door.

Squatting behind the couch, he loaded his shotgun. Three rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. Then he watched. There was a tentative knock at the front door. He could see the shadow of two men. The knock was louder the second time. The shadows disappeared. Then there was a soft knock at the back or lakeside door. Slater stayed perfectly still. He could just make out the shadows of the men at the door.

The tinkling of glass breaking filled the house. A hand reached through the broken window of the door and unlocked it. Slater slowly stood up, aiming the shotgun at the door. He watched it open. The two men stepped into the house. Neither of them saw Slater. Once they were both inside the house, the last man in closed the door.

"I guess there is nobody here yet," one of them said.

Slater cleared his throat. They both froze. Slater moved.

"Shit!" The guy in the lead said loudly.

All the lights in the living room came on.

"I found the light switch," said the second man, then looked up at his friend. "What the..."

"Hands on your head," Slater said.

"You won't shoot us. That would be murder," the smart ass from the diner said.

"Sure I would." Slater just stood still, shotgun to his shoulder, aiming down the barrel at the two troublemakers. "Now the first round is birdshot, it won't kill you, but it will hurt. The next round is double '0' buck. And this is an auto fire shotgun. Now, down on your knees or I just have to blow your legs off. Criminal Trespass is a felony."

"Well fuck," the asshole in the lead said, sinking to his knees.

His buddy did also. They both heard the siren blaring as it came closer and closer to the cabin.

"Well, at least I know where you live," the asshole said smiling up at Slater.

"But we'll be gone by the time you get out of the hospital," Slater said.

They both looked at him like he was nuts. Then he pulled the trigger twice. Both men were peppered with birdshot. They each had a large group of shot in their gut as they keeled over and lay on the floor. Karen came running down the hall screaming Slater's name. When she saw he was okay, she stopped in her tracks.

"What did you do?" she croaked.

"I solved a problem. They won't be coming around here anymore this summer."

"What about next summer?"

"They'll be in prison for a very long time. And now they will be in the hospital for at least two weeks so they won't be able to bother us, anymore."

"You sure you didn't kill them?" Karen asked softly.

"No, it was birdshot, half loads, we use to teach the rugrats how to shoot. They'll be sore for a while after the doctors get the shot out of them."

There was a pounding on the front door.

"Go let the Sheriff in, Karen."

"Sure thing bro," Karen said heading for the door. "Come on in Sheriff, we have some guests for your jail cells. But first, you should probably call for an ambulance. They didn't listen to Slater, so he had to shoot them."

"Well, shit. He should have killed them..." Sheriff halted when he saw the two on the floor. "What did you use Slater?"

"Birdshot half loads," he said chuckling.

"They're going to bleed all over the backseat of my car," the Sheriff complained.

"Sorry, but they didn't listen," Slater said lowering the shotgun,

The Sheriff went to the two men and cuffed them. He stood looking down at them as they moaned.


"Call an ambulance," Karen said.

"It's still over on the other side of the county."

"Well call that private firm, they have six of them."

"I ain't paying for that," the Sheriff said.

"No, these scum will have to, it's them they are transporting. Legally the county doesn't have too."

"Do they look like they can pay?" the Sheriff said.

"Who cares. You get them to the hospital where you arrest them after they are admitted."

"Smart. Okay." He pulled his radio from the holster hanging on his left hip.

"Sheriff One, to base."

"Go, Sam," the radio squawked.

"I need an ambulance out at the Hollister place ASAP. Two shooting victims."

"Sam you know the county ambulance is on the other side of the county..."

"I do. Call that private firm."

"But Sam, we can't afford them."

"We don't have to. Now just call them. Sheriff One out."

It took the ambulance fifteen minutes to get there. They weren't that far from the house. The sheriff spent the time taking Slater's and Karen's statements. This time they would be staying in jail once they got out of the hospital. When they all left, Slater and Karen sat on the couch.

"I'm exhausted," Karen said.

"Me too. Are you hungry?" Slater asked.

"No...on second thought, yes, I am," said Karen giggling.

"Want to go out?"

"Yeah. How about that burger place in Kalleen?"

"Okay, sounds good to me. I think I could go for one of their shakes, too."

"Yeah, me too."

"Well, go change into some clothes," Slater said heading to his bedroom.

They met at the car. Karen opened the overhead door and Slater backed the car out. Karen closed the overhead door and locked it, then climbed in the car and sat in the passenger seat. They took off to Kalleen. It was only a half hour drive. When they got there it was really busy. They had to park way in the back. The twins walked to the door. Inside, was almost empty. It only took them a few minutes to place their order and pick it up. They walked to a table inside and sat down to eat.

After about ten minutes a bunch of other people their age were inside saying hi and ordering food. It was almost like a party, seeing their old friends from Kalleen. They spent about an hour catching up and talking about the colleges they were all going to when the fall semester started. All in all, it was a very enjoyable night and they each felt a lot better as they drove home.

"We better call mom and dad to tell them about the break-in," Karen said.

"You're right. We should," Slater said.

"So you want me to call them?"

"If you wouldn't mind?"

"No not at all," Karen said pulling her cell phone from her pocket.

"You're going to call now?" Slater growled.

"Of course...it's ringing. Mom! Hi! No, we're okay, it's just there was a break in. No mother we weren't hurt, but Slater hurt them. He had to shoot them. NO! They're alive. Mother. He did not shoot them on purpose. No, they would not do what they were told and kept coming at us. What? Birdshot, half loads. The shells dad uses to teach the little ones...yes, they are in the hospital, we called the Sheriff. He came and arrested them. Mom, no, no need for you and dad to come up yet. Mom, fine here's Slater," Karen finished handing the phone to Slater.

"Mom...no mom, no big deal, they were barely bleeding. I don't know, I haven't been to sleep, it only happened today. Yes, about three hours ago. What took so long...we were hungry. Mom, we are fine. Honest. Okay, put him on. Dad. These guys, they were the ones from the diner, I told you about. They broke in. I told them to get on their knees and they wouldn't, so I shot them in the gut with half load birdshot. Yes, they went to the hospital and the Sheriff, Sam, came and arrested them. He said they would be laid up for quite some time and then they would be going to jail for a long time. Okay, Dad. I love you too. Tell mom I love her. Sure, I will. Bye.

"Mom and Dad send their love," Slater said handing Karen her phone.


They were just pulling up to the house. Slater decided to leave the car out. The hoodlums knew where they lived now. The twins went in and got ready for bed.

"I love you, Slater," Karen said snuggled up to him.

"I love you to Karen," Slater said putting his arms around her.

* * * *

The next morning they ate in. Slater fixed bacon and eggs with toast. He drank coffee and Karen had her OJ. Once they were finished eating, they jumped in the shower. Afterward, they swam out to the raft. Karen retrieved the plastic bag with the towels and blanket. Once the blanket was spread out, they lay down just holding hands.

"Slater, I've been thinking," Karen said.

"Watch out," Slater quipped.

"Now stop that. I've been thinking about what you said the first time we...had intercourse."

"Oh." Slater turned on his side to look at his sister. "Tell me, sis."

"Nothing to tell really. I was just mulling over the line we crossed. I knew what you meant and I still wanted to cross it. I'm not worried about anything. I mean, I'm on the pill, so I can't get pregnant, which neither of us wants. Do we? No. I don't. It could be a monster. And I wouldn't want to put mom and dad or the little ones through something like that."

"Neither would I Sis. I love you. I wouldn't what to put you through that either. Let alone mom and dad. And the little ones, no way."

Slater gathered Karen to him, hugging her tightly. She was shivering.

"Are you cold?" Slater asked feeling stupid for asking.

"A little. But I'm more turned on than cold. I love you so much. I don't want to lose you..."

"How are you going to lose me?" Slater asked laughing.

"Two ways. One, you find someone at college that you love. Two, you go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and you get killed. The first one I could take as you would still be alive. The second, not so much."

Slater laughed as he hugged Karen. When he stopped he kissed her hard.

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