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Frauleins Fucked


To those who've read my stories before, a warning: This is a story unlike any that I've written here before. While it has lots of sex, it has a political theme that many may not enjoy. The story is relatively short, about one and a half Literotica pages. It features a Jew, two sisters, a nude beach, pregnancy, anal sex...


They were splashing in the surf, laughing as they kicked sprays of salty droplets on each other, brazenly presenting their firm, naked young bodies to everyone on the beach like dancing strippers might in some dingy nudie club. My eyes were just two of hundreds that were following the antics of these tall, golden haired, high breasted frauleins.

Their pubic mounds were completely shaven and each time one of them bent over you could hear a collective gasp rise from the beach. With bald pussies and their little pink slits exposed, the two could pass at first glance for thirteen or fourteen year olds, their apparent youth perhaps even heightening the prurient interest these fat German burghers were paying to theses nubile beauties.

But their full breasts, their women's hips gave them away. I knew they were sisters, eighteen and twenty, here on the coast taking a short vacation after finishing their school year. Here for the sun, the sea, the sex. Looking to get properly fucked before they returned home to their parent's house on the outskirts of Munich.

They were southerners of course, Bavarians, I don't think I would have chosen them if they spoke the coarse, guttural dialect of the north. Fuck, it was tough enough for me to listen to any German talk let alone a Northerner.


...They had been at the next table to mine at the café in Zingst that morning, hungrily shoveling their breakfast between their pink lips, hardly using their gleaming white teeth in their hurry to swallow, all the while jabbering excitedly about the nude beach they were going to spend the day at, wondering coarsely aloud if they'd find some boys with big cocks.

There is something about listening to Germans talk, especially at home among their own people, that allows a foreign observer who understands the language to almost instantly understand why the world suffered two world wars...how they were capable of committing genocide on six million plus people...There is an arrogance, a smug belief in their own superiority, an inability to hide their distain for others...

They fit my profile perfectly, but it was my prick that always made the final choice and as I had sat listening to them I felt him rise, lengthening in approval, wanting to fuck these golden haired sluts.

"You shouldn't smoke," the younger one almost ordered in German when I went to light my cigarette, "it's not good for your health."

Perfectly fluent in German I understood her, and had to choke back my thought, 'as if gassing six million is, you bitch', and only shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sorry, I only speak English girls."

"American?" the older spat out, as a frown appeared on both girls faces.

"Canadian," I answered, knowing that most Germans hated Americans these days but found Canadians harmless, yet interesting.

"Ah, Canadian," she said, as smiles slid back on both girls faces. "And what are you doing up here?"

Up here was what was called the Pomeranian Coast, the coastline of the former East Germany on the Baltic Sea. "I was at a conference at the University of Rostock, a conference on the future of the northern seas," I explained, every word a lie. "I'm a Professor, a marine scientist," I added.

They were both impressed, interested now in the fifty something man sitting across from them. "William Hunter at your service ladies," I introduced myself.

They quickly introduced themselves, Ingrid the elder at twenty had just finished second year premed in Munich, Maria, her younger sister by two years had just graduated secondary school.

"Are you staying here in Zingst Professor?" Maria asked.

"No, no, I've been staying on Rugen for the last week," I answered, referring to an island just ten miles down the coast. "I rented a cottage on the beach near Breege after my conference finished."

"Oh, we're going to Rugen tomorrow," Ingrid said.

"Near Breege?"

"Not far. Probably in Sassnitz, we haven't decided yet," she answered referring to a small town on the island of Rugen just three miles south of my rental house.

"We'll be neighbors then. Do you girls live up here? Are you locals?" I asked innocently, but knowing they'd be offended.

"What? Of course not, we're not easterners, nor northerners," she answered, scandalized that anyone would think that such sophisticated girls could be from the formerly communist east. "We're students, from Bavaria, on vacation."

"We come here because it's cheaper, we're poor students," her sister added. "And we like...the beaches," she laughed.

"We're naturalists," Ingrid explained with a grin, and then seeing my faked incomprehension went on, "Nudists, Professor, we bathe in the nude. It's much more acceptable here in the east."

"Oh," I said as I let my eyes roam over the two succulent bodies facing me, bodies clad in silk short shorts and skimpy tank tops.

"You should come to the beach Professor, get some sun, you look very white," Maria laughed as she watched me watching her.

"I'd like to," I admitted, "but I have to be in Rostock for a dinner with a colleague tonight."

"It's only an hour from here Professor; you could spend the afternoon on the beach and then drive there easily in time for dinner. You'll get to see both of us," she teased as the girls got up to go.

"Really, you should," Ingrid added as she bent over to give me a quick peck on my cheek, knowing that as she bent over she was completely exposing her firm, cone like breasts to my view, her erect, pink nipples an irresistible invitation.

"I'll try," I called as they danced giggling out of the café, clearly happy to have so easily made another conquest, sure I'd show up on the beach to ogle them later.


I was fifty-seven that summer, an American Jew, originally from the Bronx, a tough New York Jew who was now a Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami. I hadn't been in Rostock at a conference; I had come to Germany on my annual hunting trip.

No I wasn't hunting duck or deer or bear or...I was here to hunt for that rarest of meat, tender sweet fraulein pussy, and I knew these two smiling, sexy sisters would soon be mounted by a short, but big cocked Jew. My goal, simple, reintroduce a little Jewish DNA back into Germany's master race.

I was only five foot six inches tall but had one of those big boned, thick chested, powerful bodies that possessed great strength. I had wrestled in high school and even today in my fifties continued to lift weights and work out in my home gym set up in the Florida room behind my house.

After watching my sweet frauleins skip away down the street, their firm little butts dancing under the thin silk, I sat back, reviewing my plans...

Of course I was going to start by going to the beach...it would be easy I knew...I wouldn't even have to drug or hypnotize these girls to get them to sleep with me...they were both ready for my cock...


I finally stood and moved down the beach toward the surf and the giggling girls, knowing they'd recognize me from the café at breakfast, knowing my prick would draw their eyes, surprise them with its length, its girth.

"Hello Professor," the elder called, waving her arm in greeting as she splashed over. "I didn't think you'd come," she laughed, her eyes boldly roving over my body.

"Well... I took your advice Ingrid, but I don't know...its"

"And you're so hairy," she interrupted as she ran her fingers through the thick, dark hair on my chest. "Like a cuddly bear."

"... Everyone naked like this... I'm a little nervous," I continued, allowing a little embarrassment to show in my eyes.

"You don't have to worry Herr Professor, does he Ingrid?" her sister asked as she splashed up beside me and gave me a quick hug. "You're circumcised," she said with a question in her voice.

"Most Americans are Maria." I answered.

"I've never been with a circumcised man, or such a large one," she added saucily, her eyes brazenly moving from mine to my groin and then back, inviting.

God, these fucking Germans, I thought, there's not a lot of subtlety in their approach, but smiling shyly I acknowledged Maria's compliment.

"Come swim with us," they insisted as each took one of my hands and led me into the surf.

"I'm afraid I may get too excited... I mean being with you two... my, you know," I said nodding with a grin downwards at my groin.

"If you don't we'll be disappointed Professor," Maria laughed and after we had taken a few steps and were waist deep in the sea and hidden from prying eyes, I felt her fingers lightly stroke me.

"You slut Maria!" her sister hissed a second later when her probing hand found her sister's already on me.

After twenty minutes in the still cool northern sea the three of us ran up the beach hand in hand, and I couldn't help but notice the jealous looks that were heaped on me from all sides, questioning, arrogant, sneering looks that seemed to ask, 'what are those two beautiful German girls doing with that old foreigner'.

"You don't look Canadian," Maria challenged later as I lay between the girls on a sheet they'd brought.

"What's a Canadian look like? What do I look like anyway?"

"I don't know. A Turk maybe, an Arab," she answered, but I could also hear the third option, the one she didn't say – 'JEW'.

"My grandfather was Greek," I lied, "but my mother's father came from Germany, from Bavaria. Like you."

"I was in Greece last summer," Ingrid said as she stretched sinuously beside me. "Athens, and then Rhodes, it was fun, they had nice beaches...mmmn, nice boys," she said licking her lips. "But not as big as you professor," the slut smirked.

"It's too bad you have to go to Rostock today Professor," Maria sighed.

"I'll be coming back tomorrow morning... You know girls, I could stop in here and pick you up tomorrow, get you over to Rugen, save you taking the bus," I offered. "I'd like to see you again."

"We don't want to cause you..."

"I'd love to," I interrupted. "You know, if you're interested, you two could stay with me for the week. I have lots of room, its right on the beach. I even have a boat, it came with the cottage. We could sail, swim, we'd have a private beach all to ourselves," I lured as I lifted my cock off my thigh and lightly scratched my balls with my other hand.

"You're sure you don't mind?" Ingrid asked as her eyes eagerly watched the serpent being held, and offered, in my fingers.

"Nothing in the world I prefer more than to have both you and Maria," I murmured seductively. I left soon after, promising I'd return the next morning around nine, that we could have breakfast somewhere on the road.


I had trouble falling asleep that night, the anticipation of what was to come making it impossible to relax. Lying on my back, naked on top of the cool sheet, I slowly stroked myself as memories of previous hunts continually flashed across my brain.

So many years, so many different locations, but always at the end one or two plump frauleins rotating on my long, thick spit, moaning as their juices flooded over me. This was my first hunt in Germany in over five years, lately I'd preferred tourist locations like Bali, Greece, Spain, over the motherland.

'You're fucking sick,' I told myself as I felt the first spurting shot of cum explode up my shaft and up into the air, but laughed each time my cock bucked in my hand and sent another white string arcing outward. Jew cum, my little fraulein bitches, I laughed, thinking of how tomorrow two more perfect examples of the master race would be thrashing under me, flooded by my boiling seed.


I had been brought up ignorant of the Nazi crimes, somehow untouched by the crime Hitler and his minions had perpetuated against my race. My parents, even though they had lived in Europe throughout the war, and in spite of the fact they had lost Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Grandparents to the Nazi ovens, had never talked to me about the past as I'd grown up.

I knew later that it was just too painful for them, instead they brought my sister and I up as good Jews and turning their backs on Europe had instead offered sis and I America, the hope, the future, the promised land. We were loved and nurtured and like so many immigrants before and after us, we had left our old countries behind as we welcomed the opportunities this amazing, vibrant country had offered us.

I suppose it was Vietnam that made me crazy, that somehow twisted me so that I'd never be normal again. I had felt I had to go, that it was my duty to fight for the country that had so graciously welcomed me, and so, at eighteen, a high school grad, I had rushed to enlist.

But...the muddy trenches, the sweltering jungle where every wide frond could hide a sniper...the rice paddies that offered no protection, the leeches sucking your blood...the traps on the trails that could send a bamboo shaft up between your legs and into your guts...the tunnels, the friends dead...the innocence lost...the months of fear...and then...

...And then I came home in 1971, twenty-one, a survivor, and found my father dead of a heart attack just days before my return, a man who'd loved me and begged me not to go...and here he dies just when I'm free...

...And then, just weeks later, Mom telling me her stories of the world war, of how literally hundreds of her relatives had been put in cattle cars and shipped to waiting executioners...the pictures from the camps...

...I knew I had to do something...I simply had to; it was a compulsion I couldn't deny. I simply vowed to do my part in reintroducing Jewish DNA into Germany.

And it was so easy, the Army had given me the tools...had trained me. And on the G.I. bill I got an education, a BA, then a MA, and then finally a PhD in psychology, my specialty – mind control!

Over time I became an expert in the military applications of drugs and hypnosis. And although none of my research was published, the U of M was happy to have a professor on staff who continually attracted millions in research funding. A professor who had a direct line to the pentagon!

And my Military bosses didn't mind if once in a while I went off and did field tests, happy that their star researcher was getting lots of sex.


"Hi," I said, a broad smile on my face when I pulled up at the girl's inn the next morning. They were again in shorts and tank tops, heavy backpacks easily carried on their strong athletic shoulders and backs.

"Professor!" they both sang out loudly as they rushed over to my rented convertible, their breasts dancing under the thin material that struggled to contain them.

"I'm a professor in Canada, not here. Call me William or Willie," I insisted as they threw their packs in the back seat and then jumped in next to me.

"Yes Willie," Maria giggled as she snuggled up to me, making me feel her bare thigh warm against mine.

"Don't distract the Professor Maria," complained Ingrid as we drove along, avidly watching her sister's fingers slide onto my thigh and then onto the growing snake.

"Willie's not complaining, are you?" the little minx asked as she slipped her hand under the waistband of my shorts and grasped me. I felt her hand slowly move over my prick, measuring me as I grew long. "How many centimeters is it...its length I mean?" she finally asked boldly as her hand tightened around my shaft just below my cockhead.

"Little slut," hissed Ingrid but I saw her eyes widen when Maria lowered my zipper and freed my now straining prick. "Mein gott," she gasped and then told her sister, "I better go first, you're not experienced enough for such a huge man."

"What do they say 'possession is' Ingrid?" Maria asked laughing as we sped over the bridge to the island of Rugen and turned north towards Breege and my ocean front cottage. Fifteen minutes later I turned on to a small, rutted path that led through a thick growth of trees which after two hundred yards ended abruptly, the road having petered out in a dead end in front of the wood chalet and the sand and sea beyond.

The girls were out of the car even before it stopped rolling and I watched as they ran prancing over the sand and towards the surf, tossing aside their scant coverings as they went. "C'mon Willie, hurry," Ingrid called back before she dove into the white tipped waves, the perfect twin moons of her tanned ass the last thing I saw as she sliced through the water.

The water was lapping at my toes, my ankles, when the girls turned from their play and started to walk out of the surf. Maria reached me first and moved into my outstretched arms, welcoming the feel of my hard shaft as I pulled her to me, trapping my hardness between our stomachs.

"Oh Professor, Willie," she moaned as I lifted her and then lowered her to the wet sand, and then covered her quivering body with mine. Holding her arms outstretched, held immobile in my strong hands, I found her mouth, tasted her, penetrated her with my tongue, bit her lip just hard enough to draw a drop of blood, moved my tongue, my teeth over her ear, down her slim arched throat.

I bit hard on her left nipple as I drove my cock hard into her pink insides, heard her whimpered protest as I filled her. She was already moist, and I could feel her cunt struggle to adjust to my size, her slippery pinkness both stretching and clasping as it welcomed my penetration.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she groaned as I took her other nipple between my teeth, as my finger pushed insistently into her rectum, tightening her cunts hold on me even more. But her groan wasn't a protest; it was an acknowledgment of how my maleness filled her, satisfied her.

I took her hard, pistoning deep into her, pounding my cock again and again into her open womb, wanting to shower her waiting German egg with my Jewish genes. She started coming, moaning, "Harder...harrrderrr...yes...yesssssssss," as I met her outpouring with a flood of white sauce.

Still hard I rolled off the panting girl, hungry now for her sister, wanting to bury my juice covered prick in another tight pussy. She was surprised as I grabbed her, surprised I was ready, and for just a second I saw a shadow of fear cross her eyes before I turned her on her stomach in the shallow water. Quickly I brought her to her hands and knees, and after spreading her thighs wide with my hands, I grabbed her tits and drove deep into her waiting pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhh, noooooo" she wailed as I split her, filling her and more. Though older than Maria, she was tighter, and her body struggled to accept my fat cock. I knew I was hurting her but didn't care, hell I enjoyed it, but finally I felt her cunt start to take pleasure in the fullness of me, felt her moisture lubricate me.

"Unnnhh........unnnh...unnh...unh...unh...unh," she groaned faster and faster as my cadence quickened, each thrust met by her now eager thighs. She came easily, in long rolling spasms, her cunt welcoming my jisming prick.

Pulling out, my now semi hard penis dripping my cum and sticky with both girls juices, I lay on my back at the waters edge, letting the waves break over me.

"Tired already Professor?" Maria demanded as she sat down on me, her bum sitting on my shins as she bent over and licked my shaft. "Oh, maybe not," she giggled as I stretched under her eager tongue.

Ingrid then sat on me facing her sister, slowly lowering her pink gash onto my mouth as she bent over to join the meal. Soon, their long, pointed, moist tongues were dueling around my cock, bathing me in their saliva as they licked and sucked.

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