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Freaky Tuesday


It was a usual Monday night and the boys of Avenged Sevenfold had the day off and were partying at Johnny Christ's house.

"Dude, let me give your girlfriend a beer bong. She said she never had one before!" screamed Zacky at his intoxicated friend Brian. Brian grinned and agreed to it.

He had never seen his girlfriend take a beer bong, let alone drink beer willingly. She only liked Whiskey, and she never made any attempt for anything else. Zacky pulled out his contraption; basically a tube attached to a funnel, and grabbed a new beer from the fridge.

People gathered around him and Brian's girlfriend Molly, she was about an inch shorter than Brian and had no piercing's but she had various tattoos on her body. Which was showing due to her wearing a Guns'N'Roses tube top. Brian smiled at her and shook his head.

She just shrugged and said, "Only live once right?"

He laughed at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She grabbed the end f the tube and held it to her mouth, she bent her legs so she could open her throat more. Brian grinned to himself, knowing exactly what she was doing, having felt her do something like that to a certain part of his body before.

"Chug, chug, chug!" the crowd yelled in unison. Matt gave a shocked look when he realized how well she was doing at it. Brian just grinned proudly at her.

She finished it off without a hitch and stuck up some devil horns when she finished.

Zacky gave her a hug and another beer, she gladly accepted the beer. Brian walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Your girlfriends got some mad skill there Bri, your one lucky guy!" Zacky stated. Grin ever so present on his alcohol blushed face.

"Yeah, well she's mine. Go get your own girlfriend fucko!" Brian said sarcastically.

Deep down he didn't like Zacky making comments like that. A long time ago Molly and Zacky had dated, it was way before he met her himself but it still lingered in the back of his head that something was going on.

"Aren't you proud of me?" Molly asked, dark brown eyes looking up at his. He snapped out of his thought and smiled his pearly whites at her.

"Of course baby, just never thought I'd be alive the day you drank beer."

"What can I say, Zacky is very convincing." She said and her eyes wondered over to Zacky who was now jumping around with Matt to 3 inches Of Blood.

Brian tensed but shrugged it off quickly, he knew she didn't mean anything by it. It just sucked knowing what they used to have.

But there it was, the problem. He didn't know what they had. Neither of the two talked about their relationship. Just that they had been together once, it didn't work, and now it's over.

It frustrated Brian to know end, when he and Molly first started dating he would bug her about facts and she would just tell him the past is the past.

Brian had always been the type of guy that wanted to be completely honest in a relationship. Wanted to always know what the other was thinking, really wanted to know kind of guy. He is in all honesty, a rare guy to find.

"I'm going to go hang out with Z and Matt ok?" Molly asked him for his approval, he hated when she did that. To him it meant there was something wrong with their relationship that she had to ask to hang out with her friends.

"Duh, I don't care it's a party Molly. Go part your heart out." She looked up with him with a bright smile and gave him a quick kiss. She then walked over to Zacky and Matt.

Brian did note that Zacky put his arm around her waist when she got over there, but he kept telling himself that they're friends, always have been, its only natural.

Brian although is a jealous maniac sometimes. So this kind of pissed him off. He decided it would be best if he just went for a smoke.

As he sat outside on the backyard picnic table Johnny came out and sat beside him.

"You ok?" Johnny asked.

Brian shrugged and took another drag from his smoke. "Zacky?"

In turn Brian nodded, not wanting to really say anything.

"Don't worry man, they are over. Don't you have a thing for Zack too?"

Brian just laughed, he forgot he had told Johnny about that. Molly knew he liked guys as well but not the long time crush he has always had for Zacky.

"Zack isn't gay or Bi John. You know that." Brian told him.

"But we all know how much Zacky loves threesomes. You could always work that out. Or whatnot." Johnny said through his slightly drunk lips. Brian laughed and ousted his smoke on the ground.

He signaled for the two of them to go back inside.

What Brian didn't know was that while they were outside Zacky had taken Molly up to the spare room. What Brian also didn't know was that Zacky had told Molly that Brian had been cheating on her with Michelle. Brian's old flame.

As Brian made his way back to the living room he noticed the lacking of both his girlfriend and Zacky. He gripped his beer tightly, trying to tell himself it was just coincidence.

He walked over to Matt, "Where is Molly?"

"Oh, um...about that." Matt froze a little not really knowing what to say.

Brian put his beer down and gripped Matt's shirt. "Tell me where she is right now!"

Matt winced at the look on Brian's face, it was a look of anger and desperation.

"Listen Brian, her and Zacky went up to a room together, I don't know why." He said with a sigh. Brian released his grip and he could feel tears start to sting his eyes. Why would she do this to him? He just didn't understand.

Brian debated going up to find her but decided that it wasn't worth it. If she wanted Zack then she could fucking have him.

Without saying goodbye to anyone he walked out the door and down the street to his house.

It started raining the moment he walked out side. "For the love of fucking Hell!!!" He yelled at absolutely no one. He let his tears fall silently down his face, he loved her so much and couldn't believe she had done this to him. His hair was dripping wet already and he still had an hour of walking to do.

Stupid party.

Meanwhile back at the house Zacky and Molly had gotten undressed and were lying on the spare bed.

Zacky's hand slid slowly down Molly's leg affectionately. The two stared softly into one another's eyes. It had been years since they had been together like this.

"Fuck, I missed you Mol. You're so beautiful. Why did I let you go?" Zacky asked her softly.

She leaned in and kissed him, " Because you loved someone else remember. You never loved me the way you loved them."

" I'm sorry, but you did take vengeance out on me pretty roughly eh?" he reminded her.

"Well you never told me you had a thing for Brian. How was I to know, you introduced us and we hit it off. I guess it's a good thing you didn't date him. Seeing as he cheated on me." She said with a sad smile.

He looked down, he felt bad for having to tell her. She needed to know what was going on, he still couldn't believe Brian had done such a thing. Michelle was a decent enough person to admit to being wrong. He was so ashamed of Brian.

Zacky leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. She kissed back with just as much emotion and parted her lips so he could push his tongue in. She melted at his kiss, with a good shudder that racked her body. He chuckled into the kiss and pulled away just a tad.

"You still do that. It's so cute. Your gorgeous, I missed you so much. Can I have you again?" he asked looking her straight in the eye.

She sighed a little, "Can you give me some time, Brian and I technically haven't broken up yet. But, I have this small feeling it will be a yes."

Zacky smiled at the last part, he understood what she was thinking and couldn't blame her. He was just so glad to be this close with her again.

He reached his arm around to the small of her back and pulled her close as their mouths met again. She let her hands roam in his hair as she eased him to be on top of her. She could feel his erection on her inner thigh. She felt herself get warmer as the kiss deepened.

She spread her legs open a little bit and pushed her hips up lightly. He moved his mouth from hers and kissed down her jaw line to her neck. He bit around her jugular hard, he knew how much she loved it. She let out a low moan at his bite and scratched down his back, her hand gripped his ass pulling him closer into her nether region.

He got the idea that she wanted him inside her so he placed his hand on her shoulder and his other beside her head so he could angle himself.

They looked at each other and just froze like that for a few moments. It had been years since she had looked in his eyes like this. She remembered the loving look and felt her heart warm up to it again. He looked into her dark brown eyes and smiled softly at her, he missed her so much over these years. But being the decent guy that he was didn't want to hurt her in any way. Even if that meant he had to suffer. His heart leaped at the thought that he was going to be able to feel her again.

"I love you." He said breathlessly to her.

She kissed his nose, " I love you too."

He pushed his head into her, she gasped a little and arched her back slightly. He bit his lower lip and remembered she had always been tight like this. He pushed in more of himself at a very slow pace, she didn't complain though. They had always loved it this way.

When he finally filled her up all the way, she came hard around him. Her face scrunched up slightly and her mouth opened slightly. Her hands gripped his sides so she could keep steady. He smiled at her.

"Always with the multiple orgasms. Always right then too." He noted.

She just smirked at him. She knew he was right, she always came then when they used to be together. That first push in always drove her over the edge. She remembered that was her favorite thing about him. How gentle and slow he was about it in the beginning, wanting it to last a long time.

"Ready." He asked her. She nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck she bought their faces closes together so the only thing they could see was each others eyes.

He pulled out slowly and he let out a small gasp, her eyes widened as he went back in. she grabbed a fist full of his shaggy black hair. He pulled out again and she wrapped her legs around his hips, letting out a soft moan.

When he pushed back in he said her name and closed his eyes in pleasure. She was contracting her muscles around him as he pulled out for the third time.

They kissed on the next thrust, tongues battling, teeth knocking into each other, hard breaths coming from both.

She pulled her head back. "Harder Zacky."

He grinned, and his top lip curved up in very Billy Idol fashion as he drove his cock into her warmth. She let out a very feminine grunt and he pulled out and slammed again. Causing both to grip the other on various parts of their body.

"Faster Zacky." She demanded a little louder.

Her hand scratched down his back as he quickened the pace, his hands racked down her sides and his tongue darted out to lick her up her lip. She bit at his bottom lip and he growled in response. His thrusts got more violent but she would never complain, she loved the look he gave when he was in her.

His face scrunched a little, warning her he wasn't long off. He growled more and she turned her head for him, knowing she would come with him if he bit her.

He wrapped his teeth around her jugular, on the left side. It was always the left side. He knew all her spots and all her weaknesses.

Normally she would be wild and go on top during a sex session, but he wanted to be the one who gave her pleasure. Only to cum if by him. He didn't want her to have to do any work.

"Oh fuck, Zack!" she screamed as she clenched around him.

He gripped her sides as her warmth engulfed him and he came spilling inside her saying her name along with some curses.

He lay on top of her as they caught their breath.

"I missed that." She said with a giggle. He nodded in agreement. She leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed the pack of smokes there. He stayed inside her and kissed her neck affectionately. Nipping at her collar bone now and then while she lit them smokes.

She passed one to him and he let her place it in his lips. Lifting a hand he took a drag and kissed her cheek.

They laid there smoking in silence, his cock now soft inside her as they basked in the after glow.

"Do you want me to stay in al night like we used to?" he asked her as they ousted their smokes into the ashtray beside the bed.

She nodded and smile. It made her feel so whole when he stayed in after wards. Especially when she woke up with him inside her, his morning wood obviously there. They didn't have to do much in the morning to get ready either.

As he moved them to a cuddling position, him still inside her kissed her forehead and wrapped his arm around her. She pulled up the sheets. And snuggled into his chest.

As she fell asleep she couldn't help but wonder why Brian did this to her. How would she face him tomorrow?

Just before she drifted off she wished she could see it from his point of view, just so she could know what he was seeing, thinking. She could only wish though.

At the same time on the other side of town Brian was sleeping in his partner less bed.

He also wondered to himself what was going to happen tomorrow. He almost wished that here would be no tomorrow, then he told himself it wasn't worth it. He needed to see her again at least once. Just to know.

He just wished he could see it from her point of view, just so he could know what she was thinking and seeing. He also could only wish though.

Or so they thought. As they both fell asleep a single bolt of lighting flooded both of their rooms.

Tuesday Morning.

Molly woke up slightly and went to roll over, when she realized she couldn't feel Zacky inside of her any more. She felt a little sad, but figured he went to the washroom.

She moved her hand from under her head and down her chest, it felt weird, but she thought nothing of it. As she kept going down though she found she had really strong abs and, a treasure trail.

Her eyes shot open. "What the fuck?" she thought out loud as she realized she was back in Brian's room. She thought about the night before and was highly confused. She tried to think of how many beers she had had. But no matter what she came to the conclusion that she should be in Zacky's bed right now.

Still pondering she put her hand through her hair and it felt really straight, very feathery too. Then she remembered why she shot her eyes open. She sat up and looked down to see Brian's body.

"Holy shit!" she screamed. She ripped the covers to see muscular hairy legs and black silk boxers. She looked to her chest to find Brian's tattooed covered smooth skin and her arms looked strikingly like Brian's sleeved ones. She touched her face and could feel the signature goatee he always had.

"Oh my god!" she squealed, well rather squeaked through Brian's manly voice.

She jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. In the mirror she saw Brian looking back at her. She waved her hand and Brian's hand did the same thing. Her hand shot to her mouth in shock, the reflection did the same thing.

"Oh my god!! I'm Brian! How on Earth!!" she winced at his voice coming out in a very feminine way. Brian was never feminine; she giggled, then immediately snapped her mouth shut.

She took her hand a rubbed it over the muscular chest. "Well, if I'm stuck in Mr. Haner's body, I may as well check it out."

She pondered for a moment as to where to start. Then she smirked, and then laughed as she saw Brian's signature smirk reflecting back at her.

"I am so evil."

As she watched Brian's body flex a little, she got turned on. His body wasn't exactly unattractive. The man was ripped, but subtly. Something she had always loved about him.

He was subtle.

She remembered the first time they made love, she hadn't expected what he had to offer. And was given a mind blowing orgasm.

It was right about then when she felt something on her body fill blood. She looked down to the silk boxers and realized she had a woody.

"Oh man. This is going to be fun isn't it." She said to herself.

She pulled them off and stared at it, she had never seen it from his point of you, and not that it wasn't impressive from anyone else's, it looked fucking huge from this perspective.

She decided to take a shower and fix her new problem. She like almost all girls wondered it would feel like to jerk off. As the hot water hit her body and over her broad chest, she got turned on more.

She got reminiscent of times in the shower with Brian. She closed her eyes and let her hand drop below. She felt the calloused tips of Brian's fingers wrap around her length. He was a pretty big guy. She gasped as she felt her hand wrap around and stroke gently.

She emitted a grunt s she felt the intense pleasure she was getting out of it. She squeezed as she thought of the times this shaft was deep within her, making her scream and wiggle around. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm start in her stomach.

She moaned and held her eyes shut as she felt her balls tighten and squish closer to her body, she then felt sweet release shoot out of her and her balls let go all the sticky liquid, it slid over her hand and to the bottom of the tub.

She opened her eyes panting.

"Holy fucking hell, I could get used to this." She said to herself.

She looked at her sleeved muscular arms, got turned on again but forced herself to ignore it.

Brian was a hot guy, so being stuck in his body wasn't going to be easy.

That's when it hit her, if she was in Brian's body, then Brian must be in hers.

"Oh shit!" she said. Then she laughed at how weird it was to hear Brian's voice instead of her own. Coming out.

She then decided to just wait until Brian realized what was going on, she was just too turned on at the moment to give a fuck.

Back at Johnny's house Zacky and Molly's body lay curled up, still attached with Zacky inside her.

Brian woke up as he felt a kiss on his nose. He thought that maybe Molly had come back to say sorry to him, he felt happiness surge through him.

That's also around the time he noticed the feeling of something inside of him, he also felt someone's hand grip his breast.

"Breast?" Brian thought to himself. His eyes shot open, only to find green ones staring back at him affectionately. Zacky's eyes to be precise.

"What the fuck?" Brian asked as he looked at Zacky. Zacky's face contorted into a look of hurt.

"What's wrong Molly?" he asked Brian.

Brian's eyes shot open. He looked around and realized he was in Johnny's spare room. The room that Molly and Zacky stayed in together last night.

He sat up and felt that something inside him separate from him, Brian cringed at the thought. It had been Zacky's penis that was inside HIS vagina.

"Oh my fucking hell." Brian mumbled to himself, he looked down and saw his girlfriends' tits where his broad chest should be, her cute tummy and hairless legs.

Zacky sat there staring at Molly's body do a once over of herself, he arched a brow in confusion.

"Molly, how many beers did you drink last night? Cause I know you've never drank beer really before." Zacky said, stroking her back.

Brian tensed up at Zacky's hand on his back. He couldn't believe this was happening. Then he remembered what he had wished last night. Fuck.

"I'm fine, just lost." Brian said as convincingly as he could at the moment. Did this mean they had sex last night, Brian could feel the tears coming to his eyes. Zacky caught the look.

"Listen I know it sucks that Brian fucking cheated on you with Michelle. But, I still love you." Zacky said trying to comfort what he thought was a distraught Molly.

"Was it Michelle? How do you know?" Brian asked him, trying to catch him in his lie. Brian was now thinking that Zack had lied to his Molly just to have her for himself.

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