Freeway Show


This is a story that is part reality and mostly fantasy, I hope that you enjoy it.


Not too long ago we were driving back after a visit with some friends a few hours drive away. As usual, to break up the monotony of driving, I was enjoying playing with my wife Sam's body while we were driving. She's gotten quite used to being partially nude while driving, but is reluctant to enter into to flashing other drivers or truckers. Most of the times that I've done any close up, or an extended amount of, exposure of her body I've been the one that has taken her clothes as she simply allows me to undress her.

During our drive home we began to discuss something from the past that we couldn't agree on when it happened. After some good natured arguing I asked if she wanted to bet on it since she was so sure she was right. We discussed what the bet would be, and since we were driving on the freeway I suggested that if she lost she would have to stand on a freeway over pass naked. She was so sure of herself, and that she would win, that she didn't seem to think that it would ever happen. She then suggested that if I lost I had to put up some money. I told her that I'd bet $500 hundred that I was right against ten minutes of her showing herself nude to the freeway traffic.

She was excited about the bet, and began to plan how she'd spend the cash. I was just as excited, since I knew I was right. When we got home she quickly ran to check when this event had happened. She came back to me with a very distressed look on her face, so I knew that I had won the bet. I should add that I would have gladly paid her $500 to stand and expose herself, but this was a bet so I could get it done for free.

I thought that maybe I'd better collect right away, before she had time to change her mind, so I simply said let's go. She quietly followed me out to the pickup truck. I already had a place in mind, and during the half hour or so it took to get there Sam didn't say anything.

We finally got to a rather isolated farm road that has a bridge over the freeway. I stopped in the middle of the bridge, shut the truck off, and we watched the traffic drive by under us. She was counting the traffic going by, and since she kept looking up and down the road I could see that she was also worried about someone driving up on us. I think we had been waiting there about five minutes so I suggested that I'd keep track of the time for her, but that the sooner she started the sooner it would be over with. She looked over at me, hoping that I would let her out of it, or at least undress her, but I reminded her that since she had lost the bet she was going to have to do this all her self.

Her hands were a bit shaky as she began to unbutton her blouse and pull it out of her pants. She laid it on the seat next to her and then unhooked her bra and took it off. She stopped for a little while and after taking some deep breaths slipped off her pants and underwear all at once. By then she was staring down at the traffic on the freeway, as each truck or car would drive by she would give a little shudder. I thought that I'd better help things along, so I leaned across her and opened her door wide open. I encouraged her to get out and go stand by the side of the bridge above the traffic. She shaking more than ever, but she managed to slide out of the truck and walked over the the side of the bridge when no traffic was coming. She was facing me, with her bare ass to the traffic below, as a few cars went by. I could see a couple of semi trucks coming, with quite a few cars behind them, so I told her to turn around and face the traffic.

She managed to turn just in time to expose herself to all the cars and trucks that I had seen coming. She was holding the side rail of the bridge so tight that I thought she might fall down if she let go. After a couple minutes of this direct full frontal exposure I finally convinced her to walk back and forth a little bit. I think this must have also helped her as she didn't seem quite so nervous when she moved around. She was getting a lot of waves, and honking horns, but so far hadn't acknowledged any of them so I had to tell her to start waving to the truckers at least. She gave me a nasty look, but when the next truck came by she waved at the driver as he blasted his air horn.

Every time a minute went by I called off how much time she still had remaining to expose herself, and it seemed like everything was going well as she had begun to wave to some of the other drivers also. When I called out that she had three minutes to go I looked up to see a beat up farm truck began crossing the bridge we were on. Fortunately Sam didn't see him until he pulled up along side of her and stopped. He was intently staring at her bare ass, since she was facing the traffic, and then asked me what was going on. When I told him she'd lost a bet and was paying for it, he just nodded his head like it was a natural thing. At that time Sam heard me talking so she turned around and shrieked at seeing someone so close to her. I think she would have tried to cover herself up if she could have, but there was no where to run to, and I had possession of all her clothes. Her stared at her nude body for awhile, his eyes kept moving from her pussy to her titties, and after licking his lips a few times muttered something and took off down the road.

By then Sam had jumped back into my truck to try and hide herself. I checked the clock and after she caught her breath again I reminded her that she still had almost two minutes left to keep flashing the traffic. She just groaned, but once again got out and stood by the side of the bridge. When we had finally gotten down to the last minute, and I looked down the road, I realized what it was that the farmer had mumbled. I could see a large piece of farm machinery coming down the road, and realized that he couldn't cross the bridge while my truck was on it.

I suppose the right thing would have been to let Sam off a little early from fulfilling her bet, but then that wouldn't be as fun as the other option I chose. When the farmer began to cross the bridge I shouted to Sam that I'd be right back, and pointed at the oncoming equipment. With that I backed across the length of the bridge and pulled over to let him pass. This left my wife standing nude on the bridge between the farmer and myself. It gave me a great view to watch the expressions of both of them as he realized my wife was standing there completely naked. When he came up next to her he stopped for a little while and stared at her, and then looked over to me. He asked if she was ok, and at the same time I shouted that time was up. She finally turned to face him, and waved him on, although he looked for a little bit more as he slowly drove away. When he came by me he shook his head and made some nasty gestures that showed what he thought of me, making my wife do something like this.

I drove back onto the bridge and Sam jumped into the truck and we quickly left the area. We'd driven for a few minutes, and were almost half way home, before she realized that she was still naked and asked for her clothes. By then it was getting late, the sun was going down, and since she's often been undressed in the car before, I managed to convince her to stay naked the rest of the way home.

She leaned over, and laid down on the seat, with her head in my lap like she usually does when she's naked and I'm driving. This gives me an opportunity to enjoy playing with her body as I drive, so I took the long way home.

By the time we reached our driveway she'd already had one orgasm, from my playing with her pussy, and was working on another. Before going into the house we had a quickie with her sitting on top of me. When we were done she walked up to the back door of the house nude and waited for me to arrive with the keys, and her clothes. It had been an exciting day, and I could tell it would be a great night as well.

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