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(A brief disclaimer; if there is an actual "BDSMinnesota" group or forum online, I'm unaware of it. As far as I know, I made it up for this story. Any resemblance to any actual fetish interest group in the state of Minnesota is entirely coincidental.)


Diane looked through the peephole at the young Asian woman outside whose head barely came up to the bottom of her field of vision.. Taking the chain off the door, she opened it and smiled. "Kiki?" she asked. She'd already seen pictures on line, but it never hurt to be polite.

The girl nodded. "Yeah. Um...hi. I'm not late, am I?"

Diane shook her head. "No, Greg and Debbie are here, but you made it before Mike and Maria. Oh, sorry, that's right. You still don't know anyone's RL name, do you?" Diane had first met 'Kiki' as a member of an Internet forum, 'BDSMinnesota'. Pretty much everyone on the group had instantly bonded with the young, energetic girl with what seemed like an omnivorous interest in submission. Something about her seemed to inspire everyone to want to protect the sweet young thing who was just a little more spicy than sweet. (And by 'protect', of course, Diane meant 'fuck the hell out of'.) Ostensibly, the party was for her benefit, a combination 23rd birthday party and 'get to know you' event, but it'd also be everyone's first time face to face with Mike and Maria, too. "Come to think of it, is 'Kiki' OK, or should I be calling you something else?"

Kiki smiled a bit nervously. Diane felt a bit of that, too; it hit her sometimes, meeting someone face-to-face for the first time. Even if they'd talked a lot online, personal space felt different, and it sometimes took a minute to warm up to it. "No," she said, "Kiki's fine. I go by it a lot. All my co-workers call me Kiki." She giggled a bit, her warm brown eyes relaxing. "They were all asking me what I was going to do for my birthday, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm just going to a little party.' And here I've been dreaming about this every night for three weeks."

Diane led her into the living room. "Well, I certainly hope we live up to expectations. I'm Diane--'OrionSlaveGirl' on the forum--and over there is my husband, Jack, who you probably recognize better as 'DJTrance'." She waved at a handsome man in his early thirties with sandy blond hair and dark brown eyes, who was deep in conversation with another couple.

"--and he says, 'You can trust me, I'm a psychopath!' and just lifts the guy right up..." Jack broke off. "Oh, hi! You must be 'Kiki'. Say hello to Greg, better known as 'sub-Zero', and Debbie, better known as 'Big Bad Fox'. We were just talking British TV."

Kiki stood stock still and goggled at everyone, and Diane stifled a chuckle at the young woman's obvious amazement. "You're 'Big Bad Fox'? But I, you..."

The short, plump woman with the long red hair grinned like a loon. "I get that a lot."

"I was expecting...I dunno, a seven-foot tall female bodybuilder! I mean, you're, um...you're a Domme?"

The slim young man sitting on the floor next to her nodded. "Take it from me," he said, "she definitely is."

Debbie reached down and stroked his dark hair. "First rule, dear. You are what you feel like, not what you look like. I might not be big and butch, but once you've got a man hogtied, it doesn't take a lot of black leather and muscles to make them feel helpless."

Diane crossed over to the sideboard. "And on that note, Happy Birthday, Kiki! Would you like a drink?"

"I'll have a glass of the red wine, please." She giggled as she flopped onto the sofa. "It doesn't seem that long since I was sneaking drinks off of guys in bars. Remember the college girl motto...'Boys need fake IDs, girls need real boobies.'"

Jack smiled at Diane as she topped up her own glass while filling Kiki's. "Remember when we were that young, dear?"

Diane smiled. "Oh, yes. Back when you would pick me up in your horseless carriage and take me to the talkies, or to the pep rallies on campus."

Kiki leaned forward. "That's right! You guys both went to the U of M, too. Did you meet in college?" Diane handed her her wine, and headed over to sit next to Jack.

Jack shook his head. "No, we were just two American kids living in the heartland. I wanted to be a football star, see, and Diane--"

Diane smacked him playfully on the arm. "Ignore him, Kiki. He's a total music nerd. That's actually how we met...he was doing a double major, communications and psychology, and I was studying architecture. I listened to the college radio station, he was a DJ, and I thought he had a sexy voice. So I called the station."

Greg and Debbie exchanged knowing glances. "And the next thing you knew, it was morning!" Greg said with a grin.

Diane had to laugh at Kiki's confused expression. "Don't mind those two--they've known us for a long time, and familiarity breeds contempt. We did spend a long time talking, though. He played quite a few 'long, uninterrupted sets' that night."

"And I played 'Jack and Diane' every night for two straight weeks after that. Finally quit after the fourth death threat, though." Jack smiled. "You never did like that song, did you, Diane?"

They all had a laugh at that, and then Kiki asked, "Speaking of music, when you sent me the invite, you put a song title at the end. 'Freeze-Frame'..."


"Wake," Jack said. Diane blinked. Two new people were in the room now with the five of them--an African-American man, and a striking Hispanic woman. "Mike and Maria?" she asked.

They waved. "Hi," Maria said.

"Sorry. I, um...didn't notice you come in." Diane stretched a little. "How long have you been here?"

"About twenty minutes," Maria said. "Jack explained what he'd done to you, but he said not to worry about you, that it was all part of the evening's entertainment. I hope you didn't mind missing the introductions. You must be a little confused, huh?"

Diane shook her head. "We'd talked about having a little fun tonight," she said, "and about making triggers a part of the evening's entertainment. You and Mike had asked about hypnosis in BDSM, and since Jack and I use it a lot in our relationship, we figured that a little demonstration would work wonders."

Kiki's eyes were as big as saucers. "I can't believe that," she said. I just said 'Freeze-Frame'..."


"Wake." She blinked. Kiki had her head face-down in her hands, and the others were laughing.

"Sorry," Kiki said. "I can't believe I did that!"

Diane had to chuckle. "It's alright, Kiki. Half the fun of having triggers installed is getting them sprung on you. You were saying?"

"I, um..." she face-palmed again. "Now I forget."

Mike took a sip of his wine. "Are all your triggers song titles, or just the one?"

"All of them," Jack said. "I remain a 'huge music nerd', to quote my wife's eloquent phrasing, and it helps me remember exactly which devious, twisted things I've done to her brain."

Mike said, "So if I said, for example, 'Love Machine'..."

Diane smiled sweetly. "I'd say, 'That's an interesting guess, but my triggers are all keyed to the sound of Jack's voice.' He only took the restrictions off the one tonight, just for the evening's enjoyment, but most of my brain is still pretty securely under lock and key." She kissed Jack on the cheek. "Which isn't to say we wouldn't have fun sometime demonstrating exactly what 'Love Machine' does."

Debbie said, "That's a fun one. Not as fun as 'Wild Thing', but fun. I've never gotten into the hypnokink the way you and Jack have--give me real ropes and whips any day--but I have to admit, playing with a hypnotized slave girl is crazy fun."

Kiki looked like she was going to explode. "I still can't believe...I mean, I thought it was all just, you know, tying people up and spanking them. I know you guys talked about hypnosis on the forums, but..." She took a gulp of her wine. "I'm babbling, aren't I?"

Debbie said, "Yes, but it's adorable. How did a sweet little girl who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth get mixed up with kinky little pervs like us, anyway?"

"Freshman Sociology," Kiki said with a dreamy smile. "We did a unit on human sexuality, and the prof talked about 'alternative lifestyles', and it was...oh, my, GOD, it was like my pussy was on fire. And I was at the back of the classroom, and...I mean, it wasn't even like he was making it sound exciting, he was just droning on about 'sadomasochism' and 'same-sex partnerships', but I still snuck my finger into my panties, and just...went to town. Quietly, I mean. My house had thin walls, I was used to keeping it down. And after class, I went back to my dorm and started looking for everything I could find on S&M, and that led me to you guys..."

Mike said, "And hence to being in a room with a woman who'll become a living poseable statue any time someone says, 'Freeze-Frame'..."


"...wake." She blinked. It was Kiki's voice telling her to wake up this time, and while not much seemed to have changed, Kiki's glass was almost empty. And something else seemed different...

"Looking for this?" Debbie said, holding up Diane's bra.

"Well, it certainly isn't in the last place I put it," Diane said. "Did I miss any good stories?"

Jack got up to freshen his glass of wine. "Mike and Maria explained how they got into the BDSM scene. I thought you might want to be awake for our sordid history, so I had Kiki bring you back up."

Diane rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. You tell it ten times better than me anyway. Especially since you knew the whole story at the time, and I didn't find it out until the very end."

Kiki practically bounced up and down on the couch cushions. "Go on," she said. "Spill! Dish! Tell me of the good old days, when men were real men, women were real women..."

"And green furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real green furry creatures from Alpha Centauri?" Jack responded. "Sure. We'd been together for about a year, by then...I was in my first year of grad school, still at the U, and Diane was a sophomore. We were having a lot of fun together, but..."

"But I was starting to get bored with missionary position," Diane chimed in. "I started wondering if there wasn't any way to, y'know, spice up the old bedroom life."

"And this is where I come in," Greg said. "Diane and I have known each other since we were kids, and she knew I'd been dating this woman for three years and still wandered into class every morning with a stupid grin on my face."

"And rope burns on your ankles," Debbie said, stroking his cheek.

"Exactly, My Lady," Greg said. "She asked me what my secret was, I told her she totally didn't want to know, she insisted she did, and eventually, she got me to spill the beans about my relationship with My Lady. And she talked to My Lady a bit, and it turned out that My Lady had just joined this new Internet thing talking about that stuff..."

"And I signed up," Debbie said. "I read the boards for about five hours, my eyes were just about popping by the end, and I knew I had to get Jack into this shit, come hell or high water."

Jack coughed. "Whatever happened to 'You tell it ten times better than me anyway'? Don't make me Freeze that pretty little Frame of yours."

"Sorry. This is Jack's bit."

"Right. So by total, freakish, insane coincidence, I'm an admin on this new Interweb creation, a place for Minnesotans into kinky sex to meet and exchange ideas, and I'm canvassing the group on how I can get this really great girl I've been dating into D/S play without freaking her out. And all of a sudden, this new member signs on as 'OrionSlaveGirl', not even two weeks after we'd gone to MiniCon and watched 'The Cage' together, and asks, 'How do I tell my boyfriend that I want to be dominated by him?'" Kiki let out a peal of laughter. "And remember, I'm an admin. I can see her email address in the profile!"

Kiki squealed. "Oh, my, GOD!"

"So I respond on the board with, 'You've certainly picked a hell of a way, darling,' she calls me up on the phone within five minutes of my post and we start sharing fantasies, and the whole thread erupts into digital catcalls and LOLs. We've been playing ever since."

Kiki went to get herself some more wine. "Wow. And you always use the...hypnosis thing?"

"Most of the time," Diane said. "It offers a lot of fun possibilities for play, and plus, I found out that being hypnotized is fun in and of itself. You should try it, you really should."

Kiki looked a little nervous. "I dunno..."

Debbie leaned over towards Diane. "Say, Diane, you know what you could try?"


She grinned evilly. "Freeze-Frame..."

***** "...wake." She blinked. Jack was in front of her, off to her left, sitting on the couch with Kiki. Kiki was blinking sleepily, and seemed to have attracted quite an audience. Diane felt a certain...freeness...under her own dress, and realized that her panties seemed to have vanished at some point.

"Oops," Jack said, looking over at Diane. "Sorry about that. I just put Kiki through a little sample induction, and waking her seems to have woken you too. "Freeze-Frame..."


"...wake." She blinked. Debbie's voice, right in her ear, from behind her. She was standing up now, and her blouse appeared to be missing. She felt hands cupping her breasts, probably Debbie's hands. Kiki was watching the two of them, a tiny bit of drool on her lower lip.

"I hope I'm not the only naked person in the room," she said cheerfully.

Debbie planted a kiss between her shoulder blades. "Maria's naked over by the fireplace," she said. "But she's not joining in any fun, apparently."

Mike shrugged apologetically as he walked into view. "It's one of our little games. She can watch the whole show, and be watched herself. But she can't orgasm until we get home. That's actually one of the things we were interested in hypnosis for, actually. I'd like to implant an orgasm denial trigger in her, so that she could join in at parties like this without disobeying her master."

Diane nodded. "It's perfectly doable. I'd recommend sub-contracting the job out to Jack, as it were, though. He's been at this for years, and it might help you avoid reinventing the wheel if all you want is a few triggers. If you want to do a lot, though, or just enjoy the hypnosis in and of itself, I'm sure he could teach you."

Mike looked over at Maria, who was kneeling by the fireplace with a dreamy expression on her face. "I think I might have to learn myself. It seems to be limited only by your imagination, and I can already imagine a lot of fun things to do with it. I mean, just your trigger..." His eyes widened a bit. "It's the hottest damned thing I've seen in a while, and I never thought I'd say that about any woman other than Maria." He sighed. Sorry, Diane, but I just have to see this again. Freeze-Frame."


"...wake." She blinked She didn't have any clothes on now, and she found herself staring at the floor in a position that was suddenly very hard to maintain without hypnotic discipline. Awkwardly, she let go of her ankles and caught herself before straightening to an upright position. "It's OK, honey," Jack said from beside her. "I'm right here."

"Oof," she said, straightening up. "That's a little more flexible than I thought I could be. Who posed me like that?"

Jack stuck his thumb behind him, and Diane turned to see Kiki sitting on the couch with Mike. He'd slipped one strap of her dress off and was rolling her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Kiki's eyes were glazed with lust, and she was holding her fingers up to her nostrils, inhaling their scent.

"Aww," Diane said, noticing the moisture on Kiki's fingers. "Our little girl is growing up so fast, isn't she?"

"Heck of a hypnotic subject, too. I think she'll take to it easier than Maria will, to be honest." They both looked over at the fireplace, where Maria was still on her knees. Debbie was over with her, running her fingers along Maria's collarbone, and Maria let out a soft, keening whimper at the touch.

"I see Debbie's found a new playmate. I thought Maria was 'look, don't touch'?"

"Mike said it was alright, so long as she kept free of any erogenous zones. Freeze-Frame."


"...wake." She was face to face with Maria, just millimeters away from her, on her knees. It had been Maria's voice that she heard. Their breasts were almost touching, and Diane admired the self-discipline it must have taken Maria not to rub forward against Diane while she was posed.

"Having fun?" she asked brightly.

"Yes," Maria panted, "very much so. I know it must seem...odd..."

Diane kissed her cheek gently. "I just spent the last...um...while...totally mindless and unseeing while people posed me like a doll. There's no such thing as a weird kink, honey. Just a kink you're not into."

Maria smiled. "Yes. When Mike and I get home..." she closed her eyes and shivered. "I will cum like a porn star, honest to God."

Diane stood up, feeling the blood flow back into her legs a bit. "A little teasing does work wonders, doesn't it?" She turned, taking in the rest of the room. Kiki was on the couch still, her eyes shut, with Greg's head between her legs. "oh," she gasped. "oh, that feels, I feel..." Diane was actually a little surprised. She'd expected Kiki to be doing something a little less vanilla by this time in the evening. But Debbie did love showing off Greg's pussy-licking training...

Debbie, meanwhile, was over in the easy chair, her eyes unfocused and glassy. Mike and Jack were over there with her, with Jack dangling a crystal pendant in front of her eyes. "Hi, dear," Diane said as she sauntered over to the three of them. "Doing a little teaching, are we? You know, for all that Debbie claims not to be into hypnosis, she sure goes into trance easily enough."

"...can...still...hear...you..." Debbie said faintly, still staring at the crystal.

Diane stuck out her tongue. "You were saying about Maria a few seconds ago?"

"And by a few seconds, you mean 'fifteen minutes'," Jack said, giving her nipple a quick pinch. "I was just saying that I think Maria might have a little bit of performance anxiety, at least at first. She's so eager to please that I think she might worry about not going into hypnosis 'right'. I was just giving Mike a few tips on how to calm her down before, um...calming her down."

"And of course, the fact that it gives you another chance to hypnotize Debbie is just a bonus." She reached down and gave Debbie's pussy a little pat.

Debbie gasped a little, then said, in a dazed voice, "freeze...frame..."


"...wake." She blinked. She was sitting down, and her whole field of vision was filled with Kiki's very delicious tits, jiggling back and forth. She felt something warm and wet pressing against her upper thigh, and heard Jack continue to speak. "You'll just keep rubbing, Kiki, keep feeling that delicious sensation as Mike's cock slides up your ass, and still be able to stay in that wonderful trance."

Kiki moaned loudly, and Diane was honestly surprised that she even heard the word 'wake' over all the noise the girl was making. It was obviously used in the negative sense, because as she looked up a bit, she saw that Kiki had the look of someone who was definitely in a deep trance. In a deep trance, humping the leg of a frozen hypnotized slave girl, and being fucked up the ass while a naked woman watches from across the room.

Yes, Diane thought with a happy sigh, this is about what she expected the evening to be like. She reached up and starting pinching Kiki's nipples absently, listening to the way Kiki's groans change pitch as she did so.

"And you'll feel the warmth building up in your pussy now, building to a crescendo, building to a massive, screaming orgasm, one you won't be able to stop, just crashing over you, into you, through you...now, Kiki. Cum now, cum now, cum now." Diane felt her thigh get slick with Kiki's juices, and the girl practically hit high C in the throes of passion.

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