tagFirst TimeFrench Kissing for Girls - & Boys

French Kissing for Girls - & Boys

byAlex De Kok©

They were in a cosy tangle of limbs in the rumpled bed next morning when the phone rang. Jeannie fumbled for the handset, juggling it as she almost dropped it, but finally got it to her ear. "Hello? ... Oh, hi, Helen. Is my Dad still alive? ... you're sure? ... yeah, she's here. Hang on a sec." Jeannie passed the phone to Kirsty. "It's your mom."

"Hi, Mom. Exhausted Mr. Evensen yet? ... wow, that sounds good ... you are? That's great. Jeannie and I want to go again, too ... no problem, Mom, I'll drive our car and you can take it when you leave ... okay, Mom, see you on the beach."

Kirsty passed the phone back to Jeannie, who managed to get it back on the rest at only the second try. "Mom and your Dad are going back to the nude beach today," said Kirsty with a grin, "so I said we'll take the car, because Mom needs it later and your Dad's at work again tomorrow."

"Great!" Jeannie leaned across and gave Kirsty a soft kiss. "Mister Right might be there. Come on, let's get showered, then eat." She giggled. "Food this time."

They were just getting breakfast when the phone rang again. "Hello," said Jeannie. "Yeah, she's here ... want a word? Hang on." Jeannie passed the phone to Kirsty, mouthing 'Jimmy Perez.'

"Hello?" said Kirsty. "No, we haven't made any plans yet ... that sounds good ... ten o'clock if we can make it. Okay, hang on 'til I ask her." Kirsty covered the mouthpiece and turned to Jeannie.

"What was that all about?" said Jeannie.

"Dover Point. Jimmy's going back with Billy and Mary. Julie apparently was only there because her boyfriend, Jack Coogan, couldn't make it and Mary wanted female company, she didn't want to be the only girl. Julie and Jack may be going, but Jimmy didn't know. He wanted to know if we'd like to go."

"With them?"

"Yeah. What do you think?"

"Just Jimmy and Billy, plus Mary, me and you? One girl too many," said Jeannie.

"Maybe not. Remember Jimmy's brother, Pete?"

"A year older, went off to UCLA? That Pete?"

"The very same. He's home for the summer. Jimmy says Pete would like to come, too, if we don't mind."

Jeannie brightened. "Why not, he's a nice guy."

Kirsty grinned. "Jimmy? Tell Pete we're fine with it. Mom's going again, too ... yeah, I've got her car, so I still need to check with Mom, but I don't think she'll mind, so pick us up at Jeannie's at ten ... okay, bye for now." She hung up and turned to Jeannie, grinning. "Three guys, three gals. Mary and Billy are apparently an item at the moment, so it's the Perez brothers and the might-be sisters."

Jeannie laughed. "Could be fun. I like Pete."

"And I like Jimmy. I'd better ring Mom, put her in the picture." Kirsty turned back to the phone. "Mom? ... Hi, it's me. Mom, Jeannie and I are going back to Dover Point today, but we're going with the gang. We're getting a ride, so I was going to leave our car here. Is that okay, or do you still want me to take it to Dover Point for you? ... okay, I'll leave it here. Bye for now." She turned to Jeannie, smiling.



Jeannie giggled. "Remember what you said last night?"


"French kissing for Girls?"

Kirsty laughed. "Yeah. Now add boys!"

Jeannie giggled again. "Kirsty, Jimmy and Pete are picking us up at ten, right?"


"Did Jimmy say anything about food or drink?"

"Yeah, he said to bring whatever we planned to eat and drink. That way everyone has what they want."

Jeannie pointed dramatically at the refrigerator. "Operation scoff starts here!"

They were ready and waiting when Jimmy and Pete rolled up in Pete's battered Ford, just after ten. In bikini tops and shorts again, with t-shirts in the bag, 'just in case', they locked up and went out to the car. Jimmy got out and made a flourish of opening the car door for Kirsty and Jeannie as they scrambled into the back, then resumed his seat beside Pete, who turned to the girls.

"Hey, thanks for letting me tag along."

"No big deal, Pete. Let's have fun," said Jeannie. She grinned at him. "You only wanted to come so you could see us naked, anyway."

Pete laughed. "Can you think of a better reason for a guy?" He sobered. "No, Jeannie, I just wanted to see you again, because you're good company with your clothes on, too."

"I can live with that," said Jeannie softly.

Kirsty pointed. "Go!"

It didn't take long before they were at Dover Point. There was a brief pause when they realised that the free admission was over, but Pete just dug in his pocket and said, "My treat," and they were in.

"Billy said he and Mary would be near where your mom and you were yesterday," said Jimmy as they stripped off their clothes. He paused, openly admiring Kirsty. "You look fabulous, Kirsty," he said quietly.

"You're not so bad yourself, Jimmy," Kirsty retorted. She glanced across at Jeannie, naked now, busy packing her clothing into the bag. Beside Jeannie, Pete couldn't keep his eyes off her. Kirsty nudged Jimmy. "Looks like Jeannie's made a conquest."

Glancing across to make sure he wouldn't be overheard, Jimmy leaned closer to Kirsty. "Pete wasn't all that bothered until he heard that Jeannie was going. I told him she didn't have a boyfriend. That is right, isn't it?"

"Yeah, neither of us do."

Jimmy coughed, flushing. "If it's okay with you, Kirsty, I'd kinda like you and me to be a couple, see how we get on."

Kirsty looked at him, then smiled. "I'd like that, Jimmy," she said softly.

"It's not just because everyone else seems to be pairing up," he said hurriedly. "I want to. Be with you, I mean. Maybe go off on our own sometime, catch a movie or something."

"Or something." Kirsty giggled.

"What?" said Jimmy.

"It's not usual for a guy to get a girl out of her clothes on a first date."

Jimmy grinned. "I guess not, but it sure is good!" He sobered. "Kirsty, you were the loveliest creature on the beach yesterday, and you are again today." He took Kirsty's hand, nodding towards where Pete and Jeannie were disappearing towards the beach, also hand in hand. "Shall we follow big brother?"

"Not if we want to be where Mom and I were yesterday, it's the other way."

Jimmy whistled and Pete turned. Jimmy pointed and Pete changed direction, talking animatedly to Jeannie.

Billy and Mary had staked a claim to the spot and welcomed them, and the six youngsters settled themselves to enjoying the sun, the sea, and the fresh outdoor air. Around noon, Kirsty's mom and Jeannie's dad turned up and joined them. This time they managed a four-a-side volleyball game for a while until everyone decided it was time for something to eat. Helen took Kirsty to one side.

"Sweetheart, Tom's staying with me again tonight. Are you okay with that?" she asked, concern on her face.

"Mom, I'm fine. So's Jeannie. I'll stay with Jeannie again tonight and then you don't need to worry about us."

"Not worried, baby. Embarrassed, perhaps, if I make as much noise as I did last night."

"Do I take it the parents had a good time?"

Helen glanced round. "Fucking wonderful," she said with a grin.

Kirsty squeezed her hand. "Good," she said.

"Tom has to be at work again tomorrow. We're stopping off later to collect some clothes for him. I'll collect the car, too, so don't worry when you see it gone."

"That's fine, Mom. Is it okay if we ask Jimmy and Pete back for a pizza or something?"

"Kirsty, honey, you're an adult. I can't stop you. Jimmy and you, is that it?"

"Yeah, he's sort of asked me to go steady, at least for now."


"I said yes. I like him, Mom, he's kind and funny and gentle." Kirsty grinned. "And good-looking."

"I like him, too, you make a good couple. Just be careful, baby. At least I know you're on the pill, so that's one conventional anxiety I don't need to face."

Kirsty laughed. "Steady, Mom. Don't go so fast."

Helen smiled gently at her daughter. "Sweetheart, I'll tell you something private and personal, but for your ears only, okay? Your Dad and I fucked on our first date, and virtually every day after that, unless I had my period, until he was killed. Your grandma told me something similar about her and Gramps. The women in this family love hard, so be prepared."

Kirsty stared at her mother. "Wow," she said softly.

"Wow's a good word. Here's Jimmy."

"Hi, Mrs. Anderson."

"Hi, Jimmy. Call me Helen, and thanks for the compliment yesterday."

Jimmy flushed. "You told her."

"Of course I did, it was sweet," said Kirsty.

"And very flattering," said Helen.

Jimmy allowed himself to look at her. "It's true, you're the best-looking older woman on the beach." He grinned. "And Kirsty takes after you."

"You saying I'm looking older, buster?" said Kirsty in mock aggression, then she and Helen burst out laughing at the look of horror on Jimmy's face.

"It's okay, I'm teasing. Come on, let's have a swim," said Kirsty, taking Jimmy's hand.

They swam for a while and Jimmy led her away from the others. They came back to the beach almost half a mile away from where the others were. Jimmy took Kirsty's hand as they waded from the surf, squeezing her fingers gently. They walked along the tide line, silent, but Kirsty felt good, because it was a comfortable silence. She glanced across at Jimmy just as he looked at her and she smiled. He gestured towards a little clearing in the pines, about twenty yards from where a family party was playing. "Sit there for a little while?" he said.

"Why not?"

They sat for a while in silence, holding hands. Jimmy seemed on the point of saying something several times, but hesitated.

"What?" said Kirsty finally.

Jimmy flushed and looked away for a moment, then turned back to her. "I've been trying to get up the nerve to kiss you."

"Why didn't you?" Kirsty asked, her voice gentle.

Jimmy shrugged. "Too many people around, and your mom's there, and ..."

Kirsty took his face between her hands, remembering the night before and fighting the giggle which she knew would ruin the moment. "Jimmy," she said, "shut up and kiss me."

The kiss was hesitant at first as they learned each other's taste, but it warmed into a fire that took them both, Jimmy's tongue moving hesitantly towards Kirsty's and her eager acceptance of it, tasting, duelling, the moment taking each of them. Kirsty felt Jimmy's hands warm on her, on her back, her hips, stroking, caressing. Shuddering, Kirsty broke the kiss, looking into the fascinated eyes of a naked girl about three years old who was watching them through huge eyes, from five yards away.

Jimmy opened his mouth to speak but Kirsty put her finger on his lips. "Not here, not now. When we're alone somewhere, Jimmy. I promise. I want to kiss you like that again and see where it takes us."

"I'll hold you to that, Kirsty, just as soon as we can be alone together somewhere." Jimmy glanced down and flushed. "I have a more immediate problem. I guess you got me too excited."

Kirsty looked down and a flash of pure desire rocketed through her. Jimmy's prick was almost fully hard and she swallowed the lump in her throat that had sprung into existence when she thought of Jimmy's hardness penetrating her. "Beautiful," she breathed. She giggled. "Very nice, Jimmy, but like I said, not here, not now." She squeezed his hand. "Tell me what you have planned for college, and think icy thoughts."

"I'm not sure that would work," said Jimmy. He glanced over but the little girl had lost interest and was picking sea shells out of the sand. "Is anybody looking our way?" he asked.

Kirsty glanced around. "Not at the moment."

"It's thirty yards to the water, maybe the sea will cool me down. Race you?"

Kirsty leapt to her feet. "Go!"

It was a wild dash back to the water, hand in hand, the two youngsters throwing themselves into the water in long dives. Twenty yards out, they turned and swam back towards the others. As they came out of the water Kirsty glanced down, but Jimmy's prick had softened, although it was still a little erect.

"Ready to face everybody?" said Kirsty.

"As much as I ever will be," said Jimmy, taking her hand. "Let's go."

A little later, Kirsty got a chance for a quiet word with Jeannie, but before Kirsty could say anything Jeannie said, "What do you think about asking Pete and Jimmy back for a pizza or something?"

Kirsty stared at her, then laughed. "You're telepathic, Jeannie. I was just going to suggest that."

Jeannie glanced over her shoulder to make sure she couldn't be overheard. "You know I'm not a virgin, Kirsty. Well, I've been eyeing up that shlong of Pete's all day. If he makes a move, I'm a pushover. I want it so bad it's an ache."

Kirsty laughed. "So you want me out of the way?"

"No! Just don't come between us and the route to my bedroom!"

"Tell you what," said Kirsty. "We'll get the guys to drop us at the house before they go for the pizza, then we can make up the spare bed and get things ready to eat when they get back."

"Make up the spare bed? Kirsty, I daren't let Pete stay overnight. If Dad heard he'd have a fit."

"Jeannie, think about it. If you and Pete are in your bed, where am I?"

"You mean, you and Jimmy might, um, er, ... "


Jeannie shrugged. "Make out, at least."

"I dunno, Jeannie, but my pussy has been tingling all day, especially after he kissed me. Maybe I'll be a pushover, too."

"You like Jimmy, don't you?"

"Yeah," said Kirsty, "I like him a lot." And he's got a lovely prick.

"Kirsty," said Jeannie seriously, "I heard about some of the girls fucking just to get rid of their cherries. I lost mine to someone I'm fond of, Joey, and I think if you did it with Jimmy, you'd both enjoy it. But hey, maybe I'm putting two and two together here and making six."

"No, I think it's four. Maybe, Jeannie, maybe. If the time's right and the feeling's good, just maybe."

Jeannie giggled. "In that case I'll make damn sure Pete and I are out of sight."

"Yeah, you do that."

"Do what?" said Jimmy as he and Pete came over. "We were wondering, how about getting a pizza or something?"

Jeannie and Kirsty looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" said a puzzled Jimmy.

"It's okay," said Kirsty, squeezing his fingers. "Jeannie and I were thinking just that very thing. We thought maybe you and Pete could drop us at Jeannie's before you go for the pizza, maybe give us a half-hour or so for a shower and a tidy-up, then we could spend the evening together at Jeannie's. How about it?"

"Sounds great to me," said Pete, smiling at Jeannie, who blushed a little as she smiled back at him.

"And me," said Jimmy. "What about Billy and Mary?" he said, nodding towards the other couple who were just coming back from a swim, hand in hand.

Kirsty gave a quick glance at Jeannie, who nodded. "They're welcome too, if they want to come."

Helen and Tom had been for a swim, too, and Helen came over and drew Kirsty to one side. "We're off now, honey. Do you need anything? From home I mean. We have to pass our house to get to Tom's, so if you want anything I can pick it up for you and leave it."

Kirsty made a face, thinking. "I don't know. My blue dress, maybe, my red shorts, and a couple of t-shirts. If I want anything else, tomorrow will do. Oh, some sexy underwear, too."

"Big seduction scene?" said Helen lightly.

Kirsty flushed slightly, and shrugged. "I don't know Mom, maybe, maybe not."

Helen took her daughter's hands in hers, bending forward to kiss her lightly. "Take care, honey, but enjoy yourself, whatever happens."

"I will, Mom. You too."

Helen grinned widely and wiggled her eyebrows. "I will."

Helen and Tom left shortly afterwards and the six youngsters played another game of volleyball, boys versus girls. Nobody was in the least bit interested in any score, they were just enjoying themselves. As Jimmy remarked later, as they were collecting their things together ready to leave, "the best thing about nude beach volleyball is watching the girls jiggle."

"Says you," retorted Jeannie. "You guys did a bit of jiggling, too, or maybe it was swinging, rather than jiggling."

"I don't know about the other guys," said Jimmy, "but I've been fighting a mental battle all day not to get a woodie on." He grinned. "If we'd been the only people on the beach, yeah, okay, but there were little kids, old ladies and all sorts here. I never realised naturism was so popular. I know why, now, it feels great to be naked, especially around such lovely ladies," he said, bowing to each of the girls in turn.

Kirsty grinned. "Flatterer." Her smile faded. "I guess we come over more naturally, here, like this. There's less opportunity for pretence. What you see is what you get." She looked round at the others, who were all showing signs of agreement, except Mary, who had a faraway look on her face. "You don't agree, Mary?"

"Oh, I do," said Mary. "I think you're dead right. No, I was just thinking how Miss High and Mighty de Vere would come over, or Molly Peterson." An expression of distaste flickered over Mary's face as she mentioned Trish de Vere.

"I think Molly might be embarrassed at first, because of her size, but I think she'd enjoy it. Trish? No way," said Jeannie.

"Well, Molly is the fattest girl in class, but she's nice, and she's friendly. I don't think I've ever heard her say an unkind word about anybody," said Kirsty.

"I have," said Mary, "when that cow de Vere called me 'round-heels'. Molly was the only one around who stuck up for me. You guys weren't there. When they'd gone, Molly told me not to worry, that the bitch would get her just desserts one day. I've never seen Molly so cold, ever."

"Sounds like Trish got on Molly's wrong side, too." Kirsty was thoughtful. "Has anyone else noticed how the bitch-queen's circle of courtiers seems to be getting smaller?"

"Yes," said Mary, in a tone of intense satisfaction.

"I was going to ask her out, once," said Pete, "until I looked into her eyes. There was nothing there, nothing that attracted me anyway. Superficially, she's a good-looking girl, but no, not for me."

"Good," said Jeannie. "You can make do with me instead."

"That will be a pleasure, Jeannie," said Pete, laughing.

"Kirsty?" said Mary. "Billy says you guys are organizing a pizza or something, and that we're invited. Is that right?"

"Yeah, if you want to come along. We're going to send the guys away for a half-hour or forty minutes while we grab a shower, maybe put on a little makeup, then just enjoy the evening. Probably in couples," she added with a wink.

"We'd love to. Billy's all for it. I guess I am, too."

"Okay, then, let's go."

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up outside Jeannie's house. The girls got out and Billy transferred from his own jalopy into Pete's car. Jimmy waved the girls across. "Do you want any beer? If we get a six-pack, that's one each. Enough to enjoy, but not enough for anyone to get anywhere near drunk."

"Just the one will be great. We'll have a shower and get things ready. Don't come back until seven, okay? It's six-twenty now."

"Seven it is." Jimmy reached up and pulled Kirsty's head down, kissing her lightly. "Miss me," he said.

"I will," she promised, "as soon as you go! So, go."

The three girls headed into the house. "Shower first," said Jeannie. "There's a shower in the guest bathroom, if you want, Mary, but Dad's is big enough to take all three of us at once."

Mary grinned. "Okay, let's share. No point in being shy when we've been naked together all day. I absolutely must wash my hair, too."

The three girls huddled into Tom Evensen's big shower, squealing as the initially cold water hit them, then shampooing each other's hair, washing each other's back, tickling, squeezing. Eventually, each of them bundled in a terry cloth robe, they trooped down to the kitchen.

"What are you guys wearing tonight?" said Mary as they began preparing some salad stuff to go with the pizza. "I only have what I'm wearing, shorts and a t-shirt."

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