French Kissing for Girls - & Boys

byAlex De Kok©

Kirsty began to speak, but Jeannie held up her hand and stopped her. "Mary, I plan to take Pete to bed if he gives any indication at all that he wants to fuck me. I don't know for sure about Kirsty and Jimmy, that's their business, but what about you and Billy?"

Mary stared at her for a long, long moment.

"Something wrong?" Jeannie asked gently.

Mary smiled briefly. "No, I'm fine. It was just thinking of the bitch-queen that upset me for a moment. I've known you guys for what, three years now?"

"About that, yes," said Kirsty.

"You've heard what Trish calls me?"

"Round heels? Um, yes, I have. I don't like it, so I take no notice." Kirsty gave Mary a sympathetic smile.

"Try living with it! I'm supposed to be a pushover for any guy with a hard dick. I'm still virgin!"

"Why haven't you said anything?" said Kirsty.

"And give Trish the lie, you mean?"

Kirsty nodded.

"Kirsty, I've been out with about twenty different guys, but it was never right, the magic I hoped for wasn't there. I think it was that asshole Jack Ellis who gave Trish the idea. He tried to grab me in a bedroom at Trish's party, before I knocked him on his ass. He told everyone who'd listen he'd got my cherry! He didn't even get a feel of my tits."

"I'll ask again, why didn't you say anything?"

"Who'd have listened, in that crowd?"

"You make a good point. So you just kept a dignified silence?"

"I suppose." Mary grinned suddenly. "Thanks, Kirsty, I never thought of it like that before. Dignified silence. I like it."

"It worked, I think. People started to wonder why Trish had such a down on you. Okay, Mary, you're still virgin. You obviously wanted us to know, and I'm flattered, but was there something else?"

"Yes. I want Billy to be the one to get the Ross cherry, because the magic is there at last, but I couldn't think of where. In a sense, I kind of want witnesses. Somebody who might put the lie on the bitch-queen. Not actually present," she added hurriedly, "but maybe in the same house, at the same time. I don't want it to be in the back seat of Billy's car, or something. That would spoil the magic."

"Jeannie?" said Kirsty. "We could let Mary and Billy have my room for a while. If you want one that is," she added hurriedly, taking Mary's hand and squeezing it.

"That would be fantastic, but what about you and Jimmy?" Mary was smiling now.


"Shut up, I'm thinking. Dad won't be home tonight. I'll use his room. Kirsty, you take mine, Mary can have the spare room." She laughed. "I'm kinda making assumptions here, but at least it gives us all somewhere private to make out, or to go further if we want to."

"Great, but are you sure about your Dad?" said Mary.

Jeannie giggled. "We're certain," said Kirsty, dryly. "He's with my Mom."

"Are they, um, you know?" said Mary uncertainly.

"They are presently an item, yes, and one of the reasons I'm staying here tonight is so that they can do whatever they want without needing to worry about me," Kirsty said with a leer.

Mary laughed. "Boy, sex is in the air tonight. Okay, back to the question. What to wear? I have no choice, but you guys have."

"We've been naked all day, we could carry on that way, maybe," said Jeannie.

"That would solve the clothes problem okay, and the guys would go for it," Kirsty said, fighting a giggle.

"Can I borrow a hair dryer?" said Mary.

"Sure. Come with me and I'll show you where the spare room is, too. You need to know that!" Jeannie took Mary away.

Kirsty glanced at the clock. Another ten minutes before the pizzas arrived. Now where did Mom leave my stuff? She found the bag in the hallway. Blue dress, red shorts, t-shirts. What the fuck is that? She took out a wisp of black lace. Jumpin' shit! It's Mom's teddy! What else? Holy shit! She grabbed the bag and ran upstairs after the others.

"Mary? Jeannie? I have an idea! Mary, do you have panties with you? Are they sexy?"

"Well, kind of. I put my thong on because my shorts are a bit tight."

"What about a bra?"

"Yes, I have that, too. Why? I thought we were going to be naked for the guys."

"We're going to be better than naked. Bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. Nothing else. If that doesn't give them the clue that we're functional females with raging hormones, nothing will."

"I haven't got a garter belt and stockings with me," said Mary, disappointment in her tone.

"I have," said Kirsty. "And a teddy, and two pairs of stockings, and a pair of panties that look as if they were made from black spider webs." She grinned at the others. "We only have about ten minutes, so let's go!"

When Pete, Jimmy and Billy got back with the pizzas, they found the girls wearing their towelling robes.

"We'll finish dressing after we eat," said Kirsty.

The six of them sat down around the big kitchen table and made short work of the pizzas and salad. Jeannie had made coffee and went over to the coffee machine.

"You guys go through to the living room, we'll bring the coffees through," said Jeannie.

"Okay," said Pete, giving her a quick kiss, "but don't be long."

Left alone in the kitchen, the three girls quickly discarded the towelling robes. Mary had opted for braless, but was wearing one of Kirsty's t-shirts that they had modified, cutting and ripping much of the body away, so that the under curves of her breasts could be clearly seen. The effect of what was left was almost like a bra. On the bigger Mary, the tight remnants of Kirsty's t-shirt clearly showed the outline of her nipples. She wore her thong, skimpy, bright red, and a pair of grip-top stayup stockings of Jeannie's.

Jeannie was wearing a half-cup bra and skimpy matching panties in a delicate floral print. A matching garter belt held up a pair of dark tan stockings.

Kirsty was all in black. Helen's teddy clad her upper body, the bra portion a wisp of lace through which her nipples could be clearly seen. The garter straps supported sheer black stockings and her panties did look as if they had been fashioned from black spiderwebs.

The overall effect was awesome.

Mary picked up the tray with the six coffees, Jeannie took a box of cookies and Kirsty a basket of fruit. "Ready, girls?" said Kirsty.

"Fuck, yes," said Mary, "my pussy's soaking."

Kirsty snorted. "Mine too."

"And mine," said Jeannie. "Tallyho, gang." She led the way into the living room. Later, Kirsty would swear that she actually heard the three jaws drop. There was total silence for a moment. Jimmy was the first to find his voice.

"I've died and gone to heaven," he whispered. "Either that or I'm dreaming. For chrissake nobody wake me up."

"D'ya like it, guys?" said Mary, giving a twirl after she put the tray of coffees on a low table.

"Like it?" said Billy. "Mary, I thought you were the sexiest creature on the beach naked, but dressed like that, wow." He growled low in his throat.

Pete just stared at Jeannie, hunger in his eyes.

Pete and Jimmy were sitting on the Evensens' big couch, Billy in a big armchair. Mary took a coffee cup across to Billy and offered it to him, bowing. He took it, a huge grin on his face while Mary repeated the action with Pete and Jimmy. Jeannie followed Mary round with the cookies, and Kirsty put the basket of fruit on the table. When everyone was served, Mary took her own coffee and perched herself carefully on Billy's lap.

The couch was long enough for Jeannie to sit next to Pete and Kirsty next to Jimmy. Jimmy took Kirsty's hand and squeezed her fingers.

"You," he said, "are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, but you are sexy as hell."

Kirsty grinned at him, her eyes dancing. "You like my outfit then?" she said demurely.

"Yeah," he breathed, "it makes me want to rip it off you and make mad passionate love to you."

"Behave yourself," said Kirsty and reached for her coffee cup, but her mind was racing. She giggled inwardly. Her pussy was awfully wet now, just at feeling so sexy. That and the reaction she'd triggered in Jimmy. Beside her, he wriggled and she stifled a giggle as she realised he was trying to ease his prick in his jeans. She put her coffee cup down, startled to find she'd emptied it without noticing.

Gently, Jimmy took her into his arms. She smiled into his eyes and lifted her lips to his. The kiss was gentle at first but heat quickly overcame them and Kirsty felt Jimmy's lips part and his tongue play around her mouth. She sucked it into her mouth and twirled her own tongue around it, the moment taking her until she felt giddy, losing herself in Jimmy's kiss. She felt his hand gently cup her breast through the teddy, but she wanted his fingers on her skin and quickly unfastened the top three hooks on the front-fastening teddy, lifting Jimmy's hand off her breast, his protest dying unspoken as she slipped his hand inside her bra cup.

Her nipples were rigid, as hard as she had ever felt them, and she moaned deep in her throat as she felt Jimmy's awkward caress, awkward only because of the restrictions of the teddy. She felt Jimmy gently break the kiss and Kirsty's eyes flicked open.

"We need to get this off," Jimmy said, stroking her through the silky material of the teddy.

"Upstairs," she whispered, then looked around, startled, to see that they were alone in the living room. Whenever the others had left, she had neither seen nor heard them go, lost as she was in Jimmy's kiss.

"Upstairs?" said Jimmy. "Are you sure?"

"Certain. Come on."

They stood and Kirsty giggled suddenly at the bulge in Jimmy's jeans. "We need to get those off more than we need to get this off," she said, plucking lightly at the teddy. "This way." She led the way up to Jeannie's room, Jimmy following her, and she unhooked the teddy as she went, so that when she closed the bedroom door behind them it was open all the way down the front, her breasts fully revealed, her nipples hard.

Jimmy took her in his arms again, kissing her, and she pressed against him, feeling the hardness, and this time it was Kirsty who broke the kiss.

"Undress," she said, unhooking her stockings and letting the teddy slide back off her shoulders. It took only a moment to slip off the panties and she was about to roll the stockings down her legs when Jimmy stopped her.

"No," he said, his voice hoarse, "keep the stockings on."

Kirsty grinned, laughing as he nearly overbalanced, trying to get his sneakers off with his jeans around his ankles. In a moment Jimmy was naked before her, his prick erect, solid, angry-looking. Briefly she wondered how it would ever fit inside her, but she knew it would. Had to, in fact, because Kirsty was certain that before the evening was finished she would no longer be a virgin.

She moved back into Jimmy's embrace, pressing against him as they kissed, enjoying the new sensation of his hardness against her. Gently, Jimmy broke the kiss and picked her up, to lay her gently on Jeannie's bed. She smiled up at him, holding up her hand as he moved to join her. She pointed. "Pass me that towel, please, Jimmy."

Jimmy passed Kirsty the towel, an enquiring look on his face. Kirsty lifted her ass and slid the towel beneath her. "I'm still virgin, Jimmy. I might bleed, and I don't want to stain Jeannie's bed," she said softly.

"Ah," he said, "I see." He frowned, then reached for his jeans, taking out a little foil packet. "I got some of these, earlier. I guess I was hoping ..." His voice trailed off as she shook her head, smiling at him.

"I'm on the pill, sweetheart, I have been since I was fifteen. Irregular periods." Kirsty grinned fleetingly." You wouldn't want to know me in those days."

"I do now, Kirsty." He hesitated. "Are you sure?" He broke off as Kirsty put her finger over his mouth.

"I'm sure. Come on, lie down beside me."

He did, snaking his left arm under her neck, resting his right hand, warm, upon her stomach. Kirsty stretched up and kissed him. Jimmy looked nervous.

"What's up, sweetheart? "Kirsty said softly.

A grimace flitted across Jimmy's face. "I've never fu - made love to a virgin before. In fact, you're only my second."

"I won't ask about the first, as long as she's in the past," said Kirsty.

"She is."

"Well, then, we'll learn together. Have you ever eaten a girl out?"

Jimmy shook his head. Kirsty nodded. "Well, I've never sucked a guy off either." She giggled suddenly. "You're a guy, you jack off, right?"

Puzzled, Jimmy nodded.

"How long is it before you can go again?"

"If I'm excited, not long." He grinned fleetingly. "I'm excited now, can't you tell."

Tentatively, Kirsty reached out to touch Jimmy's prick. It looks huge, but how do I know? It's my first. Ooh! It's hot, and it feels great, sort of velvety.

"Careful, Kirsty. Being around you naked all day, I'm liable to come any second."

Kirsty grinned, but she'd had an idea. "Sweetheart, if I suck you off, will you eat me? Your prick should be back to being interested by then, shouldn't it?"

Jimmy gave a short laugh. "Almost guaranteed."


"I've never eaten a girl out, Kirsty."

"And I've never sucked a guy off. We'll learn together, we'll tell each other what's good, and what's not so good." She grinned vividly. "None of it will be bad, just new. So?"

"Yes, please," Jimmy said quietly.

"Right, let me up and lie back. It's show time!"

"Blow time."


"I don't know why, but it's called a blow job."

"Suck, blow, who cares, your prick is going in my mouth." She frowned. "What's going to be the best way?"

"Best way?"

"Most comfortable for us both."

"I dunno. How about if I just lie back, spread my knees, and you sort of kneel or lie on your elbows or something?"

"Adopt the position, buster." Jimmy grinned and lay back, spreading his legs, his prick pointing somewhere back over his shoulder, hot and dark. Kirsty got to her knees between Jimmy's legs, bending towards his groin, fascinated by the male equipment on display for her.

Kirsty stretched out her tongue and licked carefully up Jimmy's prick. He jumped as her tongue flicked over the glans. "Sorry," she murmured, repeating the movement, but this time she eased herself up and forward a little and took Jimmy's prick into her mouth, instinctively running her tongue across the head, sucking slightly. There was a slight 'pop' as she released it from her mouth.

"Sweetheart," she murmured.

"Yeah?" said Jimmy, in a voice hoarse with desire.

"Do I just suck?"

"I don't think so. I saw a couple of porno movies, and in those the woman sort of fucked herself in the face, if you get me?"

"I get you, I got you, and I'm gonna have you." Kirsty took Jimmy's prick into her mouth again, tightening her lips over the head, sliding down until his prick hit the back of her throat and the gag reflex hit her. She eased up hurriedly. No deep-throat for you tonight, buster. She knew now how far she dared take him and began to bob her head up and down, her tongue flattening and caressing Jimmy's glans as she moved.

Jimmy had been excited all day, seeing the lovely Kirsty naked, not to mention Jeannie and Mary. His mind took a leap for a moment as he imagined his brother fucking Jeannie, and his prick twitched. Kirsty fought a giggle as her head moved and Jimmy abandoned himself to the sensations again. He was getting close now and he knew it was Kirsty's first blow job, never mind being his own first experience. Not the last, he hoped, because this was paradise. The only thing he could imagine being better would be sliding his prick into Kirsty's pussy.

"I'm getting awful close, Kirsty," he managed to say, his voice ragged. She looked up at him and winked, and for a moment she looked so much like her mother that a powerful vision took Jimmy, and his prick twitched again. Kirsty caught the twitch, her head moved and her lips moved across Jimmy's glans at the most sensitive point, and he came.

"Kirsty!" he managed to say, but by then she knew, as a hot jet of semen hit the back of her throat, followed swiftly by another. Coughing, she lifted her head, Jimmy's prick springing free and his next jet hit her on the cheek. He was slowing now and the jets became pulses, his semen oozing over Kirsty's hand. Tentatively, she ran the semen in her mouth over her tongue. The taste was bland, not unpleasant, and she swallowed, then licked the semen from her fingers and followed the trail up Jimmy's prick with her tongue, lapping him clean. She scooped the semen from her face on a finger and caught Jimmy's eye.

"Laugh, buster, and I'll bite it off," she threatened, with a mock growl.

Jimmy held up his hands in horrified surrender and watched as she licked her finger clean again, his prick slowly softening as his climax waned. He let out a deep sigh and Kirsty's eyes flickered to his.

"Good?" she said, a little uncertain.

"You have no idea,"said Jimmy. "I can think of only one thing that might be better than that."

"Fucking me?" she said hopefully.

Jimmy nodded, a gentle smile on his face. "Fucking you, yes, but not just fucking, making love to a wonderful girl."

Kirsty sat up on her heels, grinning.

"Soon, buster, because I want it as well, but you pay the price first."

"By slurping your luscious girl-juice and making you come too, I hope."

Kirsty shuddered, her breasts in echoing movement to Jimmy's fascinated gaze. "Yeah," she breathed, "that!" She moved up and lay beside Jimmy as he put his arms around her again, bending to kiss her, hesitant for a moment as he tasted himself, then putting himself into the kiss, trying to show Kirsty how much he wanted her.

Aeons later, they broke the kiss and Kirsty lay back in Jimmy's arms. His free hand played gently with Kirsty's nipples, stroking, teasing, keeping the fires burning in her. Eventually, Jimmy bent across and kissed her lightly.

"Time to eat," he said. He kissed his way down her throat, across her collar-bone, then back, down the upper slopes of her breasts. Kirsty's nipples were tight with anticipation and a shock ran through her as Jimmy's tongue flicked over her nipple. A gasp came from her as Jimmy took her nipple between his teeth, biting gently, then moving to a gentle suckling, before kissing the nipple goodbye and moving on down, kissing his way across Kirsty's belly. He pointed his tongue and poked it suddenly into her navel. Kirsty shrieked and batted at him, then put her hand to her mouth in horror.

"Oh, shit! Everyone will have heard that."

Jimmy grinned at her. "They'll only think you're having a good time, so relax and enjoy." He lowered his head and tugged at the sparse hairs on Kirsty's mons. Heck, she thought, I'm glad I shaved the rest of my pussy yesterday. Jimmy kissed his way down and knelt between Kirsty's legs as she moved them apart for him. I hope he likes the view, she thought, suddenly worried. Jimmy stared at her pussy for a moment, then lifted his eyes to hers. "Beautiful," he breathed.

Relieved, Kirsty lay back, pulling a pillow under her head so that she could watch him, except that she felt him first, his tongue suddenly running up her soaking slit from anus to clitoris. Jimmy sat back for a moment, his face a study in concentration.

"What?"said Kirsty, suddenly anxious again, but Jimmy smiled, shaking his head.

"I was trying to see if the taste reminded me of anything," he said.

"And does it?" said Kirsty, thinking of all the fish jokes she had heard and praying that that wasn't how she tasted to Jimmy.

"No, it's unique, unique and wonderful. I never tasted anything quite like it before. I want more," he growled and his head went down again. Kirsty felt his tongue run up her slit again and she jumped as his tongue flicked across her clitoris again, a pulse of ecstasy running through her.

Jimmy varied his approach, now burying his tongue in Kirsty's pussy, now flattening it and running it the full length of her slit, interspersed with little kisses on her thighs, and a gentle tasting of her clitoris. The sensations were welling in Kirsty and she began to tremble, a soft moan coming from her lips. She was close and Jimmy seemed to know it, because he buried his tongue the length of her slit, running it gently across her clitoris. She gasped and he took her clit between his lips, sucking gently, then briefly let her feel his teeth.

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