Fresh Off The Bus 2 Ch. 1


Angela sat back, letting his cock fall out of her mouth, she looked at the big slimy thing and giggled.

"Mark, put Angel on the bed."

Mark helped her up and sat her on the bed. She giggled again when she saw his cock was still hard. She spread her legs and looked at Latrell for orders. He had come in close with a video camera and was filming her crotch. She looked down and giggled at the hair sticking out of her panties. She had forgotten they were crotchless and Latrell was filming everything as Mark ran his black cock up along her white thigh and pointed it at her pussy. She jumped when the head touched her labia. Her clit was engorged and she felt her lips opening, longing for his cock. Mark pulled back, aiming his cock at the opening to her pussy and...

Angela came to her senses in time to bring her hand up over her pussy, covering it.

"Fuck," said Mark and Latrell in unison as her hand deflected his dick.

"Fuck the bitches tits then," said Latrell angling the camera up on her breasts.

Mark pulled her arms down to her sides and kneeled on them so that she couldn't resist as he straddled her stomach. Suzie ran up and poured oil on her breasts and over Mark's cock as he slid his long rod between them.

Mark squeezed her breasts around his cock and began fucking them. Angela had never done anything like this before and watched fascinated as the head kept emerging from her tits to strike at her face. She let out an involuntary moan when Mark pinched her nipples between his fingers.

After about fifteen minutes he increased his pace. She watched the head swelling as it lunged at her. It was growing, hardening and turning reddish black. On the next thrust, he came. A long strand of sperm exploding from the end and splattering on her skin as it left a trail from her forehead to her chin. Angela arched her head and caught the next wad in her mouth, swallowing it down. Mark pulled back and came all over her tits while Latrell captured it all on film.

"Great job you two," said Latrell, you can clean up and head home.

"Where's the bathroom?" asked Angela struggling to get up. Suzie helped her off the bed as Mark was already leaving. Her legs felt weak as Suzie helped her out into the hall and showed her the bathroom.

Angela closed the bathroom door. "Braddock, I think I've been drugged."

"How do you feel?"

"Better, I think it was just something to loosen my inhibitions."

"Angela, I'll see you're the most decorated cop in the city for what you just did. I think we got enough to shut this place down even if we don't get Solomon King."

"Thanks," she said wiping Mark's sperm off her breasts, "but all I care about is stopping these bastards."

Angela opened the door and peeked out. Tyrone and Carol walked out of his office and headed towards the studio. "Braddock, I think I can sneak into Tyrone's office and have a look around."

"Ok, but be careful."

Still topless, Angela ran down the hall and into Tyrone's office. She quickly rummaged through the desk finding nothing. She turned her attention to his computer. "Sir, the screen seems to show links to the E&I empire. There's dozens of links, magazines, videos, restaurants, clubs, websites."

"Try to get in," said Braddock in her earpiece.

Intrigued, Angela clicked on one that said Lab. "Damn, password required." She turned her attention to a cam running on the bottom of the screen and enlarged it. She gasped when she saw the bedroom set. Tyrone was talking to Latrell. "Sir the bastard watched the whole thing on his computer. I'm looking at Tyrone and Latrell now."

"I'm taking off," said Tyrone voice in the computer. "I'm throwing a birthday party for Solomon at the Zebra club. I'll see you later." Angela looked at the desk. Sure enough his calendar had a note that read: 8:00 Zebra club, meet Solomon.

"I think we know where your next destination is," said Braddock.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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