tagInterracial LoveFreyja Inc. Ch. 07

Freyja Inc. Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

The final cut and a going away party

Monday morning came early, both Tess and Shea made their way to the shower with a labored gait. Shea moved with measured steps because her lower region was extremely tender from the waxing while Tess walked as if she just dismounted a horse after a long ride.

"What's up with you this morning?" Tess asked Shea as she walked beside her to the shower room.

"I got a wax job yesterday and everything down there is a little sore. Kind of feels like a bad sunburn." Shea replied.

"What's up with you?" Shea threw back at her.

"I....kind of had a good time last night." Tess answered.

"What do you mean a good time?" Shea prodded knowing full well what she was doing last night.

"I had a friend help me out with some frustration. We worked on it all afternoon until around twelve last night. He was very helpful in taking care of my frustration more than five times." Tess said with a smile and a wink.

Shea played dumb for a moment then responded, "Oh he helped with your frustrations. Was he good at working out the stress? You know, did he work on all of your stress zones?"

Tess giggled and said, "Girl he was a expert at working on the stress zones, he used one of the biggest stress tools I have ever seen. I was relieved of stress in every hole that is why I am having difficulty moving this morning."

The girls made their way into the shower where Tess preformed the usual dance as she turned on the water moving out of the way of the cold blast then tiptoeing around as the water splashed on her feet.

Shea walked right up to the head and aimed it directly between her beautiful breasts. Yanna and Katrina both stood there as the water hit them so Shea decided she was going to steel herself and follow their lead.

The blast hit her like a train splashing frigid water across her chest and abdomen. Shea's breath escaped her for a second as she adjusted to the sudden temperature drop. At first the cold was slightly painful but as she stood her ground the cool water made its way down her torso and between her legs. A soothing effect took place as the chilled water passed over the hot tender flesh of her mound and creases next to her thighs. This she liked a relief from the sting of the burn that had taken hold of her lower region.

"Jess Shea are you crazy?" Tess yelled as she watched Shea purposefully stand in front of the arctic water.

"It stops the stinging and actually it feels good after a little while." She replied as the water started to warm up.

Tess shook her head and slowly tested the water coming from her shower head. As the two lathered up their sore bodies Tess looked over to see Shea soaping up her crotch with excess attention. "Hey you like the way it feels don't you?" She said as she moved closer to Shea.

"Can I see how it looks?" Tess questioned as she closed the gap between them.

Standing next to Shea, Tess bent over at the waist to admire the artwork that decorated Shea's luscious pussy.

The cascading water cleared the soapy suds away from her pubic region exposing the thin lines of auburn hair that made up the flame design. Shea noticed Tess's pillowy tits hanging down and swaying slightly as she maneuvered to get a closer look.

"WOW that looks amazing. How did you get it to look so clear and perfect?" Tess questioned as her hand slowly reached out to touch the feather soft hairs that formed the design.

"A friend of mine did it with a plastic template we cut out and waxing the rest while the thin lines were covered by the plastic." Shea stated with pride.

Tess's hand genteelly grazed over the soft flesh of her mound as she inspected the texture of the area. Shea felt a warmth rush through her as Tess's fingers traced the lines of her flame. Stepping wider for balance and as an invitation for Tess to explore more Shea tilted her pelvis foreword to entice more probing by Tess.

As her fingers moved down next to the slit of Shea's pussy Tess felt a hand grip her left breast and knead the mountain of flesh. Her breasts were sore from all of the flailing around they did last night as she bounced on the monster cock her lover treated her too. With a pleasurable pain similar to a massage Tess stayed still not to terminate the contact. Moving her finger tips to the tender lips of Shea's opening Tess slowly moved them up and down the length coating it with the slippery juices seeping out.

Tess slipped her fingers in just slightly as she tested the willingness of her friend to continue the activities that were opening up before them. Tess new it was clear to continue when she felt another hand grab hold of her right breast.

Shea kneaded the fluffy mounds of flesh as she rocked her hips driving Tess's finger deeper into her wet needy hole. Tess stood up presenting her big brown areolas to Shea allowing her more access. Shea leaned down as she gyrated on Tess's fingers taking one of the hard brown nipples into her mouth and started sucking as if she was trying to cause her milk to drop. Pinching and rolling the nipple on Tess's other breast Shea worked each with a fevered lust.

Tess loved having her tits played with and the actions of Shea was driving her crazy. The suckling on one, and the forceful tweaking of the other crossed two of her favorite sensations until she cried out that she wanted to cum. Shea was not going to let Tess stop finger fucking her pussy so she slipped the hand supporting the breast she was suckling down between Tess's legs finding the large bulb at the top of her slit. With the breast sagging down some Shea used her suction to lift the heavy weight as her fingers circled and pinched Tess's clit to increase her pleasure.

The falling and lifting of her breast by Shea's sucking action caused Tess's areola and nipple to elongate and shrink with each hard suck. This increased the sensation that pulsed through her body ten fold. Combined with the thumping pulse of her clit Tess was cresting with orgasmic release. Shea was not to be outdone; grinding her hips harder on Tess's fingers caused the knuckles of her other two to roll over her clit pounding the sensitive nerve bundle like a hammer on an anvil.

A bright light flashed before their eyes as the orgasm hit. A cry echoed down the hallway that could only be explained as a wild animal in heat. The girls slid down the tile wall until they both fell over each other in a pool of orgasmic delight. As their quivering bodies recovered from the impromptu morning fuck the two kissed and thank the other for a welcomed wakeup call.

Racing to the breakfast table both Shea and Tess found it difficult to consume more than a Danish and a cup of juice. Their morning exploits caused them to be late to Danielle's yoga class which brought a scornful warning about punctuality.

The day went by rather calmly after that and moved into the evening. Each and every class was slightly harder than last weeks and now that hey were the only two it was harder for them to hide when questions were asked. The Art History class was always last yet for some reason it required the most study time and research. Danielle had moved the class to the library sometime during the middle of the week and was making the girls research more then discuss. Most of the pieces they worked on were from Eastern European countries that no longer exist. Some of the items dated back to the late 8th century and as resent as the early 20th century.

It had become a morning ritual for one or the other to tease and fondle the other in the shower. They both agreed that only one could get off or they would be late every day so taking turns the girls alternated morning and afternoon showers as to who would fuck who.

The new found sexual openness of Shea was becoming a distraction for Tess; Shea didn't take long to get off when it was her turn to be pleasured and Tess would stop after one orgasm so they wouldn't be late. Shea on the other hand was making it very difficult for Tess when it was her turn to receive. Shea worked her oral magic bringing Tess to the edge then backing her off three and four times before she would let her climax. Then if that wasn't enough before she could fully recover Shea would attack her again by playing with her downy mounds until Tess was marching up the orgasmic mountain all over again.

The problem wasn't that Tess didn't like the moments spent with Shea but they made her late for breakfast and or dinner. Shea would always beat her to the dinning hall while Tess recovered from her orgasms. The other issue with this was during study times and library time Shea would walk by and whisper in her ear about some sexual act she wanted to do to her and that would send her mind off in a daydream of sexual bliss that rarely ended with her finishing her work on time or with great quality.

Tess was falling behind and it showed. Danielle made it very clear that if she didn't do better on her research she would be let go. Shea felt bad about the situation so after the last scolding Tess received Shea secretly switched the files on their laptops so Tess would grade out better.

Week two went by and week three was almost over when Yanna called Shea into the classroom after her lecture. "Ms. Egan, there seems to be an issue that must be addressed. Danielle and I have been talking about how similar Tess's work has been to yours. I would hate to think she has been cheating off of you this last week. I know you two have become close and share more than you should." She said as she gazed down at Shea's cotton covered crotch, "but you need to let her stand on her own work. Stop switching your work for hers. We know that you have been doing this to help her but remember there will only be one that stays and it needs to be the one that can handle the job. Not the one that has a hard time concentrating!"

Shea went pale as Yanna revealed the knowledge of her little scheme to keep Tess around. Shea like her and wanted her to be around a while longer, Shea didn't have many friends when she was living outside of the compound and now she felt she at least had a girlfriend to hang with. This would be hard to except but she knew that in the end her only chance was to let Tess sink or swim.

On Sunday Shea was sitting down next to her window watching the birds in the park. A knock on her door broke her stare as she yelled, "Its open."

The door opened and Tess walked in looking sad, "Do you have a moment to talk?"

Shea told her she did and the two sat on her bed cross-legged facing one another.

"What's wrong Tess?" Shea started.

"I don't know? I just wonder if this is right for me. I am having a difficult time with all of the academic stuff that goes along with the training and I really don't like half the stuff they're teaching. I love being here with you but other than that I don't like it here." Tess said.

"What about the money? Isn't the money enough to motivate you?" Shea questioned.

"No.... not really. I had a lot of friends and many lovers before taking this offer. They mean more to me than money; I miss the interaction and social aspects of my life. I don't know how you can still be working so hard not being able to see friends and such. It is driving me crazy." Tess answered.

Shea thought for a moment then realized she had no friends or social life before coming here. Some of the best things that have happened to her since moving to New York have taken place in the last three weeks. "I make do." She replied to Tess's last statement.

It was then that Shea realized Tess was miserable there and if she kept helping her she would just prolong her pain and suffering.

At dinner that night Shea stayed behind playing with her food as Tess retired to the living area. Staring at her plate for what felt like hours Shea finally cleared the table and walked around to the library.

As she walked in she found Danielle working hard on something. "May I ask what you're working on?" She asked.

"I am looking for the name of the farmer that found the Preslav Treasure in 1978. All of the documents and articles about the artifacts neglect to mention the name of the man that found them." Danielle said with a tone of self disgust.

"Would you like some help?" Shea replied as she pulled a chair out across from her at the table.

Danielle shoved a mountain of articles and books towards Shea as she continued to diligently search the papers in front of her. The longer they sat there the more frustrated Danielle became until finally she threw all of the articles into the air and screamed, "I hate this!!!"

Shea jumped back as Danielle exploded releasing her frustration. When Danielle calmed down enough to gather her papers and start again Shea pulled her chair back under the table and returned to her review of the material.

"Damn reporters all they ever say is where the stuff was found never who found it." Danielle cursed as she worked her way through another big stack of papers.

"Did you say reporters?" Shea asked.

Danielle nodded as she wadded up another piece of paper and threw it across the room. Shea shoved herself out from under the table and spun around to grab the laptop sitting on the table next to them.

Logging on and pulling up the internet Shea looked at Danielle with a shit eating grin and asked, "Where was the treasure found? What city?"

"It was found in a vineyard in Castana Bulgaria. Why?" Danielle replied.

Typing on the keyboard for a few seconds and scrolling through a long list of links Shea finally replied to Danielle's last question. "This is why. How is your Bulgarian or what ever it is they speak?" she said as she spun the laptop around facing Danielle.

On the screen was the website to a library in the town of Castana Bulgaria, on the side Danielle could translate the buttons finding the one listed as periodicals. Clicking on it she went to the search engine and typed in Preslav Treasure. After a couple of minutes a list of 89 articles came up regarding the treasure. Looking through the headings Danielle found four articles that made reference to the individual that found the lost treasures. In one of the articles there was even a photograph of the elderly man holding up a coin that appeared to very old.

Danielle jumped up and down with joy as she read through the article all the while hugging Shea as she did it. As she settled down Danielle pulled her chair under the table next to Shea and continued to read the passages of each article.

"How did you know to look up the library in that town?" Danielle asked as she gave Shea props for the find.

"It is an old trick in the journalism business to help cross reference your work. Most places have a library and local papers are always kept on file in the little towns. It is kind of a historical record for the community." Shea replied.

"Well it was exactly what I was looking for." Danielle said as she pecked Shea on the cheek and then exited leaving Shea alone in the library.

Shea cleaned up the stack of papers and books that littered the table as she thought about how happy Danielle looked when they finally found the information. Shea was good at research, she had been doing it all of her life both in school and during the three years she had worked for the paper.

As Shea made her way back to her room she realized she did have something to contribute even if she wasn't sure how it fit in.

Prepped for bed and tucked in tight Shea said goodnight to Wesley and drifted of to dreamland. The audio lecture in her head rambled on about art and sculpture during the Medieval period of Europe. Most of the information was new to Shea but there were a few things that would be familiar namely the Preslav Treasure.

When morning arrived Shea followed her routine of the last two weeks. When she arrived at the shower expecting Tess to get there at the same time she was surprised to find Tess leaving the room already fresh for the morning schedule.

Shea felt a little upset about the break in the daily pleasure parade but she knew it would have to end some day. As the two girls made their way through the events of the day Shea could tell Tess was having a hard time dealing with the amount of work required of them. She fidgeted and sighed frequently in the classroom settings during the physical activity sessions she put forth little effort and only went through the motions.

By the end of the week it was obvious she wanted to be relieved of her position in the training.

Saturday came and the word went out to both girls that Tess would be leaving the compound Sunday morning. There wasn't much else to do but sit around and just wait; then it struck Shea that if her new friend had to leave she should do something for her to make it memorable. Shea still hadn't realized she was the last girl standing and more than likely would become a member of the organization but she carried on as if she was still a pupil in the school of Freyja.

Approaching Wesley she asked if she could meet with the Ladies to request a favor. Wesley agreed to ask them if she could meet with them on the subject of throwing Tess a farewell fling there at the compound.

At 11:30 Shea meet with Katrina and Danielle about her idea. At first they were not very open to the thought of celebrating the departure of a candidate but when Shea told them what she had in mind they both perked up and reconsidered.

Lunch and dinner had passed as the time came up on 7:00 PM. Tess sat in her room alone watching the streetlights paint bright spots across the black canvas of the night. Shea knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. Tess motioned her in and turned her chair around so they could face each other.

"I just wanted to say that the last four weeks has been one of the greatest times of my life and mostly because of you being my friend. I know that tomorrow we will probably never see each other again so I just wanted to say thanks for making me feel special." Shea said as she held Tess's hand.

"I think you're wonderful and I hope that you always remember me. I hate that we won't be able to see each other again but I know the rules. I am happy for you and for myself. I miss my old way of life and hope that it will come back to me soon." Tess said as a tear trailed down her cheek.

Choking back a sob Shea said, "I talked with the head Mistresses and they agreed to let me do something special for you. You know the night you had a friend over for extra-curricular activities?"

"Yeah." Tess replied.

"Well they were watching you on the flat screen in the living area and I sort of watched too. They told me your fantasy for muscular black men and how you like being taken hard by them. So........... I kind of set up a little thing tonight and you're the guest of honor." Shea said as a smile crept across her face.

"No way, you watched me get fucked! Oh you're bad Shea, real bad!" Tess said as she played along with Shea.

"So, what kind of honor do I get to be?" Tess asked.

"A naughty guest of honor if you want." Shea returned as she stood up pulling Tess by the hand towards the door.

The two girls walked down the hall towards the living area when Shea stopped Tess and pulled her into the shower room. Inside was a small sliver tray on a folding stand covered with a small white cloth.

Shea removed the cloth revealing a strapy leather item that contained a large number of metal O rings. "Here put this on. I promise you will like what I have planed for you."

Tess quickly removed her bra and thong exposing herself to Shea like she had done so many times before, this time it was different because Shea was about to dress her instead of undressing her.

With Shea's help and a fair amount of fondling Tess was finally dressed in the spider-web like outfit made of black leather straps. The outfit covered everywhere but nothing at the same time. The outline of her breasts was trimmed in black leather but there was no cup to support her large heavy mounds. The O-rings were used at all of the mesh points where more than two straps came together each ring cold and hard. All of the straps seemed to culminate into a chocker that fit tight around her neck. Shea looked her over and told her how fem fatal she looked in the outfit as she latched the last two items of the outfit on her wrist.

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