tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFriday Meeting in the Garage

Friday Meeting in the Garage


He was waiting at the car as he had promised, half sitting on the hood and grinning at me as I paid the cab driver. The taxi roared off, the sound of the engine reverberating off the concrete walls of the parking garage. He didn't move as I approached, simply watching me, arms casually looped over his chest, raincoat unbuttoned but loosely belted. He was wearing my favorite suit, a charcoal gray, nearly black, with a dove gray shirt and a gold, charcoal and royal blue tie. I was unsurprised that the tie was loose around his throat and the top button of his linen shirt unfastened. He was smiling that vaguely smug way that showed his dimples to best advantage and meant he was up to something, or enormously pleased with himself.

Probably both, I thought, amused.

The garage was nearly deserted on this level; there were only a few other vehicles scattered about. My heels echoed eerily with each step. As I drew near, he uncrossed his arms and snagged the bottom hem of my hip-length jacket, towing me close. He sat up straighter, still leaning on the car, but with legs now slightly spread, feet flat on the pavement instead of ankles crossed, the better to set me between his knees. His kiss was warm and welcoming, tinged with leftover adrenaline from earlier. I flushed, excitement making my breath at little faster, images of the subway ride fresh and hot in my head as his tongue explored my mouth deliberately slowly. I moaned softly as his hands slipped down to my hips, gently gripping me close enough to feel his arousal. He released my mouth, resting his forehead against mine, blue eyes searching my hazels.

"You liked that," it wasn't a question, and I didn't pretend to misunderstand. My thighs still felt moist, if no longer slippery, and the rush of feeling his cock inside me while surrounded by strangers was still making me light-headed. I nodded, seeing him smile with satisfaction.

"We could have so easily been caught," I said, a touch breathlessly.

"Maybe. You chose your spot well, though. All men around you; I checked. Most men will just watch, rather than blow the whistle on a free show," he chuckled.

"Do you think anyone saw?" I asked curiously.

"Probably. I was as discrete as I could be, but can't control everything." He shrugged, dismissing the subject. "Now, young lady," he grinned wickedly, "that was amazing…..you were amazing, but very naughty."

"Me?!" I exclaimed in mock protest. "You were the one who told me what to wear and to take the subway instead of walking to the garage. I think the naughty award is yours here."

"You might be right," he said solemnly, the smile in his eyes contradicting his tone. "And now it's my turn."

"What -?" he cut off my question with a hard kiss, abruptly dragging me closer, hands hard on my waist. His tongue plunged into my mouth, no longer teasing but hot and demanding. I moaned, meeting his kiss my own desire, feeling one hand slide under my skirt and cup one bare cheek, squeezing and kneading, his fingertips deliberately brushing against my pussy. One digit stroked, a tiny jerky motion, almost vibrating along my slit. I purred in my throat as he sucked my tongue hard. There was a swift movement and his coat was open, the ties fluttering down on either side of us. Then both hands were on my hips, his cock grinding against me through my skirt and his pants, heavy and hard.

"Unzip me," he pulled away long enough to growl, and I obeyed without thinking.

He was harder than I've ever felt him, swelling and throbbing in my hand as I stroked slowly. As always, I marveled at the sheer width, rotating my hand with each stroke to touch every part of him. My finger unerringly found the large vein underneath, tracing it with a sure touch, enjoying the groan of pleasure I more felt than heard. His hands slid under my thin sweater, expertly unhooking the front clasp of my bra and cupping my heavy breasts, tweaking the nipples and making me whimper. His head dipped, taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking strong and flicking back and forth with his tongue. It pebbled into a hard nub, and he transferred his attention to the other side, sucking and nibbling until my knees were weak.

"I want your mouth on my cock," he breathed into my ear, one hand cupping between my legs, smiling at the wetness.

I hesitated, looking around, but the garage remained deserted. We were shielded by the car itself, with a wall behind us. He snorted a little impatiently, grabbing my chin to make me face his blue stare. "Now, love," he said, half an order, half pleading. I nodded, smiling a little shyly, wondering if we were pushing our luck. But I kissed him, and dropped to my knees, taking him in one smooth motion as deep as I could manage. His moan reverberated down his body, tickling the back of my throat as he swelled in my mouth. I could barely contain him; my mouth was stretched to the limit as I sucked strong, using one hand to stroke near the base and one to teasingly cup his balls. I used my nails to lightly scrape underneath and felt him twitch violently. His hands gripped my hair, and I dimly heard him tell me to use only my mouth.

"Touch yourself," he said roughly, and I could hear he was gritting his teeth, holding back his climax.

I braced one hand on the side of the car and slid the other between my legs. The thin silk barely covered me as it was; my fingers pulled aside the scrap of fabric and plunged a finger into my sopping pussy. I brushed the sensitive clit and moaned around his cock, just as he began to slowly flex his hips, holding my face steady in his hands. Slow at first, he began to fuck my mouth, sliding almost to the hilt, and I fought not to gag. I breathed steady through my nose, relaxing my throat, and amazingly felt him drive all the way in, holding me still for an instant. I snaked my tongue along his length and felt him throb.

"Oh, god, that's it, love," he groaned, pulling back and thrusting a little faster. "Raise your shirt."

I quickly pulled my sweater up, baring my breasts, and pinched the nipples at his encouragement. I shifted, sitting back on my heels, knees slightly spread, and slid one hand over the soft skin of my belly, cupping my pussy and sucking him hard. I felt him tighten and stop, breathing hard, holding my head still, and then pulling out, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.

"We're safe," he promised, whipping me around and bending me over the hood of the car. I gasped, feeling the cold metal on my bare chest, startled into stillness as he pulled aside my thong and plunged home. His hands grasped my hips, pinning me to the car, and I felt him hard and throbbing inside me. I'd never felt so exposed and nervous and excited all at once. I moaned as one hand burrowed between us, rubbing my clit hard enough to make me spasm and come, tightening around him. Then the hand was gone, and he was stroking, fast, almost brutally, half lifting me off the car as he pounded into me. It didn't take long; I knew he was still excited from the subway, and I thrilled at how badly he wanted me. He exploded inside me, tipping me over the edge of orgasm, coming hard as his wetness filled me and trickled down my legs. He slowed, letting me milk him dry with my spasms, and finally, with a huge sigh of contentment, slumped over me, kissing the back of my neck before resting for a moment full length on top of me.

The sound of an engine approaching startled both of us. Quick as thought, he pulled his softening cock out of me, standing and yanking my shoulder to turn me over. I almost fell as my heels tangled with his feet, but he got a hold of my hands and jerked me upright, letting me fall into his arms and kissing me hard. His coat fell naturally on either side of us, hiding our half-naked state just as the car roared by without pausing.

"That was close," he chuckled as the car disappeared through the exit. I nodded dumbly, the shock of almost getting caught making my knees tremble. He kissed my nose, murmuring nonsense, and tugged my shirt down before adjusting himself into respectability again. I stopped shaking gradually as he drew me into his arms, holding me close. "Thank you, love," he said softly, kissing me sweet and long. I smiled back.

"We have dinner reservations in an hour," he said brightly, gallantly holding the car door open as I slid into the passenger seat. "I have a great idea for desert."

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