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Friends: A Dry Spell


Friends: Deleted Scenes - A Dry Spell

Author's note: Thanks to all my readers for your comments. I have several stories in the works, but am always willing to hear suggestions for storylines, or general comments. Feel free to e-mail me.


Ross hadn't had sex for months. Sure, he had gone without sex before. In fact, many times Ross had unwilling considered himself a sexual camel. But usually his dry spells were only for a few weeks at a time, and this one was slowly becoming a full-fledged, horn-dog, sex drought.

Now there he was. Sitting and watching Baywatch at Joey's place. Halfway though the opening credits, a hard-on filled his pants, as he watched the sexy lifeguards running. So many luscious and various breasts bouncing. Big ones; small ones; medium ones. All bouncing... bouncing.

Ross used every trick in the book to hide his pants-tent from his friend. It would be just too embarrassing if Joey noticed "it". The program went on. More running. More perfect views of those sexy bodies. Those tits. Those legs. Those asses.

He debated sneaking into the bathroom and relieving his sexual tension.

"No... not with Joey here," he thought to himself. "That's... that's just too... gross! Damn, I've got to get my mind off all this."

He stood to go, quickly turning away from his friend. "Hey man, I'm gonna... head out. Tell me how it ends, huh?''

"Dude, you know how it ends," Joey replied, his eyes barely leaving the screen. "They disable the bomb, and then they run on the beach some more. That's the beauty of this show!"

"Right. Well, I'll see ya later."

He left the apartment, and hesitated in the hallway. "Maybe I can just hang out with Chandler and Monica for a while," he thought. He looked down at his crotch, and decided that his boner might not be noticeable. And it would go away soon enough, if he could just get his mind on other things.

Ross opened the opposite door, and poked his head in. The living room and kitchen were empty.

"Chandler? Mon?" he called, though none too loudly. He didn't want to disturb them, if they were "otherwise occupied," after all, SOMEONE in the world must still be having sex.

There was no reply to his quiet call. "They must be gone," he assessed. Ross slowly entered the apartment, wondering if it would be wrong to "use" their bathroom.

As he walked that way, he heard a soft moan coming from the direction of the bedroom. It obviously was his sister. Ross turned to leave, but found himself frozen by her second moan.

"Oh damn... she sounds so erotic," the thought whimpered. His eyes rolled, as he found himself even more aroused than before. "It... it couldn't hurt to just... listen... for a while."

He knew he shouldn't do it, but still, he tiptoed to the bedroom door, listening intently for Monica's steamy vocalizations. Ross stood there and slowly unzipped his pants, afraid that even the zipper would be heard by the amorous couple inside. The door was slightly ajar, and he leaned his ear in, as he rubbed the renewed firmness of his cock.

Monica groaned deeply. "OOHHHHHNNNN..." Her breathing began to take on a subtle panting. "Ohh... mmm... mmm..."

"Omigod," Ross mouthed the words. He couldn't believe how hot this was. With his libido overriding his better judgment, Ross slowly pushed the door open a bit more, and peeked inside.

Instead of Chandler and Monica, Ross saw only his little sister laying on top of the bed. She was reclining back into the pillows. Her knees were up and spread, feet flat on the mattress. With her bathrobe undone and draped to her sides, Ross saw that she was wearing lacy white bra. Monica's eyes were closed and she gently bit her lower lip as her right hand moved inside her panties. Her left hand showed the extent of her arousal, as it tightly clutched the top blanket.

Ross' hand moved faster on his shaft. He was so fixed on the vision before him, that he failed to notice the door continuing its slow swing. It bumped against the wall, making just enough noise to rouse Monica from her lustful world. Her eyes shot open when she realized she was no longer alone.

"ROSS!" she screamed. She quickly jumped off the bed and wrapped herself in the robe. "What the HELL are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry, Mon, I'm so sorry," he apologized, stepping toward her with palms out in an attempt to calm her. He was completely unaware that he was still exposed.

"Where you WATCHING me?" she asked the obvious question. Anger flared in her blue eyes as she stared at him.

"No... no... I was... just... concerned that, uh... that the noise... coming from this room... this, THIS room... uh... was..." As Ross stammered for the nonexistent answer that wouldn't make him look like a pervert, Monica glanced down and saw his stiff, jutting manhood.

"Okay, Ross. You're still... OUT," she reminded him, as she averted her eyes, somewhat embarrassed.

Ross quickly zipped up, taking care not to catch himself in the metal teeth.

"It's just... It's been... It's that... I'm in a bit of a... dry spell. Well, actually, Mon... I, I haven't had sex in over four months. And I heard you, um... in here... and... and you were just so... I just... I just couldn't help it."

"Yeah, well... you can just 'help yourself' when you get back to your apartment."

"But Mon, couldn't I just... couldn't I just.. watch?... you?" He asked with a nervous giggle.

"What? NO!"

"Well, um," he cleared his throat and managed a nonchalant look. "W-, why not?"

"Because! Because... it's too... too personal. I wouldn't feel comfortable with you... 'pleasuring yourself"..." she found she was even embarrassed to say those words, "while you watch me... pleasure MYself."

"Well, do you do it for Chandler, don't you? I mean, not that he ever... um, ever... told me... anything."

Monica made a mental note to rip Chandler a new one when he got home. But right then, she only wanted to end the awkward situation. "Yes, but that's different," she said with an attempt at finality.


"I don't know," she whined, in frustration, then looked at the floor as she played with the end of the robe's sash. "Because... because I'm engaged to him... and... and you're my brother! It would be... EEWW! Can't you just go home and... do... 'stuff' there."

"Well, I could... but Mon, you know the whole time I'll be thinking about you laying there..."

"DON'T!" She held up her index finger, as she looked wide-eyed at him. "Don't say it."

"Mon, it's... it's not like we'd be having sex or anything..."

Monica stared at him with a quite troubled look, as she pondered. After all, he'd already seen her. He'd already heard her. And she knew he was right - even if he left, he would be thinking about her "display".

"All right," she whined in concession. "But not in here. That'd make it even weirder than it's going to be. Let's go out in the living room."

As she followed Ross through the doorway, she found herself thinking about that sight, the moment she opened her eyes. She always did like watching a guy masturbate. Seeing his hand slide up and down his shaft. Watching his balls move as he jacked himself off. Hearing his grunts as he got closer to ejaculation.

Monica snapped out of her erotic thoughts when she noticed Ross standing in the middle of the room, waiting for her direction.

"Um, you better lock the door... and then just... sit on the coffee table. I'll be, I'll be right back," she said as she walked over to the bathroom.

"Is Chandler..." he began to ask.

"He's working really late tonight," she called out. "That's why I was... you know. I didn't really... want to wait for him."

Ross sat there, somewhat nervously, waiting for her to return. When she walked back in, she was holding each palm upward, her fingers slightly cupped, holding something. She stood beside him, summoning the will to treat this like a normal thing.

"Okay... um..." she hesitated on the words, "you should, um... pull your... pants down."

Her eyes went to the large bulge in Ross' underwear as he opened his pants. His erect penis popped into full view and he eased his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Monica leaned over and spread hand lotion all over his shaft. She tried not to look at him, but his stare was unavoidable.

"So you don't... you know... chaff... or anything." She glanced at him only briefly, then her gaze locked on her hands as they worked him over.

"Uh hum... thanks," he mumbled, dumbfounded, as his sister smeared the thick liquid all over his cock. He too was staring at her handiwork. Small feminine fingers and hands gliding all over his hard pole. Monica coated it well, and couldn't help but notice how it twitched under her touch. She resisted the urge to tighten her grip and truly stroke him. Somehow she knew that he wouldn't stop her if she did that.

"That's um... that, that should do it," she said softly, as she stood up and wiped her hands on the front of her pink robe. She tried to force her mind away from the hard cock that she was just handling. "So how do we..."

Ross answered her question as her voice trailed off.

"Well, sit on the couch. And maybe... kind of... lay back, uh, into the corner."

Monica nervously looked around the room, as she scooted back, resting against a pillow.

"Now maybe, maybe open your robe," he directed, uncertain of the boundaries to his requests.

Monica paused as her fingers slipped into the loosely tied belt. She silently told herself, "Okay, he already saw me."

Then, she pulled and it unweaved. She opened the garment, still unable to make eye contact. However, they both noticed how her hard nipples peaked the material of her bra. Monica knew where she needed to take this, and although her mind said it was wrong, her body clearly approved.

Head down, her hands slowly traveled to her face. As she gently held her cheeks, she brought her forearms in, pressing together her bosom and accentuating her cleavage. In the periphery of her vision, she saw Ross take hold of his cock, and begin moving his fist up and down.

She closed her eyes and brought her chin up. Taking a deep breath, she moved her hands down her neck and chest to her breasts. She tried thinking every erotic thought she could, to try and get herself in the mood. Monica cupped and fondled her breasts, feeling the texture of the lace and the soft swell of the flesh inside.

Ross stared at her hands. He watched as they followed the sexy curvature of her breasts. The hard oval of each nipple slightly discolored the white lace that failed to hide it fully, as it rested in the crook between her thumb and forefinger.

As Monica caressed her upper body, Ross' eyes followed up the long locks of black hair that cascaded down her chest. He gazed upon her stunning beauty, amazed that his little sister could be so seductive and so desirable. Right then, she was the truest definition of a cocktease. He admired the erotic look that lit up her face. Slowly he stroked his well-greased dick, easily pretending that it was a woman's wetness coating him.

Monica felt her arousal beginning to grow. She almost forgot that she was the object of her brother's lust. Her fingertips traveled downward. Her abdomen flinched as her fingers brushed across.

Up to this time, she had kept her feet on the floor, and her legs together; supposing that it would somehow give her a little modesty. But now, modesty was the last thing in her mind.

In one fluid motion, her hand traveled along her thigh as her leg slowly raised up onto the couch. Her little foot pressed into the couch cushions, as her hands glided back up the insides of her thighs. Ross heard an exhaled, almost whispered, moan coming from her parted lips.

Ross stared between her legs. The narrow straps of her white panties came over her hips, The waistband went down in a gentle V, to a low point just inches above where he envisioned her pubic hair began. An opaque front panel hid everything, and made him long to see what was within.

Her hands slowly rubbed her thighs, running laps from her knees to the edge of her panties. Then her right hand paused at the fabric. It purposefully moved inward and settled over her covered mound. In exact synchronism, one hand made its long oval path along the inside of her left thigh, while the other rubbed up and down the short distance from sofa cushion to the thin waistband. As she did this, her middle finger gradually pressed deeper into the crease beneath the cloth.

Ross slowed his jacking, not wanting to cum too quickly and end this erotic scene. He watched his sister's hands travel her lower body. Her stomach fluttered as her breath began to stutter.

"Go inside," he said softly.

Monica's eyes opened. Her motions momentarily stopped. Ross' hand was cupping his balls, as the other slowly stroked the shaft. Its head was pointing straight up at the ceiling. She caught herself imagining him spurt, and wondering how high it would shoot. She gently shook her head to make the thought go away. She was letting her brother masturbate to her, but she knew it was dangerous to reciprocate the desire.

"Can you... can you put your hand inside?" he reiterated. "Like... like before?" She simply nodded and closed her eyes again.

Monica slipped her hand in the waistband. Slowly it went deeper. She focused on the varying sensations. The softness of her satin panties on the back of her hand. Her palm being rubbed with the gentle coarseness of her pussy hair. Damp soft flesh submitting to her fingertips.

Ross watched luster of the fabric changing as Monica's knuckles moved and bulged the cloth. He glanced up at her bra, then her face. His sister's eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open in pleasure. Her fingers were eliciting a soft whimper from her lips.

"What a beautiful mouth!" The thought stilled his actions. Perfectly formed. Just the right size and shape. He saw her tongue laying inside. He wondered what that tongue and mouth could do with...

Just then, his dreaming was startled when Monica moaned deeply, shifting her hips.

He looked down and saw that the shape of her middle finger beneath the fabric had temporarily disappeared. It gradually came back into view with her hand's long slow motions. Monica fingerbanged herself like this, rubbing her clit with each stroke.

Abruptly, his sexy sister arched her body, pressing her shoulders into the couch. Her ass lifted off the cushion, and her finger went all the way in, to the last knuckle. She settled back down onto the couch, causing it to come slightly out. But that didn't matter to her. It was deep enough. Ross watched as her hand squirmed around in her panties.

"OH!," she moaned softly, "oh yeah... mm!... mm!"

Ross began working his dick up and down again. The slick feeling was beginning to go away as the lotion was rubbed into his skin. He watched as the outline of his sister's hand once again showed her long strokes to both her cunt and clit.

Somewhat oblivious to her brother's renewed jacking, Monica's left hand slowly glided over her leg and up her stomach. It rested at her breast and undulated as she groped herself. Her fingers slipped behind the fabric, and she pulled the cup down, finally exposing some of her hidden flesh to Ross. Indeed, her nipple was beautiful, dark, and hard. She gently pinched it, and squeezed the soft mound that bore it.

"Ooo..." she purred, then she whispered to her imaginary lover, "yes... oh yes."

Ross hated to break her focus, but his own lust was too much to contain.

"Can I see?" he asked, quietly.

Monica opened her eyes. After a brief moment, she realized what he was asking. "I, I guess so," she replied hesitantly.

Her hand eased out of her panties, and her fingers hooked the fabric at the left side of the crotch. She pulled the white satin out of the way, showing her brother just how wet she had become. The smooth skin around her lips glistened with an erotic sheen. A well-groomed strip of jet-black hair started just above her clit and went up, to end somewhere still hidden by her panties.

"I mean, um, take them off," he clarified. From the start, Monica pretty much knew that this would happen at some point.

She settled both feet on the ground and lifted her butt off the sofa. Her panties slid down her thighs. When they reached her knees, she leaned forward, pushed them down her calves and took her feet, first one, then the other, out of them.

Ross didn't even have to say another word. Monica knew the full intent of his request.

She lifted her foot back up onto the couch and slouched down as she sat. Monica was fully spread in front of Ross, showing him a part of her body that most men would never see. Her pink clit protruded out from between cute little pussy lips. As her wrist rested on an upraised left knee, her other hand slid up her right thigh and brushed slowly across her swollen pussy lips.

As much as she tried to detach herself from the situation, she found herself staring at Ross' cock. His hand was moving the skin up and down. She gently bit the side of her lower lip and allowed her fingers to trace small circles on her clit.

"Uh... uh..." she whimpered. A little shiver shot from her clit, all the way up her back.

"Do it, Mon," he said, half demanding and half begging. She knew exactly what he meant.

Her hand went lower and her middle finger began to slip between her pussy lips. The first knuckle disappeared. Then slowly, the second knuckle. Finally, the rest of her hand cupped herself and she began masturbating in full view of her brother. But this time, she didn't close her eyes. She didn't want to live in her own world. This time, she wanted to see Ross jacking off as he watched her.

"Is this what you wanted?" she asked, without even trying for the seductive tone that oozed out.

"Exactly," he replied, his gaze flitting back and forth between her pussy and her face.

They masturbated for each other, for what seemed like hours. Neither one wanted to cum first. It seemed that neither one wanted this dirty game to end.

Ross would jack himself hard, until his ejaculation began to rise. Then he would quickly back off, fondling his balls as he felt the surge subside. His hand would grip his shaft again, starting slowly, and working himself back into the cycle. Over and over as he watched Monica.

For her part, his raven-haired sister found ways to attend to her own body's needs. She slowly frigged her pussy, as she watched Ross stroke. She watched and was enthralled by the way he teased himself into nearly cumming several times.

Gradually, her fingertips went to her clitoris. As the slow circles grew in speed and pressure, her free hand went to her face, cupping her cheek. Her pinky finger slipped barely into the side of her open lips, teasing her mouth's need more than fulfilling it.

Suddenly, her head flew back with a shriek. "OH!" Her fingers stopped their fast, hard rubbing and that hand clamped over her mound. Monica's head dropped forward with a moan as she licked her lips, savoring her almost-orgasm. Then her hands came up to massage and grope her breasts before slipping back down to give double attention to her pussy and clit. Her slow rubbing began again.

Ross was spellbound by his sister's actions, yet he wondered if she would do other things for him.

"Um... Let me, uh, watch you from behind," he voiced his next desire.

"Okay," she agreed softly with panting breath. She was far too aroused by this point to say no. And truthfully, she was kind of enjoying acting like a slut.

Monica stood up and removed her pink terrycloth robe. She draped it over the couch and turned around. Then she rested one knee on the couch and leaned forward, balancing herself on the back of the furniture. Her left hand took over where her right had left off.

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