tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 02

Friends and Foes Ch. 02


My usual reminder/warning – this story features m/m and m/f sex scenes

Thank you for the comments and votes on chapter one. I'm trying to stay ahead of you with the writing, and I'm just finishing chapter six although I've written a fair bit past that point, I just need to join it together. There's a lot more plot in this chapter, but I figured Sam needs to make up with Tom first...

* * * * * *


It was dark by the time Sam had finished brooding in his office. He knew that as much as he wanted to be with Tom and make things right with him, he wasn't going to be able to do that when he was still blaming himself for all that had happened. After an afternoon of going over and over in his mind everything he knew about Adam he realised that the others were right. There was no way he could have known that someone he had a brief relationship with all those years ago was going to let his obsession with werewolves develop so dangerously.

He still felt like he should have told someone then, but it might not have made any difference. He still couldn't see how Adam had become so much of a threat or had funded the torture and research they had discovered. But Sam had been responsible for helping shut it down, and for rescuing Sky and the others, and that was, for now, going to have to be enough.

The look on Tom's face when he had left came back to his mind and he felt the shame and pain of having caused it. What he needed to do now was love that look right off Tom's beautiful face.

He headed upstairs and was relieved when his senses told him that Tom was in their room. He entered cautiously and saw Tom was lying on their bed, but unlike usual he still had clothes on. That wasn't the best sign. He watched as Tom turned towards him and looked at him expectantly. The silence before he started to speak was tense.

"I'm sorry love," Sam started. "It was a lot to take in and I can't help feeling a little responsible, but I realise that there is nothing I can do to sort it out. Adam is on the radar now and the Council will keep an eye on him. As for me, I just need to stay safe and keep those I love safe. I love you, and I can't lose you over this."

There was another tense silence while he waited for Tom's response.

"You won't lose me. We're mates and bonded now. I was just cross with you, and that's bound to happen from time to time. The only thing in this world that scares me is the thought of you being hurt."

Sam almost flew across the room to gather Tom into his arms, rolling so his mate was on top of him while he kissed him hard. He was glad to feel his kisses returned just as intensely. Sam hear himself growl his relief and his pleasure.

"I'm not going anywhere my love. I just need to be with you right now."

He felt as much as heard the purr his words caused Tom to make. He could also feel almost all his hard body pressed to his own, but there were far too many clothes in the way. His hands hesitated before starting to push Tom's trousers down over the ass he wanted to get his hands on, but there was no attempt to stop him. Tom lifted himself up a little and helped so that they were soon both naked and back to their kisses but this time with nothing between their bodies or their hard cocks. The delightful friction made both of them moan.

Sam was unprepared for Tom's sudden movement but glad when he felt his dick sliding inside his mate. Tom sat slowly down, taking him all the way inside. His eyes gleamed as he settled fully, grinding himself against Sam's crotch and making him growl. He started to ride, sliding up and down on the hard pole and kissing Sam each time he rose up before sitting back down hard. Both of them groaned each time Sam was all the way inside, and Sam thrust his hips up to meet his lover on his descent.

Sam tried to speed things up a little with his thrusts, but Tom stopped moving when he did so he had to settle for the slow pace his lover was setting. The feeling of being deep inside the hot channel of the man-cat he loved was intense, but he was on edge, not able to trip over at this slow pace and so desperate to spill inside and mark his mate as his yet again. Their panting, groans, growls and purrs filled the room and the sounds turned him on even more.

Frustration won out after a while longer and he grabbed Tom and turned them both over, never removing his cock from its home. Tom looked surprised for a moment, but when Sam started to thrust into him hard and fast he closed his eyes and let the feelings take over. Sam loved the look on his face when he was like this, lost in the throes of passion. His animal side took over a little and his sharp teeth nipped at Tom's neck, marking him in another way before they both spilled their seed with shouts of each others names.

Sam kept moving for as long as he could, not wanting to leave Tom's body even though he was starting to soften. He growled his disappointment when his flaccid cock slipped out anyway, but he wasn't finished yet. He flipped Tom over, hearing a sound of surprise as his mate landed on his front. Sam's head descended and his lengthened tongue went to work clearing up the juices he had left and caressing Tom's hole with kisses and licks that had him moaning frantically.

Sam growled possessively as he worked, making sure his wolf like tongue flicked inside at Tom's prostate and relishing every pleasured sound his mate made and the taste of their combined flavour. He heard Tom start to whimper, and although he was speaking too it was just a stream of half finished words with the occasional 'fuck' or 'please' all that Sam could make out. He kept going until he could tell Tom was close to coming again, then flipped him back over and sucked his hard cock to the hilt. He didn't even have to work for it, Tom came hard and fast right down his throat and with a yell that would probably be heard all over the house.

Looking down on his lover afterwards, Tom barely conscious but still twitching with aftershocks and softly moaning, made Sam grin. He had turned his mate to jelly, and the only thing remaining was to put some cream on top. A few strokes of his own hardness and he groaned as he shot over Tom's chest, his cum mixing with the remains of Tom's from his first orgasm. Sam sighed as he fell down at the side of Tom, still not able to take his eyes from the beautiful sight of his sated mate covered in their releases.

It was a good ten minutes later before Tom started to stir and Sam couldn't help grinning at him as he saw his blue eyes open. He still looked dazed and confused. When his eyes locked onto Sam's he smiled.

"I should get pissed off with you more often if I get treated like that after!"

Sam growled even though it was a compliment.

"I don't want to upset you again Tom. You can have anything you want from me, anytime. I'm sorry I was an idiot earlier."

"You are so forgiven," Tom replied with a grin.

* * * * * *

A week later the latest visit from the doctor brought good news for everyone, particularly Sky.

"You're doing brilliantly," he stated. "As long as you keep up this improvement you'll be back to normal physically in no time. You still need to take things slow and bear in mind you will be tired easily, but I'm officially taking you off bed rest and you can change form whenever you feel like it. I don't suggest running wild just yet, but perhaps a few walks in the woods would help. I'm sure you'd appreciate the fresh air."

Sky couldn't help but grin at that. She nodded her head, and glanced at Finn who looked equally pleased. That pretty much cleared her for any exercise she wanted, and as the two of them had shared very little else since their morning together she couldn't help thinking about what else they would now do. Her thoughts must have shown on her face because Finn gave her a wink, making it pretty clear he was thinking along the same lines.

"Thank you so much," she said to the doctor.

He smiled at her in return. "I've done very little for you, it's mainly been down to this young man here taking such good care of you."

Sky blushed, hoping the doctor didn't have any idea how much Finn had done for her. It had gone way beyond normal nursing care and she had loved every moment. Now though, all she could think about was getting outside and letting her wolf free. After that she would be able to indulge some of her fantasies with the gorgeous man across the room.

The doctor let himself out to go and check on Dill and Sky looked out the window again, yearning for the outdoors after however long she had been locked up. She wasn't entirely sure. She heard Finn laughing softly and turned to give him a dirty look.

"I guess that wistful look means you'd rather be out there than in here with me," he said, but clearly amused.

"I'd rather be out there, yes, but only if you come with me."

"I had no intention of letting you go alone. I'm going to be right by your side."

She watched as Finn slipped out of his clothes, enjoying the sight of the tight planes of muscle for a moment, before he started to change. She had the sudden realisation that she hadn't seen his wolf, and then he was standing in front of her. She could see why he had commented on her tattoo, because his colouring was very similar. Still, she knew it was just coincidence. It wasn't even as though she had designed the colours, the artist had done that using his judgement, although she had insisted on the green eyes. Somehow she knew it had to have green eyes.

The green eyes in front of her kept staring until she remembered she was supposed to be joining him.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see what you look like."

She lifted her dress over her head and started her own change, the other wolf watching her just as intently as she had watched him. When she was completely changed she wagged her tail at him and got the wolf equivalent of a grin in return. He rubbed his face against hers, having to bend his head slightly as she was smaller than he was, and then made sure that their bodies rubbed together on each side. It was an introduction for their wolves and also a chance for him to ensure she had his scent on her, because although he knew there were no unmated males nearby he wanted his team mates to be quite sure that she was his.

Finn had the sudden thought that not having lived with Weres she might not even know what he was doing or the implications of him marking her like this. Perhaps it was time to have a talk with her about all of that, or maybe get Tilly to do it in case Sky freaked out at the thought of him wanting her. Not that she had ever rejected his attention, and seemed to enjoy it, but if he had his way she would end up as his mate and although he knew she knew the term he needed to be sure that she understood what that meant before she agreed to it.

Now though it was time for a walk. He didn't think he'd ever walked in the grounds, unless you could count stalking towards an outbuilding checking for traps and entry points. This could be rather fun for him as well. He led the way out of the house, knowing she was following him without having to check, and then down the main steps before deciding to show her the prettiest parts of the grounds, which definitely did not include the training areas. He'd had more than enough of them lately.

They walked in silence for quite a while, Finn happy to let Sky take her time exploring and getting the sights and scents of the place. She seemed happy just to be outside and he wondered how long it had been since she had had grass under her feet. The thought of the place he had rescued her from and what they may have done to her almost made him growl, but he kept a check on his emotions so as not to upset her. He hoped that in time she would open up to him about things, and he knew at some point he was going to have to broach the subject of her going to Council and telling them what she knew. For the moment though her healing was the most important thing and all he could do in that regard was let her take her time.

It was almost as though she could sense what he was thinking, because after a while she started to ask questions.

"Finn, what's going to happen to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Sam's letting me stay here, and that's great, but what about when I'm better? Will I have to leave?"

Finn's growl at that thought was involuntary, and seemed to scare her slightly. He tried to calm himself before replying.

"You won't have to leave. I will make sure of it. You will have to go to Council HQ for a little while, but then you will be coming back home."

She looked even more afraid after what he said. "I have to tell them about it all, don't I?"

He nuzzled her as reassurance. "Yes. But only when you are ready, and only to one or two people. And I will come with you so you won't be alone."

She cocked her head at him, almost in question. "That's another thing. You and me.... us... whatever this is."

"You're mine," Finn replied, without even thinking.

He realised he had said more than intended and held his breath while she just looked at him. At least she didn't seem ready to run.

"Does that mean we're mates?" she asked.

Time to make sure she knows, he thought. "That's what I'd like, yes. But I wasn't sure whether you really know what that means. It's married in the Were world. No ceremony really, but together forever stuff. I'm not asking you to agree to that just yet if you aren't sure."

"I'm sure."

He couldn't stop his wolf from bounding over to her, rubbing her all over to reinforce his scent and growling his pleasure when she was helping him do it.

"I'm not quite sure what this is about though."

He stopped to look at her, realising she was serious.

"This is making sure you smell like me. With our scents on each other it lets others know we are together, and if there was an unmated male round here he'd know not to mess with what's mine."

He heard her laughter in his head. "And I thought human men could be possessive!"

"I suppose it is, a little, but it's also about you being under my protection, and you're marking me too. Any woman round here would also know I was off the market."

She started rubbing at him harder then and he had to stifle his laughter. He had no objection to this turn of events at all, but it was kind of odd having to explain what he thought of as perfectly normal behaviour.

"I guess I always thought it happened more naturally than this, the scent transfer thing."

"It does, but the longer mates are together the more obvious it is, and in the beginning it makes sense to be very certain. There is one possible downside to all this stroking though..."

"Which is?"

"I'm getting really turned on. And something else new mates do is have sex, and lots of it."

She stopped rubbing against him and just stared for a moment.

"How is that a downside?" she laughed, suddenly heading away from him and towards the house. "You coming? There's a nice big bed in there we need to christen!"

* * * * * *

Dill had been waiting rather impatiently for the doctor once he knew his latest check up was due. His bones seemed mostly healed but he was still sore and stiff, and had a sling to keep his broken arm still. He had been able to walk around for the last couple of days but was still frustrated at the lack of energy he had and the fact he couldn't change to his cat. Most of all he was frustrated because he still couldn't hold Tilly or make love to her like he wanted. It was about three weeks since they had declared themselves mates and he still hadn't been able to love her. Even his scent seemed to be fading from her body and that annoyed his cat more than any of the rest of it.

Aside from the physical need, he also wanted to protect his mate, and he still could feel from time to time that she was worried about what had happened. Him being injured and her nearly killing someone was something neither of them was going to get over in quite a while. He'd never had anyone else to worry about before and he was finding it a strange experience, but he would do whatever it took to make her forget about anything but him.

His relief at finally seeing the doctor was obvious. He knew the older man was aware of why he was so tetchy but there was nothing he could do about it. He lay down for his bones to be checked and prayed that this time they would be healed enough that he could at least get rid of the damn sling. At least his bruises were gone and he looked as good as ever. Unfortunately appearances were in this case deceptive and even though Weres healed quickly, he was still not totally back to normal.

The doctor spoke. "The good news is, no more sling, and you can start taking more exercise. But I don't recommend changing right now. Give it another week until we can be sure those bones are completely healed, else it will hurt like hell when you do. You know you're still tender around the chest due to all those broken ribs, so don't rush things."

"I guess that's some good news then. I am sorry for being a difficult patient, but Tilly will make sure I stick to your orders, or else!"

The tiger laughed. "I can believe that. It's for your own good remember."

Tilly entered the room then, clearly having heard the last part of their conversation.

"Someone has to keep you in line," she muttered.

As soon as the doctor left them alone Dill grinned at Tilly.

"Did you hear I can lose the sling? Like right now. Can you help me with it?"

She moved over to him and got the fastening at the back of his neck undone. While he removed it she placed a gentle kiss on the back of his neck and heard his purr in response.

"You trying to tempt me woman?"

"Do you really need tempting? However, just because the sling is off does not mean we can go wild. Your ribs are still too sore."

She heard his hiss of annoyance. "I can do one important thing though."

He turned and gently wrapped his arms around her body, not holding her anywhere near as tight as he would like, but enough for now. Her arms came up slowly to do the same to him and they were both purring until they started to kiss. It was strange how the small things really had been missed the most, and although the pleasure of having his mate in his arms again made Dill hard instantly he was content with this contact for the moment.

* * * * * *

After another couple of peaceful days, Tilly was in Sam's office going through paperwork. She was keeping away from Dill for a bit, knowing he was eager to resume their sexual relationship in full but worried that it was too soon for him to be doing that. Being out of his sight calmed him and meant she wasn't bombarded with his emotions while he thought about what he wanted to do with her.

She wasn't sure working was the best idea since the accounts she was looking at seemed to make no sense whatsoever. Either she was not concentrating properly or the person who had drafted the figures for this project couldn't add up, and she really couldn't work out which it was.

When the phone started to ring she rather hoped it would be someone who could explain that to her. She picked up and heard the voice of one of the senior managers, resigning herself to having to deal with some major issue and hoping it wasn't going to take all day. The tone of his voice sounded annoyed.

"Tilly, I've got some guy on the phone. Won't give me his name, but he's rung about four times today insisting he needs to speak to you or Sam. Apparently he can't discuss whatever this is with a 'lackey' like me. Frankly I'd happily cut him off but he reckons you will want to speak to him. Do you want me to get rid?"

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