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Friends: The Seduction of Ross


Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Seduction of Ross

"Hmmmmmm," Rachel sighed contentedly as her roommate climbed up her body and out from under the covers. They kissed and Rachel tasted herself in Monica's mouth; the dark-haired woman having just serviced her friend. Monica rolled off her and snuggled in, resting her head on Rachel's chest as she languidly tracing circles on her stomach. The girls had lived together for about a year, though soon after Rachel moved in, they resumed their sexual relationship from the thin-Monica high school years.

A familiar silence held between them as they enjoyed each other's presence. Then Rachel softly spoke. "Ya know what I wish, Mon?"

"No, what, Rach?"

"I wish I could have both you and Ross, ya know, like this," she replied after taking a deep breath in her mind.

Monica's heart instantly began pounding hard as she processed what her roommate had said. "What... um..." she softly stammered then started again, "Do you, um, do you mean..."

"Well," Rachel began slowly, filling in Monica's pause, "you and Ross have, ya know... 'done it'... right?" On one recent occasion, the group's conversations had turned to sex and Phoebe asked what everyone's most taboo experience had been. Rachel intercepted a fleeting, furtive glance between the siblings, and had noticed the nervous silence that began both brother's and sister's turn to speak. "It's okay. You can tell me anything."

Monica pondered what she was about to reveal, then summoned the courage to speak. "Um, yeah... we've 'done it'. It was at a party a couple years ago. We both got pretty drunk, and he wanted to make sure I got home okay. Phoebe was gone for the weekend, and I don't remember exactly how it happened. But we woke up the next morning in bed together. But, um... I do remember that it was really amazing." A little smile came upon her face as she recalled how she felt, being with someone she loved and trusted as much as her brother.

"Do you ever think about him like that anymore?" Rachel asked tentatively.

"Um... yeah... yeah, I do."

"Would you ever want to be with both Ross and me, at the same time?"

Monica finally tilted her head up and looked Rachel in the eyes. "Yeah. Yeah, I think I would. I think it could be kinda great."

"Do you think Ross would be willing?" the light-haired woman continued her questions.

"I don't know... Maybe... Sometimes, there's this little look and kind of a... I don't know... spark between us. Maybe that means something," Monica offered.

"Okay," Rachel said, seeming to make the decision for the girls. "So how do we do it?"

They lay there thinking, and soon Monica spoke up. "It couldn't be a obvious thing. That'd probably freak him out. And I'd... I'd want some way to get out of it, if he doesn't respond well, or even at all."

"So ya think maybe you should be the one to, ya know, seduce him?"

The word "seduce" made Monica's heart skip a beat. "Maybe I should." Her thoughts began racing through possible scenarios and Rachel allowed Monica the time to think. "How about this..." the beautiful Miss Geller continued.

And beginning with that brief exchange, the girls hatched a plan for their seduction of Ross.

A week or so later, the evening came. Rachel had arranged for him to stop by the apartment. Even though he commonly dropped by, Rachel's invitation gave him the faint impression of a date.

With butterflies in her stomach, Monica readied herself for what would hopefully happen. She sat in the kitchen, going over in her mind the steps she had worked out, while Rachel got prepared in her room. She knew that her brother was a leg-man, and she dressed to play to that. She wore a tan crop sweater that came just to the waistband of a light brown floral skirt. It was loose, flirty, and came just above her knees. Under her clothes, she wore her carefully selected lingerie and nude-colored stockings, with high heels to complete the ensemble. Her shoulder-length hair and her make-up were perfect, a fact that she hoped would enhance the intended effect on her brother.

The door opened with a courtesy knock, and Ross stepped inside. "Hey! Is, um, is Rach here?" he asked, closing the door. He secretly was a bit disappointed that Monica was in the apartment. He had hoped that Rachel's invitation would include time alone together.

"No, she's still at Central Perk. Something about having to work late. You can wait for her though. I have to make a late-night trip to the grocery. Not enough time during that day." Monica explained, trying to sound casual, in spite of the flutter in her chest.

Before he'd arrived, Monica had pushed in two of the chairs, leaving out the one she wanted him to sit on. It was next to her, and he would have a clear view of her legs when she turned in just the right way. As she'd hoped, Ross joined her at the table, taking a seat in the correct chair.

They sat quietly, as Monica affected assembling her shopping list. Ross looked around the room, then as Monica shifted in her chair, his eyes fell upon his sister's legs. He quickly looked away, but the image of her shapely legs was burned into his mind. Monica caught this out of the corner of her eye and knew that she had him on the hook.

In a practiced fashion, Monica leaned down and distractedly scratched an "itch" on her calf. Her manicured fingernails produced a gentle shushing sound. It drew Ross' attention as he realized that the flesh tone was actually a pair of nylons, and not his sister's bare skin. He looked down at her moving fingers, then denied himself the sight. His lips moved silently as he willed his eyes not to return.

She waited a few moments for his mind to race, then scratched again, staring the whole time at the pad of paper on which she wrote. This time she scratched higher, her fingertips pulled up at the bottom of her skirt, revealing the band of her stocking. Her fingertips rubbed against the uncovered flesh.

Ross couldn't control his eyes any more. He stole glances at his sister's thigh, confirming that the color of the stockings indeed matched her skin-tone perfectly. A slight lightening of the tint was there at the band itself, but other than that, they were an identical match. He didn't know why this was so erotic. Was it because it was his sister's legs? Was it the fact that she wore stockings? Was it the unique color-match telling him how carefully she had selected the hose to purchase? He didn't know. All he knew was that a boner was forming in his pants. He moved in the chair, attempting to hide it, and cleared his throat before speaking. His voice cracked slightly as he tried selecting a topic that would draw his thoughts away from his sister's beautiful legs and those perfect flesh-toned stockings.

"Um... so, uh... cereal..." He chuckled nervously. "I, um, I saw there's a new kind of cereal... out... for sale... um, at the store..."

"Mm hmm," she acknowledged absent-mindedly as she wrote down an item. Then she seemed to snap back to the conversation. "Oh, cereal, yeah. I think I do need some."

With this, she got up from the chair. Ross watched the hem fall back into place, taking away the erotic sight of the stocking tops. Monica retrieved a step-stool from beside the refrigerator and climbed up to look at the groceries stored on the top shelf. In doing so, this made sure that her legs in high heels were clearly on display for her brother.

"Oh my god..." he murmured quietly. "Why'd I pick 'cereal'?" His glances alternated between Monica's shapely calves and the table at which he sat.

As Monica shifted boxes around, looking intently behind the front row, she raised up on her tip-toes, accentuating the line of her calves. Ross just sat there, staring, no longer aware that his sister could turn and catch him at any moment. He looked her up and down, taking in her heels, her calves, the point where her skirt began hiding her legs; then farther upward to her ass and slim hips, and ultimately back down again.

His lusty revere was interrupted when Monica "accidentally" dropped a box of dry pasta. "Oops. Ross, can you get that for me?" she said, speaking toward the shelf of goods.

"Yes," he said, uneasily.

Slowly and seemingly painfully, Ross left his chair and crouched down beside the step stool. He knew what the temptation would be, with his sister's stocking covered legs just inches away from him.

"Okay. Here it is," Ross whined in tension, handing the box up to Monica, and attempting to look straight ahead. But, he inadvertently glanced and got a wonderful look up his sister's knee-length skirt. Then as she reached up to place the box in the open spot, her cropped sweater pulled up and away from her body, giving him a glimpse of the white bra that held her breasts. That quick glance soon turned into a long gaze that traveled back from the view beneath Monica's top to the visual treat beneath her skirt. Monica could feel him looking up at her, or rather, looking up under her. She smiled to herself, and held her position, letting her brother take in the sight. His eyes moved from the solid top stockings that Monica tantalized him with, up the white garter straps, then just a hint of white covering her pussy. He couldn't see much, since she was standing with her legs almost together. But it was enough for him to know that it was a thong, and enough to tell him that he wanted to see more.

He knew he shouldn't be looking up his sister's skirt, regardless of what had happened between them in the past. But this only brought a wave of naughty excitement sweeping through Ross. His mouth went dry, as his gaze slipped down Monica's legs, admiring how toned and sexy they were. His eyes were riveted on his sister's calf. Only in the recesses of his mind did he realize what he was doing as he reached across the short distance between his face and her leg, to brush his fingertips ever so slightly against the nylon.

As soon as Monica felt the soft, barely-perceptible contact, she knew she had him. "Geez, Ross, if ya wanna cop a feel, just do it," she spoke into the air, pretending to assess the placement of the foodstuffs.

His heart skipped a beat and he jerked his hand away, like a school-boy caught. The panic turned to confusion as he tried to figure out if he heard what he thought he heard. "I, um, uh," he stammered.

"Go ahead, Ross. I don't mind," Monica said with a little smile, as she looked down at her brother kneeling by her feet. Then she continued organizing the kitchen shelves as if nothing had happened or been said. Ross thought for a minute, then took the plunge. His hand settled onto her lower leg, wrapping around it.

Monica's eyes closed and a little smile came upon her lips as she felt the electricity of that first tentative touch. His hand glided up and down a few inches, his fingers tightening and releasing as they followed the curve of his sister's calf. The path he took expanded slowly, moving downward toward her ankle and upward to her knee.

The softness of the stockings and the firm calf muscle within his hand's embrace got him even harder. His cock pushed against the fabric of his boxers and pants; a tent protruding between his legs as he crouched there.

"Mmmm..." Monica purred. It was barely audible, yet to Ross, it sounded like a moaned scream. She moved her feet slightly farther apart, and Ross' hand and eyes moved upward. His vision landed on a triangle of lace covering Monica's pussy; her trimmed strip and the first part of her clit hinted though the wide lace pattern. However, a white panel joined the lace, hiding her pussy lips, and Ross immediately wanted to see what was behind that panel.

His hand slid upward underneath her loose skirt, caressing the back and inside of Monica's thigh. Once he reached her stocking top, it traced the wide solid band around her leg, feeling it's gentle texture. "Oh god, Ross," Monica whispered, eyes closed. She wanted his caresses to continue and she was more than willing to stand there and allow her brother to touch her body in any way he wanted.

Ross stood. Monica dropped her list onto the counter and turned to face him. He looked upward toward her. At first they kissed tentatively, but then it became a prurient and completely inappropriate kiss between brother and sister. Her hands held his face, and his took her in an embrace, proceeding up inside her sweater to feel her bare back and the elastic strap and clasp of her bra.

Their lips separated and Ross realized he was eyelevel with her breasts. "Oh my god," he murmured as he watched his hand traveling under her sweater to cup her breast. It felt perfect in his hand. He gently squeezed and groped it, as Monica closed her eyes momentarily and whispered, "yes!"

Her head came forward and their eyes met. "Touch me," she simply said; the meaning completely transferring to Ross.

His hand slid downward, and as it went back up under her skirt, the hem of the fabric was pulled up by his wrist. Monica spread her legs, giving her brother access to herself. His fingertips traced the lace pattern of her thong, eventually coming to rest, cupping her pussy. A breath stuttered in Monica's lungs and her heart pounded as she felt his touch. The tip of her tongue came out and she licked her lips. "I really want this to happen," she said, staring deep into his soul.

"Uh hum," he replied, as if in a daze at the surreal situation. Monica knew that his acknowledgement really meant, "Me too."

She stepped down off the stool. He now seemed to tower over her, even in her high heels. His erection was a prominent bulge in his pants. Monica's petite hand covered it and she began rubbing it. Ross leaned in and kissed her once again. Their mouths passionately engaged. Their lips and tongues spoke of their lust. They each uttered soft sounds spurring onward both themselves and each other. They broke their kiss and Monica said, "Can we go to my bedroom?"

They both knew it was incest, but at that point, neither of the Gellers cared. "Uh hum," he said, swallowing hard.

Monica turned and began walking toward her room. She looked tentatively over her shoulder. Ross followed, his motions a mixture of determination and uncertainty. At that moment, Rachel's supposed soon-arrival was the farthest thing from his mind.

They entered her bedroom, and Monica turned and stepped in close to him. No kiss came. No words were said. She simply took hold of his belt and began undressing her brother. The leather was unclasped, the button undone, the zipper pulled down. His shirt was unbuttoned and pushed off his shoulders to collapse onto the floor behind him. The whole time, they looked at each other, soberly, nervously. Her hand dipped into his underwear. Ross whimpered slightly as he felt his little sister beginning to stroke his cock. She pulled it out and without a word, knelt down in front of him.

The gorgeous woman looked upward, and he couldn't help but gaze at her. Her hand held down the waistband of his boxers as the other slowly jacked the shaft of his cock. Her eyes didn't ask permission, though it would have been given. They simply told what her next step would be.

Ross watched as his dick entered Monica's mouth. The head disappeared past her perfect lips, and he felt the warmth of her mouth covering it. This wasn't the first time, they weren't virgins with each other; though they both swore it wouldn't happen again. Yet right then, his pulse beat loudly in his ears as if it was that first, thoroughly taboo time. He didn't want it, and he so completely did.

Monica's head slowly started bobbing on his cock. Sliding on and off in an easy pace and rhythm, hiding well the jitters in her mind. She knew she had initiated it; this was her plan all along; but her desire didn't calm her own nerves.

She sucked and licked and bobbed, and soon Ross' entire shaft was coated in her saliva. It glistened each time it left her darkly painted lips. She licked the shaft on each side, from base to head, then drug her tongue slowly along the underside, from his ballsack to knob. Over the top she went and the crown disappeared again inside her mouth. Her hair swayed slightly back and forth.

As Monica gave her brother head, he was unaware of the soft high heel clicks that preceded a figure standing in the still-open doorway. She wore a simple satin-black waist cincher, black silk stockings, heels, and nothing else. Rachel smiled to herself as she saw their plan coming together. Her nipples hardened and her pussy began to moisten as she watched Monica on her knees servicing Ross. One hand went to her exposed breast, caressing it. The other went to her bare pussy, drawing the wetness out to her lips.

Even beyond the eroticism of watching two people enjoying oral sex, she was aroused by the thoughts of how their love triangle was soon to play itself out. Her best friend, roommate, and lover. One of her best guy-friends, whom she suspected had desired her for years. Those two as willingly incestuous siblings.

The lust roared within her as she quietly moved behind Ross. She wanted to just rip the clothes off both of them, but she knew that Ross could still freak out if they approached this encounter the wrong way. So as she crept toward him, she gently wrapped her arms around his waist and asked, "Isn't she beautiful?"

Ross jumped slightly at first. The last thing he expected was to have Rachel there, while his sister sucked his cock. But he quickly realized that there was no shock or disapproval on her part. Her gentle yet sexy smile accompanied her words, "I was hoping to have both Gellers someday." With this she moved around him and laid her head on his shoulder to watch Monica.

He was taken aback a bit, as he glanced, alternating between the top of Rachel's head and his sister, who was still sucking. He began to stammer a question, but was quickly silenced as Rachel's angelic face turned upward toward him and drew him into a kiss, loving at first, then becoming more passionate.

"Sweetie, there's no sense ignoring the elephant in the corner," she said sweetly. "I know you and Mon have had sex, and now we want you to know that we do. And none of that should ever change. I love Mon and I love you, and I don't want you to ever think I'll do what Carol did... y'know... choose another woman over you. I just want both you and Mon in my life."

Russ mumbled an agreement. For years he had longed for Rachel. She was his girl-friend, with a hyphen, in that she was a good friend who was a girl. He had always secretly hoped she would one day become his real girlfriend. He wondered if that was what she was offering. His wondering stopped as Monica picked up where Rachel left off, as she stroked his cock in her fist. "So we thought that if the three of us could, you know... then it might make you feel better... about all this."

"Yeah," Rachel continued, heading off Ross' unvoiced concern. "We don't care if Phoebe and the guys know, or not. That's totally up to you, but honestly, it's not what matters. What matters is that the three of us can show our love for each other however we want."

With this, and without waiting for a response, Rachel knelt down beside Monica. Ross looked down at the two beautiful faces on either side of his hard cock. His mind fought with itself, wondering who's mouth he most wanted his dick inside. Any reservations at the scenario melted away as Rachel took hold of his cock, offering it to Monica. As his sister sucked, his girl-friend slowly jacked it off. Then it was Rachel's turn to suck, with Monica's hand taking over the masturbation duties. "Ohmigod," he murmured loudly as he realized that these two women were indeed intent on pleasuring him.

They passed his cock back and forth in this way for what seemed like an eternity, each woman's mouth providing its own unique feeling, as varied as their cock-sucking techniques. Monica preferring to lip-jack him, and Rachel tending to lick the underside of the shaft and suckle the head.

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