tagBDSMFriendship Ch. 02: The Councillor

Friendship Ch. 02: The Councillor


- Spread your legs, bitch –

I groaned as I read the message, knowing Master and my conscience would punish me if I didn't obey. To fight it was pointless, I would have to do as Master commanded.

Anna leaned over and read the message, smirking as I blushed. The tall math teacher wasn't attractive, but overweight, balding, and had a habit of sweating through his clothes so the darker patches were vivid when compared to his muted business shirts.

"Are you obeying him yet?" Anna snarled, digging at me with the eraser tip of her pencil.

"I... I... I'm not wearing panties." I blushed again.

"Why not slut?" Anna fell into her dominating personality with ease.

"He told me to take them off at lunch. I'm so excited Anna, I'm not sure if I can do this..."

"You have to, Lauren. That's the point." Anna's tone was harsh, but her words sympathetic.

Groaning, I started to slide my feet apart. My knees stayed together though, I hadn't quite gotten up enough courage to part my legs also.

Another jab from Anna's eraser sent my knees skittering apart. I continued to tackle my cubic equations, blushing violently and trying to ignore Anna's giggles.

"He's looking, Lauren! Ooh! His eyes just went wide! Oh shit, he's coming over..." Anna's commentary died off as we saw the shadow of Mr O'Donnell's bulk looming before my desk.

"Where are you up to, ladies?" He asked, one eyebrow jumping rather high.

Motioning to my page, I tried to hold my breath without him noticing. Anna's silence was noticeable, and I tried not to laugh at her screwed up nose.

The bell rang, and I started to pack my books in my bag. Anna didn't bother organizing her bag, preferring to sweep her books haphazardly into her bag, then shake her bag until they all fit.

"Class, you may go. Anna and Lauren; a word, please."

The class hooted at us, laughing as they walked out, leaving us behind. Anna and I looked at each other nervously, wondering what was going to happen. I couldn't doubt that from Master's text, he had hoped I would be entering into one of his fantasies, but I wasn't sure if math class was really the best way to enter these fantasies.

"Girls. Do you know what workplace harassment or sexual harassment is?"

"Yes, sir." We hung our heads, guessing the fantasies wouldn't be entered into in math.

"Girls, you have just harassed me. I am most disappointed in you, and quite surprised by such happenings. Now, I will not report you two if you promise me you will not do this again. However, I will report you to the guidance councilor. Clearly, you two have a few things you need to sort out." He snickered as he said the last sentence, pulling a cold, shady smirk.

Embarrassed, we agreed. Slinging our bags onto our backs, we trudged out of his office. Anna had never looked so scared. As tough of a girl though Anna is, she'd never been to the guidance councilor's office.

Knocking on the door, Mr O'Donnell waited with us until we were called in, before opening the door a little as he smirked at us again, and walking away down the corridor.

"Enter!" The voice called again, clearly agitated that we hadn't obeyed the first time. Looking at each other, we gathered our courage and stepped through the door.

And stopped.

The guidance councilor wasn't there. At least, not the old, grey haired, church – going lady who had been the councilor since we started in year 8. In her place was a young, fit, completely sexy man who seemed more likely to jump in his car and drive out to a nightclub, than bother with a high school filled with idiots. Not that we were idiots.

"Take a seat." He motioned to the beanbags on the floor, and took a seat on the office chair, swinging it backwards so the neck to the back was between his legs.

"Where's... where's Mrs Scott?" I gulped, lightly, though enough to notice.

He laughed, a deep sound, and Anna and I sank deeper into the beanbags.

"She's retired. So I'm taking over until they get someone with more... qualifications. Guess you could say, I'm the sub," he chuckled again.

"Oh," we sighed, grinning.

"So, why are you here?" He asked, blowing one of his brown curly locks of hair away from his gorgeous hazel eyes.

Embarrassed again, Anna and I looked away.

"Oh, my name's Benjamin, by the way. You girls are?"

Anna poked me, suddenly shy.

"Anna, and I'm Lauren." I mumbled, unwilling to engage him in any more conversation.

"What happened, girls?"

Anna took in a huge breath and looked at me.

"We gotta tell him. Mr O'Donnell's gonna check to make sure we got detention or something."

I shuddered, and looked down at my feet.

"I was... I have... well..."

"Yes?" He prompted.

I sucked in another breath, and spilled about Master, and how Anna had played a role in what happened. Benjamin's eyes widened, and his eyebrows lifted, but he kept silent until I finished.

"Well. I've never heard of that happening before!" he laughed, before readjusting his seat. I could see Anna was also fidgeting. She thought the whole story about Master was incredibly hot, and always got turned on as she thought about it.

"I expect you should be punished for it, then?" Benjamin asked.

Uncomfortable, I nodded, unsure about what was going to happen.

"Give me your phone please, and unlock it for me."

I obeyed, still not making eye contact.

Standing up, he turned away from us, and started to tap on my smart phone. Holding the phone to his ear, he motioned for us to stay still and silent, and turned away. Evidently someone answered his phone call, and he spun back to look at me, surprise evident on his face. He turned back away and continued talking.

Anna and I could only look at each other, shocked, completely unnerved by what was going on. Benjamin had a muffled conversation on my phone, before saying 'ok' and hanging up.

He turned to us, smiling.

"Well, that was a very nice phone call. Now stand up." He ordered.


Looking at each other, we froze. Anna quirked an eyebrow at me, and I just stared back at her blankly. Benjamin stepped towards us threateningly, waving my phone at me. Reminded about the conversation he had just had on my phone, I looked at Anna and winced.

We obeyed. Taking off our shirts, we slipped out of our skirts, and stood before Benjamin in our underwear.

"Did I say stop?" He snarled, and we hurried to finish taking everything off. Benjamin turned down the air conditioner a little for us, so we wouldn't get cold, and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a tanned, muscular chest, and brown hair, lightly frosting his chest and dipping beneath his chinos.

"What's... what's going on?" Anna asked, confused and definitely turned on, from how she was squeezing her legs together.

"Your Master has decided on the form of your punishment. Luckily, I don't mind giving it to you. So you better thank me, girls."

"He's not my-" Anna tried, before Benjamin yanked her ponytail backwards, tipping her face upwards to look at him.

"Thank you." She muttered to him. Benjamin smiled at her, before crushing his lips to hers. I stared at the two, the tall, fit 'guidance councillor' thoroughly kissing my slim, very slender best friend. Anna broke the kiss, leaning back on the desk behind her and staring at him, grinning.

"Come here," Anna reached out and pulled me towards them. As always, I felt self – conscious next to Anna, my larger frame and added weight making me feel ugly. Anna sighed, seeing me wrapping my arms around my stomach, my breasts lifted up by my arms.

"You're beautiful, Lauren." She whispered, before kissing me. I opened my arms and moved them around her, holding her close so our breasts touched. Tongues warring with each other, I grabbed at her ass with one hand, and she started to rub my nipples.

A groan behind us interrupted us, and we turned around to see Benjamin with his pants around his ankles, stroking his cock as he watched us. Anna smiled at him and ran her hands suggestively down her body, but I just stood still, staring at him.

I was much less experienced then Anna, and I was unsure if I could do as good a job as she did. Benjamin's cock wasn't huge, it wasn't small... more average, as far as I could tell, but still, I was nervous. It's not like I had never been with a man before, but definitely not many, and not very often. Well, not many being two, and not often being twice each, and they never ended well. So yeah, the nerves were definitely starting to kick in!

I stepped forward and placed my right hand lightly on his, feeling how he stroked and moved. He smiled down at me, and I knelt before him, taking over stroking from him. He reached down and tightened my hand a little, and I blushed again, looking down.

Anna stepped up next to me and began to kiss Benjamin again, pressing her breasts to his free arm. I continued to fondle him, staring at the veiny, red tipped cock in my hand. I squeezed on my way to the tip, and he groaned into Anna's kiss.

I looked up to see him reaching down to Anna, fingers reaching between her legs. He obviously found her to be quite wet, as he wasted no time in sliding a finger between her lips, making her moan into his kiss. I looked down along his arm, watching how his muscles moved in rhythm with his fingers.

Moving my gaze down, I couldn't help jumping from Anna's shaved body to the turgid cock before me. I kept squeezing, and before long, I could see the clear precum collecting at the head.

Sticking out my tongue, I licked it, tasting it for the first time. Unsure if I liked it or not, I licked again, catching the ridge on the head, and flicking my tongue over the slit in the head.

Encouraged by his moans, I continued to lick. Curious about something Anna had said, I fitted my lips around his head and sucked. My tongue continued to flick at the ridge along his head, and I felt Benjamin's precum start to coat my tongue. Swallowing, I guess I added to the pressure on his head, as he gasped and pushed my head off him, letting my lips pop over the ridge.

Anna sat heavily on the desk in shock, staring at me like I had grown two heads. Grabbing at Benjamin's hand, she put it back between her legs; crossing her legs so that I could see the full view.

"What!" I stood up, confused at what she was staring at me for.

"How many times have you done that before?" She asked. I could see her hand pushing at his to move faster, her body tensing and knees starting to wobble.

"Um... this was the first time."

Benjamin stared at me too.

"What!" I started to get a little freaked out.

Anna motioned me towards her, and I walked forward. Locking her legs around me and kissed me, more passionately than she'd ever kissed me before.

"You're really good, that's all." She murmured against my lips before licking my top lip gently, kissing me again.

Benjamin groaned and came around behind me, wrapping his hands around me and palming my breasts, nestling his cock between my ass cheeks. I giggled and wriggled back against him, loving how he felt.

Breaking the kiss, I climbed up onto the desk next to her, and lay on my back. Tapping Anna's ass, I motioned for her to climb over me. Waiting until she had organized herself so she was sitting on her knees, I slid my tongue between her lips, and flicked at her clit. Gasping, Anna started to writhe on top of me.

I could see Benjamin moving to stand between my legs. He grabbed my ass to pull me forward a little, sliding me until my ass was almost off the desk. Anna adjusted with me, moving to make sure her front was facing Benjamin.

Leaning forward, Benjamin began to kiss Anna again. He rolled a condom onto his cock, and started to enter into me. I was wet enough, because I was excited, but it still took me a few minutes to adjust comfortably to his size.

"Ok, now." I murmured into Anna's pussy, licking around but not quite making contact with her clit, with the place she most wanted.

Benjamin pulled Anna up, kissing her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he thrust himself into me. I screamed into her pussy, my tongue stretching as far as I could into her.

Within a few minutes of hard fucking, Benjamin had me screaming loudly, thrusting up on each stroke and gasping for more. He broke the kiss to look over his shoulder, making sure the door was closed fully. Laughing at me, he placed his hand over my neck as he pounded into me.

Surprised, I leaned into it, and promptly choked. Falling back onto the desk, I moaned as the head rush from the unintentional choking hit and tingled its way down my body.

I used every trick I knew to encourage Anna's orgasm, and I was rewarded by her ferocious, dripping orgasm only minutes later. She pinched my nipples as she came, sending jolts of pleasure from my nipples to my pussy.

Before long, I was crying my orgasm to Anna's pussy as I pushed her to the climax of her second orgasm. Benjamin hadn't come yet, so I jumped down off the desk and let my place be replaced by Anna.

Leaning over her, Benjamin continued to kiss her, and I slid down between his legs. Grabbing him, I pulled him into Anna, watching as she rippled around him.

Suddenly, Benjamin picked Anna up, trying his best to keep inside her. Walking her over, he pressed her against the wall, and kissed her passionately. I followed on all fours, watching as he pressed himself back inside her from when he had slipped out.

Anna wriggled a little, before taking her legs away from his back, and standing up. Pushing him back, Anna dropped to her knees in front of me, and peeled off the condom.

"It's ok, I'm on the pill." She said to Benjamin, before wetting his cock with her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on his cock, Anna got it ready for her before she stood up again.

Kissing Benjamin, Anna pressed back against the wall and wrapped her legs around his back. Grabbing his cock, Anna started to direct him into her. She started to wriggle a little uncomfortably, before pushing him back a little.

"Not wet enough yet babe," She panted. I wriggled back under them, between Benjamin's legs, and took his cock into my mouth. I could recognize Anna's taste on his cock, but it only made me suck more. Twisting two fingers into Anna's pussy, I felt her juices wetting my hand.

When I could feel my saliva dripping off Benjamin's cock, I helped to direct it to Anna's pussy. Staying between Benjamin's legs, I licked Anna's pussy and ass, making contact with Benjamin's cock as he stroked before my eyes.

Anna arched her back against the wall further, and Benjamin used her position to reach for her and pinch her nipples hard. Squealing into his kiss, Anna started to grind her clit against Benjamin, so I reached up to rub against her clit as they fucked.

Anna and Benjamin began to lose their smooth rhythm, and I lifted my hand to squeeze the base of Benjamin's cock as he pounded into Anna. Benjamin groaned and grabbed Anna firmly by her ass, swinging her around so she fell back against his desk.

I leaned back and moved my body without changing where my hands were. Anna started to moan louder and louder, before a twist of her hips slipped my two outstretched fingers, and they pressed against her anus.

Screaming, Anna pushed against my fingers until they slipped in, and came all over my hand. Benjamin shuddered and came in her pussy, his cock becoming coated in her juices.

He pulled out, and I was quick to suck his still-hard cock into my mouth, cleaning him up from their combined juices. I held my hand under Anna's pussy, collecting his cum as it dribbled out.

Once Benjamin was clean, I swung back to Anna, licking my hand, and swiping her pussy and clit in one long sweep. Anna screamed and came on my tongue again, the aftershocks of her orgasm too much for her. Delving into her pussy, I licked out all of Benjamin's cum, before standing up and sharing it with Anna.

We both swallowed our share of his cum, before turning to face Benjamin, who had pulled on his pants. Anna turned to me grinning, noting that Benjamin preferred not to wear undergarments.

"Thank you, girls. Oh, Lauren, I will need your phone again."

Smiling up at him, I picked it up from the floor and passed it to him. Anna and I began to get dressed as Benjamin held his phone call with Master.

Passing back my phone to me, Benjamin asked Anna to stay back a few moments.

"It's cool, I'll see you in English." I kissed Anna quickly, and walked to the door. Pausing there, I looked back over my shoulder to see them holding each other, talking quietly together. I smiled and walked away, fixing my tie until it fell between my breasts properly.

Anna joined me in English later, with a huge smile and two late passes for us. She looked at me and we cracked up laughing, before she flashed me, revealing she had no underwear on.

I just stared at her, before she whispered, "he has them," and blushed hard.

My phone vibrated against my hip, and I pulled it out to check the message.

- Not the expected ending, but a good performance. Well done, slut -

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