tagMatureFriendship Ch. 04

Friendship Ch. 04


4: public encore

Anna couldn't wait for Thursday. Or more specifically, the 409 bus on Thursday afternoon.

She had only discovered the joys of this particular route five weeks before, but it was quickly beginning to invade her thoughts; and the other students watched, curious, as she left earlier and earlier as the weeks progressed.

And here she stood, at the bus stop, after another weeks wait. One hand poised on her hip, clutching her purse; the other resting at her navel, twisting her shirt in anticipation.

Clambering on the bus as soon as the doors swung open; Anna's eyes swept over the crush of bodies that were shuffling to make space for her. Searching for the familiar pair of hazel eyes, she relaxed as a wide smile answered her desperate search. Grinning in response, she remembered the first day she had met him, the unfinished end to their first journey together.

Since then, they had managed to enjoy each other to completion, biting on fingers and lips to keep their silence.

Manouvering herself until she stood before him, holding the hand-hold above her, she glanced around, looking for a seat. Not finding one, she shrugged and allowed herself to fall and sway with the movement of the bus.

Seeing her body undulating through the motions of the corners, Tom moved until he was standing directly behind her, holding onto the same handhold as she was.

Anna giggled as her plan worked, and exaggerated her movements, pressing her ass out behind her so it pressed against his growing bulge. Tossing a grin over her shoulder, Anna allowed herself to fall back against his broad chest, pretending she was losing her balance.

Tom snaked his hand between them, adjusting himself so his erection was pressing between her cheeks.

"What colour today?" He asked, playing their favourite guessing game.

"You guess," Anna answered, dropping her hip so he could check the colour of her thong. He had been so turned on by the sight of her hot pink thong when they had first met that he liked to guess the colour every week.

"Blue." He breathed, before worming two fingers between her skirt and her skin and pulling her skirt out.

Anna's breath hitched a second before his did, glimpsing the sky blue silk-and-lace confection that rested on her tanned skin.

"Damn, I got it right! What do I get as a reward?" Tom growled the last word on her earlobe, feeling her involuntary shudder at the vibrations of his words.

"What do you want?" She asked, wondering about the answers he could give her.

"Suck me," he groaned, grabbing her hand and pressing it into his crotch. Anna could feel him twitch in excitement, and gently rolled her hand over him, cupping him and teasing him with her warmth through the layers of his clothes.

Spying a seat, she quickly claimed it, sitting with her legs crossed; the picture of a proper student with her English homework fanned out over her knees.

It had become another game to them, to see if she could still write clearly when occupied otherwise. Usually an A grade student, Anna struggled to write simple sentences when his fingers were in her, and loved to laugh over the jumbled words when she got home.

Waiting until he stood next to her, she motioned him subtly to come closer, so that he was on the verge of crowding her personal space.

Suddenly, as the bus turned a sharp corner, Anna used this excuse to throw her book to the floor. Blushing at the looks directed towards her, she scrambled on her hands and knees to collect the papers that had spilled.

Under the pretence of searching for her lost work, she unzipped Tom's pants one handed and stuck out her tongue at him.

Tom was a little taken aback, not expecting this, but unwilling to put an end to it. Knowing she only had a few seconds, Anna fisted his cock quickly, drawing out a drop of precum from his excited cock. Staying on her hands and knees, Anna extended her tongue and swiped at him.

Licking up the precum, Anna swirled her tongue against his slit then around his head, lightly flicking the ridge. She felt his hand grip at her hair, about to pull her off, so she placed one hand on his thigh, making him hold on a second.

Taking a breath, she dove on his cock, tongue working frantically on the bottom of his shaft. His head pressed against the back of her throat, but she worked her throat until she could take his length in fully.

Tom's breath hitched, and he let out a low groan as he felt her throat closing around his head; the sensation was exquisite. Pulling off him and diving on again, Anna squeezed his balls gently, rubbing in the saliva dripping from her lips. Her lips met his pubic bone, and he gasped again, before she took her mouth off him and picked up her school book.

Standing up, she hugged her book like a demure schoolgirl, sitting back in her seat and grinning up at a flustered Tom, his length staring at her through his open fly.

Anna grinned as she saw his head pearling again, pushing him into the seat next to her and arranging her books properly.

To an innocent bystander, it simply looked as though her left hand was holding up her bookn as she wrote with her right hand, but Tom knew exactly what her left hand was doing.

Wrapped around him, she was pumping and twisting her hand rapidly, giggling as his hips thrust upwards; disturbing her book spread over their legs. Looking to her left, Anna could see his throat working, his Adams apple bobbing as he fought for control.

"I'm gonna cum babe – where?" Tom asked her as quietly as he could, his words little more than a deep groan of anticipation.

Passing him a piece of fabric under the book, Anna knew it wouldn't be long from the intensity of his gaze; alternating between the precariously perched book and her shirt-clad breasts.

"It's... wet!" He chuckled hoarsely, knowing instantly what he held in his fingers. He gave her a strangled noise, wrapping the fabric over his cock as he masturbated himself.

Leaning forward, she wrote two sentences, giving Tom a perfect look down her shirt. He groaned and Anna could see his thighs tense in his pants a split second before her book rocked harder on his lap. She could see the view of his cock shooting cum into her blue thong as the book rocked away, and reluctantly changed the positioning so the book wouldn't give any more glimpses.

"My stop," she whispered, collecting up her belongings and leaving the lightly sweating Tom fumbling to tuck himself away. Reaching over, she stroked the side of his face familiarly, before scooping up some of his cum with her left finger.

Sticking her finger in her mouth in a 'seductive school girl' pose, she slung her bag onto her back and stepped off the back, leaving Tom with his stunned expression to try to regain control.

She couldn't wait for the next week!

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