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Frilly Pink Panties


Hey there, my name is Mark and I wanted to share my story with you. I am a cuckold and my Mistress, Alexis, is a very loving and caring Domme when I am behaving myself and serving her well. But she is wrathful if I am not living up to her expectations.

Mistress Alexis and I met at a rock concert. We started talking and were instantly attracted to one another. Leaving the show early, we went to a coffee shop and talked in a more serene atmosphere. There we got to know one another better and didn’t have to yell to be heard.

It wasn’t long before we both came to the conclusion that we wanted to be together. However, she didn’t know about my desires to be cuckold or the small dick that fell between my legs.

I was not aggressive in the sexual areas. She pursued me and all but tore my clothes of the first couple of weeks. But I resisted and refused to have sex with her.

This frustrated Mistress Alexis; she was always pawing at me and trying to get to my dick. I was so afraid that if she did that she would laugh at my small penis and walk out the door.

I knew she complained to her friends that we didn’t have sex. When we had been together for about four weeks, one of her friends told her it was too soon.

Another tried to help her find ways to coax me into having sex. Mistress Alexis went to a store called My Secret Closet and brought all kinds of sexy lingerie and play toys to try to entice me to ravish her. Yet I resisted.

One of her friends was wise enough to tell her that maybe I would like to watch her with other men. I know this, although she didn’t confide in me, because one night she called an old flame and invited him over to have sex with her.

She didn’t even ask if it was all right with me or if I would leave for a while. His name was Chuck and he arrived at seven. I answered the door and he was a bit shocked to see another man there.

“Don’t worry about Mark, he isn’t into sex. He just helps me around the house,” Mistress announced as she entered the room. She kissed him hard on the lips, slipped her tongue into his mouth and fondled his manjewls.

I just stood by and watched which is what I’m sure she expected me to do.

Chuck lifted Mistress Alexis off the floor and in a very macho manner carried her into the bedroom, dropped her onto the bed and stripped off her sexy negligee. He then ripped off his shirt and jeans. (I was spying from just outside the door because I do like to watch. My hand massaged my tiny dick.)

Chuck’s dick swung between his legs and fell, what looked like to me, nearly to his knees. I would guess it was close to eight inches soft and when it grew closer to nine inches. The girth looked like maybe five or six inches. I licked my lips and my little prick got harder, a drop of precum surfaced as his tongue grazed my Mistress’ tit.

He kissed Mistress Alexis all over her breasts and down her belly to her clit. His tongue played over her little nub and she moaned and begged him to put his large cock into her love canal.

My little dicklett stood at attention longing to be like him and wanting to be there to lick my Mistress’ clit and suck Master Chuck’s prick.

Secretly, I slithered into the room so that I could smell their coupling and hear their love making. I so desperately wanted to be apart of what was going on in that bed.

I cold hear their heavy breathing and smell the salty fragrance of Master Chuck’s sperm and sweat.

I ventured to get closer to them. Each grunt and moan caused the pain in my useless dick to grow more intense. I wanted to masturbate in rhythm with their breathing and the slap of their bodies colliding.

But I knew I would moan with pleasure as my thin cum came to the surface. So I bit my lip and watched as they fucked like rabbits.

“What the FUCK are you doing!” my Mistress cried when she turned her head and saw me there at the bedside, watching Chuck’s dick fill her shaved pussy.

“I’m sorry!” I cried, “I just wanted to watch. I like watching the woman I love get fucked. I like to see your face and hear the moans as you receive the pleasure a real man’s dick can give you,” I tried to explain. “The sounds of your moans and grunts really turn me on!”

Mistress Alexis stared at me and soon a smile crossed her lips. “So you are a cuck after all? I thought as much. Stand up and drop your pants; I want to see your dick!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied and tried to calm my shaking hands long enough to release the metal button that held my jeans closed.

I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor and stood before them with only a T-shirt on.

Mistress reached over and pulled that up, “I can’t see it with this shirt falling over it!” Then she laughed as her thumb and forefinger lifted it up so she could examine it.

Master Chuck let out a loud guffaw. Mistress Alexis said “No wonder you didn’t want to have sex with me; you aren’t even long enough to reach my pussy, let alone fuck it! Look at this, Chuck; have you ever seen such a tiny dick?”

Chuck chuckled and said, “That looks more like a worm than a cock! Poor bastard!”

“Well, I’m finally glad to know why you didn’t want to make love to me. But you can lick my clit and please me that way. Climb on this bed and start licking while Chuck shows you how a real man can please a Lady!”

“Yes, Mistress, I want to please you in any manner your wish! Just instruct me and I will do all of your bidding.” I crawled onto the bed and when my tongue connected with her female dick, I had an orgasm and blew my seed all over her leg.

“Look what you’ve done, you useless eunuch! Lick that up, you wimp!” Chuck demanded.

“Yes, Master Chuck, with pleasure, I will clean my useless spunk off my Mistress’ leg. I bowed to him then lapped at the spilled cum.

“When you’re finished, you may suck my clit while Chuck fills my pussy!” my Mistress instructed. Then when he’s filled my love canal with his hot cum, you can felch me and clean up Chuck.

“Yes, Ma’am, as you wish,” I bowed to her and turned to Chuck.

Master Chuck’s cock had gone soft because of me spilling my seed. He took the large phallus into his hand and wagged it in front of my face. “Look what you’ve done! Made me lose my hard-on! Suck it and bring it back.”

“Yes, Master Chuck, with pleasure,” I bent over him, my tiny dicklett growing hard once again. I slurped the flaccid prick into my mouth. A pleasurable pain trickled through my own groin.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good,” he sighed as he leaned back on his elbows and spread his legs wide so that I could kneel between them.

At first I sucked cautiously and softly, not wanting to get him hard too quickly. I wanted to enjoy the feeling from the girth of his dick in my mouth as long as possible. I could taste the slick, salty precum as his cock grew in my mouth.

Chuck leaned back on his elbows and watched as my mouth slid up and down on his now hardening prick. He moaned softly as my tongue wrapped around it; when I got to his head, I tightened my lips around the shaft and slid it slowly on and off of the thick ridge there.

He moaned and his hips pushed up and down, using my mouth as he would have used my Mistress’ cunt. I became very excited.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good,” he sighed, and then realized that it was a man blowing and not my Mistress.

He slapped my head off his cock and pushed me off the bed.

“You little prick! I said get me hard, not get me off! You ever do that again and you will be punished beyond your wildest imagination, got that eunuch?”

“Yes, Master Chuck, I promise to never suck you that hard again,” I bowed to him and crawled off the bed backwards.

“Oh yeah, nice and tight again, just the way I like it!” Master Chuck whispered as he forced his engorged prick into Mistress Alexis’ glistening wet pussy.

I knelt beside the bed and watched longingly. I put my underwear on so as not to spill my thin cum on anyone else. My hand went back to my little hard prick and I cautiously jacked off to the rhythm of their coupling.

“That’s so good,” Mistress whispered from deep in her throat as his tool slid in and out of her lips of lust.

I licked my lips; I wanted to be in there licking her cute little clit as his cock jack hammered in and out of her.

It was as Mistress had read my mind, “Mark, come suck my clit while he fucks me, and if you spit your seed again, you will be punished!” My Mistress finally invited me back onto the bed.

I looked to Master Chuck for his acceptance of my Mistress’ command. His head bobbed up and down giving me permission to do as my Mistress had directed.

I scrambled onto the bed and quickly ran my tongue over the sensitive nub that would bring my Lady additional pleasure.

As my tongue glazed over her responsive passion fruit, she whispered, “Awe yes, that’s what I want! Fuck me baby; make me explode!” Her knees pulled open and up as the bliss of the stimulation flowed through her body.

Her hands grabbed my head and pushed it deeper into her sex. I smelled the rush of fluids in her cunt and my dick grew hard once again. Within minutes my seed filled my underwear.

Mistress Alexis was appalled and yelled at me, “Never do that again! I’m not here for your pleasure, you’re here for mine, understand!”

I apologized and swore I would never let that happen again. “Please forgive me, Mistress, punish me if you must, for I have no right to behave in such a manner.”

Chuck’s dong was skimming along my chin as it glided in and out of the perfect hole. Juices were squirting on my chin and neck making me excited again.

He climbed over my head and was now kissing her deep and hard his dick pumped his heavy seed into her now engorged cunt.

She whimpered, “Yes, yes, do it good! Fuck me hard! Oh yes, that’s so good she cried and pushed me off her and the bed.

I sat on the floor next to her and watched as Chuck spilled his hot cum into her hungry box. His body shook as his sperm overflowed my Mistress’ pussy.

I licked my lips and hoped I would still be allowed to clean up after him.

Master Chuck rolled off my Mistress and lay next to her. His once hard shaft now lay soft and spent in his matted pubic hairs; it was still spitting droplets of cum.

My Mistress rolled onto her side and looked at me. “I want you to crawl up here and do what I know you can do best. I want you to felch that tacky cum out of my pussy. Then I want you to swallow it. You can clean Chuck first!

I looked to Master Chuck for confirmation.

“You suck me hard, sissy, and it’ll be my fist in your face, got it?” he threatened.

The useless dick between my legs again stood at attention, “Yes, Mistress, it is my delight to care for you and clean you up after such an arousing experience,” I smiled and climbed onto the bed once again.

“Yes, Master!” I bowed to him and slowly crawled between his legs and sucked his now flaccid bishop into my mouth. I licked and sucked at the salty snake. My heart beat quickly and I wanted to suck him hard. But I merely licked at the limp dick until I could no longer taste the flavor or his seed.

He wrapped his hand around my head and forced his sex deeper into my throat. When the rim of his cock touched my lips, I wrapped my tongue around it and then entered the tight little hole at its head. He moaned and pushed me off him.

I turned to my Lady and she spread her legs once again to give me access to that tasty fluid dripping from her rosy pussy. Her clit still stood tall.

My tongue slowly explored the recesses of her pussy and learned its terrain at the same time. I found spots that gave her additional pleasure and she sighed and moaned softly. Her hands pressed lightly on the back of my head when I found a particularly sensitive spot. She held me there while she enjoyed the pleasure.

My Mistress went to the shower and I changed the bed sheets so that she had a cool, clean bed awaiting her when she returned. Master Chuck joined her in the spray of the shower.

I heard them laughing and enjoying one another once again. I longed to touch myself again; my pricklett twitched begging my fingers to touch it. But I dare not indulge my needs least I wanted to be punished.

I changed the bed sheets so that she had a cool, clean bed awaiting her when she returned.

After their shower, Master Chuck dressed and patted me on my head before he left. “You need to learn how to control that “derringer” between your legs, boy!”

“Yes, Master, I’ll work on that!”

Mistress Alexis came to me; her hand encircled my limp dicklett. “From now on, you will sleep in my bed and please me when I need to be serviced if I don’t have a lover to do so, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, as you wish!”

The next few days, I did the best I could to make my Mistress’ life easier. I cleaned the house, washed the clothes and help her bathe. When I bathed her, she wanted me in the shower with her. She had me kneel before her and lick her clit while the water rolled over us. I even dressed her when she went out on dates.

She had a strap-on dildo and she gave it to me on nights she was particularly horny and my tongue or fingers weren’t enough to please her. “Some nights, I just want to be fucked!” she explained.

I lay by her side every night. She often teased my useless dick then commanded me to lick her clit while I fingered her

One evening I was cooking dinner when she yelled at me and told me “If you don’t follow my directions, “I’m will have to punish you until you learn what to do.” However, she didn’t tell me what infraction I had committed.

I asked “Mistress, what have I done incorrectly?”

She said, “If you don’t know what you did, then maybe I had better punish you, NOW!”

I decided to just keep quiet after that threat. And I thought, ‘maybe it’s just that time of the month.’

Then next evening, she came home with what she called a “Sleep Box.” I dared not ask what it was or whom it was for. I knew that answer.

“If you masturbate again, this will be your bed for the night, got that? If you d” “Yes, Ma’am, I am sorry for my bad judgment yesterday. I need to ask permission before I do things on my own. I will never again proceed without confirmation from you.”
For a few days Mistress was happy. She laughed and we talked and shared our lives as we had done in the beginning.

The following week, Mistress Alexis made a phone call to another one of her old lovers to come please her. He was a dark man with a really nice body; he looked as if he worked out regularly. My tiny dick stood at attention as he kissed my Lady.

At first Master Reggie didn’t want me to join them in the bedroom but my Mistress insisted that I be there or else. She explained that I was her cuck and that I would be there to please both of them.

Master Reggie finally gave in; he wanted that sweet body that sauntered before him. He was also happy to hear that he could use me as he wished.

“He’ll do whatever you or I command him to do,” Mistress informed him.

“So I can use him to get my dick hard?”

“Sure you can, he is here to please us and he’s good at sucking you off just to that point of agony before explosion,” she smiled and led him to the bedroom. I followed.

When I entered, Master Reggie smiled and dropped his expensive trousers. He pulled out his soft prick and wagged it in my face. “Suck this slowly until it gets hard. Meanwhile, I’ll lick this juicy pussy that belongs to your Mistress.”

I took the large cock into my mouth. I could barely breathe from its girth. My jaws hurt and my tongue kept getting in the way. When he came to full size, I nearly gagged. But I was also enjoying the thickness in my mouth.

Master Reggie started fucking my mouth and his large black balls slapped my neck as he did so. My pricklett became hard and spewed cum all over my underwear once again.

I knew my Mistress would be angry that I couldn’t control the spilling of my useless seed.

When he felt ready, Master Reggie pushed me off of him and spread my Mistress’ legs. I watched as his fingers spread her lips wide and the pink of her pussy showed. Master Reggie forced his thick head into her garden and began to sow his seed.

Without being told to do so, I bent over my Mistress to lick and suck her clit as my new Master fucked her as I would never be able to do.

“Suck that clit good, boy!” She cried out as her hands pressed my face deeper into her wetness. Her back arched to reach my tongue and I pressed harder onto her nub.

Master Reggie’s cum spewed into my Lady’s pussy and splashed onto my face. Some flew into my eye and burned like hell. I dare not try to wipe it out while either of them was looking.

Master Reggie pushed me off the bed and crawled onto Mistress Alexis. He sucked her large breasts and his fingers explored her pussy. She moaned and reacted to his touch. Her back arched and her cunt sucked his fingers deeper into her pool of lust.

Suddenly, she pushed him onto the bed and pulled his large member into her mouth. Her hands explored the thick, curly hairs that stood up on his chest and as she sucked his black cock, her fingers played in the seed he had left for her.

I sat there watching her suck and masturbated. My thin cum spewed onto my stomach. I cupped it in my hands and licked it off before either of them noticed my accident.

“Oh yes, suck it baby, you know how to do that so good. No chocolate sister would ever suck that cock so deep in her throat. You the best at swallowing dick.” Reggie moaned as Mistress swallowed his Shlong.

Mistress worked faster to please him. Her fingers in he pussy jack hammered in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Finally, she instructed me to climb back onto the bed. I followed her direction and was told to take the stance of a dog.

She had swallowed Master Reggie’s thick cum and he was stroking his long, thick dick. He smiled and in his hand he held a bottle of lubricant.

I swallowed hard, my pricklett shrunk and I followed my Mistress’ instructions.

Mistress opened my legs wide and took the bottle of cold fluid from Master Reggie and splashed it onto my tight butt hole. Then she pulled my cheeks apart and guided Master’s prick to the now enlarged opening.

I felt stinging as his thick head penetrated my tight anus. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out as his dick ripped at my ass. Teardrops trickled down my cheeks as Master pressed deeper and deeper into my butt. It burned as the salty cock tore me a larger ass hole.

Master started slowly, at first, then as his dick stretched my butt his pace picked up. Mistress occasionally added lube to his battering ram. I could hear the slapping of his balls as they met mine. There swaying actions stung my own marble sized scrotum.

His fingers dug into the soft skin of my rump and the faster he fucked me, the deeper his nails dug.

I bit my bottom lip so as not to cry out and soon I started enjoying the pressure of his size inside my ass. My dick started growing again and I could feel the sperm rushing to my head.

I tried desperately not to release the thin fluid onto the bed least my Mistress become angry. In this attempt, I squeezed my butt cheeks to try to stop the pleasurable pain. This only encouraged Master Reggie to fuck me deeper and harder.

Thank goodness it also facilitated the quick release of his heavy cum. His pecker pumped the thick fluid into my ass and out again. It ran down my legs and onto the clean sheets of the bed. Then Master Reggie’s weight fell onto me and crushed me to the bed.

We lay there a few minutes before he gained strength to roll off me and I could breathe once again. Then he shoved me off the bed and demanded that I get a washcloth to clean him up.

Upon doing so, my Mistress scolded me and commanded that I clean Master Reggie with my mouth.

“Yes, Mistress, I am so sorry for not suggesting this to Master Reggie,” I groveled. Climbing back onto the bed, I waited until Master Reggie spread his legs to allow my mouth to cover his massive ten inch prick.

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