tagRomanceFrom Across The Room

From Across The Room


Seating myself in one of many chairs within a cluster that had obviously been arranged to accommodate conversation, I leaned back and took a sip of scotch. I looked up just as she entered the room. All eyes turned to absorb a glimpse of her beauty and an unseen force pulled me to my feet. My gaze lingered, slowly drifting over her body like a warm breeze.

Several other gentlemen had glanced at her and then returned to their brainless babble, each trying to out do the other with stories that were as embellished as Liberace's jackets.

I seemed unable to move. She was more than a beautiful woman, she was a living dream. The sleeveless, blue satin dress she wore had a very provocative long, plunging neckline that extended to the hips where it came to within inches of the revealing split. As she drifted gracefully across the room, the split revealed her perfectly shaped legs, which I am always attracted to. The way the dress fit her not only accentuated her finely sculptured figure but made my heart rate increase twenty fold or more.

My gaze slowly covered her entire body and just as I focused on her face, she abruptly turned her head and looked squarely at me. She had easily caught my eye from across the room and now I was busted as I stood there staring at her.

She was looking at me as if she was wondering what was going through my mind. With our gazes still locked, I see her take a deep breath then exhale. A smile appeared on her face and she seemed happy that I had noticed her. I wondered how I could not have noticed.

Even though she was across the room, almost sixty feet away from me, there was no hiding my instant attraction to her. She winked at me and then casually turned her head away to begin chatting with members of the group of people she had arrived with.

Watching her as she talked, I noticed her arms and hands were quite animated. They moved through the air with the grace and beauty of a butterfly.

Even though I tried diligently to maintain a level of decency and divert my stare away from her, it wasn't happening. I wanted to go meet her but my feet had turned into lead filled cement weights, but there she was, this unique, rare and enchanting lady I only recently had gotten to know.

A grin came over my face as I silently recalled the day when one of the young upity-ups of the company hosting this extravagant dinner told me that Samuels' hot grand daughter was going to be here. Little did that young man know that Sam and I were friends, nor did he have a clue that Belle and I had been conversing regularly over the Internet.

Oh. About Sam...

He's the founder and sole owner of the company I was working for, having secured a contract as a free-lance web designer. He and I had hit it off from the start and during one of our many casual meetings, he showed me pictures of his grand daughter, Belle. I admit that from that point on, she had been the seed for many of my fantasies.

Anyhow, Sam had arranged an Internet meeting between Belle and myself, and that cyber-meeting quickly had turned into a very strong friendship between her and I. Now, much to my pleasure, my newest but dearest friend was here at the same social event, but I had not yet formally met her in person.

"Well damn! There's Art!" came a loud male voice which shattering my thoughts like a bullet destroying a crystal goblet. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Turning to greet this intruder of my thoughts, I saw it was Frank, one of the family members that comprised the company. "Hello Frank," I said as we shook hands. "I'm here because Sam basically told me to be here," I answered.

Frank was one of those people who thought he was king of the heap but in reality, he was nothing more the heap itself. As we conversed, my thoughts were always on the vixen across the room, and occasionally I'd figure out a way to have my eyes scan over in her direction.

Just a glimpse of her made my heart race. All I could see from where I was standing was her back, but with her dark hair cascading over her shoulders, it was more than enough to arouse the primal instincts within me.

After about ten minutes or so of forcing myself to talk cordially to Frank, I excused myself from the group that had slowly grown in size. Everyone thought Frank was the one that would help them move up if they kissed his ass, but Sam knew he wasn't worth his weight in silicon chips and had said countless times how he wished he would have never let Frank into the company.

Having turned to walk across the room, feeling like it was past time for me to meet Belle in person, I froze in my shoes.

She was gone!

Quickly, almost frantically I looked about the room, checking to make certain she wasn't seated somewhere. I tried to be as casual as possible as I walked briskly toward the group she had been with just moments ago.

"Pardon the interruption," I said as I placed my hand on the shoulder of the man who had been standing beside her. "Anyone know where the lady in the blue dress went?" I asked to the group, making certain not to single out any one person.

"Oh! You mean Belle?" was the answer which was not so cleverly cloaked within a question. It came from the eldest woman in the group that was wearing a smile about as authentic as a three dollar bill.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Belle..." I confirmed, stopping myself just before my ever increasing impatience showed through.

"Oh she went to the mezzanine to make a call!" the lady said with a slight chuckle. "She'll be right back, Mister...?"

I turned away, not caring if I seemed oblivious to the fact this woman was trying to pry my last name from me. Walking toward the doors that lead to the mezzanine, my attempt to find Belle and meet her in person was quickly finished. She stepped around the corner just as I walked through the doorway. Suddenly being thrust into a face to face meeting, my shock and apprehension rapidly dissipated as I gazed into her dark, sexy eyes.

"Hello! I'm Art," I said with a smile as I held out my hand to her. "I had trouble waiting to meet you."

A smile was her initial response as I lightly kissed the back of her hand. "Yes, I saw you watching me," she softly spoke as an ever so slight hint of a blush appeared on her cheeks. "Grandpa told you'd be here, and I'm so glad to finally meet you," she responded with as we hugged each other.

It took but a split second for me to comprehend just how extraordinary this young lady is. Her face was far prettier than the picture lead me to believe and her hair framed it perfectly. Her body felt firm and warm as our embrace continued for a few more seconds.

"Mind if we go back in?" Belle asked as she stepped back and began to walk toward the doorway.

"Not a bit," I said, following her inside. On the way, the same elderly lady that had responded to my question stopped us.

"Art, this is Phyllis, one of my Aunts," Belle said as I again came face to face with this woman. "It seems Phyllis has known your Mother for years and they talk all the time," she added as I stood there, getting a more meticulous visual examination from Phyllis. I felt a bit uncomfortable for having thought so disrespectfully of her.

"He seems a bit unrefined, but is still a fine man, Belle. You better hold onto this one!" Phyllis bluntly said in the typical fashion that someone in her age range does.

"Excuse us, please," Belle charmingly said as she tugged at my sleeve to get me pulled away from her Aunt. "She a sweet old lady, but a bit outspoken as you just found out," she whispered to me as she lead the way though the crowd.

At the door to a room down a short hallway, she motioned me to enter. She then stepped in and closed the door. Leaning back against the door, she stood there for several seconds looking at me but saying nothing.

Finally, as she began to walk toward me, she asked, "what will your wife think if she finds out I lured you in here?"

Watching her closely as she walked toward me, I gave my response.

"I've been divorced for many years, and I have no lady in my life. It's just me and the computer at home."

We were now standing toe to toe, only about a foot apart. She was looking up slightly and staring in my eyes, seemingly searching for something within me.

"Oh. Divorced?" she said. "Aunt Phyllis never told me that part."

She abruptly turned and began to wander around the room. "So, what would you tell me if I asked you to describe yourself to me?" she queried from across the room.

Before I could answer, she continued. "Would you tell me that when I look in your eyes, I see a man who has lived many lives? A man who has seen far more than his share of hurt but through it all is still able to love someone?"

I slowly sat down on the sofa that was behind me, speechless from the surprise of what I was hearing. No matter how I tried, no words could be emitted from my mouth. She slowly swaggered seductively toward me as she played with the pearls around her neck. "Would you tell me of your inner strength? Perhaps you would tell me of your honesty, of your personal integrity, or about your desire to love and be loved?"

I tried to interject a few words, but she had me under a spell it seemed and I could say nothing.

"Would you puff yourself up and tell me of all the good things that you have done?" she asked with a giggle.

Now just a foot or two away from me, she was looking at me without any hint of the reason for her barrage of questions. She slowly sat down beside me, still facing me and intently studying me.

In a soft whisper, she said, "Maybe you'd tell me the extent you would go to in order to protect the ones you love? How important family is to you?"

She paused asking me what I was now perceiving to be rhetorical questions and slowly ran her hand lightly over my left cheek, down the side of my neck, then down my arm. When her hand reached mine she grasped it and raised it to her mouth, ever so softly kissing it once. As her eyes burned their way into my soul, she whispered, "Would you dare to tell me how perfect for me you are? Would you profess your love to me?"

She kissed my hand again. Still searching deep within my soul, she asked, "Or would you tell me all the amazing things about you that I already know. My Aunt and your Mother talk about you all the time," she added as she wrapped her right hand around our intertwined left hands.

With poise like I've rarely seen in all my years, she scooted a bit closer to me and softly kissed me on the lips. Thankfully, my brain had finally connected all the dots. "So..." I slowly began. "Your Aunt is the Phyllis my Mom has talked to all these years?" I mumbled, still not believing that this wonderful, elegant lady that was beside me could be the same one Mom had been telling me about for years and years. "Small world," I said, mostly to myself.

While I was attempting to comprehend everything, Belle repositioned herself on the sofa. She now had her right arm behind my back, her left arm on my chest, and her head resting on my shoulder. She has swung her legs onto the sofa and moaned softly as she snuggled against me.

"I feel like I've known you all my life. It's hard to believe this is the first time we ever saw each other. It's unbelievable. Like a fairy tale," she whispered as her finger circled a button on my shirt. I put my left arm around her, just below her shoulders and pulled her even closer to me.

Her body felt as firm and taunt as I dreamt it would. Our conversation flowed as easily as the drinks were flowing in the next room. It seemed like only a few moments, but in reality, it was over an hour that Belle and I had talked before we heard the door opening. To my surprise and most certainly to my delight, she made no attempt to move. The uninvited person entered the room and saw her and I on the sofa. It was Bill, who I had just learned from Belle was the right hand man for Phyllis.

Bill and I had locked horns right from the start of my association with the company. I never figured out why, but he wanted me to address him as 'William'. I never did - always called him Billy or 'Billy Boy' if I really wanted to piss him off.

Well, cutting out all the details here to prevent this from become another book the size of "War and Peace", let's just say things did not go well from that point on.

Belle and I were soon leaving the 'party' after she had ran upstairs to her room and returned with a small travel bag. She hurried me out the door and we walked briskly to my truck where I held the door open for her. She quickly climbed in and once I was in the truck, we drove off.

I noticed she was sobbing softly as she looked out the window. After several minutes, I said, "if you want to vent, I've got two ears that aren't doing anything but holding up my glasses," as put my hand on her left thigh. Her hand immediately landed on top of mine and she squeezed it tightly as her sobs increased.

"I'm so sorry, Art. You shouldn't have been subjected to all that shit!" she said as she turned her tear filled eyes toward me. Assuring her that I had been through worse, I asked her if she'd explain what caused that whole scene.

"It's William," she said with pronounced disgust. "He thinks I should marry him and I can barely tolerate that self-inflated ego he carries around like an award!"

We continued driving and we talked. Again, to make a long story short, let me jump forward and tell you that since we had nowhere else to go, I drove to the apartment I was renting for the duration of the web project I was leading.

We walked inside and I offered her a drink but Belle asked if she could just have some water, stating that for the mood she was in, if she started drinking alcohol she may not want to stop. We talked in depth and I'd offer my thoughts and ideas to her in an attempt to help her solve the problems she had. Naturally, I also sprinkled a large amount of humor in our conversation, and fortunately, it did the trick and she was soon her "giggly" self.

We had been sitting on the sofa for quite a while, talking about 'Billy Boy' and countless other topics when she quite unexpectedly laid down on her back and put her head on my lap. "You know, I could fall in love with someone like you," she told me as our eyes met. My biggest concern at this time was how she'd react to the throbbing of my hammering hard-on underneath the back of her head.

It's not that I had been thinking of having sex with her, although I admit I had been from time to time thinking of just that, but I was here to give support to a friend. In my defense, I defy any normal male to have such a sleek, sexy woman like Belle lay her head on your lap and see if you'd not get aroused!

The night speed by and she eventually asked me where she could go to change clothes. I lead her to the master bedroom and returned to the sofa. I couldn't resist the allure and I laid down on the sofa, just for a moment until Belle retuned. Either I was so deep in thought or I had began to doze off, but I never heard her come back to the couch. I may not have ever known she had returned except I felt the cushion on the sofa depress slightly just a nanosecond before I felt the barely noticeable weight of her body settling on top of me. I involuntarily jolted from the surprise.

"Oh God! I'm sorry!" Belle exclaimed as she hastily tried to get up. She most certainly would have made it too except for the fact that like greased lightning, my arms were around her and pulling her down on top of me.

"You won't be able to breathe!" she protested as she was held tightly within my arms. I started laughing.

"What's so damned funny?" she asked, obviously not amused by my mirth.

"I was just thinking..." I began but had to pause for another round of laughter to pass. "I was just thinking... if you laid on me, I wouldn't be breathing.... They call it 'panting' over here!"

We both started laughing hysterically as she hid her face in her hands.

Perhaps I should take a moment and explain something here:

Even though I often forget this fact, mainly do to her refined English and grammatical skills which are better than most natives, Belle is not from America. She was born and raised 'across the big pond' and is still learning of our ways and of the weird society comprising this country.

Now, to get back to where I was, I have to again confess that the delight I felt was overwhelming as her firm breasts pushed into my chest and the warmth of her pelvis radiated to mine. It all felt heavenly and the exquisite curves of her body I was enjoying while slowly running my hands up and down her sides combined into a moment I hope to never forget.

So engrossed in the delight of holding this angel in my arms that my fear of her detecting the physical indication of my pleasure had slid off the top of priorities I had made in my head.

From the first moment I had seen a picture of her, my appetite for her had grown and now, holding her on top of me, my hunger roared, almost out of control.

Having closed my eyes I was imagining how great it would be to be in this same position under different circumstances. My mind was so busily painting portraits of her and I naked and laying like this that I was not even thinking of what her thoughts might be as the indicator of my desire for her rhythmically throbbed in my pants like the drum of a marching band.

No; I was so happily enjoying making love to her in my mind that it never occurred to me that the massive erection I had would be so easily detected by her. No idea at all until...

"I'm sorry," Belle whispered as she moved around slightly on top of me. "But you've had a hard-on ever since I laid down on you and I can't have a bruise there when I go to the doctor this week," she giggled.

I wanted to die! No, I wasn't ashamed that she aroused me to such a degree, but I knew that her personal beliefs were that she had to wait until she was married to have sex. I guess I felt more awkward than embarrassed, but I also wondered if the ban on sex included oral sex.

"A bruised abdomen would be a bit difficult to explain," she giggled as she laid on top of me. "It seems however, that your downstairs friend is a bit excited," she giggled as she laid her head down on my chest.

Her head no sooner touched my shirt than she raised up and looked me square in the eyes. "Hey..." she said in what I presumed was her 'pay attention, boy! I'm talking to you' voice. "I just remembered... you never did answer me!"

"Sweetheart, I have no idea what you're talking about," was my honest reply as I looked into her dark eyes.

"If I didn't know much about you, how would you describe yourself to me?" she reiterated. "Other than being horny all the time!" she added with a giggle as she moved her hips slightly, causing me to moan with delight at the thought of how nice it would be to feel her hot pussy against my aching shaft.

Running my hands up and down over her back while I pondered how to start to answer her, I so badly wanted to just once, run my hand down over her ass. I'd then maybe be able to determine if she had a 99% perfect body. I know there is no such thing as 100% perfect, unless you're speaking of me being a jackass.

Temptation quickly got the better of me so I slid my hands down as far as I could reach. Feeling the gentle rise of her firm ass enticed me even more and my delight was relayed to her via the throbbing muscle that was pulsating rapidly against her.

"Mmmmm", she purred. "So you must be an ass man, huh?" she asked as she playfully lifted her ass, pressing it tighter against my hands.

"Oh yes! And legs too," was all I could say. My cock convulsed rapidly in my jeans and my heart was racing. It was all I could do to stop myself from spilling my guts to her and professing my desires to her. I had to bury my face in her hair after kissing her on the cheek, trying to keep my secret. The challenge was proving to become enormously difficult.

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