tagLoving WivesFrom Russia with Love - Finale

From Russia with Love - Finale


Author's ed. notes:

"From Russia with Love, Finale" is a sequel to "From Russia with Love, Part Dva." The central characters and storyline are developed there, so please read that story first. For the best read, start with the original story in the series, "From Russia with Love."

My stories are long. They are usually slow burners with the hot sex in later chapters - but worth the read and worth the wait, in my humble opinion. Please enjoy.

Thank you to my readers. I am humbled by the responses I have already received. This F.R.w.L. series is my first attempt at writing. I welcome all comments, especially constructive criticism.

This is the last planned F.R.w.L story, though James and Jan, Sandy and Tom, and/or Hiroshi and Hideko may turn up in other stories in the "Loving Wives" section.

I accidentally posted the "Part Dva" series in Group Sex. They have been moved to Loving Wives. Look for my other "couples swap" stories in Loving Wives. I have several new ones coming.



As Tommy and I said good bye to our friends, James and Jan, I felt empty inside. As my mind flashed back to our amazing time together, a thrill coursed through me and incredibly, I involuntarily contracted. Wow, was I a sex fiend now? Well, it didn't matter for the time being; I was all "sexed out" and a bit sore from practically non-stop love-making for the last two days.

As we watched them disappear through the large, wooden doors, I reached for Tom and he wrapped his powerful arm around my shoulders and I hugged close to him, feeling his muscular back with my arm. The big muscles in his arm flexed as it engulfed me. With his arm around me, I always feel safe, at home.

Speaking of home, after what we have done in the last few days, Ohio seems even farther away than the 6000 miles it actually is. And though we will certainly return to Ohio after this vacation, I think it's going to be like they say, "You can never go home again." I can understand that saying now. Ohio will never really be like home again - or at least, we will never be like "Ohio" again.

We went back to the room and crawled in bed. It was unspoken but mutual - no sex. We kissed and went to sleep.

When we awoke, it was after 4:30 p.m. We showered and dressed for dinner. I felt naughty and dressed in my tightest, thinnest, cornflower blue leggings and a matching silk blouse sans camisole. I encouraged Tom to wear a dark blue, short-sleeved dress shirt that he looks oh so hot in and to leave an extra button undone at the top so some of his massive pecs would show.

I was now very aware of our bodies, our sexuality.

We went to dinner and found places next to a middle-aged looking Asian couple we had not seen before. Of course we hadn't been out of the room for almost three days...


I am Sandy, 23 and my husband is Tom, 24. We have been married for five days and have already had our first sexual liaison. (Did I say first? What would Freud make of that?) And as crazy as that sounds for a newlywed couple, it's even crazier when you consider that Tom and I were virgins until a few months ago (We were trying to wait till we were married - oops.) and also that we are from a very conservative farming community in Ohio. But more on that later.

About Thomas: He is 5'-8" tall and almost as wide - at the shoulders. He is not fat, short but not fat, just very muscular - 175 pounds of muscle! He has a 50-inch chest (when inflated or flexed or whatever?) and the rest of his physique is equally impressive. I love his big, powerful arms.

Tom is a good-looking man, too. He has handsome facial features, a great smile and sexy, deep blue eyes. He does look younger than he is. Everybody thinks he's 18, which bugs him - a lot. His hair is almost as blond as mine and he wears it fairly short, but not a butch-cut or flat-top. Like me, he is pretty fair-skinned, but since he works on the family farm, his face and arms are always nicely tanned. He is fun and easygoing and a very kind and considerate person and husband. He can be a little shy around strangers but is otherwise outgoing. Of course I love him, but more importantly, I really like him - he's the best!

About me: I am Sandra Kay, Sandy, and I am 5'-2" tall and weigh 105 pounds. James said I was a "cute little pixie" and that I had the body of a gymnast. Sweet, huh. I like that description so I repeated it. When I look in the mirror, I can see both. I am petite and not bosomy or overly shapely, but Tom and James both think I have a great body. Who am I to argue?

I hate describing myself so I'll give you my husband's description of me:

Sandy has long, silky blond hair that cascades over her shoulders to below her breasts and the color is all natural. She has the prettiest face with a small nose and full, sexy lips ("lipstick-ad" lips a friend once described them). Her body is very firm with just the right amount of curves, perfect B-cup breasts that have no sag at all and the best looking behind I've ever seen on a woman. (Well there was another pretty nice one, but...) She has strong, slender legs and pretty, delicate feet. (Some very pretty women have big, ugly feet!) And Sandy is very bright, energetic and optimistic. She is always game to try anything and just fun to be around. She is my best friend and has been since the eighth grade.

Okay, besides blushing, I'm about to gag, but thanks Tommy. Oh, by the way, don't call him Tommy - only I can, when I'm really happy with him or really upset with him.

The first time I saw Tom was outside school, in a fight. A bigger guy, a school bully, was picking on him and they ended up going at it. Tommy tore into him and beat him up pretty bad. Tom was and still is sensitive about his size, well now just his height. When I met him, he was shorter than me and everybody else in the eighth grade and not near as buff as now. Because of his size, he didn't want to be called "Tommy," a little boy's name in his mind. Don't get the wrong impression. Tom is not a hot head at all, very easygoing; he just can't stand to be bullied - and he doesn't like to be called Tommy!

Oh, last note - I didn't know for sure until just a couple days ago, as I'd never seen any other "excited" ones in person, but I know now, my Tommy is packing! Only his legs are short! (LOL)



When we arrived at the dining hall, I noticed that there were only 10 place settings at the first, long dining table, and only three couples were already seated. (This is the slow time for the lodge, just before winter weather closes them down.) The last time we ate here, there were six other couples and a family of four. Tonight there was an older, heavy-set couple sitting on the near side of the table. We had seen them before and they seemed very nice. James said they were Greek. Next to them was a middle-aged couple who looked entirely overdressed (or we were way underdressed!) and they seemed a little aloof. On the opposite side of the table sat a middle-aged Asian couple and they acknowledged us with polite smiles when we walked in. I guided Tom to that side.

As we approached, they both stood to introduce themselves. Tom surprised me by quickly reaching for the man's hand and beginning our introductions. Like I said, Tom can be a little shy at first, but not now.

I think our time with James and Jan has changed both of us in more ways than we are yet aware.

"Hi, sir, ma'am. I'm Thomas and this is my wife, Sandra. May we join you?"

The man gave a slight bow, shook Tom's hand and in a soft, but deep voice, said, "It is most pleasurable to make your acquaintance. We would be pleased for you to join us. Thank you. I am Hiroshi and this is my wife, Hideko."

We exchanged handshakes and pleasantries and sat for the meal as the attendants were already bringing out appetizers and taking drink orders. This place has the best food. You usually only get two choices for entrée, but any number of sides and several home-made desserts to choose from. Of course, with its remote location, everything is made from scratch here, and as I said, it's all delicious.

After we sat, another couple, whom we had not seen before, joined the other side of the table at the remaining place settings. They were young looking, not as young as us, maybe early thirties. They were wearing casual, but very expensive looking outfits. I wouldn't call them a good-looking couple, but they seemed nice.

We only chatted a little with the Asian couple during the meal, but we did learn they were from Kyoto, Japan. I had never met anyone from Japan. Where we live, there are very few Asians, a few Vietnamese immigrants who are farmers like our parents, and some people who are of Japanese and Chinese descent, but they are as American as we are. It was exciting to meet an actual Japanese couple. They were a very handsome couple and seemed very nice. Oh, and they spoke better English than we do.

Hideko was about my size, overall - slightly taller, about 5'-4" and a little slimmer. She had slender shoulders and a slender torso, but her hips were a little more pronounced than mine and her bottom looked slightly bigger. She looked to have at least as large a bosom as me and I guessed she would weigh about the same as my 105 pounds.

By the way, at the time, I thought Japanese women were mostly flat-chested. Hey, I grew up in the sticks, okay? But as I write this, I now know that they come in all shapes and sizes - and Hideko came in one of the nice shapes.

Her raven black hair was pulled back in a bun with jeweled picks holding it in place. Her pretty oval face was framed by bangs that followed her brow line. She had large, almond-shaped eyes that were surrounded by long, dark lashes - very enchanting. She had a small, delicate nose and small mouth, but with full lips.

Hiroshi was "distinguished" looking. He had dark hair and wore it in what I would call a western, business cut. He had a handsome face and a ready, open smile.

At that time, I also thought that Japanese people were all on the short side, (give me a break again, please?) but Hiroshi was a good 5'-11" with an overall slim build but with broad shoulders. He had a nice-looking physique, finely muscled and no apparent body fat - trim and solid and probably weighing 170 pounds. Altogether, a nice looking man. We found out that Hiroshi was 39 and Hideko was 36, and they had been married 14 years with two children at home.

After dinner, we invited the couple to join us for drinks and they readily accepted. When Tom asked what they would like to drink (He surprised me by taking charge again), Hiroshi suggested that Tom recommend something. He didn't hesitate and ordered Long Island Iced Teas. I didn't know at the time whether he had an ulterior motive for that choice or ordered them just because he liked them. I found out later - he was thinking ahead - just in case... Naughty boy.

(If you haven't read "Part Dva" then the choice of drinks will mean little.)

We sat and chatted and laughed and got pretty silly. Hideko was so funny. She had the lightest, girlish laugh and would always put her hand in front of her mouth when she laughed. I learned later this is a Japanese custom. Hiroshi also had a good sense of humor and was quick to laugh.

We learned that Hiroshi was a trade representative for a Japanese pharmaceutical conglomerate and as a reward for a large contract he secured with a Russian retail chain, his company gave him a week's vacation at this renowned lodge. We told them about Tom's father and his business dealings in Russia, and how we came to be here.

In spite of our age and cultural differences, we hit it off very well. I noticed early on that Hiroshi was having trouble not staring at me. He was discreet but kept glancing at me even when I was not part of the conversation. I hadn't thought about it since we left the room, but I had dressed pretty naughtily - poor Hiroshi. I also noticed somebody else was paying a lot of attention to somebody - as in Tom practically ogling Hideko. I didn't blame him; she was a pretty woman with a subtle but captivating beauty. And of course, the age difference, that was out the window! We started our adventure with 40-somethings!

When we first went to the lounge for drinks, I didn't consider Hiroshi and Hideko as anything but dinner acquaintances, nice people to talk to. But as we drank and as I observed Tom's apparent interest in Hideko, I looked at Hiroshi through different eyes. He was handsome and fit. He had a charming smile. And then I noticed his hands - large, strong looking hands, but not "big" like Tom's, which are big and beefy). Hiroshi's hands had large palms and long, slender fingers, but not feminine looking. And I imagined them on me, caressing my body, fondling my...Oh! Tingle!

Damn, I am a sex fiend!

Anyway, I decided to have some fun. I know in retrospect that James and Jan seduced us (they didn't have to try too hard) and the idea of Tommy and I doing that to Hiroshi and Hideko was suddenly at the forefront of my mind. Honestly, I almost felt guilty for thinking like that. And four days ago, I would been aghast at such a thought, but now? I only felt "almost" guilty. Actually, if Tom was with me on it, and I had a sneaking suspicion he was already there, I wanted us to try our hand at seduction with this handsome, older couple.

We were laughing and having a wonderful time, but I could tell Hiroshi was getting a little wasted - good a time as any to call it a night and put my quickly contrived plan into action.

I casually whispered into Tom's ear, "Follow my lead. Hug Hideko, but don't overdo it."

Then I announced, "Honey. I'm sorry, but the drinks have kind of got to me. I hate to break up a wonderful time, but I'm bushed."

Hiroshi quickly agreed, "Oh Sandra, I agree with you. These drinks are delicious but very strong it seems. My head is spinning," he laughed.

Perfect. As we all stood, I maneuvered myself directly in front of Hiroshi, and smiling, I reached up and placed my hands on the tops of his shoulders, pressed against him gently - just enough for him to feel my breasts touch his chest, and on my toes, tipped my head up and bussed him on one cheek and then the other. He politely bowed his head to accommodate me, but was obviously surprised. I had caught him off guard.

"Oh, it's been fun. I have really enjoyed meeting and visiting with you. Our friends left this morning and we were afraid it was going to be boring now," I said, a little breathily. I think Jan would have been proud of me.

Tom, meantime, had approached Hideko to give her a hug. I was watching out of the corner of my eye as I was worried how that would go. I needn't have worried.

Tom said, "Hideko, I am so happy we met. You are charming." With panache, he lightly encircled her lithe body with his big arms, "guns" James called them, and gave her a brief hug and said something in her ear.

Hiroshi was not even aware that his wife, who was now blushing, had just gotten a bear hug from my husband. When I released him, he was frozen in place. I thought, "Oops, went too far," but needn't have worried.

He quickly recovered, "Oh, Sandra, it was a great pleasure to meet you...and Thomas. We have been a little bored here ourselves. This has been most refreshing."

Thomas had moved beside me and was now shaking hands with Hiroshi. Hideko had slipped her arm around Hiroshi's.

"Hiroshi, we really enjoyed meeting you. I hope we can get together again soon," Tom said.

"Yes, Thomas, of course, it would be our pleasure," Hiroshi replied.

"Well, Sandy and I are planning on going to the spa tomorrow. Have you been yet?"

"No, we have intended to," he replied.

"Would you care to join us? It is the best spa I have ever been in, really very nice," Tom continued.

Go, Tom!

I added, "Yes, it was our first European spa, and we found it very relaxing...and exciting. I hope you will join us." I added the "exciting" part with no explanation. Let them wonder.

Hiroshi checked with his wife, "Hideko, would you like to..."

Before he could finish, Hideko answered, "Yes, it sounds very nice and it would be a pleasure to be with such good company," she finished with a sweet smile.

"Wonderful," I said, "Previously, we have gone to breakfast and then to the spa. Would that work for you?"

"Yes, of course. Then shall we meet for breakfast?" Hiroshi asked.

Tom answered, "Yes that will work great. How about nine o'clock?"

They agreed and we said our goodnights and headed to our rooms.

On the way upstairs, I asked Tom what he whispered to Hideko after he said she was "charming."

He gave me his big, boyish grin, "and beautiful!"

"Thomas, you devil. That's why she blushed."

"Yeah, and she actually gasped a little when I hugged her, but I don't think she was upset."

"I don't either," I agreed, "I think she felt flattered."


When we got to the room, Tom asked what I thought about the evening and about Hiroshi and Hideko.

"You mean, do I think we can seduce them?"

Tom's started to protest, "No, I, uh, I just meant..."

"Oh, come on Tommy, you were staring at Hideko all night. We're not going to start pretending now, after all we've been through. We don't have to do that, right?"

"I'm sorry. You're right. We can be honest. And we know we can, um, have fun, and still be completely devoted to each other. I know. I just didn't want to seem too..."

"Eager?" I offered.

"Yeah, right. And it's not that Hideko is gorgeous or real sexy, nothing like Jan. I mean, she's pretty, very pretty. Her beauty is...more subtle, and kind of exotic. So, yeah I'm attracted to her, but also, um, I'm curious, well, what she...um..."

"What a Japanese woman is like, what she looks like, naked, and what she 'is' like?" I said, grinning like a schoolgirl myself - a naughty little schoolgirl! Oooh, that just gave me an idea...

Tom was blushing, "Uh, yeah, I kinda, um, well, I thought about that."

Now I laughed, "Tommy, that's okay. Look, I'm curious, too. I mean, Hiroshi is attractive and I am curious about...you know...but also, his hands..."

"His hands?" Tom questioned.

"Yeah, he has large, sexy hands. I wondered what they would feel like on my...my breasts...Thomas, I think..."

"Sex, yeah, I think we need to get in bed," Tom was quick to finish my sentence.

I was suddenly all hot inside and tingly. Just thinking about Hiroshi fondling my breasts, I got excited. Tom was more than excited. We quickly got undressed. This was going to be what James called, "hot, dirty sex." No getting clean, no slow, romantic build-up, just going at it like monkeys in heat.

As we crawled on the bed, I started things going the way I thought would be fun, "Hiroshi, I want you to feel my butt with your big hands and then lick my pussy and stick your long fingers in my..."

Tom was between my legs before I could finish. He started licking and sucking me, driving me crazy. For someone who had never performed cunnilingus until three days ago, Tom was now amazing at it. After thoroughly warming me up, he moved from between my legs and got beside me with his legs folded under him. Then he bent down and started licking around my clit again. As he gently worked around it, he took one of his fat fingers and worked it around my tight opening and gradually slipped it in.

"Ughh." It felt so good. I wasn't sure if I would still be sore, but apparently, I'm a fast healer. (LOL)

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed as that same finger invaded my anus, catching me by surprise.

Tom stopped, "Sorry, did that hurt?"

"Oh, no. Keep going, I was just surprised. Keep going, fill me, Tommy, I mean, Hiroshi." I giggled a little.

"Ooph, damn!" Thomas filled me, alright. He had pushed his finger the rest of the way into my butt and shoved his thumb into my pussy. He just needed to work on technique a little.

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