tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Terra Ch. 05

From Terra Ch. 05


Tralik led Chryssa down a hallway that had ornate decorations on either side; the spaces between the carved wood was covered with screens and she realized that she could look through them. They were obviously on a higher floor, as the hallway allowed them to look down onto rooms below, all of which were just as gorgeously decorated as the other areas of the House she'd seen so far. There were four of them, three of which were occupied.

Her steps slowed as she looked down, looking at the occupants.

The first room on the right side was empty, but on the left there was an alien who looked like he must be the same species as Hrrak as well as some kind of many-legged creature, both of whom were sitting and talking with females who were feeding them something as they conversed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tralik turn to see what she was looking at, but he didn't yell at her or tell her to keep moving, he just let her look.

That room was boring, so she moved forward to the next room on the left, which had a bunch of Lickens and a large number of women, all carousing together. It looked more like a party than anything else, except it was a lascivious party where the Lickens were being free with their hands and the women were posing and preening for them. Opposite of that was a room with three females and one Licken. Two of the females were human, another was humanoid but had skin that looked like gold and hair of the exact same shade - obviously not from Terra. All three of them were completely focused on him and Chryssa got the sense that they were competing for his attention.

"That's Lord Plath," Tralik said, coming up beside her and looking down on the room. "He's very popular with the girls. Very picky too."

And very attractive. Heavily muscled, with long pale blonde hair that made his greenish skin look almost natural, the Licken Lord fairly radiated power.

"Who are the Lickens in the other room?" she asked. "What are these rooms for?"

"His men. These are the entertaining rooms, where the clientele can pick out which girl they want to spend their money on. Anything offered in these rooms is free, but it must be OFFERED, not taken."

One of the women below, a dark-haired, curvy beauty, slid down to kneel between Lord Plath's knees. Platinum teeth flash as he grinned at her, spreading his legs to welcome her in. Just like Chryssa had, the black-haired woman undid the laces of his trousers, freeing the dark green cock inside. From this angle, Chryssa couldn't see exactly what the woman was doing, but she had no trouble imagining what was happening as the woman's head began to bob up and down.

"Why would she do that..." Chryssa muttered, a rhetorical question. She just didn't understand why the woman would offer a service like that for free.

"Like I said," Tralik said, watching her face, "he's very popular with the girls. Good endurance, good stamina, and very interested in ensuring his women are completely satiated. And, I'm given to understand, he's rather attractive to females."

For a Licken, Chryssa added in her head, although truthfully he was attractive compared to any species. He groaned, letting his head tilt back as the woman kneeling in front of him serviced his cock, grabbing the alien female by her golden hair and pulling her down for an almost savage kiss. His other hand was squeezing and fondling the other human's breast. Chryssa was impressed with his multi-tasking. Especially as the two females on either side of him pressed in closer, wanting his attention.

Her insides clenched, making her shudder as the plug made its presence known again. For a few minutes she'd actually almost forgotten about it, she'd been so fascinated by watching what was happening in the rooms below. Something about the Licken and the three females around him was incredibly arousing, maybe just the fact that he certainly didn't seem worried at all that he would be able to enjoy and even pleasure all three of them. This kind of heady, erotic decadence would never have been allowed on Terra. It was like something out of the old vids, but much more graphic and much rawer.

Chryssa leaned forward, stifling a gasp as her nipples came into contact with the cold ledge of the window, hardening the little buds. Her breasts were swaying freely, still coated in Tralik's drying cum, and while she didn't find her exposure sexy, her body was still aching from being denied her own release. And from watching the Licken below, although she'd never admit that.

Hoping Tralik wouldn't notice, she brushed her nipples across the ledge again, squeezing her thighs together at the same time... blast it, she was sure that if she could touch herself, she could make herself cum.

The trainer didn't seem to notice her surreptitious self-stimulation, but he did see the squirming results. Chuckling, he began to undo the front of his pants. Chryssa eyed him, torn between embarrassment and hoping that he was going to put his cock somewhere other than her mouth.

Maybe she really was a natural to this way of life, already craving some kind of contract from a man that she should despise... but as long as he was here and she was feeling the need between her legs, then why shouldn't she indulge? It wasn't like there was anyone from Terra here to judge her. Hell, the occupants of the house would all encourage her.

"Hold yourself in place," Tralik said as he stepped behind her. "Keep your hands where they are. If you cum, it's not going to be because you helped yourself along."

Chryssa moaned as Tralik tucked the back of her skirt into the belt around her waist, baring her ass to him. She couldn't help but give a little wriggle as he put his foot between hers, forcing her legs further apart. Being bent over like this so that she could still watch the Licken and the females was stimulating on more than one level.

The blunt, thick end of Tralik's cock pressed against her pussy, forcing its way in, and she moaned again. The plug in her ass left a lot less space in her lower body for his thick dick to fit into, and it also made the sensations incredibly intense. Her anus tightened and clenched around the plug as Tralik began to work his cock back and forth, pushing it in a little deeper with every thrust, giving her all new sensations to experience. Having both holes filled made her pleasure feel even more complete.

She stared down at the scene below her. The Licken had maneuvered himself so that the golden female was straddling his face. One of his arms wrapped around her thigh, holding her in place, while his other hand was between the human redhead's legs, fucking her with his fingers while she pinched the golden alien's shining nipples. It was a scene of lust and decadence, sinful pleasures and shocking eroticism. Chryssa would never have been able to imagine anything like it, would never have thought such exuberant sexuality existed anywhere, if she hadn't seen it herself. Life on Terra had been hard, dirty, and secluded. Places like House Exotica didn't exist, and this blatant display of sexual pleasure certainly wasn't something that would be celebrated, much less accepted on Terra.

As Tralik bottomed out, his groin coming to rest against the curve of her ass and bumping the plug deeper inside of her, Chryssa shuddered and gripped the ledge in front of her more tightly, rubbing her nipples against the hard surface. They both groaned as Tralik's fingers dug into her hips and he set a hard, rocking pace of thrusts, obviously enjoying the tightness of her pussy. Every thrust jolted the plug and made both of her holes clench and squeeze, adding to her pleasure.

The head of Tralik's cock rubbed over that spot, deep inside of her, that made her entire body ache and feel like her knees were about to give out. The tingling, itching need was back, worse than ever, and Chryssa bucked back against him. Her ears were filled with the sounds of sex and revelry from all the rooms, Tralik's hard panting, and the slap of his body against hers as her wet pussy was filled over and over again. The scene below only added to the stimuli assaulting her, seeing the perversion and pleasure that House Exotica offered. And the thick cock inside of her...

She was racing for her pleasure, grasping for it with a neediness that she'd never known before. Chryssa was absolutely determined to achieve her orgasm... and Tralik's obvious indifference to whether or not she climaxed only spurred her on further. Her legs ached as she lifted her hips, arching her back and presenting a full target for him to fill, her breasts bouncing and nipples stinging as they began to slap against the ledge.

Chryssa squeezed hard, increasing the friction and the ecstasy as Tralik's dick rammed into her. The coiled heat in her pussy broke, spilling open and overwhelming her. Her knees crumpled, but Tralik's hands held her in place, obviously ready for her weakness as she cried out. The sound of her orgasm echoed around the hallway, her fingers clinging to the ledge as she rode out the waves of orgasm. Tralik's cock split open her quivering, swollen pussy, so slick and wet that it was easy for him to pound into her, forcing her to keep cumming as his balls slapped against her clit and his body jolted against the plug.

When he finally grunted and shoved forward hard, nearly ramming her into the ledge, Chryssa was starting to feel almost delusional from the pleasure. She moaned as she felt him swell and spurt inside of her, hot liquid forcing its way into her grasping tunnel. It felt good, adding an extra element of pleasure to her climax...

Panting, Chryssa hung on the ledge, watching as the tableau below her broke up. The Licken, Lord Plath, was getting up and leading the black haired woman from the room while the other two looked on, pouting prettily. It looked as though the black haired woman's decision to pleasure the Lord as a free treat had worked out for her. She was smiling widely with anticipation.

For just a moment, Chryssa felt a twinge of envy. Even though her immediate need had been met, it didn't entirely satisfy. Like there was something missing. But she just didn't know what.

It was strange to know that she wanted something more. Which would have disturbed her if she hadn't been so exhausted. And buzzing on a pleasurable high. But the truth was, she was really feeling that - for now - she might enjoy the enforced time at House Exotica. Until she could figure out how to escape and find out if her brother still lived and was on Terra or if he had been captured too.

And in the meantime, she'd make the best of things.

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